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    The Room Where It Happens • Private


    The Room Where It Happens • Private Empty The Room Where It Happens • Private

    Post by Guest 1st March 2018, 11:26 pm

    She could not recall the past couple of hours well enough to string her memories into a comprehensible line of events. Too much confusion, too much pain. It consumed her body and mind, cursing her with foggy thoughts and blurry vision. The last thing she could remember in full? Was punching the guild master of Black Rose. The punch, that had managed to allow her to kill herself. It did not take a rocket science to realize what she had done. Astrid made the connection as early as the overwhelming pain that tore apart her soul, and it was only confirmed more when she felt the unborn soul suddenly fade from Izayuki's body. Though the punch and the knock back by the god slayer's dark magic was all she could clearly recall before everything else was nothing but a simple blur. She could remember awakening in her brother's arms as he carried her home, and then it was darkness. She could remember awakening once more in her bed, and then darkness again. Finally, she could remember a cat. An odd thing, a cat. A familiar cat. She was unsure of how familiar it was, but she could swear she had seen it before. A little after returning to Phoenix Mountains Astrid had tried to go back to Black Rose in order to exact her revenge, despite her horrid and beaten state. Revenge had been the only thing in the girl's one track mind, to make that damned guild pay with their blood for murdering her family and friends. But that cat... The strange yellow cat... There was something about it that the elf just couldn't seem to shake. Her feet moved by themselves, and the thought of revenge sunk further and further into the mist of her mind.
    Follow the cat, her mind whispered.
    Follow the cat.

    She awoke once again. Though this time, her mind was in a much better state. Granted, it still hurt like hell. But after taking a super charged ice blast straight on anyone would be hurting a little. Despite the pain though, her thoughts were a little more collected. Her movements were not someone else's but rather her own, the mist within her mind was lifting, and the numbing pain was slowly but surely subsiding.
    The only question was... Where was she?
    Reddened eyes slowly blinked open against the light of the small room, staring up at a ceiling that was not her own. It took a few seconds of staring, mostly to due to not even recognizing she was somewhere completely at first as her body and mind always needed a few seconds to process her situations. This, would be no different. However, it did not take long for the elf to know something was up when instead of tiles the ceiling in this room was smooth. Astrid may be a little on the dim side with most things, but she always managed to recognize small details like that despite having the attention span of a chipmunk.
    Noticing this, she sat up. Though, she did so a little too fast as the front of her head began to pound again. She winched back, placing her forehead into the palm of her hand to try and sooth the throbbing. She clenched the silky bed sheets that draped the bed underneath her tightly, as if she was trying to create another pain in her hand so the pain from her head seemed small in comparison. Though, despite her efforts, it wasn't really working.
    Squinting through a pained look she glanced around the room, despite her vision still being a bit blurry from the pain and being in the process of waking up. Everything was grainy and lacked proper shape, but even so she could tell this room was not her's. The smell, the visuals, the feel. Nothing. This was not her home, nor something she recognized in the slightest.
    "... What... Is this?" She managed to ask aloud, finding it hard to speak with the intense pain and wooziness.

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    The Room Where It Happens • Private Empty Re: The Room Where It Happens • Private

    Post by Fluffy 9th March 2018, 2:11 pm

    The last couple of hours could be considered very differently depending on the lens that someone looked at them through. Sadly, the lens the large feline was looking through was the only colored by the intense crimson of personal hated and vengeance. Only one way existed for her, only a single interpretation of her own actions! Of course, there was no promise something filled with so much rage even understood what it was doing, heck she was so far gone that nothing made her feel any better, instead of feeling justified in revenge she just became angrier and started plotting ways to hurt everyone more.  At this point, the large creamy pelted creature was even starting to consider going after everything, as if the entire world had purposefully wronged her, refusing to admit it's own pure hatred.

    In spite of the rage fueling her very existence, she was so capable of a plan, and Astrid had been a lynchpin within that plot, a puppet who had done its job very well. However, shortly after she noticed the golden Pheonix guild master had finished her role, Fluffy had realized that Astrid also had to pay for her own wrongs! Izayuki could sit and fester, for now, broil in the knowledge that something she could not stop was going to go to the ends of any realm necessary to cause her intense pain. At the moment her attention had switched to Astrid instead, the dragon slayer had to feel pain, needed to eventually know at the end of it all that she had the chance to stop things before they had ever started! After all, she had laid in that underwater city for months running around with a collar around her neck carrying the symbol of a Pheonix, if only the guild master had been more attentive she could have saved people, this was all her fault, Astrid made her do this!

    "This Is Retribution" the voice was sharp and if visible would have been nothing besides a sea of screaming red anger, in spite of the fact the volume spoken with was actually rather soft and near a mew. Fluffy sat perched on the edge of an empty counter, teetering near falling off unable to decide if she wanted to tear Astrid to shreds now or pay with her for weeks on end until she saw the horrible woman shatter under the relentless torment. "Don't you recognize me?" little did she currently know the other was capable of seeing souls, would not know who she was visually because unlike the bright albeit lost and torn soul of Nyx, her own soul was simply blackened shattered and filled with an unquenchable rage. She wasn't the human girl who had been turned into a Kasha no matter how much the spirit essence told herself this was her body.

    The girl Fluffy wanted to believe she was? That ghost was trapped in the void left by Fluffy's creation, tied to go where the raging feline did, feeling her throat constrict as the life was slowly choked from her soul. Currently forced to watch and pray that Fluffy did not have anything worse planned for her former guild master.


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    The Room Where It Happens • Private Empty Re: The Room Where It Happens • Private

    Post by Guest 13th March 2018, 9:40 am

    The girl had not been expecting an actual answer to her question. Maybe one eventually, but certainly not right after she had asked into what she considered the void of emptiness. Astrid flinched and quickly turned her head to the source of noise. Suddenly, the elf became aware of the cat's presence. Her overwhelming black and dark energy covered the air of the room. If her soul slayer powers did not cover lightly over the surface of her skin? She would have probably been suffocated very easily by the malice.
    Red optics settled on the feline who was currently glaring at her from the side of the room, teetering near the edge of an empty counter. A... yellow cat? That was strange. The slayer had thought maybe the cat was all some sort of fever dream from her exhaustion. She has had many like them over the past couple of months, so as where many other people would question what they were seeing, anything weird or strange to Astrid was automatically put under the category. Even now, she could not quite tell if this was a dream right now. She felt hazy enough so she would believe it, but this also felt a little too real...
    The feline asked if the girl recognized her, implying they had met before. Had she seen a yellow cat before? Maybe... She wasn't quite sure. Astrid had a horrible memory, and her days as Golden Phoenix's guild master were too busy and full of chaos to remember every single soul that traveled their halls. They had tons of visitors every single day. If one specific member didn't make an impression on her, she didn't remember them. Sounded a little harsh, but it's what came with running a busy guild that constantly needed your attention. Just to try and maybe trigger any sort of memory Astrid tried to see past the malice energy and search for the soul itself. It was rather hard, as the cat's anger was so great, but after staring at the cat long enough the slayer was able to find traces of it. Though, it was strange. Through all the anger and malice she could sense another being within her. It was faint, but traces of it was still here. It would appear every now and again before being consumed by the larger entity. It was like this tiny energy was being suffocated, smothered by this patchwork monster.
    The elf's eyes narrowed slightly, somewhat picking up on how drastic this situation was, but not entirely sure what this thing wanted with her. Some sort of retribution, apparently. But she wasn't sure why when she could not recall ever meeting this creature. At least, not that her brain could remember through the exhaustion of the past couple of months.
    "Am i supposed to recognize you? I've seen many kidnappers in my day, but none of them like you. Now are you going to answer my question properly, or are you going to refuse and just suffocate that poor soul inside of you?" A snappy comeback, a little too snappy for her current situation. But well, she was getting kind of annoyed with vague answered. That's all kidnappers did these days. It was getting a little old. All she wanted to know is why she was here so she could kick her ass and get out of here as soon as possible.

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