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    Sigurd's iLac

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    Axilmeus Steel

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    Sigurd's iLac Empty Sigurd's iLac

    Post by Axilmeus Steel on 12th January 2018, 4:25 pm

    Thank you sir, this is fine, said the blonde mage, as he exited the taxi which he had taken to the Neutral Grounds. It was just a week ago when he had seen the advertisement for the new iLac. It was supposedly a lacrima based piece of technology which was used to access information and contact others with the device. Well, in actuality, Sigurd had been able to try out a prototype of this new device when he was living under his fathers powerful and influential roof. The one complaint he had was that it was simply too big and cumbersome, but this new one could be used with one hand. He ordered the iLac through the mail, and he had just received word that his was ready for pickup. The factory was in the Neutral Grounds, which meant that he was completely safe from running into any mages. After all, the lack of ethernano led to the Neutral Grounds being a place without magic. This fact made Sigurd feel secure in his secret identity and he entered the front store confidently and calmly. A pretty young girl with pink hair tied up high in a long ponytail. She hopped over to the tall young man and greeted him with a wide smile and a bubbly voice. "Welcome to iLac Inc., are you here to pick up an order for our brand new iLac?"

    Sigurd nodded, and was swiftly grasped by the wrist and dragged over to a storeroom where sleek black boxes lined the walls. The saleswoman grabbed one with two silver stripes around the edges off one of the top shelves, having to climb up a step stool in order to reach it. After she brought down the box, she took off the lid, and displayed the shiny, rectangular stone to the customer. Sigurd took it up in his hand, and it lit up, with circular icons floating around the surface of the lacrima.

    "This is the latest model of the iLac, the iLac X. Among it's new features are an expanded display, facial recognition capabilities for various features within the phone, and a better battery," she said, "Would you like me to go over the features."

    Sigurd didn't recognize many of the icons, so he nodded, figuring a review couldn't hurt. The sales woman nodded back, and took the iLac from him, scrolling though a few of the applications. She began pointing, "This function simulates a standard lacrima operated camera. This one contains all of the information found in modern almanacs, dictionaries, and other reference materials, and is constantly updating. This one..." Sigurd began tuning out, "... and this one is a collection of recipes, with constant input from the best chefs in Fiore."

    Sigurd's eyes lit up and he snatched the device back, flipping through the pages of the application, he could see the tantalizing recipes flying by, and couldn't wait to get back and try it. In fact, he flew out the door in a rush, running back to the cafe he resided in. Forgetting to pay for the iLac. Rune Knights would show up at the tomato faced mage's door just a few minutes later to collect the fee and extra fine.

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