Sticky Situations (Monster Hunt)


    Sticky Situations (Monster Hunt)

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    Job Title: Sticky Situations
    Rank: 100y
    Player Requirements: 12,000 words solo, 24,000 words group, any alignment, minimum of two S-rank mages
    Job Requirements: Kill as many frogs as possible, don't get digested
    Job Location: River Village
    Job Description:
    It's that time again. Love is in the air, and allergies run high. Mating season. During this time most creatures get a little rowdy. The giant frogs that populate the rivers of River Village are no exception to this rule. Normally, if you stay out of their way, they are no problem. However, during mating season these amphibians get a little bit more peckish than usual. With their normal source of food no longer sustaining them they search out the next best thing. Humans. And with their over population due to not having too many natural predators, there's a lot of them.
    Due to this, River Village has sent out a job request to any and all who can help solve this problem. They're willing to pay a ton of jewels for you to take out a large chunk of the giant frog's population. Of course, with how many there are and how tough they can be, it's almost impossible to wipe them all out. But with these beasts, the village is thankful for even being able to take down one frog.
    (Because the population can never run out, this job can be taken as many times as the players wish)

    Giant Frogs: Coming in all different shapes, sizes, and patterns these towering frogs stand at least 20ft feet. Their skin is slimey, making them hard to grab on to. They're extremely tough, not even flinching at an H-rank mage's attack. It takes a lot to even take one of these out.
    The frogs can jump extremely high, and are drawn to any source of food within a one mile radius.
    Their tongues are long, much longer then a normal frog's. Extending up to a whopping 60ft long once they have you gripped there's almost no chance of escaping. It's almost like a separate limb. A sticky, slimey limb. If they have you in their mouth, that's pretty much it. Their strength combined with the sticky saliva it's basically impossible for you to break free by yourself. Only your friends have any chance of bringing you back home alive... Better have some pretty loyal friends.

    160k jewels

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