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    A new identity, a new passport


    The Maker's necromancer

    The Maker's necromancer

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    A new identity, a new passport Empty A new identity, a new passport

    Post by weretiger5411 16th February 2018, 5:01 pm

    Job info:

    After his joining of crystal swan, zecarayus now had to make sure he was available for any task anywhere. This meant he had to get a passport again, as he was sure his old one if not lost wouldn't work no more due to his new body. So he chose to get one right after the grand opening of the guild. A very bad idea as he wasn't the only one who wanted a updated passport. What zecarayus didn't think of was how popular the idea was of traveling around on a mobile city to all corners of the world for many citizens. So now he was stuck in the middle of three crowded lines, which was being generous given how crowded they were of people to the point of that a mob could had been formed with how much people they were.

    Zecarayus didn't have to worry too much as he wasn't alive anymore, and things like heat, smells, and overall exhaustion were unfelt by him. What wasn't unfelt were the people's discomfort around him. This was the worse with the people right next to him, as those who could see him were doing their best to make distance out of the cluster they were currently in. The few who rubbed up against him shuddered and made a mad effort to get out of stopping distance, which served to only make the lines that more chaotic. This occurrence grew more and more common the closer he got to the front. And as much as zecarayus wanted to get his passport and be done with all of this, it was hurting him to watch and know how much he was making these people suffer and spread it as it contributed more to the chaos. It reached a boiling point when he was nearly next, and a child had bumped into his leg. The child looked up, a small boy, and uttered a cry of terror as he saw the ominous figure looking down on him. He then retreated to the open arms of his father, who looked with concern for his son while giving zecarayus a suspicious look.

    The red and white cult figure near the front of the middle line suddenly outburst with its magical aura, and a voice followed. "MOVE" the figure demanded, and the people in front who were oblivious before now separated in a small panic to make a path for the figure. And the figure walked down it, straight out of the crowd and off to the side of all the commotion. The crowd of people grew quiet with whispers only making noise as it walked past, once passed the crowd had resumed there volume, now a little more calm.

    Zecarayus kept walking away from the center, and kept at it til he reached the sea side. He then found a quiet spot, and sat down cross legged facing the sea. He knew that he shouldn't had to use his magic like that, and he should had stayed in the line. His chest inflated slightly, before deflating to normal, releasing a sound akin to a sigh. It would be fine for him though, he knew he didn't have to get the passport right away. And with that knowledge, he let his mind wander in silence as he gazed outward, letting thoughts enter and leave his mind with ease. During this process, a idea came to be in his head. And after putting more thought into it, he decided he would go ahead with it.

    The next day

    The morning sun shown over the ocean and onto hargeon, and as beautiful it was it couldn't save marie from her job. She had the unfortunate luck of processing reports right at the same time of the announcement of the Crystal Swan guild, which meant she had the pleasure of giving hoards of people's new or renewed passports. She grumbled as she took a sip of her morning coffee, only to spit out what she had spat out as her sight fell on something unnerving. In front of the locked building, there was a still figure, facing out to the sea. It was red and white, and had clothing suggesting it was showing off some kind of cultist. As she circled carefully to unlock the door, she could see it had five blue eyes. It was so weird, she nearly lept out of her skin when the head snapped to face her. She was completely startled, the coffee nearly hitting the ground if not for her need to grip something. She then felt dread as it began to speak, no sign of a mouth but yet it spoke still. "Are you open now?" it asked her, its tone neutral and tact. She gave a shaky reply as she hastened to unlock the doors. "A-almost! Just please give me a few moments to get everything set up!" She said in a haste, and hurried inside once the door was unlocked.

    She hurried to her station and locked the door behind her to get to the back, she really didn't like the idea of the thing to be back here. As she calmed herself down, telling herself that it was just some freak, she went to her place only to see the figure on the other side of the window looking inside. This caused her to pause in place, before summoning her courage and sat down at it and in front of the waiting figure. She now had a closer look, and noticed how still it was, and worse for her the eerie blue glow from the eye slots of it. "W..*ahem* What do you need?" She asked the figure. The figure without the slightest movement answered, "A passport for myself." it answered in the same tone from before. She nodded and began the process. As awkward the situation was, it was perhaps one of the more quicker processes she had been through. There were no troubles until it reached the name, in which the figure didn't answer right away. Her unease grew until it answered, which only served to spread the unease further. "Nevarran" it answered, a echo now joined the tone which only gave her more motivation to finish this passport and get the dammed thing out of here."So that is all and don't worry about paying as it is free since your a legal mage! Now here and a good morning to you!" Marie said in a haste as she nearly threw the new passport at the figure. The figure accepted it, bowed, and then left. Marie collapsed in her chair and uttered a sigh when she saw the figure leave the building, hoping that was the only time she would have to interact with something like that.

    Zecarayus was happy at how quick the whole process was. All though he was sure there was a better name to come up with instead of what he gave, he hoped it would be enough. And so he began a stride through the morning, back to the new guild of crystal swan.


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    Note: Until I get this in his character sheet, his name is changed to nevarran. Same soul though!

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