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    Imperius's Bank


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    Imperius's Bank Empty Imperius's Bank

    Post by blackbolt 18th March 2013, 1:51 pm

    [b]Name: Dark Star Armor
    Type:d class Armor
    Description: The armor is light it has matching leg armor as in the picture shown it is design to have optimal defense without losing speed and flexibility. The armor made of a lite weight magic enhanced spider silk that makes it as 10 tougher than steel as steel and is 1/4in thick with various lite titanium based alloy armor plating as well as impact absorbing padding between the layers of silk and plating to help with impact resistance the armor weighs about 20 pounds total. The lion on his chest represents his fierceness in battle His strength and determination to his guild and the true strength of his heart.
    -Does not Limit Speed,reflexes, and flexibility due to being light weight
    -Protects full body
    -it protects against slashing, and reduce piercing attack back half
    -protects better against energy based spells
    -Due to being thin is vulnerable to acid attacks.
    -Does not protect against blunt damage as heavy armor would.
    -is weaker against melee based spells
    -due being thing physical blows is able to push
    Imperius's Bank Th?id=H.4552464406743150&pid=15

    b]Name: Solaris
    Type: Sword,Gun
    Rank D:
    Description: A white Blade with a black handle and red lacrima around parts of the handle of the weapon. Solaris is able to change forms when it attacks meaning if it uses a sword attack it stays that way until i use the gun mode for an attack in a later post. In sword mode the blade is 3 feet. In gun mode considered more of a rifle and is not able to fire in rapid burst. it can take 1 c ranked attack before the transformation mode is disabled and 2 c rank weapon to destroy the weapon
    -transformation increases versatility of the weapon.
    -gun mode can block bladed weapons.
    -lite weight it has fast attacks in both modes.
    -gun mode as high accuracy good for sniping.
    -sword is good at stabbing and slicing.

    -in sword form it is not a very long only about the blade is about 3feet
    -in gun mode it has no rapid shooting ability.
    -weapon can break if struck between transformations
    - at least 2 seconds between shots in gun mode.
    -no rapid transformations ability as the weapon can only be changed once per post.

    Abilities:Shot Slash Combo Imperius shots 5 shots as he dashes towards his opponents then when he is within range the changes to sword mode for another 4 fast slices at close range followed by a spin kick to the opponents midsection to send the opponents back a few feet away from him
    - combo increase with with hits
    -can damage d rank armor
    - very quick combo that flows from one attack into another nicely
    - the shots can be avoided as he loses accuracy as he runs shootings
    - the final blast of light is weaker aginst light mages
    - possible to counter if any of the slashes miss

    Duration: 3 post
    cooldown:2 post



    Imperius Rex Entrance's Theme:

    Imperius Rex's battle Theme:

    The different Sides of Imperius:
    Imperius's Bank Th?id=H.4696612124624041&pid=15

    Imperius's light absorption power:
    Imperius's Bank Th?id=H.4981037643202948&pid=15

    Imperius Rex Demonic Transformation:
    Imperius's Bank Th?id=H.4967495667549039&pid=15

    Imperius Rex's Demonic Transformation Battle Theme:

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