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    A happy reunion!

    Kite Wilhelm
    Demon King
    Demon King

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    A happy reunion!

    Post by Kite Wilhelm on 8th March 2018, 6:12 pm

    The Demon King

    Today was set to be a very interesting day indeed. After his ordeal in the Eden like afterlife things had changed for the demon slayer especially his perspective over himself. Over the past few years he had allowed despair to all but drown him in its overwhelming tide. The first spark of his despair was the point in time when he sought out Asmodeus looking for more power and somehow inadvertently dragged his good friend Izayuki into it. He walked through the halls that comprise the inner rings of The Yggdrasil as he reminisced and lamented about the past but it wasn’t hard to recall considering what had happened. Iza had been strung up and lit ablaze by all seven flames of purgatory, the flames that burn at each individual sin. He had eaten the flames and overall thwarted the demon ruler’s plan but not with out paying several prices in the process both equally damaging. While he isn’t held responsible for her sins he saw and felt all of them and left scars on what remained of his own soul but the worst part is that he forced himself to stay away from Iza afraid of what other plans might be in the works with Asmodeous and that isn’t even including the enormous amount of guilt that he carried with him. Since then a lot had happened to each of them and now felt like a good time to make contact with someone he considered a close friend.

    During the previous night he sent out a letter to Rose Garden where The black rose guild was located. He wasn’t sure if he had received a reply so he was making his way to Fiore. After passing several of the large doorways that housed the various portals that lead to the numerous other world he found the one he was looking for, the one that would take him to the Red Dragon Inn’s special room meant for only Sabertooth members. ”This is going to be a fun day.“ he said and actually meant it. He was most excited to see Iza after such a long while and was happy to break that streak but first he had to go check his mail.

    Kite Wilhelm

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    Re: A happy reunion!

    Post by Izayuki on 8th March 2018, 10:01 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ H Rank

    If only the day was good for Izayuki. The young Bakedanuki remained in bed in a local hotel in Rose Garden. The Inn had been destroyed, and was in the process of being rebuilt after Astrid had attacked and destroyed it. She dared not go home, to the mansion of her late husband, and be forced to relive every memory and moment of the place.

    A messenger brought the letter, which alerted Izayuki slowly read as she clumsily sat up in bed. It had indeed been a long while since she had last seen her good friend Kite. Despite her longing to stay miserably in bed, the better part of her encouraged she go out and meet her friend. She had no real reason to hide anymore, and Kite was someone who had proven to be trustworthy.

    Quickly getting ready, but not to her finest, the Bakedanuki flew to the Red Dragon Inn in the shape of a small pink-feathered jay bird-- her preferred form for travelling. Within only a couple hours, the avian reached the Inn, and entered in her human form, with only silver-furred ears and a fluffy tanuki revealing her true identity. She made her way to the room specified in the invitation, which supposedly was reserved for the guildmembers of Saber Tooth. Fortunately, she would be permitted entry, with Kite being the guild master of the renowned guild.

    “Kite~?” Izayuki asked, peeking her head into the room curiously. Perhaps she was not as bright eyed and bushy tailed as she normally was, but the ayakashi was still very pleased to see her old friend once again.


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