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    Yona's Investigation


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    Yona's Investigation Empty Yona's Investigation

    Post by Zincarla Tue 20 Feb 2018 - 2:28

    Exam Link

    Exam Requirements:
    Yona has found some kind of clue or hint pointing to the one that attacked her family and had her suffer so terribly, and she'll investigate and see if she can find out more.
    You can take one person with you in case things get more violent, but their word count will not contribute towards the overall wc required.
    750 words should be good for your C-rank, happy hunting.

    Yona Hisamori had given Ruvel explicit directions, detailed and specific, with landmarks included. She spoke of the many mountains, and how to tell the shapes apart. She spoke of the color and types of trees, and how to see the differences in leaves. Finally, she spoke of a ridge where a minute village lay hidden  in a clearing in the forest. It was so small and hard to find, the village was more like an encampment really. There were less than a hundred people living there, and most of them were older now. The place didn't have a name except to the people who called it home, and that was all they ever referred to it as. The people had no reason to leave and travel was challenging in the mountains, enough so that the people might have done trade only once or twice a year with the larger villages on the outskirts of the mountain range.

    Yona herself took a ship from Divide Island and then purchased a horse from some stray farmer, giving him more than what the beast was worth. She rode into the small village, but the people who lived there knew her even as she rode the spotted grey mare up the mountainside, marking her as the only surviving Hisamori from the fire just four years ago. Her bright green hair stood out against the browning grasses and shrubbery of the summit. She climbed off the horse and walked it the rest of the way, giving the mare a break from its load. Her feet padded through the hardened dirt of the village square. There were two large barns, and that was where she stabled her grey mare.

    Yona gave half smiles of recognition to some of the older folk, but did not speak much. Whispers came about; many knew the tragic story of her family's demise. She planned to question them for real this time. Yona visited about once a year, trying to work up the courage to ask the people what they saw, what they did, and what had happened during the time she had been unconscious. But being so close to home, a dark and sullen mood had always overcome her desire for the knowledge. This year, with Ruvel by her side, she would visit the ruins of her home and question the people she once had referred to as her neighbors and friends. Now, they were all strangers to her.

    Yona wore all white, assuming it was required while traveling with the VP of her guild. She wore an oversized white coat, fitted white boots, dusty from the travel, long pale blue pants and simple white wraps over her chest. A light blue scarf, thick and long was wrapped in layers around Yona's neck. Weather and temperature were known to change dramatically from morning to night in the mountains and Yona knew how to dress in preparation. She sat outside the barn on a large stone bench, carved by a local man and his son, letting her horse feed inside. An older woman approached her where she sat, carrying a simply clay mug of tea. She wore a fraying pink scarf around her head and shoulders, the older woman's clothes hanging from her thin frame, hand-me-downs for generations probably. Yona greeted her simply, "Afternoon, Mrs. Brunae. For me?" She asked gesturing to the tea.

    Yona didn't bother to stand. Such pleasantries were saved for those with money, or foreigners. Yona was not either and neither was the withering old woman. Mrs. Brunae had been a caretaker for her father, years ago when he had fallen ill. She was a gentle hearted woman with a straight forward attitude. Yona liked that about her. Mrs. Brunae handed the tea to Yona with a nod, "Pine is fresh, not watered down. I even added some of that clover honey you like so much." Mrs. Brunae sat there beside her and shivered as a cool wind rushed by. "You came early this year. I didn't expect to see you for another month or so."

    Yona nodded slowly, sipping the tea, her green hued eyes looking out for Ruvel's arrival. She had convinced Ruvel to go with her, pleading somewhat and even promising to wear the required white uniform. Yona's dreams repeated blurs and images of the memories Ruvel had shown her. Her little brother, her father, the fire. Yona was so close to remembering something, but her memories were so dark, she could not make much detail out of anything. If this wouldn't bring Ruvel over to her side, she didn't know what would, short of asking her guild leader to make Ruvel do it. Her gaze shifted back to the old woman, "I have someone meeting me, the VP to my guild." Yona turned and bent her neck, showing the tattoo on the back of her neck to Mrs. Brunae.

    "I'll be back to talk to you and maybe a few others afterwards, but I wanted to journey here and show my VP the beautiful place where I grew up." Mrs. Brunae scoffed, then chuckled and leaned back with another shiver, "That's bull, but I'm not going to pry." Yona slid her blue scarf off, nearly new, and draped it over Mrs. Brunae's shoulders. They sat there together in the quiet, waiting, and Mrs. Brunae had stopped her shivering.

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