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    Atropa Seirenes ♟


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    Atropa Seirenes ♟

    Post by Ji-Hye on 10th January 2018, 10:51 pm

    wip as I switch computers


    Primary Magic: Atropa SeirenesNightshade Demon Slayer
    Secondary Magic: N/A
    Caster or Holder: Caster Venom Slayer
    Description: Atropa Seirenes, Atropha referring to the three fates of Greek mythology who governed death and Seirenes meaning beautiful sirens from Greek mythology who used their alluring voices and appearance to slaughter. The Atropa Seirenes is a Nightshade Demon Slayer Lacrima that came into possession of the kings unit of the Exceed government, their unit had the mission of gathering information regarding humans and setting up preventative measures against things. Understanding that slayers were important to the defensive and offensive abilities of a nation the Kings Unit implemented lacrimas into exceeds creating pawns. These would infiltrate slayer society and climb the ranks with speed. The lacrima is versatile and uses the element of venom but allows the host to consume moonlight and poisonous plants.

    This lacrima was found in an old forgotten battlefield within the Snowfall Island and it was found as nothing more than a mistake by a historian wanting to understand the reason such a battlefield was chosen to fight on so long ago. The fate of the unfortunate historian is well documented within some circles, it's likely you are not within these circles however. Regardless of wither you have heard of the historian or not a dark and somewhat poisoned history follows this broken lacrima and whomever it belongs to.

    This lacrima for all purposes doesn't act as it should do, this is due to the deep cracks found on it's otherwise polished surface. It was once deemed as a holy artifact that could remove any kind of poison or venom due to being blessed by the goddess of healing. It was said that this was her last gift of love to a world that would soon forget about her, and it was a fate which slowly began a few generations afterwards. As it did the cracks began to appear as to why this happened no one really knows the truth though it has become speculation it was due to the tears the goddess cried as she started to watch those she seen as children find new ways to harm each other. Soon this lacrima was known as a cursed lacrima as it no longer gave off its once holy aura even it's abilities seemed to have reversed as it no longer healed affliction but caused it.

    At first glance this lacrima will appear as a brilliant white that gives off a golden glow but this is nothing more than a mask that has been given to disguise what this lacrima truly is. Upon further study of this lacrima an almost an eerie aura is felt. Once picked up the truly gifted can see past the mask to it's real appearance which does little to bring any kind of relief to the one who looks at it, as they will see a broken black lacrima oozing an almost sickening blue glow from the deep cracks with an intense feeling like it seems to look deep within the one seeing its true self. Now the dark promises of power and wealth will be able to be heard, but only says it will give these gifts if used by a worthy host.

    The demon slayer part of the lacrima means that she deals double damage to Darkness, Demon, and Undead type non-human beings.
    As a slayer she can reach force by consuming that of her element which is Moonlight or Poisonous Plants.  



    Progeny of Nyx
    ♟Description: Eons ago, the eternal mother of the Night fell in love with a human. Transforming into human form, she eloped with the young mortal and lived with him until the end of his days. Their union bore three healthy kids, one of them specially rare. He had had been endowed with her mother's power, a progeny of Nyx.
    ♟Ability: Those who were not skipped by this lineage gets the ability "Night Form". For a brief duration, the user will meta-morph into a humanoid being of pure dark matter. Their body was molded from the fragment of the cosmos, making them virtually indestructible for a few moments.
    ♟Usage: Night form can only be activated at night and twice per thread. During this time, your body is virtually immune to magic attacks which are equal to your rank or less (75% damage reduction). Physical attacks won't reach you for they will just pass right through you unless they are enhanced through magic somehow which will still be weakened by the damage reduction given, the drawback is you can't use any attacks or magic during this time.  Effect lasts for 2 posts with a 4 post cooldown and can't be deactivated or cancelled.

    A lesser version can be used passively in which their body is simply darker than normal,  half normal looking half night-like.  It reduces damage by 25% in general at night and lets you move 50% faster in shadow while still not able to attack or use magic.

    Slayer Buffs:

    All slayers receive the following:
    10% Buff to physical stats (strength, speed etc.)
    10% Buff to senses (hearing, smell etc.)
    The ability to enter force after consuming enough of the element
    The ability to consume their element to regain MP
    A resistance to their element shown by the following chart:
     2 ranks above: 0%
     1 rank above: 10%
     Same rank: 25%
     1 rank below: 30%
     2 ranks below: 50%

    Unique Abilities:
    ♟Socrates Ichor After becoming the host for Atropa Seirenes she noticed that her body fluids held toxic and corrosive aspects to them. This will affect both enemies and allies alike, the fluids will burn away and corrode whilst dealing [INSERT DAMAGE AMOUNT] damage per contact.

    Noticing her affinity with venom, poison and other toxins Ji-Hye started experimenting. After a self experiment with hazardous gases she noticed that afterwards she could bring out the poison from objects in her surroundings and it would form into a weapon. This weapon ranks up with the user following requip durability and damage values . The toxins solidify into the weapon which is is sickening to look at as it swirls with black and nauseating blue colours. When broken the weapon will dissolve into a liquid and slide to the ground.

    Due to the nature of her lacrima which she hosts and how it has started to leak out of the lacrima and break, the cursed nightshade lacrima has affected her in a way that unless by an outside interference such as a light spell she will be afflicted with the area 5 meters around her always having a shadow cast over it. Any moving object or being within this shadow area will be slowed by 50%, this affects allies and npcs too.

    Her toxic fighting style uses a venom that is a plague on the world, as she is the only one with this Atropa Seirenes lacrima her body has merged and adapted to take back 10% of damage delt as hp. Every time she hits someone with her toxic magic Ji-Hye's body gets a boost of euphoria and regenerates 10% of the damage she delt.

    Every time an enemy is hit by a spell the toxins build up in their body, due to a build up of venom after being hit by 4 spells the toxic material will have built up past a healthy point and will deal a rank in damage. There may be side effects such as nausea, burning pain, corrosion of the skin and coughing.

    Signature Spells:

    Rank: D Rank Signature Spell
    Type: Utility, Burst
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: Instant

    Description: Particles of fine venom float around, whilst most of them are shadowy black there are veins of eon blue that shine through as if they were eminating toxic fumes. Although the spell does no damage it gives off the aura like appearence of a deadly virus. These particles are emitted from the casters body
    Fine particles pour out of the users form, their colours swirl around mixing neon blues with a deep shadowing black this dust like substance will envelope Ji-Hye and one partner before teleporting them burst range, 15 meters.

    ; Can be used in close range combat to surprise and shock.

    ; Short distance teleport means its useless for long distance travel
    ; It can only transport one other person not large groups


    Rank: Ranking Signature
    Type: Multi Target, Instant, Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: Instant

    Description: The venom in the world around him gathers, it rises up as liquid balls from nearby terrain and gathers from the atmosphere in little dark orbs. Their colours swirl around ranging from neon blue to a grotesque navy blue, these orbs of toxin will move together around any obsticals before ascending into the sky. Thinning into thin needles the swarm of toxic mass will hone in on any targets within the area, stabbing into the weak points of enemies. The multitude of tiny posonous eeedles strike into the enemies delivering poison that may also affect the nervous system of some enemies who could experiance an increase in nerve sensitivity.

    This signature spell ranks up with the user and uses user rank Multitarget range and speed, doing 25% of user rank damage per needle.

    ; Good for crowd control and giving allies a break.

    ; Damage done depends on how many needles hit their marks.

    ;  (ask about)
    Rank: D Rank
    Type: Utility
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: The nighshade lacrima allows her to consume the moonlight, through the cravings which her vemonous body wishes for she brings the moon back to its full height. This initiates a true night and initiates 'night' in all aspects.

    ; Allows the user to bring the moon back to its midnight position.

    ; Doesn't actually do anything directly to harm enemy.
    ; Can make it hard for enemies to fight

    ♟D Rank Spell:
    ♟D Rank Spell:
    ♟D Rank Spell:
    ♟C Rank Spell: AOE all enemies take 25% more damage next time they're hit
    ♟C Rank Spell: Heal someone 1 rank of damage and
    ♟C Rank Spell: Toxic clones, 10 clones deal 30% damage
    ♟B Rank Spell Halts someones mana regeneration
    ♟B Rank Spell: AOE rat plague


    Rank: B rank
    Type: DOT, Heal
    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: Out of their pores a sludge moves to cover the body, semi transparent and glowing it halts no senses and doesn't act as a shield. Areas that are injured will have sludge which resonates a sickly black hue compared to the neon blue glow which eminates from healed parts of the caster.
    The spell is a long term heal which is used to fire and forget. Lasting 5 posts it heals 50% rank in damage per post capping at 2.5x rank in damage. (30hp per post, 150hp cap)
    Heals 50% rank in damage, (30) capping at 2.5 rank damage
    ; Provides a small amount of healing each round

    ; Long cooldown means you have to be decisive when using it
    ; Only heals caster, cannot be used as support


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