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    She wolf

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    ♪  Giving a Helping Hand ♪ Empty ♪ Giving a Helping Hand ♪

    Post by Tempeste 5th March 2018, 10:09 pm

    Job Info:

    It was a beautiful morning. Bright sunlight, chirping birds, and no clouds in sight. Rin has awaken early this morning, getting ready for the work she signed up for. She was incredibly excited to help out at the Blood Drive. "Come on Lily, let's go!" Rin yelled, running towards her destination. "R-Rin... W-wait up!" Lily called after her, trying her best to keep up with her short little legs. Rin giggled, continuing to run until she made it to the drive. "Why hello there! Do you happen to be Miss Rin Mayou?" A old, kind looking nurse inquired, a bright smile on her face. "Yes! That's me!" Rin replied, shuffling her feet nervously. "Great! We're so happy to have you here! Come this way, I'll show you around."

    The nurse showed her to the blood drawing area, the dining area, and the recovery area. "If anyone faints, they will be taken to the recovery area. Everyone else will need to be escorted to the dining area to get some delicious food in their bellies!" the woman explained. "Okay! I'm ready to start!" Rin cried, smiling excitedly. "Alright! Go ahead and start off by helping this woman to the dining area, okay?" the nurse replied, pointing Rin towards a chair with an older woman sitting in it. Rin approached her, smiling brightly. "Hello there ma'am! I'm here to help you over to the dining area!" she beamed, extending a hand for the woman to grab. The woman accepted it, using Rin to help her get up. She wobbled a bit, and Rin grabbed onto her waist, keeping her on balance. "Thank you so much, young lady." the old woman cooed, leaning on Rin. "Of course! Anything to help!" Rin responded, guiding her towards the dining area. "Here we are! Let me get you something to eat and drink!" Rin said, helping the woman to sit before heading towards the kitchen. She grabbed the woman a sandwich and some juice and brought it back to her. "Here you go! Enjoy, and let me know if you need anything else!" she said, handing the food and drink to her before turning to head towards the blood drawing area.

    After assisting more people to the dining area, and giving them food, Rin decided to head over to the recovery area, bringing some food with her. There were a few people laying on beds with wet cloths on their foreheads. Rin walked to each of them and offered them something sweet to eat as well as a tall glass of water. Lily followed her, floating above her head and observing the people around. "Hey, Rin. It looks like this man over here is overheating. He is sweating like crazy..." Lily mumbled, tapping Rin's shoulder and pointing to the man. He was thrashing on the bed, unconsious, beads of sweat dripping down his face. "Oh dear." Rin whimpered, heading over to the man immediately. She placed a hand on his forehead. "He's burning up." she cried, turning to look for some clothes. She found some on a table near the front of the room. She rushed over to the sink, and doused the cloth in cold water. Once it was nice and cool from the water, she hurried back over to the man, placing the cloth on his forehead. "Let's hope that this helps." she said, pulling up a chair and sitting by the man. She sat with him until he awoke. He looked at her with a grateful smile, then closed his eyes again, resting.

    After a long day of work, everyone had finally gone home. Rin waved to the last person to leave as they walked away. She was exhausted, but extremely happy that she got to help in such a big way. "Great job out there today Rin! You were such a big help, and we are all so grateful." the nurse said. "Thank you for letting me help! I had such a great time!" Rin smiled. She knew that she had one more thing that she had to do before she left. "If it isn't a bother, would you mind if I gave some blood too? It seems only fair that I would." she said, shuffling bashfully. The nurse beamed at her with a look of gratitude and kindness. "Of course, dear. Come over here and sit. We'll get you all set up!" she said, guiding her to a chair. Rin sat, a bit nervous, and prepared to be poked.

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