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    To starlux and beyond

    Aura Sparks
    Aura Sparks

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    To starlux and beyond Empty To starlux and beyond

    Post by Aura Sparks 20th January 2018, 6:39 pm

    Aura was napping at her house and was enjoying it. Her dream was visualizing a day when her parents were alive. She was trying to savor every moment of it in her sleep. They were on a prairie and she was 4. Her mother was wearing a straw hat with a flower on her ear. She was wearing a sundress and Aura kept hearing her mother's laugh. She thought her laugh was so beautiful. Her father had glasses and was wearing cargo shorts with a polo shirt. He was smiling and picking up Aura. She remembered that his smile was his best quality. Her one-year-old brother was dancing around them with so much joy and happiness. He was wearing a bee onesie and was jumping up and down while going around them. Little Aura had pigtails with green ribbons attached to them. She was grabbing her old torn up bear that had the talismans she was given. Everything seemed perfect until there was a loud boom. Everyone screamed but were completely frozen. The fire was spreading across the field, but yet no one was moving. Aura was locked into her parent's arm. The beautiful flowers that were there were becoming black and burnt up. Aura kept screaming, but she couldn't move at all. She finally gets out of her dad's arms. The bear is then on the ground as the talismans replace it. She looked back and waited for the fire to be over. She was hoping it would stop and think they would move and stop screaming. She wanted to move but didn't want to leave them again. She wanted to join them but then turned away from them and ran like there was no tomorrow. Tears ran down her face and she then becomes lucid. She wakes up with tears rolling down her eyes but wipes them away. She then picks up her phone and reads something about getting a passport at the Rose Gardens. She then begins to get changed. She then hears a voice coming from Melori's talisman and asks her "Aura did you have another dream about your parents?" She then replies back with a wavering voice "Yes, I couldn't do anything. They died right in front of me. They're screams kept ringing in my ears and I couldn't escape from them." She then leaves the building and doesn't reply to anything else.

    She gets to the little area but sees there is a huge line. Aria then says happily "So many people. Look at all the pretty flowers too. I bet there are butterflies here. Hehe." Aura then nods in agreeance. She breathes in the air very deeply and says lets get ready to wait. She meets a very interesting person in front of her. It was a redheaded girl who she thought was cute. It looked like they had a guild mark but it wasn't any of the older guilds. As the redhead turns around she sees Aura staring at her guild mark and says "This isn't a guild mark if you're wondering. It's just this cool design I created." Aura seems to be speechless because of how beautiful this girl is. She walks away with a awkward look and goes to the desk. Aura then gets out a piece of paper and puts her number on it before the mysterious girl leaves. The girl then gets her picture taken and leaves the line. Right as she does Aura gives the girl the piece of paper. Aura then goes up to the front desk and registers for a passport. As she is taking a picture for the passport she sees the redhead open the piece of paper and then throw it away. There is a flash of light and the picture of Aura comes out with a frown.


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