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    Of Slavers and Sharks (Job/Solo)

    Chili Thompson

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    Of Slavers and Sharks (Job/Solo)

    Post by Chili Thompson on 12th January 2018, 11:26 pm

    "Well good job on getting us into this situation... Though I'm you so good job on getting you into this mess!" The voice in Chili's head began lecturing as the slavers finished bending off the steel cable tightly around Chili's ankles, firmly securing his legs and finally attaching him to the cannon with the large player like tools. Whatever it was he couldn't break it. The knot would be easy to unbend if he could get ahold of it through. His wrists were bound tightly around his back and they were multi-wrapped, disabling him from being able to make his signs to enter a mode. "What can I say, they started the brawl all I did was ask if they were, in fact, the slavers that had been doing business in Hargeon." Chili calmy said back mentally as he waited for the inevitable push of the heavy object followed by his plummet into the ocean below that was lapping at the ship's hull. They were getting farther and farther from Hargeon. The traders were taking a new batch of slaves from Fiore to where ever the hell it was they were headed. Minus him of course. Before any action was made Captain Scarlett herself decided to make an appearance to address him herself. "So you thought you could stop me. For a mage, you really don't seem all that strong."
    Chili gave her a shrug with his left shoulder giving her a sideways glance in the same direction with lazy looking eyes as he gave her a small grin. He couldn't really argue if it wasn't for his healing factor his recklessness would have killed him long ago. Her men had outnumbered him from the start, though he should have guessed that more than the ten he had confirmed as slavers would have been inhabiting the joint he had come across them in. It had been the third one on his list of places to check out and the only one to yield any results. Then things went south real fast. Now here he was.
    "No final words lad? Very well then push the cannon overboard and let him go with it to the Locker!" Scarlet ordered loudly.

    Her men carried out the order with haste. Pushing the cannon slowly toward the gap in the railing. "Well, any ideas?" The voice asked sighing. Chili remained mentally silent, he was coming up with something. Though he was unsure if it would work. He didn't have time to really come with another one as the two slaver sailors finally got the wheeless cannon over the edge and then they let gravity take hold of it. The iron mass of destruction went diving straight down into the water. He went along with it. Within seconds he was under water being dragged deeper as the time ticked by. "Well now because of your direct approach you're gonna drown." The voice pointed out lamely.
    The steel cable was definitely made to resist immense strain so he was stonewalled on that front. Not bothering to argue with the voice and instead do some kind of direct action again based on his one other plan. Chili started to rotate his arms upward from behind. When he got to the point where he could no longer move them he took a moment to focus himself and quickly dislocated one shoulder and then the other. Rotating them father back, Chili hit a snag again and had to repeat the process. He wasn't sure how far he had sunk yet, however, he was sure that three thousand pounds of metal sank relatively quickly. It only had been fifteen seconds since he broke the surface. He had to be about a hundred and fifty meters already and the pressure that was trying to crush him was only increasing. "My arms are still bound but now they are rotated back in front of me at least and my healing factor should pull my shoulders back into their sockets momentarily." Chili thought to himself as he already was able to feel the slow tug as his tendons and muscles pulled his shoulders back into place.  He narrowed his eyes slightly at the slow aching pain, however, that was his only reaction as he bent over. He began to bend the cable that currently held his feet together off. He worked his legs loose and was happy to feel the weight of the cannon let go of him. It had been maybe thirty seconds total and Chili knew he was deep, he could feel the pressure pushing against his body. His heartbeat was slowing down and his lungs felt like someone was trying to force the air out of him. He grunted as he felt one of his ribs break and some of the others fractured.  Shaking his head Chili tried not to feel his eyes strain as the vessels in them began to ache and pop as well. He was at least three hundred meters down. It was colder down here and dark as black ink, luckily his flame was magically made. Unaffected by the water it had been illuminating the darkness around him by about four meters. So when he was finally facing level again or what he hoped was level and saw two silhouettes circling him, Chili's eyes narrowed as he became very still.
    He couldn't wait too long he only had maybe four minutes of oxygen along with the pressure crushing his body but he knew that if he started moving now whatever was circling him would grab him by his feet or worse. As he started moving in a circle himself going as slow as a snail, Chili kept his head on a pivot making sure to look in a different direction every few seconds to check and see that he wasn't caught from behind. Total he counted maybe ten, fifteen different shadows in the water.  They were below, above, and all around him. Chili started to feel his phobia of the sea kick in and bit his tongue hard to calm himself.
    "Judging from the shape I'd say they were hammerheads and I'm you so I guess that's what you probably think... Well, we." The voice started up at the worst times, but it did seem to be confirming what he was already speculating. "(Beep)ing slavers dumped me into shark territory!" Chili mentally cursed to himself or the voice whichever didn't matter. What was more concerning to him was how hostile these hammerheads were gonna be.

    That question was soon answered as one of the said hammerheads finally came close enough for his flame to illuminate it fully, it seemed to be aiming for him, attracted by his light it dashed forward trying to run into him rather than to bite him. He swayed to the side and let it pass him. If he started to swim they'd mistake him for a seal or something else that was thrashing in the water to be eaten but it seemed his flame was attracting them anyway. The creature circled back around to come at him again and when it was within arms reach of Chili is when it happened. Chili had been paying too close attention to that particular shark when it approached him again, that a shark below him went unnoticed as it gave its caudal fin a powerful whooshing sway. It came up and snagged him by his side, clenching down hard on his right hip and lower abdomen. Its saturated teeth digging into him and its powerful jaws crushed his bones slightly. Chili reacted quickly as the thing kept swimming upward as it thrashed him back and forth in its mouth. His hands were still bound and Chili was now acting with one goal, get out of the shark's mouth! His blood was in the water now too and all the other sharks that had been at a standstill were now stirring to get themselves some fresh meat.

    Chili could feel every pull the shark's teeth made as they ground against his bones. He let out a small torrent of bubbles as a pained yell tried to make its way out of his mouth only for him to clamp his mouth shut to try and save oxygen. Chili went for an eye on the things uniquely shaped head and gouged his thumb as deep into the things eyeball as he could. He was not able to do this long as another hammerhead slammed into the one that was munching on him. With the help of Chili blinding it on the side, it happens to come from. Chili was released from the creature's mouth. Bouncing against the underbelly of one of them as they began to fight each other. He was barely able to make out another shark coming to try and snag him as he became coherent after the violent shaking, managed to thrust his hands out in time to grab the thing by the front of its head as it tried desperately to get closer for a bite. Chili was stronger than the shark even if he was bound, so upon seeing another shark heading his was Chili spun the best he could in the water and slammed the shark he was holding at bay into the one that was gaining on him. Both sharks seemed to become dazed, giving Chili enough time to mount one like it was a horse. Using his legs to firmly secure himself on the hammerhead just behind its dorsal fin and grabbed hold of it.
    "You're seriously gonna try and drive a shark!?" The voice inquired sounding a little delirious.
    "What do you suggest I do, make love to it?" Chili asked back sarcastically.
    "Dude why go there?" The voice asked slightly put off by Chili's comment.
    "Cause I was hoping it would shut you up!" Chili mentally yelled back.

    He was so distracted by the voice that he almost didn't duck in time as another hammerhead came around and tried to nick him off the back of its fellow shark. Chili felt it graze him and take his blazer as it went, as soon as he was clear Chili griped the dorsal fin of the shark he sat upon and pulled up. The shark was not happy but started to swim in the direction Chili was spurring it to go. It trashed and tried to get him off its back as best it could and Chili just held tight like he was in an underwater rodeo. Chili was still bleeding and he was starting to pass out from the pressure slowing his heart to a near stop. If it wasn't for his healing factor and inhuman ability to take a beating he would have been dead by now, hell most humans couldn't go deeper than seventy-meters without the pressure crushing them... Even with his healing factor his body still should have given out. Which led to the question, how the hell was he alive? Chili was gonna have to ponder on that later right now he needed to focus on keeping this shark heading in what he hoped was upwards. It finally stopped struggling and mantained a constant speed and left the otehr sharks behind. He wasn't sure how much time past but soon he started to notice that the water was getting warmer and there were no signs of the other sharks that had been chasing him and their fintastic friend.  Though as he got closer to the surface, Chili grunted as he felt his joints start to radiate in immense pain and his skin started to itch as he got closer to the surface.
    "Dang it, I forgot about decompression sickness." Chili hastily thought as he felt his legs start to go numb though he would lose full feeling in about a minute or so as well and his head was getting foggy. He would have to fight through it when he got back to the ship if he wasn't too late that was.  The shark broke the surface maybe three minutes after Chili had hopped on its back and when it did Chili took a deep breath as he felt blood start to come out of his left eye. Closing it Chili did a quick take on his surroundings, spotting the ship not too far off ahead and to his left. Fortune was smiling on him, the ship didn't have a decent wind and was only traveling at about eight kilometers per second. Chili pulled the shark's dorsal fin in that direction. A lot more docile now the hammerhead obeyed and started after the ship.

    Once he caught up to the ship, Chili brought the shark about to the middle where a rope was hanging along the side of the massive slave vessel. Jumping off the shark Chili narrowly grabbed hold of the rope and slammed into the side of the ship with a small thud. Inching up the rope like a caterpillar, Chili made it halfway up the ship to a porthole that was on the slave level of the interior under the deck, holding himself in place with his legs and feet, Chili pried the thing open. Pulling himself inside the ship, he landed on the wooden floor roughly, face down. Before any slave or slaver could see him, he rolled behind some conveniently placed large pine wood cargo boxes that happened to be stacked to his right. With his left eye still closed, Chili finally had a moment of peace to work on getting his hands free. Dislocating his left thumb by making a fist with said thumb inside, he still struggled to pull it out, taking the skin around his wrist off along with the cable. He continued by bending the remaining cable off his right wrist. Once done Chili lightly leaned against the boxes and took a moment to breathe. Now that he was back on the ship he was gonna kill every slaver he came across but he was planning on doing it as quietly as possible. For now, though he needed to let his wounds heal and recover from the bends cause at the current moment he couldn't stand. He'd barely been able to hang on the rope long enough to pry the window open let alone fight. No now was the time to recover from his near death experience, within the next half hour he'd be ready to take the ship and when he did well he didn't know exacly what was gonna happen.

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