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    Information ✧ CRYSTAL SWAN GUIDE ✧

    Post by Crystal Swan on 6th February 2018, 10:21 pm

    Crystal Swan is a legal guild that embraces peace and nature's blessings in order to travel the world and defend it from the evils that threaten it while experiencing its beauty. They are a very beautiful group of individuals in the sense of their actions, as they wish to protect all of Earthland from those that try to destroy it by corrupt means as well as those that try to destroy nature. They stand for many different things, but they all seep down to protecting the innocent and those that stand for good from the evil and corruption of those in the darker path of life, along with experiencing adventure and exploration. In many ways, they are a nomadic guild, which is very rare. This can be seen in their guild's location, being on a giant flying ship that is constantly moving. The guild has many different goals, big and small, but encourages members to have their own ambitions, values, morals, and interests. The guild promotes the freedom of its members.


    Exploring and Finding New Lands: One of the more prominent goals of Crystal Swan, they wish to explore the world and find beautiful and unknown areas that have not been explored before. They adore the world and its natural aspects as well as those that are made by man, as they are travelers and explorers at heart. Like the ship, everyone in Crystal Swan is constantly moving around Earthland to accomplish this goal, along with doing other things that pertain to their lives.

    Artistry: Being ones to adore man-made and natural works of nature, some members of Crystal Swan have taken a liking to nearly all forms of artistry one could think of. From doing things such as performance arts, paintings, and even using one's magic as an art-form, it is greatly encouraged for Crystal Swan members to embrace their inner artist and showcase their talents to others. This is something that attracts performers and artists to this guild.

    Protecting the Good World: Like most legal guilds, they vow to protect those that stand for the good in the world. They wish to save the world from the darkness that resides in it, and want to rid the world from darkness. This can be seen as nearly impossible task, but they wish to make it possible in their efforts. They want to rid the world of corruption, while bringing joy to those that need it.

    Experience Joy and Peace: Something also greatly encouraged by Crystal Swan to its members is to experience joy and peace, as long as it helps their lives in a positive way. This can be seen by the members of this guild being there for each-other and carrying out missions to save Earthland, as Crystal Swan is seen as more than just a group of guild members. They should be there for each-other to the best of their ability, assisting each-other as they assist those around them as well.

    ✧ GUILD MARK ✧

    ✧ The appearance of the guildmark is as simple as it is intricate, and can consist of up to four different colors in which the one bearing the mark wishes them to appear as. However, if they wish for the mark to have one solid color for all of the sections, they can choose for it to appear that way as well. The guildmark consists of four different parts, all forming together to form what appears to be a swan with crystal wings. In addition to this, as the guild hall is located on a ship which is constantly moving, it has a special ability that not many more guild marks have; teleportation. Upon channeling one's magical power through their guild mark, they are capable of instantly teleporting to the guild hall along with one's belongings and other things at any time they would wish to do so. When one teleports with this, they would appear in the blink of an eye in the main corridor of the guild hall upon Crystalli, it also allows them to teleport from the guild hall to the nearest settlement.


    ✧ Friendly ✧
    Black Rose
    Fairy Tail
    Lamia Scale
    Silver Wolf
    Onyx Moon

    ✧ Enemies ✧
    Basilisk Fang


    Guild introduction threads are encouraged, but not required. If joining, one has a variety of different ways and locations in which they can join, such as getting upon the ship or perhaps a recruitment via guild member on a private job or social. The way one can do this is endless and up to them, as this guild encourages creativity. With the ship, keep in mind that the ship travels the world extremely frequently, landing in bodies of water and forming into its "flat city version" which essentially appears to be a town just like a normal town. This is where your character can board the ship and perhaps join it, as you can write that the ship came to the town that they are from, a town they traveled to, etc. The route of the ship is public and announced in places, therefore your character could learn about where the ship was headed / is landing in this form. Also, if the character is capable of flight they could just simply land on it, as the possibilities are endless. If one has any questions about introductions, they can ask them in the discord! If you wish to have a link to it, you can PM Lester Drynedi or any other member of the guild on-site or on discord.


    ✧ How do I get onto the ship?
    If you have the guild mark you may teleport up at any time, however otherwise during flight the ship is closed off completely to those who aren't guild members with a protective field. When the guild ship lands in a city or town it will open its gates to all people and you are welcome to board or depart.

    ✧ Do I need to make an intro thread?
    No! Whilst it is encouraged to get to know your guild mates if you do not wish to have a formal intro you can skip that, we do encourage newer members to interact with older members so I would suggest an open thread, intro, or asking your guildmates to do a job with you!

    ✧ How do I become an ace or guildmaster?
    The guildmaster rarely changes, if the Gm changes then it will be decided who takes over but it will likely be a senior member such as an ace. As for becoming an ace there are a few things to keep in mind! First off take initiative, help members, take part in the guild, initiate plot within and without the guild. Plot with your guild mates and have fun! You don't have to be constantly making suggestions or jobs (whilst they are welcomed) its important that the community has fun. Last off its good to state interest to the gm but don't be pushy, ace is both ooc and ic there isn't any rhythm, rhyme or sure path!

    ✧ Im a member of another guild but I want to plot with Cs
    Thats great! We really want to start plotting with members outside of the guild, a guild plot doesn't just have to be between two guilds so even if you're just a member feel free to give Lester a message so we can figure something fun our for both of us! Whats the use of being a guild master if nothing is ever done with the guild?

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