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    So, Whose Angry?;; Brad/ Mei/Itova


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    So, Whose Angry?;; Brad/ Mei/Itova Empty So, Whose Angry?;; Brad/ Mei/Itova

    Post by Pandora 20th February 2018, 2:11 am

    480 words of 2,500 words
    Snow blanketed the place known as Mountain Village spreading out wide in the general area, already nearing a foot deep or something like that, but she was just at home in these conditions. The biting cold was nothing against someone who held that same frozen nature within them! Of course, the newly frozen interior of her heart could also simply exist because she did not see why she had left her nice new home in the frozen glaciers to join some guild with a bratty eleven-year-old kid. Itova was rather ticked over her joining of the guild, the new requirement that she interact with humanoids regularly, but she couldn't leave that kid on his own and if she didn't teach him to control that ice dragon slaying magic, he would become so dangerous to her kind! Someone needed to teach Haru to respect and nurture dragons before he started killing them. Anyway's, she wasn't with the brat today, she was with some of her other new guild-mates, at least she was supposed to be.

    Itova had not met them in the way that most other's going on a job with their guildmate would. Shockingly, the separate transport was not due to her disdain for those of the form most of the guild took, but for an entirely separate reason; As a dragon Itova had a hard time staying 'close' to the guild to begin with. Something with wings of her size just running through the town?! Would eventually result in damages somewhere and she could never resist flying, thus she stayed outside the town herself so she could spread her wings whenever she wanted. Malsvire had received the notice of her mission outside of town, thus she had flown straight here instead of waiting to travel with her guildmates.

    How long she waited was unknown, they could have teleported or taken days, she wouldn't have noted the difference she was an animal after all. "So you two are my job partners?" the large beast craned her head slightly, clearly evaluating them but not for strength, just taking note that the male was pretty much the same height as she was, they could pretty much look each other in the eye. "Sorry I traveled ahead of you, but these require a decent amount of exercise, which has become harder to get near the town, so I take every chance I can to fly long distance considering." as she made the comment, she opened her wing's part way, only about somewhere between five and ten feet to show what she was speaking of, quickly tucking them back against her body since from initial description this mission seemed to be hunting on the ground.

    "So do you two want to get right to it?" cause she did, the less close time she had to spend with 'humanoids' the better, it would be fairly bad if she grew to actually Like the beasts.



    So, Whose Angry?;; Brad/ Mei/Itova Tumblr_n7wtu3Hg4w1tfft79o1_500

    So, Whose Angry?;; Brad/ Mei/Itova Empty Re: So, Whose Angry?;; Brad/ Mei/Itova

    Post by Guest 20th February 2018, 11:40 am

    The cold to most people, was not a problem. With the invention of jackets, coats, and clothing overall the human race had adapted over time to such chilling conditions such as snow and bitter winds. But if one had never even seen snow before, how were they supposed to react to this strange white substance? Maybe, with curiosity. Snow was just frozen water after all. Perhaps they would take this time to indulge in this natural phenomenon. Make a snow angel, build a snowman, run around and try to eat some of that weird yellow snow stuff that looked pretty tasty. All of these would be some pretty good guesses. For normal people. But as a person who came from the warm and humid jungles of Joya, a certain chieftain wasn't so happy about the bitter conditions.
    The brunette shivered under her light clothing as she traversed the snow covered ground, having to nearly dig herself out of each step she took before she could even lift her legs again. This was honestly worst than swamp water. At least swamp water was kind of warm once you got used to it. But snow? It never got warmer. In fact, Mei was pretty sure she couldn't feel half of her body. It was numbing her.
    White breaths exited her mouth like dragon smoke as she pushed herself forward, awkwardly stepping from place to place in wide spurts so she wouldn't have to do this more or for longer than she already did.
    From behind her, a panda took the easy route, and simply stepped from the deep holes Mei was already making with her footprints. At one point, during the traveling, Mei just couldn't seem to take it any longer. She stopped in place, before yelling into the air. "WHY IS IT SO FUCKING COLD!?!?!" There was no use for yelling, even Mei was not stupid enough to think just her yelling would fix their situation. But if anything, it was just to let her building frustrations out. Up until this point, Bao had managed to carry her upon his back. But once they go further into the village, the snow had gotten deeper, and they were forced to carry on on their own legs. Which didn't effect Bao at all. In fact, he was probably better with this. But to Mei, at this point, she just wanted to go home and curl up next to a fireplace. Now that she joined a guild in order to help a greater amount of people and grow wiser on her journey, she needed to take more adventurous jobs in hopes of appeasing the gods enough to let her become chief of her tribe. But with these conditions? Well, the earth mage was much more comfortable just giving it to someone else. Not that she actually would, she cared too deeply about her tribe to do it. But still, it was tempting to just forget about it and go home. But she was already here, so overall it would just be a bigger waste of time.
    At her yell, the panda would let out a groan. Mei's narrowed violet gaze looked to the side, spotting the bear behind her. "I would have worn better clothes if i had any, Bao." She huffed, crossing her arms and pouting like a child. She really only did have one set of clothes. Clothes weren't needed in a tribe setting, not at all. So she was pretty much used to just going around naked. But after getting arrested for streaking over here, the police pretty much just gave her these clothes and told her unless she wanted to get thrown in jail she should just keep them on. Hmpf, stingy people all over this country, it seems. Why was it a law to wear clothes? You didn't come out your mother wearing a tux. They weren't natural... Sure, maybe they were needed for the weather. But on a sunny day wasn't it nice to just let the girls hang loose?... Mei would never understand the people here. The girl sighed. "Come on, we can't keep them waiting." Figuring they had spent enough time slowing down, Mei would turn to walk again and continue forward in search of their partners.

    It didn't take much time to find them. Not much time at all. After all, one of her partners was a freaking dragon. It was hard to miss one of those things. Once she had spotted the great beast, she had practically ran over towards them in a sudden burst of speed, which left Bao behind to stumble in slowly. Whatever fatigue or anger she once had about the weather vanished as she set her eyes on the great beast of legend and the taller man. A huge smile opened on her mouth. "Whoa, so they weren't lying! You're a dragon!" Purple eyes shimmered with amazement. Of course like many others she had heard stories about them, but never thought they were actually real or still around. She had seen many creatures, but nothing as rare as this. The want to ride and poke at her of course was there, but she also had another question on her mind. She would glance over to the taller man with a curious gaze, noting how him and the dragon were practically on equal footing height-wise.
    "You, gorilla man. Are you part dragon too?" It was a legitimate question, seeing as how she was shorter than them and they were so much taller. He was really tall, even for a male.
    Little to say, Mei wasn't one of those people who felt the rush of urgency like most people.

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