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    The Haunted Shop (Aoi, Job, Private)

    Samira Nassar

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    The Haunted Shop (Aoi, Job, Private)

    Post by Samira Nassar on 9th February 2018, 12:55 pm

    Job Info:
    Job Title: The Haunted Shop
    Rank: A
    Player Requirements: 14000 words, max of 2 female or trap people. Each player must wear outfits inside the shop to see the enemies. Sakura Kisagami must be a part of the job.
    Job Requirements: Discover and defeat the source of the haunted Shop.
    Job Location: Rose Garden
    Job Description: After a case of people from various towns have been missing after visiting the town, there has been a mysterious bit of a cold trail in trying to find them. There is never any body found, nor does this force ever take any male victims. Therefore, the mission requires only females or even those whom appear to look like one. Many of the male reporting people have claimed that they were visiting a shop and never returned. Upon inspecting it, the building appeared to be condemned and unused for years.

    Once inside of the building, the shop will turn all forms of people into living dolls. They will retain a 3 foot tall height and resemble a mannequin in their limbs and joints. All magic is still usable in this form, however weapons outside of Requip will become useless as anything above 10 lbs becomes nearly impossible to lift. The shop is enchanted with magic in every outfit, and the different outfits will trigger different personality traits to immediately kick in. They overwrite the users personality and some may apply varying damage, healing, defense. However, no creature can be seen unless the outfit is worn from inside the shop. These outfits upon touching will appear on the user, changing their eye colors to a light shade of pink. After the mission is complete and the boss is repelled, all magical presence in the outfits and all doll forms would disperse, however the outfit themselves will not.

    Weak: Mary the Marionette x3: These dolls have little control over their body. Their heads hang and their limbs appear lanky and unmoving, however they float in the air. They use a telekensis magic and can throw objects around dealing basic bits of damage on impact to normal people. As a doll, this damage equals out to C rank spell damage. They only take 3 hits to knock them out.

    Normal: Imperfect toy x2: These are dolls slightly small than your form, standing at 2 feet tall. They're plush toys with glowing blue eyes. They plead for your help as their bodies attack you. They are imperfect as they retain their own thoughts, however they cannot control themselves. They wield special wands that can damage doll forms with B rank spell damage and they take 10 hits to knock out, or 3 if any normal human sized person hits them. Upon the end of this mission, these trapped voices will reappear as normal humans again.

    Strong: Brainwashed Doll x1: This is one doll whom mirrors your own size. They appear to be a normal person like yourself, however they serve their master whom they will follow their orders to capture more for him. Unlike the other dolls, these dolls cannot return to their own bodies after the mission is over. These dolls have mastered their bodily limits and can fight bare fisted enough to deal A rank spell damage with each hit. Once per post, the doll can empower their first punch or kick to double their damage. This kind of doll is reinforced with their porcelain and can take up to 16 hits to knock out, or 6 if any normal person can hit them.

    Boss: Master Puppeteer: This man appears only under certain conditions in certain outfits. The required outfits can only be found after currently wearing one other that belongs to the shop. Once the Princess outfit is worn, the one wearing it is teleported into the back room of the shop. They will be bound by ropes around their torso and inside of a workshop of sorts in front of the boss. When the Prince outfit is worn, both the boss and wearer of the former outfit is teleported back together before the "Prince". The puppeteer can call forward one Strong and Normal enemy per post and takes 30 hits by a doll to knock out, but only 10 by a human like person. Once he's been beaten, the puppeteer will vanish through a portal. He possesses dark variations of every type of magic in a gauntlet around his right hand and wrist. The element will glow its appropriate color, however the spell itself will be black and corrupted.

    Must wear the "Princess" and "Prince" outfits in order to summon him.

    Reward: All outfits worn will become sized to your normal appearance, but you can choose not to take them. A rank exp and 70,000 jewels.

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    It had an a rather relaxing afternoon for the summoner mage. Nothing was attacking Hargeon, matters on Pandora were running smoothly, there were no usual dramatic events that would of made a decent soap opera, and nothing super terrifying was causing problems that needed her services as a Lamia Scale monster hunter. The peaceful day was a rarity indeed since normally none of those came all at once. Samira was taking the day getting to know some of the guild members and assisting them when necessary if they had any questions or concerns. That was when she heard about a mysterious job that had been posted on the board, a job that some of the members had taken but never completed. In fact, they had disappeared entirely, at least the female ones. The men had returned to tell the story and get help with locating their job partners and friends.

    Upon further inquiry, Samira had found out the job was regarding to locate others that had gone missing in the first place. She had to give them all a scolding for not looking at all the details, specifically the one where females were the ones to always disappear, but afterwards she had calmed them down by saying she would look into it herself. While she was a woman herself and a likely target for whatever source was taking them, she was one of the strongest members of the guild. The ones that were taken were weaker, being barely above entry level mages. Surely she wouldn't have any trouble at all dealing with whoever was behind the incidents.

    To the town of Rose Garden she went. The advice of her spirits to avoid the issue altogether went ignored. Their concerns were that barely anything was known about what was going on and who was behind it. There was nothing but a cold trail from previous investigations. Her response was that Lamia Scale guild members were involved, and that it was her responsibility to check it out. There was a guild in the town itself that could have handled the problem just as easily, but she didn't feel like waiting for them and their results. For all she knew, members of that guild were also warned to not look into the matter until more concrete information was obtained.

    Samira passed through the streets of Rose Garden quietly and barely paid any attention to the random people that walked past her. She had visited the town a couple of times before back when she was a rookie mage so the place wasn't really anything new. What she was looking for though, was. Some sort of condemned building. She didn't think one even existed in the town. The sky was beginning to darken, indicating that it was late during the day and the transition to night was being made. Perhaps things would become more obvious once it was dark. It was natural for disappearances and mysterious entities to become more active at that time. So far, that was her theory. Some sort of magical entity that was taking people for whatever reason. It wasn't necessarily normal monster hunting, but it did fall into a similar category.

    Through the town she continued until it became even darker and things got more quiet as people had completed their daily business and returned to their homes. Eventually she had reached a more abandoned area of the town. She was puzzled, wondering why such an area even existed. The buildings were falling apart and even plantlife had begun to take over and overgrow as no one had kept up with the trimmings. Going further and examining the buildings as she went, her green colored gaze had found a building that matched the description of what she had been told earlier. It was some sort of shop, but what kind of shop she wasn't sure. Samira peered into the display windows but saw nothing. Only pitch black darkness. Why people ventured into a building that was falling apart and likely unused was beyond her. Surely the shop was not at all in business. Samira walked over towards the door and attempted to open the door. The knob turned but it wouldn't open. She then put both hands on the doorknob and pulled harder a few times, thinking maybe it was just sticking. Still the door wouldn't budge even an inch. Pushing it inward didn't work either.

    "Hmmm," Samira hummed to herself as she let go of the door knob and continued staring at it with a puzzled expression.

    'Great, closed for the day. Now lets do the smart thing and get out of here before something happens. Ninja girl isn't exactly around to bail you out if you get magenapped by whatever is going on.' The voice of one of her spirits sounded in her mind as it normally did. They had all been talking the entire time and making comments that she had chosen not to respond to or even acknowledge. She was there and she was going to go through with figuring out what was going on. No matter what. Samira didn't need to always be bailed out by her closest friend or anyone else. She. Could. Handle. It. The only thing that could stop her was dolls. The soulless and evil playthings that she knew were conspiring against her! Thankfully, there were no dolls around, and she was as far away from them as she could be. Or, so she had thought.

    "No, she replied to the spirit, although vocally instead of mentally. "There is probably another way inside. I just have to keep looking."

    'Whoa, isn't that considered trespassing?'
    'It seems certain individuals have had a certain bad influence on our summoner. Is trespassing really the habit you are worried about when you look at all the rest she could have picked up?'
    'That's actually a good and scary point. Let the trespassing continue!'

    "Sometimes I really wish you all would have private conversations instead of pretending I am not listening." Samira said with a sigh and turned around so her back was facing the apparently locked and bolted down door. Little did she know that another would be joining her for the little haunted shop adventure.

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    Re: The Haunted Shop (Aoi, Job, Private)

    Post by Aoi on 12th February 2018, 11:16 am


    Impatient, passing glances toward the quest board made her start to feel a little more uneasy the more she glared at it. The want to go on a job for the guild was on her mind a lot, something to throw away from her normal routine of just sipping tea and gazing over the crowd of patrons like a tiny security guard. Though it all doubled at Akita's complaining, it simmered a little each day when she got pets, hugs, and brushing from the mermaids. Something a little more casual and to the doll herself, it was very different. However, since Sakura was able to feel things when Akita was physically present, she enjoyed the feeling. It was nostalgic, almost a little too emotional at times, but she was the secondary personality in that form, so it was never projected past the Yokai's subconscious. That only made it easier to keep things emotionally controlled, having an outlet and not affecting those around them.

    "Hey, did you hear about that haunted shop?"
    "Oh my gosh, don't tell me that again! I got the creepy crawlies just remembering that job posting..."

    Looking down from the boards to the overheard chatter at a table nearby, Sakura took her cup of tea and sipped on it.

    "Besides, like all the girls that go never come back. I'm a tough cookie, but I am NOT going anywhere near that."
    "Haha! I'm sure you girls get all caught up in the dolls around there and just forget where you're at then go shopping. I've been in that place. Ain't nothin more than some abandoned hobby shop for doll collectors."
    "Mhm... Sure, macho man. And I bet you want to buy my next round of drinks while you tell me all about you 'went through the spooky shop all by yourself and survived'~. Save yourself the trouble, loser."

    The internal laughing of the wolf girl made it a little difficult for Sakura to keep a neutral facial expression. Though she did agree with how funny the way the conversation turned out, her mind settled on something...There was something about the details she overheard that made her want to go herself. "Awww~ Wanna pick up a couple new outfits, lolita? Haha, I'm kidding, don't get bent outta shape. Buuuut, you're gonna tell me what the big deal is, right?" The spirit asked, curious by what was bothering her host, but not so much that she'd go out of her way to delve into her mind. "It's.. nothing." She whispered in reply, watching the pair of mages before she had looked away. More whispering went on, most of which she couldn't hear any of while her attention was diverted from the pair before.

    A sudden, loud crinkle of paper in her face made the doll jump in her seat, nearly dropping her cup of tea. "You seem capable of something like this. Scouting new girls to kidnap, doll?" His raspy voice and insinuations quieted the whole bar. Quietly, Sakura stared and remained still, refusing to answer him or even to make a facial expression to show she either understood or mocked him. His anger boiled quickly, grabbing her up and holding her by the neck in the air, "You gonna say something? Or am I right and you're just some little evil liar!? I'll shatter your body if you don't speak, you little freak!" His threat didn't phase her, her eyes just overlooking the silent crowd, wondering if anyone was going to step up to stop it or if she had to herself... not that there was an issue if she did.

    Nothing kept her from speaking, as her body wasn't restricted like any other normal human body. However, she felt like she had no words to speak, but on the other side of the consciousness an overly angered wolf was growling like a feral beast. "Kick his ass! Or at least let me do it!" Akita shouted, making Sakura finally break her silence with a sigh. "I could be sarcastic and say I've been caught. Though, I think you're assuming too much here... I have been in this body for well over a year. If that were the case, why would this be happening just recently?" Trying to use common sense, it occurred to her with all of the shows she used to watch how much of a deeper hole she dug herself. Then suddenly, she began to wonder something. Her face showed a face with a mind in the works of gears grinding. "Put me down and give me that paper, please." She tried not to order, but sounded in a very business oriented fashion.

    The stranger mage had set her down and handed her the paper, curious by what she'd do with it. Her eyes began to scan down the request paper until it settled onto something. Her eyes widened at the shock of what she'd found in the location. Not so much that it was a local job, but the address hit her like a car wrapping around a tree at 60 mph. The little blonde girls eyes narrowed, showing obvious anger and aggravation. "Excuse me... I have personal business to attend to... Move." Sakura hopped down from the stool onto the ground, walking out from the silent bar. Nobody had ever expected her to turn around like that personality wise, but being mission oriented on a personal level made her angered beyond belief. "You ok kid? Do you need-" "I need you to quiet down and let me do this. No sudden body changes, no telling me what to do. Just leave me to do this alone." Stunned, the Yokai just remained quiet, unsure of whether to feel angered, offended, or proud.

    Her steps were as hurried as the ball joints could allow her to move, which honestly was quite a pretty good and fluid in motion. She knew the way by heart, which both frightened her, but made things much better. She knew someone else would be here, but she wanted to make sure she arrived before they would go in. There wasn't going to be another loss while she was aware of this situation, and she demanded answers. The doll was on business, and she was no more serious than ever before. Stopping, she saw a taller woman by the shop, bolted shut. Her longer green hair looked very nice, and her bodily shape made her rather envious of a real body, but in this case she was probably the lucky one today. "I take it you're here for the mission?" She asked, looking at the woman from just a couple feet away.

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