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    Bandage-Make Empty Bandage-Make

    Post by Guest on 29th January 2018, 7:09 pm

    Bandage-Make S1LZ7RJ

    Primary Magic: Bandage-Make
    Secondary Magic: TBA
    Caster or Holder: Holder
    Description: (Describe your magic in detail: First being a description of what the magic he/she is using, and then a second paragraph of how he/she uses it.)

    ☯️ Bandage is somewhat sentient.
    ☯️ Bandage is loyal to only Li-Ming.
    ☯️ The bandage cannot be cut through by regular means.

    ☯️ Weak against fire.
    ☯️ Unlike most make magic, all creations are attached to Li-Ming and the bandages.
    ☯️ Bandage length may be endless, but it can be easy to trip over it if it's long enough.
    ☯️ They're loyal, but the bandages still wont do things for Li-Ming if it doesn't want to.

    Blessed by the Fourth Wall

    Unique Abilities:
    ☯️ No Limit Imagination: Like all make magic, bandage-make creations are not just limited to the listed spells. Users of this magic can make anything as long as they can think of it, for either combat use or just every day things. Ladders, snakes, food, even other people. It is very hard to recreate something entirely, however, therefore everything she makes will still take the appearance as if they were made out of bandages, and food will not taste or smell like the real thing. Cannot be used in PvP.

    ☯️ Endless Void: Within these bandages holds an actual endless pocket dimension, a dimension so wide and huge that it could swallow up entire galaxies and still not be filled. With this, anything Li-Ming's bandages swallows gets sent there for storage, until she once again needs it, to which she can summon it out any time she wants.

    ☯️ Long Reach: The bandage is endless in length. No matter how long she makes it, it will never run out, making it useful for being an entire separate limb of it's own. Because of this her reach is incredible, being able to enter the next rank's max range. This can only be used for the bandages, and other things Li-Ming has such as weapons, armors, and items do not gain anything from this ability unless for some reason they are being wielded by the bandage.

    ☯️ Wrap Restrain: Li-Ming can use her bandage to restrain people from moving. Whether it's a full body wrap, or just a simple one limb wrap, wrapping the bandages around people of equal or lower rank completely paralyzes them. For one rank higher this is a simple speed reduction of 50%, two ranks higher 25%, and three ranks above and higher are not effected.

    ☯️ Camouflage Cover: Allowing the bandage to cover over her body Li-Ming can seemingly melt into her surroundings in what could be called camouflage. She is completely tangible like this as well as give off sound if she is not careful enough, but to all they will not be able to see her. People of higher rank may be able to sense her still, however, as well as people with better eyesight could probably see the subtle movement.

    Bandage-Make Heal:
    Name: Bandage-Make Heal
    Rank: D
    Type: Healing
    Duration: n/a
    Cooldown: n/a
    The bandage unravels from Li-Ming's arm and light wraps around a wounded area of a nearby ally, healing for D-rank damage and sealing up deep wounds/soaking up liquids.

    ☯️ Heals quickly.

    ☯️ Only heals one amount.
    ☯️ Most spells can damage faster than this can heal.

    Bandage-Make Protection:
    Name: Bandage-Make Protection
    Rank: Player rank (up to S)
    Type: Defensive
    Duration: n/a
    Cooldown: n/a
    The bandage hardens itself, attaining the proprieties of what could easily be described as metal. However it's used, it protects against one hit of the player's rank. (up to S)

    ☯️ Can protect in multiple ways.

    ☯️ Only protects against one hit.
    ☯️ Not actually metal.

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