Plushies, Sweets, and Strange New Friends? (Private)


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    Plushies, Sweets, and Strange New Friends? (Private)

    Post by Unknown on 21st January 2018, 7:23 pm

    Ah, Rose Garden. A city known for shopping, elegant restaurants, and famtastic entertainment. A busy place, one Unknown would usually avoid. However, today he was here because he had wanted to see what sweets the city had to offer. As he thought, the crowds were large, but Unknown did his best to ignore it. After all, he had come all the way here from his home in Oak Town. Looking around, he spotted his first stop: a sweet shop.

    The shop wasn't as busy as it was outside, luckily. The choices for sweets were pretty overwhelming though. What should he try first? Some ice cream perhaps? Or maybe a cinnamon roll? It was too much to try and decide! At least, until something caught his eye. Out of the corner of his eye, the boy spotted a strawberry macaron- strawberry sweets were his favorite. Making up his mind, he bought some of the sweets, as well as a few other things to try. They looked delicious! Exiting the shop, he sat down on a bench outside and opened the box. Might as well try one of the sweets, right?


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