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    Putting down the Dog...


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    Putting down the Dog...

    Post by LeylinFarlier on 15th February 2018, 4:31 pm

    The man known as Leylin Farlier had waited for the sun to fall upon the town before he would dress himself in a peculiar clothing style, that would have gotten him more attention than he wanted during the day. In the small room he was renting at a run down inn, the man would have dressed completely in black before draping a cloak over his shoulders, including a hood that he didn't pull up over his features just yet. The man's deep blue eyes were looking straight into the cracked mirror that showed his handsome features before, slowly but surely, the blue in his eyes slowly faded and would turn into a deep blazing red color. It was as though there was a fire burning deep inside the depths of his soul and it showed through his eyes, his lips curling upwards in a smirk before he would reach onto the rickety desk and grabbed the important item that was resting on it. Staring at the mirror, soon his facial features would slowly disappear behind the face of a demon whose face was a dark red, a mask that accompanied Leylin's hidden identity; Blood Rogue.

    This was a disguise that allowed Leylin to indulge into his deeper and darker urges, as well as his true alignment while hiding right under the noses of the Light Magi. He left his staffs in the room seeing as, in all reality, they didn't do anything to actually help him cast magic and were nothing more than a part of his act as a 'Good Guy'. But those thoughts were quickly dismissed to the back of his mind because Leylin was already out on the streets and heading down a series of back alleys that eventually led to a hidden door, which once opened exposed a shoddy bar. There was clearly all kinds of criminals that were sitting around the tables and booths, none of them looking up at Blood Rogue as he entered the area and sauntered slowly over towards the barkeep. Once there, he spoke in a strong and firm told, one that lacked the calmness his usual personal carried,"I need a mission, something I can do tonight without any preparation." As Leylin moved to sit at the bar counter, the sword on his waist shook faintly and tapped against the wood of the bar. The bartender would nod his head faintly to the man whose mask he could only see, bending behind the counter for a few moments.

    It only took about a minute or so before the barkeep was standing upright and pushed a rolled up scroll towards Leylin,"The best that I got, sorry lad." And then he was off to serve customers drinks while the male unrolled the scroll to see the contents that were inside, causing him to perk his brow and then grunt in response. Dispatching of some wretched and small animal? That was all? The idea faintly angered Leylin but it did fit exactly the type of mission he was looking for so, with a faint nod of his head and leaving a few jewels on the counter the man would leave the bar only a few moments later, tucking the re-rolled scroll right back into his pocket. Having a mission of some sorts was more than enough for the male...

    The area of the mission in question was a bit more rural than Leylin was expecting but from the descriptions, he could clearly see the two houses in question. Both were two stories, one containing a large 7 foot tall fence that he assumed was meant to keep the pet in... But then that begged the question on just how it had been getting into the neighbor's yard to destroy their garden..? Maybe there was a whole or it had dug underneath the fence and the owner never bothered to fill the hole... Whatever it was, as if hearing the thoughts of the man there was suddenly a deep and heavy barking that echoed throughout the night causing him to become even more curious about the situation that he was in. Just what kind of dog was this person keeping as a pet?

    Well, instead of playing twenty questions with himself, he decided that he would simply go and find out the answer himself. Removing himself from the tree he would casually move from one side of the street and to the other, towards the large gates and moving to give a slight jump and grabbing the top, easily lifting himself up and over the other side so that he could come down with a faint thud against the ground. He was in a crouched position as his crimson red hues would glance around trying to see the dog and where it was until a noise started and his eyes darted into the far corner of the fenced in area. There was a deep, bubbling growl that had started once Leylin had entered the backyard and he met the gaze of deep golden hues that were raging with anger and suddenly Leylin felt a faint cold sweat wash over him.

    The thing that the eyes belonged too had slowly stood up to reveal the beast they belonged to was almost up to Leylin's chest once he stood up, which was a an impressive feature seeing he stood at five feet and ten inches tall, just short of six feet. The thing was like a pit-bull on steroids with the front paws curled forward as though it was also part bulldog... And as it stepped into the moonlight, it was clear that its lips were snarled backwards and he was prepared to attacked. Sadly Leylin had already taken the job and there was nothing that he could do cancel the contract now. So, instead of thinking of ways out of the fight his right hand quickly towards his blade and prepared to defend as the large beast came charging at him with saliva dripping from his maw and leaking onto the ground. Just as the beast was about to charge at him, he ducked and rolled to the side while drawing his blade quickly and sliding it across the side of the beast.

    He came up onto his feet and spun, the crimson blood on his blade sliding off and spraying the grass as the beast stumbled and crashed into the fence where Leylin once was. There was the loud sound of cracking wood, almost as if it was about to give out and clearly the way the best was getting out seemed apparent. But just the one attack didn't seem to be enough to finish the beast off as it had already turned and was coming at Leylin against already, where he would move to start backpeddling to try and the beast away before he moved to try and dance around it again. His blade tried to slice across the other side of the beast and it created another gash but this time, the man felt the heavy backside of Bon-Bon coming against his leg and suddenly he was looking up at the starlit night. He gave a grunt as he suddenly felt a heat over top of him as the dog jumped onto him, causing him to try and bring his try and bring his sword up to protect him from the thing.

    Its teeth clamped and chewed at the metal of his blade and it only took a few seconds before it was chipping and breaking, Leylin moving to try and push his blade upwards to cut the beast at the jaw but it wasn't working as well as he wanted. But the time he got the blade to the back to cut into the parts of his jaw, creating a few cuts in the process, the blade would suddenly crack and break and suddenly the jaws of the beast came flying towards his face. His left hand, that had not been holding the blade would have suddenly thrust towards the face of the beast as though it was going to punch it before opening, a ball of fire suddenly forming. But this wasn't any fire, being pitch black in color and seemingly burning deeply, aiming to crash directly into the side of the beast and erupt with enough force to rip it off of its feet and send it tumbling backwards. That gave Leylin the time that he needed to roll onto his feet and then rear back his right hand, as though he was preparing to throw some invisible object,"So you wanna play rough, huh? I can play rough!" The same black flames that had been in his hand before would have formed suddenly and he made a strong fist, the flames suddenly taking the shape of a javelin and showing the masterful work of his magic.

    With great ease he moved his arm and the flaming weapon crashed into the beast before it could fully touch the ground against, crashing into it with great force and sending it exploding through a piece of the fence. Finally there was a whimper from the beast as this happened, the man panting faintly as he slowly walked towards the hole that was big enough for him to easily step through,"Not so big and tough now are you, Fido?" But the small amount of victory that he had felt was short lived because it took only a few moments before the  beast was growling again and came charging right through the hole in the fence and back at Leylin, where he would be struck straight in the chest by it and knocked to the ground again as the beast came to a sloppy stop across the ground.

    As it stood in the moonlight again, patches of skin were clearly falling off in slight puddles and there were blisters forming and yet it stilled showed the same anger in it's eyes... Like it wasn't going to stop attacking still and that wasn't something that Leylin could keep tolerating. Honestly, this thing seemed less and less like any type of dog he had ever seen and more like a type of demon that was summoned by a person of darker magics. But he didn't really have time to think about that before the beast was rushing him again and, like he had done a few times so far, Leylin through himself to the side and rolled in the dirt with his hand grabbing the hilt of his broken sword. He'd thrust the weapon into the side of the demon dog, where it would get stick in the thick muscles and he wouldn't be able to pull it out before the beast ran past him and was turning around. The dog finally seemed like it was going to get on its last leg finally so Leylin raised his hand up, as though called forth a bird, before the same black flames as before started to swirl around his finger.

    Quickly a bird about the size of a hawk had formed on his finger and let out a shrill noise before taking off from his hand and flying around. Bon-Bon paid a bit of attention Leylin whistled,"You shouldn't take your eyes off of me, mutt!" He roared before, this time, he started rushing at the beast as fast as he could summoning forth the same kind of fire that he had before. Instead of convention weapons, this time the flames took the shape of flaming gauntlets around his hands and even while seeing this the giant beast wasted no time attacking Leyin and jumping at him. All of the man's forward momentum was taken from him as the beast's body crashed against him and he ended up on his back, with the dog's mouth aiming to clamp down around his neck... And it was almost close to ending him before he aimed both his hands to come crashing against each side of the thing's head to create a soft cracking noise, causing blood to come out the dog's noise and splatter him faintly.

    The dog was clearly dazed but still alive and just as it was going to try and finish Leylin off, the bird from before had let out another shrill noise before the sound of fire meeting flesh could be heard but it was much worse than that. Suddenly the bird came exploding out the dog's chest, having rammed itself directly into the back of the beast and forced it was through it and out the front. Leylin would be covered in crimson blood and the beast let out a few soft whimpers as it slowly faded into dark and death, being thrown off to the side. The flaming bird landed on his shoulder while the flames on his hands disappeared,  the man ripping the stuck blade from the dog's side and finding the other half of its remains before slipping through the hole in the fence created by the dog. He hated how hard it was to kill the beast, using up a large amount of his mana in the process but thankfully he came out with little wounds on his person, going back into town.

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