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    Sorry not Sorry


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    Re: Sorry not Sorry

    Post by NPC on 10th April 2018, 9:56 am

    The member 'Kyran' has done the following action : Dice Rolls

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    Re: Sorry not Sorry

    Post by Yona on 15th April 2018, 7:27 am

    The green haired mage looked back and forth over the room, from Key immediately taking up arms firing arrows at the skeletons, to the swarm of bony enemies all around them, and back up to Guy Stratus floating in the air. They were definitely not getting paid for this job and what's worse... the client could die and so could they. Waste of time altogether. Yona was drawn out of her thoughts in time, hearing Kyran shout enough loudly enough that it echoed in the enclosed tomb. She tightened her grip on the Blade of Thorns, noting some five skeletons between her and Kyran. She could tell from here that he was getting backed into a wall and with his body shifting into different things at a speed too fast for her to know what was what, Yona had to get to him.

    Sure he could be a real jerk, but there was no practical way either for her to fight sixteen skeletons as they clacked over the hard floor brandishing enough blades to skewer any foe who had entered this apparently forbidden tomb. Yona swung her Blade of Thorns around her, spinning in a tight circle and hit two skeletons. Her weapon did some pretty serious damage it looked like because the heads of the skeletons fell off the bodies and rolled onto the floor. The bodies fell shortly after.

    Even in those few seconds, more skeletons had amassed around her, like a hydra she had cut two heads and four more skeletons had scrambled between her and Kyran. There were a few things she could do- protect herself and cast a spell to end the ones closest to her, or protect Kyran. Kyran, who carried her down the cliff and protected her from the explosion in the hall. Kyran her partner. And whether he liked it or not, she wasn't going to leave him to die.

    Yona was still feeling pretty beat up from the stone guardians before but she was certain that she could take the hits for a moment. A moment is all that she needed. Yona dropped to a knee, touching the floor of the room one more time. The three skeletons raised their weapons, aiming for Kyran as he was against the wall and the young woman shouted at him, "Move you idiot!" She didn't have time to see if he would move or not. Stemming from her fingers and growing outwards and upward, the caster's magic worked to encourage plant growth, filling the area with knee high ferns and shrubbery. Centered on her, the spell stretched 15m in every direction and as soon as the plants grew, Yona vanished entirely. She reappeared taking a knee still in front of Kyran, using her Greenwalk spell to move directly through plants.

    With her back to Kyran, Yona hastened to lift up her Blade of Thorns, a dark green scimitar for an obvious sharp edge. Yona took a deep breath hoping her weapon would block all three of the weapons coming down at her and Key. She smiled in relief feeling the weight of the three blades as her own parried them smoothly. Yona knew she was at a strategic disadvantage. She knew the other skeletons were coming and being on a knee blocking with her only weapon was dangerous.

    She just didn't know how dangerous until one skeletons opened their mouth and exhaled thick clouds of noxious gas down upon her. Yona breathed it in, feeling the burning sensation in her throat, opening her mouth to tell Kyran behind her, "Don't take a breath!" If he would listen, maybe she would stand a chance of getting back to her feet, of casting another spell. At least the three of the skeletons before her were temporarily open for a good hit, Yona thought as her eyes watered.

    Rolled normal and boss:
    16 Skeleton Revenants total appear with 35 hp- once half are dead Guy's story continues
    3/16 dead
    Their weapons deal D-Rank damage and they can exhale a noxious gas that covers an area 3 meters in radius, but dissipates the next post. If the gas is inhaled, the victim begins taking 50% D-Rank damage every post for 4 posts.

    Total Word Count: 7112

    MP: 90%-20% = 70%
    HP: 60-20 = 40
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    Re: Sorry not Sorry

    Post by Kyran on 22nd April 2018, 10:08 am

    Kyran wrapped his arm around Yona's waist, spinning to present his back to the skeletons. The move also put Yona against the wall. Kyran was growling, his teeth sharpened to a point. "You stupid girl! Protect the client! You should have left me to them." His voice was demonic, his eyes flashing red on and off. Kyran dragged a sharpened nail across Yona's shoulder. Though no real damage was done, blood welled to the surface. Kyran was angry that he had to resort to this method. But no. the newbie couldn't let three swords strike him. Couldn't do her job. Just had to save him. Well the last thing wasn't so bad. Kyran was more angry she had put herself in danger. "Thank you" He whispered before lowering his head to her shoulder. Her blood tasted the same as everyone else's: Coppery and thick. Kyran didn't mind the taste. He did mind what was about to happen. "You asked about demons. You're about to...uh...meet one. This is...ugh...Ahriman." As he spoke, the wolf demon was ripping his way through his body.

    His body twisted to accommodate the new shape it was about to take. Bones lengthened, his face bulged outward and muscle wrapped around the new frame with frightening speed. Claws popped out of the ends of his fingers. It seemed as if he grew a second knee, though this one was reversed. Sharp teeth filled his new snout. The pain caused Kyran to lose consciousness briefly and the wolf demon stepped into his place. Ahriman took a moment to sniff the green female. She wasn't important. She had also saved the host. She might make good fun later but for now she would be spared.

    The demon turned upon the skeletons that would dare attack him. A growl rippled throughout the cavern just before the wolf leapt. His jaws clamped upon the head of one skeleton. It made a nice crunch in his teeth. The other two tried to swing their swords. At whom, the wolf didn't care. Their arms were caught and pulled from their sockets. One was thrown in front of Ahriman, his foot keeping it on the ground. The other was torn to bits without delay. Ahriman was having fun. Oh great. Ahriman is about to fly into one of his rages. Someone wake up the host quick before this idiot gets all of us killed. Medea grumbled. Ahriman ignored his rival, turning his attention to the skeleton at his feet. It was too bad none of them had flesh. The wolf's stomach rumbled with hunger. The green mage might make a good snack.

    The other skeletons were approaching. Ahriman used the remaining leg from a skeleton to club them aside. These opponents were easy. Where was the really hard opponent that would actually be a challenge. Right here, my imbecilic house guest. Kyran's mental punch caught Ahriman in the chin. The wolf's head jerked to the side and in that moment of hesitation, Kyran took back control. "Good back in control" Kyran said before finishing the two skeletons. A sudden bright light shook the room as the skeletons were destroyed. The resulting blast of energy threw Kyran against the wall. "Ow? Where did that come from?" He asked rubbing his head. The action felt a little weird in his wolf demon body. What was more impressive, however, was the red clad figure drifting down from where Stratus had disappeared.

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