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    A Simple "Claws" of Contract (Job)


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    A Simple "Claws" of Contract (Job) Empty A Simple "Claws" of Contract (Job)

    Post by Sanguine 26th February 2018, 7:09 pm

    Job Descrip:

    The salty sea air was much more of a bother than the Neko had first ever realized when it came to coming into a port town. Hargeon itself was still littered with confetti and trash from whatever had come through here not long ago it seemed if it hadn't of been cleaned up yet... That, or the humans in this town were very lazy when it came to how the town was set along. However, it didn't seem to be much of the case as even in the brink of the night there were several people sweeping out streets. From the shadows, the black cat of the night watched, peering set of chestnut colored iris' glaring at the surroundings. The shadows protected her from the sight of the people much as she planned. Her purpose in this case was many a relavance, though the taste could be less salty and bitter, that was something from which the cat girl could not control. Still, Aoi pressed on for her job of the night. It had been so long since she did one in a setting like night. Her recent trips of the pet store heist and her royal meeting crash had set her some standings in the mysterious fashion. A fashion in which brought her to this location, on this night, for one reason; murder. Nothing a blood mage could resist, no matter their alignment. The taste and need for blood was something every blood mage would need at some point, and for slayers? No, they needed it more. The taste, the texture, the every being walking around as a sack of food waiting to be picked off and used. The raw taste alone would be orgasmic in flavor and for others, a repulsive act, heinous and in demand of death. A once outright atrosity to magic to use ones blood or the blood of another to inact spell like effects that could mimic things like water magic. Those that greatly feared it sought to kill each blood mage until none were left. Others that remain hid, never wanting to be caught and killed, some revolted and killed others until they themselves died. Years later it took to an underground teaching and took centuries before anyone ever came to see blood magic as one of the lesser worries of the world of magic. Rather, in the right hands, it could be a useful magic... Unfortunately this time, the hands were of a woman whom seeked to be a deadly, unstoppable force and would do whatever it took to do so.

    As it came to the demoness coming to a town like this, the reason was behind a letter she had recieved while out and about, enjoying the quality of the springs in Hosenka. Yes, even evil demon royalty likes some relaxation once in a blue moon. Her morning had started as the letter slipped through the crack of the door and floor, which startled her out of her sleep. The letter was sealed with  swack, the insignia showing a question mark on it. Taking no care in what might be inside that could potentially be dangerous, Aoi opened the letter and tilted her head as she had to give herself her sight in order to read it. Rubbing her ears, she sat down on a chair and tossed the letter aside, picking up a cup of some freshly brewed coffee sent to her room not long before and left as instructed, she sipped on it and thought over whether to do the job or not. To have gotten hold of Aoi as it was concerned her a great deal. No less to get a letter to her with instructions of a job had been a bold move as well, but humans were very crafty beings when they wanted to be. Still, a task to kill enticed her greatly. Not just one, but she was allowed to freely dispose of all of them with no problems. "Consider it done, nya~" She spoke aloud, purring contently and licking her lips. Her task though was to be done at night, and she could simply get herself to Hargeon without any time, so she had all day to prep herself for the job. Beginning with spending nearly 15 minutes to just brush her hair out, Aoi seemed to just nuzzle the soft locks once in a while in a sleepy daze and giggle like a school girl.

    Once she'd gotten her act together, she prepared her newly aquired weapon into a black silk cover and took a strap she attached to the silk cover for the weapon and wrapped it over her body. Her bare body had begun to get covered within a tight fitting black latex catsuit that she'd come to fancy using during tasks. She planned to only use it during special "sessions", however she didn't really appeal to having strangers doing those sorts of things. Her first would idealy want to be Eris, however should she ever end up finding some form of honest love, then she could turn to them for that desire. However, a different form of pleasure was going to come from this outfit, and it was going to cost several men their lives this night... That, and getting blood off of latex is much easier than fabrics, so this was also preserving the cuteness of her wardrobe all in one. Once it was fully fitted, she sat on the bed she slept in and debated how to do her hair. There were plenty of ways to do it, but how could she make it cute and effective?~ With the snap of her fingers, she had it! Her fingers began to separate her hair around, taking one part and thenleaving it over her shoulder, while the rest was pulled up and then tucked up into a perfect bun. With the remaining hair, she braided it down and then brought it to the bun, wrapping it around and tucking the end into a red bow that she had used to hold the bun down and hidden underneath the raven locks. The braided addition helped to do so, but with it all complete, she patted around to assure how tightly done it was and giggled happily in success. "Nyaha! That's the first time I've done a bun or a braid with eye sight in so many years... I was a little Nyervous... But it's so purrfect~" She let out a small squeal and jumped up, pouncing into a small gate that led her back to her castle.

    From her kingdom, she took a little time to address her feline kingdom as well as those whom were much like her; cat girls. The only difference being these cat girls were her loyal servants and nothing less than trusting minions. Once her royal address was presented, she headed into the night of Hargeon, using her fours and her sonar to move about the large buildings. Thankfully, these buildings were all built the same height, allowing Aoi to efficiently go from top to top without moving higher or lower but for most shops. Using her hearing, the blind blood mage listened for the stray people about now. She jumped down into the streets with no noise made, using shadows and allowing her sight to better her night time chances. In the day, this task alone would have been a rather dangerous thing to do. Sounds started to near her. Looking around, not a soul was in sight and the chance to lay out traps was perfect. Aoi looked around and found herself a small rock, picking it up, she thought to herself for a moment and shook her head. A much easier idea came up. The raven haired neko bit only her tongue until she could taste the blood, then took a careful aim into the lighting from the moon and gave one good spit. Landing just in the perfect spot, Aoi sat back and waited. Within minutes, her targets all came through the town as if they had no cares in the world. Laughing loudly and being rather primitive-- at least in Aoi's standards, she smirked once two of the bodyguards had taken notice of the black blood on the ground. "Hey guys. Is this some kinda oil or somthin?" One asked, watching as two others gathered, a snapping sound filled the air for a split second. The very next one, an explosion swallowed that sound and overtook it. Three of them flew back and crashed into the ground. One leftover and her target stood as they had not wanted to move into what they now knew was some kind of trap.

    Light, almost wet sounding steps sounded against the ground as the black figure with chestnut orbs finally showed itself. "Nyow I see not all of your men were idiots. That's ok, hearing two humans screams are better than one!~" With an evil giggle, the demoness continued advance, she unzipped the palms of her hands, showing her bare flesh to the air. "Grr.. You little flea bitten bitch! I'll kill you!" The guard shouted, running right towards Aoi. He drew a dagger and lunged it at her, grabbing it with her left hand and side stepping, to let her right hand face the front and back handed the male, closelining him onto the ground. Her foot pressed against his neck instantly, pushing down against his throat as he kicked and pulled at her foot. "Yes, amewse me~ Squirm like the pig you are. Just say something and I'll let you go~" She teased, glaring with amusement at him being unable to speak and giving a shrug. "No? Well then, I'll see you in hell... literally~" With a hard shove, she snapped his neck and a gurgling ensued before he went limp, dying. With her gaze looking on to the target, he had formed himself a blade of shadows. "Who are you?" He asked, taking what she thought to be a defensive position. "Nya nya nya~ Well, let's just call me your replacement, mister." Aoi pushed the corpse aside and threw the dagger with a bleeding hand aside. "Your bosses know what you did. I'm here to clean up the mess. Plain and simple." Laid out just like that, she tossed aside formalities and care, looking to her hand as the blood oozed out, forming itself into a whip like shape. A grin formed on the killer, seemed to be rather laxed about how she explained to him what she was here for. "You're pretty pathetic for a hitman, you know."

    He started, taking  couple steps closer to Aoi while shadows began to silently creep up behind her. "Firstly, your outfit. You look like a runaway bdsm slave trying to earn a few bucks. Second, you did a half assed job with keeping yourself hidden. There's a reason I'm as good as I am, and sweetheart, you're far from it. I'll have to kill you the same way I did in the last half assed loser they sent me. Once the shadows latched onto her body, she felt them holding her legs still and her arms pulled back. "I see my Shadow magic's gone and pulled you into quite the predicament." There was no look of terror on Aoi's face, no worry, but more of confidence and cockiness. Her hands switched hold of the whip while her still opened hand began to force blood to exit her open wound and with it, form 3 Kunai knives. "This isn't very nice, holding a purrrfectly innocent girl hostage like this. One scream and those that are outside will make their way here... if the explosion didn't rock people out of their sleep as it was." He looked around, paranoid of how this would look and he took his sword and got ready to thrust it forward when her hand moved out from behind her, surprising him. "Nyahaha! Surprise!" The Kunai were thrown right at his body, hitting him in the chest twice before all three exploded, sending him flying back several meters and landing on the ground, shaking in pain and the stinging, burning sensation. Aoi started to walk her way to the nearly defeated male when she took her right arm and flicked it forward, sending her whip out and wrapping around his neck. She yanked him toward her and then placed her foot on his chest while she pulled up on the whip, cutting off most of his air. A latex covered finger reached down and gently carressed his cheek, almost seeming to just enjoy his agonizing position while her foot that pushed down was switched to a knee. "Nyow who's the Queen of the urban jungle, you sickly little mutt?" Her taught hold of the whip tightened hearing him choking and gasping for air in whispers. "Mmmm~ I could get used to this. Watching my kill right before me as I slowly suck the life from their eyes." With her glare facing right to his eyes, they sooned glazed over and his body grew limp, unmoving. With one swift yank, she heard a snapping and assured herself he was dead. Once the whip of her blood was "withdrawn", Aoi had picked him up and bit into his artery on his neck, sucking the blood from his body and then tossing it aside. "An apawling taste, but I guess beggers can't be choosers." She said, turning around and pouncing into the shadows, vanishing from sight before anyone could see her.

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    A Simple "Claws" of Contract (Job) JwEY1nx

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