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    Cattle Hunting (Meeting up)


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    Completed Cattle Hunting (Meeting up)

    Post by Oykai on 30th January 2018, 5:51 pm

    It was strange a lot had happened since their had apparently been a mass exodus from the guild she and Aguya had once been forced to call home due to the one she served, to this day when she asked why he had taken her from Terra Ignis all she was met with was; 'You had potential that was being wasted there.' it was less than a satisfactory answer but it was what she had to put up with as she knew she couldn't exactly push the matter. The one thing that had caught her off guard was that she had seen Feitan on the island near the new castle, finding herself wondering if he to had left or if he was sent to eliminate those who betrayed. She couldn't exactly be blamed for leaving, she had been asleep when everything had happened but then she had made no effort to return; in fact she had allowed for her mark to be removed and their new homes mark placed in its absence.

    Everyone who now called Black Sails their guild seemed far happier and more at ease than they had been within their former guild, the weather was far more pleasant and more to what herself and Aguya had been use to within Terra Ignis. Time had passed and she had decided to finally take on a job but made sure to leave a letter for Sol so he didn't worry or think Aguya had ran off with her... again. Instead of finding a job to do on her own she decided that she would go looking for the madman, this was to see if he would like to pick out one with her or see if he had a task to do other than perhaps killing deserters much to Aguya's objections. She knew her attendant worried a great deal especially when it came to those from the snow covered mountain and so would travel with her to keep her safe, she didn't object because that would just start another long winded argument where she'd lose and end up being made to stay home.

    They had looked around the the castle grounds, the trading companies headquarters and even the lair of Black Sails and found nothing of him. It was then they heard from some of the sailors that he had set out on a job at Ceder and had decided that if he was there it be the best place to find him and ask him about going on a task together. Taking the steps as careful as she could while running she headed for a company ship that was going towards her intended location; knowing it wouldn't be all that long before they docked as they had wind mages on board. The only problem she could foresee was trying to find him in a city she had only been in once before, even then it was only for a short time.

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    Cattle Hunting (Meeting up) 59867_s

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    Completed Re: Cattle Hunting (Meeting up)

    Post by FeitanKazeshini on 1st February 2018, 6:02 am

    Mission Details:
    Job Name: The Cattle
    Job Rank: C
    Job Requirements: 1 C rank mage or higher (Or 2 D-rank mages). Max 4 Magi. 30 posts, (5 posts must be in the sea) 250 Words Per post. (Make sure to link sea thread into Island thread). The leader of the group must have completed the quest "The Mares" The goal is to get the herd of cattle and get it back to the buyer. No herd and no rewards. (This job may only be done 1 time by a character)
    Type of job: Series
    Job Location:Start in Cedar (Until everyone involved has posted at least once there) Any Sea location (For min 5 posts), Any Island (remainder of posts)
    Job Description:
    You (or your group) have been hired by a rather wealthy man to find and obtain the greatest herd of cattle that the world has ever seen. He supplies you with a ship large enough for the job and tells you where the herd is located, and what you must do in order to reach the island where the cattle are. He also tells you of the giant who is watching them, and the rough battle that will be ahead of you. The cattle are the property of a monster who calls itself Geryon. His is a three headed giant, with four arms, and six legs. He wields swords that are taller than houses, and sharper than most. He also warns you of the beast that is the giant's sheep dog. A creature known as an Orthus. This is a twin headed hound that stands as tall as a full grown man, and is capable of some nasty tricks. He warns you about the hound's ability to breath a strange magic from both of his mouths. Once you deal with Orthus however you will have to deal with his master the three headed, four armed, six legged Giant standing at 10 meters tall Geryon. Once you best him his cattle will be yours to take and move freely.
    Normal:Beastsx5 These beasts roam the island as well as Geryon and his herd. Where there is an abundance of prey there will always be an abundance of predators. Geryon's herd is massive and breeds as such it has attracted these animals. These beasts can be whatever kind of predators that you wish them to be. From wolves, to Lions. All if for you to choose here. They are strong however and each one takes 5 C ranks to kill. (Weak Monster Die rolls count as Normal monster die rolls)
    Strong:Orthus This is the great hound that guards Geryon's herd. He stands at 9 meters tall even on all four legs. He has two heads and a viper for a tail that reaches up to two meters away from his body. He is capable of two devastating breath attacks. The first will be a base element (Fire, water, wind, earth. Up to the writers to decide) the second will be a poisonous breath. When it is inhaled the victim will suffer 1 D rank damage (Minimum of 5%) for five posts before the poison leaves the victim's system. Both of these attacks can reach up to 35 meters away and go out in a 45 degree cone. The beast will take 15 hits of C rank damage to defeat.

    Boss:Geryon This is the great cattleman. He is the one who you must steal from. He is a beast. He is the three headed, four armed, six legged Giant standing at 15 meters tall monster known as Geryon. He is covered in armor from the base of his three necks, to just above where his six legs split off. The armor doesn't cover his arms however for freedom of movement. All three of his heads are covered with helms that only allow their eyes, nose, and mouth to be shown. Two of the hands wield spartan-style shields made of stone. Two more long swords made of stone, and finally the last two wield stone spears. They attack in groups. The shield is brought up to defend while the spear strikes out to try at his targets. The swords are used when someone get's past the spear, and finally the shield will be brought to bare in order to try and get the opponent off of their feet. He is a great beast of a man and he will not go down with ease. It will take 30 hits of C rank damage in order to bring this behemoth down.

    Reward: As a reward you can choose between 10K in Jewels or you can choose to RP in you obtaining and finding one of Orthus' children and taking it home for your own. It is much like it's father in abilities, and appearance. You can fill in what is left on the template to make it your own. Either event completing this quest gives you access to "The Birds"

    Feitan sighed heavily as he shook his head standing on the dock and waiting for the damned crew of this disgusting little ship to get done. He had taken a job from a very strange source. This was nothing very strange for him after all because he was used to taking jobs from anyone, and everyone. Given his view on money and the power that it was capable of giving to him, he was perfectly happy to accept a job from anyone so long as there was money in it.

    Now that he was no longer a part of Basilisk Fang he really couldn’t afford to be picky, and so he was sure to take on as many contracts as it was possible for him to take. Still, waiting for this ship to get itself together was a bit annoying, but even so he would wait. This ship was supposed to be the tool he would use to not get to the island where these so called ‘Red Cattle’ were being held, but it was also supposed to be able to fit the entire herd back aboard so that he could bring them to his client. His client was a very fat and wealthy man, who really wanted these cows. He was willing to pay a lot of money for Feitan to sail over to the island where they were and bring them back.

    As he stood there however, he noticed that there was another ship coming into Cedar rather quickly. Looking over to it he saw a face that was very familiar to him. It was Yuisaii and she had her little shadow with her. He waved at her once and then looked to the ship gesturing to it that she should follow him. Moving onto the ship he looked around and saw that they were mostly ready to get underway, and he was ready to do much the same. Yuisaii would have a chance to climb aboard, and if she didn’t then he would leave her behind. If she decided to come with him then he would make sure she got an equal share of the profits from the mission they were about to start.



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