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    Sewer cleaning


    The Maker's necromancer

    The Maker's necromancer

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    Sewer cleaning Empty Sewer cleaning

    Post by weretiger5411 on 13th February 2018, 11:09 am

    Job info and lineage buffs:


    Gold rush passive and active(in that order)
    * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.

    The day was drawing to evening by the time zecarayus was nearing the train station. He had traveled enough around clover town and while he wasn’t able to get a solid opinion from someone, he gathered enough info to see that maybe he seemed creepy? He put it to the back of his thinking as he wasn’t going to be around for too long. Then however, he felt vibrations below the street under him. He paused and looked at the ground, as if expecting something to tear a hole in it and come out. Nothing happened though, and zecarayus was going to ignore it until he heard footsteps approaching. He wouldn’t had heard them normally, but they were running and zecarayus turned to face what looked like one of the guardsman. They looked panicked, more so when zecarayus made his quick turn. Which caused the guardsman to fall back on his bottom in surprise. He didn’t stay down long though, he got back up with caution, urgency still showed in his eyes. “I heard you were a mage, a legal one yeah?” he asked with a urgent but wary tone. “Yes, something the matter?” zecarayus replied, keeping his tone neutral and tact. “Well we got a rampaging monster down in the sewers, guard is willing to pay ya if you can put it down.” Zecarayus knew that if they were asking him, a stranger, then the normal help isn’t around. “Lead me to the sewers.” zecarayus demanded, bringing out his spear from his sheathe. The guard looked a little surprised at the demand(zecarayus after saying was a bit surprised himself), but complied as the duo raced to a manhole cover nearest to the monster. “It’s some kind of aquatic creature, big teeth too. Try to kill it if ya can?” The guard finished his explanation to zecarayus with the question as zecarayus lowered himself to down below. “Its hard to kill someone already dead if i'm honest.” Zecarayus replied with a jest that was only rewarded with a nervous laugh.

    As he lowered himself down, it grew darker before the light from the inner sewer embraced him with its glow of interior lights. He quickly noticed the gouge marks in the cement path as the filthy water passed by. Zecarayus hoped that whoever discovered the beast escaped, but as he saw the specter of a unfortunate homeless man reaching out to him, he realized that the beast was still around. For he knew what the specter meant, as he turned and braced his spear for the set of teeth aiming to chomp down on him. He backed up in time to see the monstrous fish clamp down on the cement again. Taking the advantage, zecarayus materialized his chain to bound the creature to above the ground. It struggle and heaved to try to escape, but the ghostly chains held the monster tight as zecarayus began his furious stabs at the creature's face. The creature cried out in pain and shook more furiously, and zecarayus stopped when he heard it speak. “I WAS BOUND BY A LITTLE GIRL FOR SO LONG, I WILL NOT GO BACK!” it bellowed loudly, which caused the interior to shake while zecarayus made a quick look to ensure none of it was going to come down. He would pay for it though, as he was struck with blinding flashes of red and knocked back away from the monster. The hit registered with zecarayus, but he felt no pain from the blow. This made him pause, and with that pause the monstrous fish escaped the chains and hurled itself mouth first and him. He was still on the ground, and had just enough time to materialize another chain and struck the monster with it, causing it to land beside him. Zecarayus, now free from the shock, charged at the creature with his spear again and this time aimed for the eye. It penetrated the bloated and veiny flesh, causing the creature to scream even louder now. It struggled to be free, but now zecarayus held it tight, shoving the spear ever deeper. During this the creatures body had begin to inflate, and zecarayus did not notice until a resounding pop was heard, followed by him being violently knocked back to the sewer walls.

    Above ground, the screeching has drawn a crowd, kept back at a safe distance by now five city guard including the original. All of them drew silent as the pop was heard, the ground shaking caused a minor reaction before all grew silent again. Then a silent pit pat could be heard, and as it neared the guards readied there weapons for a source of the tremors and screeches. To there relief, they only saw the red and white figure emerge from the hole, covered head to toe with entrails and green blood. The crowd quickly became abuzz as some recognized the figure as the one that had been walking around. The figure ignored the talks as it approached the same guardsman who had approached for help earlier. “The reward.” It spoke, its tone neutral and straight to the point. “Yeah! Just follow, we can help ya clean up to if that helps.” The guardsman added, quickly making his way to their headquarters in the town.

    Zecarayus gave a nod as he followed the guardsman. As he followed, he made sure the specter of the homeless man was following him as well. After he would be rewarded, he would at least try to help the ghost move on from such a traumatic death.

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    "Those who do not fear power, are too easily destroyed by it."

    "Humans are the biggest monsters. How else can you explain a dragon's need to burn down their homes, a demon's need to slaughter them, or a god's attempt at brainwashing them to devote loyalty? It is because we have the greatest chance to destroy them with whatever else gets in our way, and slayers are not the only method how."-Zecarayus Trevelean

    Note: Until I get this in his character sheet, his name is changed to nevarran. Same soul though!

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