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    Run like you mean it! [Izayuki]


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    Run like you mean it! [Izayuki] Empty Run like you mean it! [Izayuki]

    Post by Ravus on Sat 20 Jan - 2:05

    "This has got to have been the worst idea ever!" Ravus yelled to himself as his feet sprinted down the path. Behind him was a large crown of people, all wearing torn up rags, shoeless, and obviously bruised and beaten. These were prisoners he had just recently broken free. He'd been tracking a guild of slavers for the past few weeks now, and broke out the prisoners they'd been planning to sell right before they had reached their destination... But he didn't really think of a plan beyond that. Behind the crowd he was leading was an almost as big group of armed thugs chasing after them! Some of which were wizards! "Do you even have any idea where we're going?!" One man yelled to Ravus as they ran. He gave a nervous chuckle. "None!" He said. The prisoner shook his head. "Those thugs brought us here through the river! We could hijack their ships to make our escape!" Of course, hearing this Ravus couldn't help but feel his stomach tighten. He would've like to avoid such a measure, seeing as his motion sickness would almost certainly block his usefulness. But right now he didn't really see an alternative strategy!

    "A- Alright! Sounds good! You lead the way! I'll make sure these guys have a hard time following you!" He said to the man. He nodded in return and Ravus skidded to a halt as the group of prisoners parted around him. He unsheathed Venom Fang, and smirked seeing the incoming group of bandits...

    A few minutes later Ravus burst through the tree line sprinting as fast as he could towards the river as the last of the liberated prisoners just got on the boats. He looked worried. "AHH! LET'S GO! CMON!" He yelled just as the bandits came out of the woods closely behind him.

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