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    The Purrfect Ball (Exam)


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    The Purrfect Ball (Exam) Empty The Purrfect Ball (Exam)

    Post by Sanguine on 6th March 2018, 8:29 pm

    An audible purr left every few seconds from the smiling mouth. The soothing feeling and over enjoyment overall of it had been so serene that no person could resist if they could even roll their tongue to imitate this sound. However, for this particular being it was all but too natural for her to purr when she was happy in any situation. Anything from petting, to her ears being scratched. It was all a very amusing and warming feeling to have, and it made many men and women envious when she flirted these sounds in their ears and.. other areas. Still, it was a very fun thing to think it was her way of cooing with some form of pleasure for whatever was being done, whether it be sadistic torture of a person, some form of sexual areas, or just because she was being pampered like an ordinary house cat. Then again, being that she raised herself from a young age, she was a little fond of going out of her way to get some form of loving attention in some ways, and being a cat girl certainly was the way to go. And if she chose not to be in public, she had a castle of maids and servants that would gladly do so for her.

    As is this case, the feeling of a brush going through her long, thick black hair over and over, long since been unknotted from the bed time shuffling, she had just asked to be brushed to simply make her feel better. She had all of these things; Servant cat girls, an infinite number of demonic felines under her liege, but.. it just felt like there was an empty feeling she couldn’t fill. In some, she knew it could induce a series of anger lashings for which some serial killers had been known for, however for her it was more of a depressant. While she worked to try and appease that, she made due with what she had to her. She needed a fix for this, but she wasn’t sure what it was that she needed. Something.. different, almost similar to feeling guilt or some kind of remorse that she could laugh at, Aoi simply knew that whatever she wanted would come to her when she figured it out. In the mean time, she would just enjoy what she had. ”That’s purrrfect Jessica, my dear. Please, feel free to go do as you please for the day unless I require you again.” The rave haired neko dismissed, her maid clad in a blue maid outfit giving a curtsy and smiling. “Thank you, your heiness.” The maid replied before stepping out of the room. Laying back in her throne, the cat girl let out a loud yawn that sounded like a long meow.

    Her eyes quickly flickered as she heard a small mewing sound, looking around until the vision of a small cat camped at her apartment showed a letter slid under her door, sitting on the ground. Smiling lightly, she had seen the symbol on the back and knew this would make the day a little better. Standing up from the throne, she stepped through a small portal sitting next to the throne and just as quick, she opened a closet door to the room and shut it. Leaning down, she petted the small feline and then laid out a few treats to the loyal cat before grabbing the letter. ”Come little one, come sit on my lap for a little while I read this over~ Finish the treats first, ok?” She Smiles with sincere affection for how adorable the little cat was, watching now with fresh sight as the Calico has devoured his treats before jumping onto Aoi’s lap. Petting him, she read over her letter and her face grew wide with the grin. ”My oh my. It’s pretty great how stupid these people think their employers must think they are. Little Chestnut, you’ll watch over the place while I remove this world of another pathetic human, won’t you?” A cute mew left the cat, pushing his face against her hand as she moved to scratch his cheek, giggling happily. ”You’re such a cutie~” She squealed, giving a close eyed smile and relaxing in the chair, letting the cat soak up as much love and attention as he wanted.

    Once he was tired from all the attention and moved to the unused bed to sleep, Aoi jumped up from her seat and paced around thinking. She had two choices for this job; pose as a guest and dress up, or take the route as a maid serving drinks and then getting to him then. Both were very good, but she had the idea to take the workers route this time. As much as it killed her, she chose the more ideal route of slipping in and out. Luckily, she kept the uniform in the apartment along with a few various colored ones, but the normal black and white was what would be expected. Quickly, she dressed herself up into the outfit and prepared the documents given for her to be a worker as a maid and stepped out and off to the ball, mentally preparing herself. It was going to be a long night, but she was a patient neko.

    Skipping into the back room of the ball that night, she had been working for nearly two hours. With a picture of her target, the female she was after had been the center of attention the whole time. Many maids continued to work their magic in lazing about with guests and watching the dancing killer, but Aoi worked her angle of preparing a perfect, quick concoction of instant death. She scoured the kitchen while waiting for dishes to be prepped and snuck a doozy of ingredients that would leave no trace of smell, taste, or sight. Basically all dissolvents. She had finally had the chance granted to her to be able to get the woman a drink as all maids rushed to attend to the guests who spent their time watching. This left the neko maid to approach the now tired target with a bright smile. ”May I get you anything. Madam?” Aoi asked, smiling and standing prim before the woman. “Some ice water and an order of stuffed shells. Make sure that there’s no seafood touching. I am deathly allergic.” The woman ordered, shooing the maid away to hurry the order along. With only a curtsy, the neko stepped away with a hidden grin of sinister proportions.

    The order was prepped and ready, set up and left to be taken out. Looking about as she set up a tray to take, the chefs were suddenly caught up in a grease fire that may or may not have been rigged by Aoi. She used the time to take some of a crab cake platter and sliding it into the shells ricotta, fixing it up and then slipping out into the ballroom, setting the platter and water down. ”My apologies for the wait. Our chefs had a small mishap and I asked them to remake the order. It looked to be too close to some crab cakes by a couple tables over. Please do enjoy these.” The blood mage stepped back, waiting with the tray placed lightly against herself in almost a hugging manner. “Oh, thank you so much.” She replied, picking up her silverware and starting to slowly dig in, she had cut into the shell and put one into her mouth, smiling as she had ditched her original idea now that she had this stored up for her. Once the woman had swallowed, she began to heave. Grabbing at her neck, she fell out and the whole ball room looked over in shock. ”Oh gosh! I’m gonna go look for something to help!” She said, rushing out and around the corner as someone had taken over, looking as she peeked out and the woman had passed, not being given her Epipen in time, she was pronounced as deceased right there. As people had started to talk and she knew police were on their way, Aoi slipped out of the back doors and into the night, letting it not come to chance of being found out. The Black Cat of the night slipping into the shadows once more and unseen again.



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