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    Whiskered Away (Job)


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    Whiskered Away (Job) Empty Whiskered Away (Job)

    Post by Sanguine 27th February 2018, 1:21 pm

    Job Descrip:

    Shirotsume was always such a nice place to go and visit during any time of the year, day, or any other possible time. The town was full of larger houses and the streets kept wider for the vehickles or wagons that would bolster the higher class folk that lived here, so the streets being wide and allowing walking people more room was such a great relief than thinner crowded streets. Of course, perhaps a house in Shirotsume would be a very nice thing to have with a town such as this... but perhaps at another time. In this moment, it was all business with newfound pleasures. Pleasures simply being the enjoyment of being the blind girl walking down a semi-busy street without having to shift around and contort her body to avoid bumping into person after person. Though, this didn't mean she didn't have to every once in a while, but she had to be aware of her surroundings still, thankfully. While her head was in the game of playing dodgeball with the people of Shirotsume, Aoi had seemed to either fit in with the people with the way she walked, keeping as astute and proper as she could be.. which was a natural thing for Aoi to do anyway. As a royal figure, she had to procure herself to appear like a figure of idealism and in such a case, she had to be perfect. In all honesty, Aoi was far from perfect and she knew it, but she had come to accept that she, nor anyone else could ever be "perfect". It was just an ideal goal for anyone to reach, something they could try to achieve, fall short of it, then claim it being perfect. Anyone else could see that it wasn't, however it was something she saw people using for anything more than a way to make themselves closer to gods... something they could never achieve.

    Pushing all the silly bits away, the blind neko had come dressed rather cutely, but not too over the top for this job. Normally, she would take up the task in her catsuit, but being that she couldn't do this job in the night was a little more of an issue to her than against her. So, in light of that, she chose a more.. helpful approach. Not much to her favorite thing to do, Aoi donned herself in a maid outfit, posing to be a new maid for hire, one that would serve also as a maid to fight for and spar with the family she had been hired to from an agency that was left untold. All Aoi had to be concerned with was proper attire, mannerisms, and passing. If she could fool several royal snobs and an old friend with this outfit and rouse, she could do the same to a snobby upperclass family. And as for that bit, she had stopped before a door. Exactly 6,433 steps from the train station as she was told in her letter, he sash around her uniform with the silk cover over her sword rested comfortably, and she soon placed life into her eyes, watching as she had gained herself her sight, something very much recommended for her job. Looking around, the cat girl had reached over and rang the bell, standing straight with her hands before her in a V-shape, her hands clasped together lightly. Soon, the door opened and she saw a medium length red headed girl, her hair tied off around her right side lazily, partially brushed. Her clothes were casual, common cloth and looked like she mugged a boy off the streets playing street football, minus the only girly bit of clothing; short shorts that looked like they only covered her rear and made sure you couldn't stuck even a coin through the leggings. "Good morning, madam. I'm-" She was cut off being grabbed by the arm and yanked inside. "Yeah, you're the fuckin' help. Pops is out, ma's a bitch of a dictator. Anything else ya need to know?" She placed her hands on her hips, Aoi just keeping her stance once inside and just reached up to scratch her cheek. "Umm.. No madam. The agency told me I am to help with combat as well? Do you have tailored-" Again, the girls rude actions of turning her back to Aoi, motioning with a finger was starting to anger her, her tail flicking about to help just aleviate the extra building anger.

    As the two walked through halls and down steps, they entered a whole battle arena, some of which showed light battle scars while the main area chalked off had seemed untouched. "Kay, here's how things work, help. Just try not to die." She rudely explained, making Aoi's ears twitch and then giving a curtsy, keeping as much fake sincerety as she started with. "As you wish, madam. I am not majorly accustomed to fighting in my work uniform, so please do not mind if I lack much agility." Sometimes... it just made a hell of a difference to retain a proper vocabulary. Much better than trying to muster up her hold Victorian accent, but she could always put that to another use at some other point in time. But for now it wasn't necessary. "Nah, it's cool. I'll hold back a bit since you don't seem so keen on calling me mistress like all the other help." She scoffed, cracking her knuckles. Aoi pulled the veiled weapon from off her back and removed it from the cover, tossing it aside and smiled. "I simply wanted to try to appear professional while appeasing to your laid back style. I am a very observational feline, madam." With a smile and giggle to finish, she twirled the handle of her pink weapon until the blade faced the teen, grasping it with both hands. "Tch. Never took you to be the pink type. You're more of the blue variety." The tomboy commented, making Aoi laugh a little. "Well, madam is very good too. My name is Aoi, so it's rather amusing, is to not?" The two shared a laugh until the very ground beneath her began to shake. Aoi pounced away before a chunk of rock burst up into the air a few feet, seeming to send her flying if she didn't pay attention. As she landed, a ball of fire shot at her. In a panic, she placed her hand out and the fireball vanished. Giving a light sigh, the demoness got herself together and smirked. "Very dirty~ How purrrrrfect~" Her tone of amusement made the tomboy grin happily. Using the ground below her, she pushed herself from the ground at a high speed while her hands became coated in fire. Dipping underneath, Aoi swung her sword up and cut her on her right side below her rib cage. As the mark appeared, the red head turned herself around and readied for a counter attack when she saw the maid vanished. Looking up, her eyes widened as a heeled shoe came down and cracked the girl on the neck, knocking her into the ground, hard. The maid then sat on top of her and slowly carressed her cheek in a tender manner while the red head had come to the effects of the captivation. "Shh shh shh, darling. Aoi is here to take good care of you nyow." She spoke in a tender, loving tone.

    The neko maid stepped off of the girl and got not her knees, patting her lap. "Up up, sweetheart. Back to me and seated~" She ordered. With no words or complaints, the girl did what she was told. Aoi took her hair and pulled it to the back, reaching into an apron pocket and pulling out a brush. She spent some time making it straight, soft, and content to her liking before putting the brush away. "Let's go see what cute things you own~ I have to dress you up for your date tonight, kiddo!" With a playful giggle, Aoi took her hand and led the girl to her room, perusing her closet until she settled on a red dress with a black lace trim. The sleeveless dress seemed slightly gothic in the deeper shade of red and the black lace trim, but it was still fitting to her figure and once inside of it, she placed the girl in heels and walked her from her house. From her other apron pocket, Aoi pulled out a paper with an address and started to take the captivated target to the place. After she was brought inside, the blood mage found a coil of rope and a roll of tape together in the middle of an empty room. "No no... No lady dressed by me sits on the floor... Let me find you a chair, darling." Leaving her target alone, she found a cushioned chair and pulled it to the center, facing the entrance and sat her in it. Pulling her arms back, she taped the wrists together, each leg to a chair leg, then wrappeed the rope above and below her arms to secure her in it. "Someone will be by to pick you up. When they safely have you, my spell will break. So in the mean time, be a good girl and think of me plenty!~" Aoi said, leaning in and kissing her on the cheek, taping her mouth shut in layers of tape and then walking out, headed out of town into the woodlands where she would vanish completely, nowehere in sight.

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