Two Zodiacs Meet, Gemini and Scorpio?

    Nimue Blackwood

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    Two Zodiacs Meet, Gemini and Scorpio?

    Post by Nimue Blackwood on 21st January 2018, 7:59 pm

    The blind man sighed as he sat down on the park bench. He reflected on Megalos's words, about making more friends before their wedding. How was he supposed to make friends? He was an assassin, and one who couldn't get along well with most people at that. It was less than a month till the day Megalos had specified for their wedding. He didn't know what to do. He had nobody he could even call an aquaintance, except maybe Kaori.

    He was tempted to pull out his celestial keys and ask Lyra for advice. She was good at these kind of things. Or Tora, he was a popular spirit from what he could tell? Would they be able to help him? He really did need to start socializing more. If he didn't, he couldn't really invite anybody to his wedding... and he wanted a big wedding that would make Megalos happy and show off their marriage to as many people as possible. Debating momentarily, he pulled out Lyra's key. "Servant of Darkness and Nightmares. Open, gate of the harp, Lyra!" He commanded, the familiar ring of shadows followed by Lyra herself appearing.



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