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    Hunting the Silence


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    Hunting the Silence Empty Hunting the Silence

    Post by Aura 21st February 2018, 10:47 am

    Kenna’s golden eyes shifted over the giant map spread out upon the massive oaken table with keen observation; left, right, every inch she stared at for but a split second, yet took in every detail she could muster. The map itself was an attempted layout of the Ancient Ruins, where her target was supposedly concealing its presence from the world for over two decades already. Her target; a demon by the name of Dumah, whom had once been one of the many vassals to her father’s name. Dumah the Silent; a man with over 72 legions to his name, had taken up the offer of abandoning his master and retiring in exile. According to Avide this man had rather tarnish his honor and live than to show any kind of loyalty towards his lord and die for the cause he’d pledged fealty to. Kenna sighed and leant unto the table, her finger sliding down a certain line she guessed was a hidden path underneath the terrain. She was not certain whether she would truly find Dumah here, not whether he would join her cause again, but she wouldn't stop until he did. Yet she wasn’t as stupid just to barge into an unknown area without back-up. That’d be equal to a suicide mission, which she was all but planning on doing at this point in time. It wouldn’t do her nor her plans any good. After all, what was a heart filled with vengeance if it didn’t even beat? No, in order to exact vengeance upon the gods that killed her father shortly after she was born, she had to raise an army of demons, unite them under one banner like her father had. And what better way than to convince the demons once part of her father’s army than to call upon a demon slayer’s aid? Said demon slayer was none other than her newest friend Gangting, a royal himself of a place she had yet to familiarize herself with. But the giant redheaded king had shown his prowess, and despite her demon heritage had seen her as an ally and friend, which she had returned equally.

    She shook her head and pushed herself away from the table, turning slightly to face Gangting, who had been with her since earlier this day. She'd rented a room in a nearby inn so they could discuss the matter in private without anyone trying to eavesdrop on the two slayers. "Tssss... you by any chance wouldn't know what these weird lines would entail, would you Gangting? Could they by any chance be shortcuts, or perhaps subterranean paths carved out long ago? I just can't seem to figure it out... for all we know, it could as well be a trap, so I'm not sure whether we should try and search for these or not." Her voice sounded conflicted, because there was far more to it than just finding this man. Finding Dumah was her biggest priority, but since she wasn't going in alone she couldn't just abandon her companions' safety. Deep inside she hoped for the Demon Slayer to have any knowledge of the place from his earlier travels, and if not, that he could impose his opinion so they could make up their mind on how to infiltrate the ancient ruins. "Because I doubt Dumah will be here alone... some of his men should've stayed close, even without his approval. I'd rather not get any unnecessary wounds..."


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    Hunting the Silence Empty Re: Hunting the Silence

    Post by Segodon 23rd February 2018, 11:46 am

    Gangting was asked to accompany Kenna on her quest to find a former friend of her father's and Gangting agreed to join her. He had nothing to do and wanted to learn more about his newly made friend. He prefers to consolidate friendship early on with those he deemed worthy, he would need all help he could muster if he ever wanted to retake his marble seat within the triple walls of Duoshang. Gangting had made already multiple friends and potential allies during the short time since his awakening. Frederik of Savage Skull, Johann von Weiss and Ruvel of the Fiore Trading Company and Darknight. The later, Kenna and he fought against monsters in Monsterland. It was there where Gangting met her.

    Gangting looked at the map on the table. He glanced at the map but didn't really knew what he supposed to find on it. The raven-haired woman, dressed in crimson and sable coloured armour, on the other side of the table asked him a question about certain lines on the map. He briefly checked the lines and raised his shoulders. "I wouldn't know. But if they are underground paths then I'll find them." He lifted his right foot a bit and pressed it back down. The vibration in the ground could be weakly felt. "I can see in the ground." Gangting raised his head and sighed, "So Dumah is an acquaintance of your father, a friend you said. Why are you afraid getting wounded and 'his' men?"



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