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    Cleaver, Miata's Sword


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    Cleaver, Miata's Sword Empty Cleaver, Miata's Sword

    Post by Miata on 23rd March 2013, 12:49 am

    [b]Name: Cleaver
    Type: Sword
    Description: Cleaver is a large sword that Miata carries around on her back. The blade is about four feet long, one foot wide and two inches thick. It weighs around 60lbs and while it is a sword the edge is not razor sharp, rather it depends on
    -The weapon is a very strong slab of steel making it very hard to warp or destroy.
    -In the event that it is destroyed the weapon is very easy to replace.
    -Since it is a basic weapon the sword has not special powers.
    -Given it's large size the sword is near impossible to conceal.
    -The sword is very heavy and Miata cannot wield it without the strength of her demon arm.

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    Cleaver, Miata's Sword Empty Re: Cleaver, Miata's Sword

    Post by NightDrivenEn7 on 24th March 2013, 6:57 am

    A normal weak weapon? approved.


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