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    Coming home - Open

    Godlike Frederik
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    Coming home - Open

    Post by Godlike Frederik on 17th January 2018, 7:46 am

    The landscape surrounding the dark guild known as Savage Skull were as quiet as always. An endless marsh that seemed to stretch all the way to the horizon and beyond, with only small groups of trees popping up as islands in the sea. Not a sound was to be heard, not a single rustle of the trees, nor a bird. Nothing but silence. In it’s own way this macabre marsh was rather serene, with nothing to disturb the eerie atmosphere.
    There was only one oddity in the entire swamp, a lonesome grey building stood tall and blemished the skyline. At first glance, a building long forgotten from a time unknown, yet for those that knew the stories of the Foul Marshes, they understood what that building really was. Namely the home of the darkest of mages in Fiore, Savage Skull.
    Now in front of that building a small portal appeared, which looked like a fracture in reality itself. Like paper that got torn apart so would a fraction of the scenery do as well, revealing an entirely different area inside of it.

    The first to emerge from the strange occurrence was Dahau. Dahau was a military type of a man, not necessarily a stern one, but judging by his appearance one that enjoyed the prestige that came with the status. Following the man was his entourage, a group of veteran Savage soldiers, who were clad equally but less flamboyant as Dahau. Most of them had their faces hidden behind an helmet with a skull shaped visor. Dahau and these men would call the grey and macabre looking building in front of them home, however following the group was yet another person. Emerging as last from the portal was a rather strange looking girl, pale as porcelain with raven black hair. Maybe a tad too skinny. She was about to become the newest addition to the dark guild Savage Skull.

    As the group approached the large entrance, two of the soldiers accompanying Dahau dispatched themselves from the group and walked ahead. With a scraping sound the two soldiers pushed open the wooden doors and stood by while the rest of the party walked past them.
    As the surprisingly huge yet grim looking hall opened up to Dahau, he would turn around towards Kasumi. Spread out one of his arms towards the emptiness and say ‘’Kasumi, welcome to your new home’’


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    Re: Coming home - Open

    Post by Kasumi on 20th January 2018, 11:36 am

    Seminares walked through the fissure in the fabric of space, into a different landscape. The area around them was a swamp, as far as the eyes could reach. Mist covered the ground like patches of silk. Underneath it was a mirror of black water broken by patches of vegetation or small islands. In the distance stood a stone building, in the fog. The building was old and Seminares didn't know what it was built for.
    Seminares stood there, in front of her stood the group that took of her. A sinister looking company of warriors, though beneath there helmets and mask they kind to her. Unlike for those that wish her harm, which made her think back to what had happened. She had been hunted down by villagers and Dahau, the leader of the group, had saved her. Taken care of her and accepted her for what she had become. A bloodthirsty monster. She didn't want to kill for food, but she couldn't control herself which was why she was hunted in the first place. Dahau told her to accepts herself and simple feed, it was her nature now.
    She had been scared and hungry and clothed in rags for as long as she could remember. But now, in this company, she didn't feel scared any longer, her hunger was controllable and she wore now a black and crimson dress trimmed with fur. She kept her hair long, which fell to the ground like a cloak. "This is home?" She asked Dahau, there was doubt in her voice. Not that she was disappointed by what she was looking at, which most people would be, but because she stood in front something she could name home. She walked through the open doors, letting her hand slide over one of the doors.

    OOC: Kasumi is her true name but she has forgotten it and now goes about with the name Seminares, Frederik should mention Seminares.



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    Re: Coming home - Open

    Post by Smrt on 10th February 2018, 2:09 am

    Out of almost nowhere, like he just teleported or came out of thin air, appeared a gigantic muscular white-haired figure. With a smile on his face and a red coat hanging like a cape, Smrt came out of the wall that was nearest to the door.
    "And how else would you call it, but home?" Smrt said half mockingly to the vampire girl. His eyes darted up and down the girl, just quickly trying to see what interesting stuff he can get just from looking.

    As Dahau entered Smrt bowed his head, in respect he held for his mentor. The smile persisted on his face as he spoke to him.
    "Master. I see you have found one more lost soul. I do not want to question your judgment, but you know I value strength. So is she strong enough?" his eyes widened as did his smile. HIs fist clenched and his back straightened. There was pure excitement in his being. "Can I test her?"

    Not waiting for the answer Smrt again faced Seminaris.
    "Well it does not matter right now. What does matter is this."
    Smrt started twirling and shouting. Pointing at people periodically through his speech. He waived his massive hands as some of the other guild mates were evading them.
    "Welcome to Savage Skull. A place where the worst of the worst and best of the best, myself included, come to relax and socialize. A place that accepts all, if they are strong enough, and allows them to call it home. I am Smrt, and where do you want to be marked."
    As he finished the speech he stuck out his tongue out, show his guild mark burned into it.



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    Re: Coming home - Open

    Post by Fluffy on 17th February 2018, 11:21 pm

    Sorry I'm late XD

    She was still incredibly weakened these day's, often staying in the very same spot within the entry hall, the location where she had reappeared after the demise of Fluffy and taken her place at the helm of the guild again. Nyx sometimes wondered how remaining in charge had been so easy, why Dahau believed her without question, the concept of him somehow knowing she was supposed to be their master becoming confusing to her, as she could conceive no way he had known, but kept the question to herself. The man who had become much of a mystery to her was reliable, and that was all that mattered in her current state, unable to leave the guild herself until she spent more time resting, recovering from the strength it had taken to ensure the safety of her guild.

    As the wooden doors pushed open she saw his arm extend and heard the welcome of someone he had brought into the guild. People being brought in as lost souls of sorts? Was not all that unusual, even she herself had technically been the same case, though the man who brought her now presided over another guild made up of mostly his other worshippers while she willfully stayed to take care of Savage Skull as she had promised to do when becoming its master. Nyx slowly 'walked' over to the group with her spiritual body, very aware the new member could likely not see her due to how weakened she had become when creating the fissure between realms and reality the guild now lived within.

    It was clear to see someone important was in the room, the lower ranking members of the guild bowed, talking hushed to mere whispers in waves as if someone was passing them. However, nothing would be there for the optics of the vampire, not yet. Nyx was too weak to frequently materialize enough to be visible to someone who didn't bear the mark of Savage Skull, and since she had her second in commands to watch over things, she didn't materialize unless she had to, didn't waste energy she needed to regain in the first place. "I'll mark her once she's detailed it." the ghost smiled slightly, reaching out almost as if she was touching the newcomer, brown eyes carefully paying attention to every detail. "That way I'm right in front of her when she gains the ability to see me." while those outside the guild had trouble viewing her in this weakened condition, once she marked someone they were pretty much capable of seeing her unless she hid purposefully or had entirely vanished to regenerate faster, the later most often being the case.

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