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    The Complex Meeting of Two Serious Individuals [Social / Lucius]

    Aeon Kendrix

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    The Complex Meeting of Two Serious Individuals [Social / Lucius]

    Post by Aeon Kendrix on 12th February 2018, 3:05 am

    Aeon had spent yesterday working outside of town where she was charged with the protection of a six year old girl. The father had hired the Lamia Scale mage to escort his six year old daughter from his house to her mother's house as the parents were divorced and didn't particularly like seeing each other in person. Although Aeon wasn't fond of children, she found it was relatively easy to get along with the little girls as she shared the same serious attitude she did. They very rarely spoke and only stopped for a single bathroom break before arriving at the mother's home. Aeon hadn't even asked the girls name, only learning that it was Caitlin when her mother called her by that name. Aeon had received half the jewels from the father and received the other half from the mother when they had arrived, immediately departing to find someone where to camp for the night.

    The next morning, Aeon awoke to a sudden crack of thunder that caused the young woman to instantly jump to her feet in a fighting stance, ready to take on anyone or anything that approached her. Strangely, when her thoughts had cleared from their sleepy state and she looked around the area, she noticed that there was no one and what she heard was the thunder from the storm brewing nearby. The storm hadn't reached it's peak yet but it was on its way to Hargeon Town and the last thing Aeon wanted was to be caught in the storm. Aeon turned to her campfire that had died out in the middle of the night and kicked it lightly, checking to see if there were any embers in case they caused a fire and once it was cleared, she immediately began her walk back to Hargeon Town.

    By the time Aeon had arrived in town, she was already completely soaked from head to toe. In the first hour of her walk, the on coming storm caught up to her and drenched her with the heavy rain which continued to follow her to town. She walked up the main streets of Hargeon, taking note that very few people were out and about due to the weather. The actual full storm hadn't hit yet, another half hour or two before it does. "Aeon... Are you okay?" Another member of the Lamia Scale asked as she pushed through the main doors and into the guild hall. "Y-yes I am fine." She responded with a nod, a little caught off guard at first as she wasn't sure people knew her name here. She had only been a member of the guild for a little over a week now and hadn't really taken up the chance to get to know people. In fact she only met those few her first day at the guild guild hall but hadn't seen them since as she spent a majority of her time on jobs. Aeon proceeded to walk over to the nearest available table and took a seat, slipping both her boots of and toppling them over to allow the accumulated water to rush out of them. "Can I get a towel please?" Aeon asked one of the fellow members at the bar.


    Lucius Octavio

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    Re: The Complex Meeting of Two Serious Individuals [Social / Lucius]

    Post by Lucius Octavio on 12th February 2018, 3:10 pm

    Lucius hadn't taken a job in a while, but that didn't mean he was inactive with the guild per se, he was just minding his own business and still conducting his own research. His fellow teammates had not only outranked Lucius now, but outpower him. He had always developed well whenever he took missions with them but lately, it seems he can't get a hold of either Kaori or Samira as they've been very busy, which is understandable in their position of Ace. Lucius came to the conclusion to try and find other allies, he wasn't abandoning Kaori or Samira by any means, but rather... as people like to call it, "making friends" but in this case he's making friends with other people in the guild.

    He already took the initiative of being in the guild hall, which surprised a few people as he usually doesn't stay in the guild hall for lengthy periods but even then he had kept to himself as he was scouting out fellow guild members, seeing who is strong or interesting enough to be Lucius's ally which came out to be slightly disappointing. After he had checked out most of the guild members that were currently in the guild hall, most of them were either too normal or too mundane to catch Lucius's eye.

    It seems a promising candidate had just rolled through the guild doors however, as a pink-haired woman who is fully wet walked through the guild gates and into the guild hall, it looked like she just returned from a job it seems. "Why does she catch your eye?" the Sage spoke in his mind, with Lucius giving a quick and brief response. "Something about her that is definitely more eye-catching then this sorry lot." as he was referring to other guild members at that last part. "Let's at least talk to her, see what she's like."

    He had a perfect chance to talk to her when she asked for a towel, it seems somebody was nice enough to do it and started to already go towards the pink-haired woman with a towel, but instead he reached out his hand and used his Gravity Pull to make the towel float right out of the man's hands and made it go towards Lucius, as he managed to swiftly grab it as soon as it got in range. He walked towards the woman, carrying the towel with one hand, placing it gently upon the table for her to grab it. "There you go." he said, he then asked "You mind if I take a seat?" if she said yes, he would take a seat on the opposite side of the table from where she's sitting, if not he would simply stand.

    Lucius didn't know what to say on this next part honestly, so he decided to be straightforward about his interests. "I don't know if you've heard about me or not, but the name's Lucius. I'm in a team with two of the guild Aces but understandably, they're very busy so I'm looking for others to conduct jobs with. You caught my eye, so I'd like to ask... what are your abilities, how capable do you think yourself to be? tell me about yourself, really." it might've seem a bit weird, even creepy but Lucius does believe in strength in numbers now after his previous jobs with his teammates, and he'd like to have others to do jobs with. She seemed like a capable woman.


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