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    Some Men...


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    Some Men... Empty Some Men...

    Post by LeylinFarlier on 24th February 2018, 12:31 pm

    Leylin had spent some time traveling from location to location, eventually finding himself within the Neutral Grounds. During the day he made sure to play along with the usual shtick of being another one of the good guys but he had been waiting for night to befall him once again, where he could take off into the night and handle some business of his own. As the sun fell and was slowly replaced by the moon, the man was within the room that he had paid for in the more rundown part of town. There was mirror for him to look at himself in but he had changed his attire completely, being dressed within a black kimono with his sword strapped to his waist. His hand raised the demon red mask up to his face and placed it there, a smirk on his lips that was hidden as the mask changed his oceanic blue eyes to a deep shade of red thanks to the glamour that was on it. It was then he opened the window of his room, leaping from the sill and easily landing on the ground before taking to the back alleys.

    It was during this time that the man had managed to finally find a man that was shrouded in tattered robes and smelt of something horrible,"L-looking for something to do?" The rag covered person spoke in a rough voice and the Blood Rogue nodded his head, extending only a single hand out towards the male before the man fumbled with his cloak and eventually pulled out a sealed envelope towards Leylin who accepted it happily. After the quick exchange the other figure scurried away, leaving the red eyed male to open the letter and scan over the contents. This mission was simple enough, especially for someone who could bend fire at their will, so this was a nice change of pace. Hopefully it didn't turn out to be some monumental task like it had suddenly been to take down the beast of a dog like last time.

    It had only taken about an hour to locate the farm in question and, as the letter had suggested, it was alive and filled with life. It was easy to see, when compared to the surrounding farms, that this would yield the best and most healthy crops,"Almost a shame that I have to destroy this place, but that isn't my problem." The male nodded his head gently as he slowly walked through the crops until he found himself in the middle of the area, letting his crimson hues scan the area one last time before he would bring his hands together. Upon his palms pressing together and a gentle clap being heard, a wave of flames washed out from his body and around him, instantly combing through the greenery and setting fire to about one fourth of the crops almost right away. The flames that had left the man weren't the normal color of fire but instead a deep blade, giving off an eerie light. It was a pleasant surprise but, almost immediately, there were screams that could be heard in the distance,"Just what the hell is going on out here, not my crops!" The voice clearly came from an older man who, when he came running into the field was dressed in blue overalls and holding a gardening hoe in both of his hands as though he was going to do something with that.

    The black fire gave the only man pause but he couldn't let this go one, the sight of Leylin raising his right hand and creating a long black javelin in it was what caught his eye before the weapon was thrown out even further. It struck a corner of the field so that the fire would work from two different angles and that enraged the old man but he didn't dare run directly into the ominous flames. So instead Leylin, hidden behind the red mask of a demon would walk through his own flames with no harm coming to him, and directly towards the old man,"So are we really going to do this, old man? You can just go back inside and let me finish my job, without getting hurt." And for a moment the old man thought about doing such, clearly the man before him had no problems claiming his life... But he quickly shook his head, quickly grasping the hoe tighter before he would rush at the man,"I can't let you get away with doing this to my land!" He roared out while trying to bring the rake downwards towards Leylin's head... But in that moment his own blade had easily been drawn and did more than just collide with the hoe, it slice the tool right above the man's hands and let the metal end fall harmlessly to the and instantly leaving the old man with no way to escape. Leylin quickly stepped forward and drove his foot into his stomach, sprawling the old man out on the ground and leaving him defenseless. The same foot was raised and came crushing down onto his stomach, a few snaps of ribs being heard before there was the sound of metal piercing flesh.

    The end of Leylin's blade had ended up dug deeply into the right side of the man's chest, quickly causing blood to pour out and across his weapon,"Now this is my last warning before you burn up with your crops, old man. Run." He spoke firmly to the man and ripped his weapon out of his flash, spraying a bit of blood on the ground and that was all it took for the old man to stumble onto his feet and run away in fear. It wasn't exactly hard to strike fear in an old man but he felt no shame or pity for doing so, it was just another part of his job. After only a few more minutes, his black flames had completely engulfed the field and Leylin's mission was a complete success once more. A grin was on his lips, still hidden by his mask, as he left the area to go get his rewards for this very simple mission.

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