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    Post by Izayuki on 9th January 2018, 3:15 am

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    `` isn't this enough?

    “I am fairly certain I told you to never show your face here again, or did your mother not pass along the message?” the unamused Enenra asked, seated gracefully on her seemingly fancy and somewhat exotic sofa and cushions. The room was very large, and there was a large opening that led to a balcony, with no doors or windows, only open air. She was high up high in a tower of some sort; the forest could be seen as extremely tiny and a sumptuous, orange sunset beyond the horizon. The floor of the room was polished and shiny, and almost reflected the ceiling, the faint light coming in as the sun hid behind the land on the horizon. The walls were rather bare, but still had an intrinsic design of faded, dull, yet somehow vivid colors on their polished surfaces. It was the realm of the smoke of lightweight fabric-- Kemuira Enraenra.

    The raven-haired woman’s gaze bore into the eyes of the Bakedanuki who stood before her, blood on her misty black claws. The other yokai was best described as a young adult, with ginger hair and silver furred ears. Her tail, however, was a plume of black, wispy, shadowy energy. The arms, hands, and claws of the Bakedanuki were coated in an energy of darkness much like her tail, making them take on a monstrous form. Fresh blood coated the tips of the claws, which brought visible disgust to the pure smoke yokai’s face.

    In the Bakedanuki’s right hand was a small cat dangling by the scruff. The seal sable she-cat yielded two tails, each with a white tip, and was barely hanging onto life. Not yet unconscious, but not yet dead, the feline gave labored pants, her heart racing. Fury in the face of the Bakedanuki, the cat was gently thrown towards the Enenra, and landed at the foot of the couch, its blood smearing on the smoky mirror surface of the floors.

    “I do not appreciate you waltzing in here unannounced and pushing my apprentice to the brink of death, Izayuki. One cannot enter this realm unless I call them here… or if there is something they truly seek- a wish, perhaps?” Kemuira questioned, before glancing down at the dying Nekomata. Sitting up, the Enenra reached down for the bleeding cat and placed her on her lap. Instantly, a stream of smoke snaked down towards the cat, protruding from the smoking pipe. The feline was shrouded, unseen, in the smoke. As quickly as it came, the smoke left, and the cat once shrouded in it no longer had any visible injuries. Instead, it appeared to be sleeping calmly on the lap of the kimono-wearing woman. Once the seal sable was healed, the Enenra turned her red gaze back to the seething Bakedanuki.

    “You should know why I’m here,” Izayuki growled, flexing her darkness-covered claws in anger. The Enenra only blinked as she leaned back on the sofa. “Do elaborate,” Kemuira responded simply, stroking the feline on her lap.

    Upon hearing the two words, the enraged Bakedanuki lunged for the demigod, black claws aimed for her throat. Her claws only made contact with the couch, however, as the Enenra and Nekomata vanished in a plume of smoke. As quickly as they left, Izayuki whipped around to see Kemuira standing only a few meters away, with the cat nowhere to be found. “I especially do not appreciate you waltzing in here unannounced, almost killing my apprentice, attacking me, and ruining my furniture. What have you to say for yourself, little Bakedanuki?” the Enenra asked gravely, her tone relaying a darker edge.

    “See for yourself,” Izayuki hissed. “The monster right before you.”
    “I know what I am looking at,” the Enenra responded coolly, her face showing little emotion. “And I ask, why have you come here? I know you want something from me, so out with it.”

    “Unmake this monster. This thing I’ve become. This madness, anger, despair… this hideous form,” the Bakedanuki muttered through clenched teeth. She was fighting desperately to maintain at least a semi-human appearance. Provoked any further, and she was certain that her current form would be lost too, to the shadowy monster.

    “Was that not your mother’s job? Speaking of which, where is Miss Rika Riyoshi, or rather, Rika Riyasu?” the Enenra asked, copping a slight smirk upon seeing the Bakedanuki finally come clean. “It appears Inteus has proven successful in his quest.”

    “So, you know what happened, then,” Izayuki growled again, a snarl rising from the back of her throat.
    “Of course I do. Inteus would never have been able to do so without my assistance,” the Enenra replied.

    Her answer sent Izayuki into another wave of fury. The Bakedanuki lunged for the smoke yokai again, only to once again feel her claws meet empty air. The Enenra was now behind her, expression as unamused as ever. “Keep that up, and it will cost you,” Kemuira warned gravely while the red headed woman whipped around, crimson eyes blazing.

    “You come to me, disgusted with your true yokai self… a form you would have always had, had it not been for your mother. Inteus freed Rika, and freed you as well. Do you really hate it that much?” the raven-haired woman continued, taking a few steps towards the Bakedanuki. “His cost for learning how to remove your mother’s spirit was great. You should be thankful.”

    “If I don’t use every ounce of my power and consciousness, I revert to that thing. I lose control of my mind, logic, and emotions. I can only rely on pure instinct and a lust for blood,” Izayuki snapped back. Being thankful for such a curse was not an option for the young Bakedanuki. She continued, her voice subdued and softer. “My father only did that out of selfishness… he wanted my mother’s spirit.”

    “If you wish to see it that way,” Kemuira commented, stopping right before the tanuki. “Do you not wish to go through the motions to control your transformation? What you are asking me is to skip the needed training and discipline to get what you want right away, is it not?”

    The tanuki girl clenched up at the Enenra’s observation. In a way, she was right. At the same time, the mononoke did not know how she could try taming that inner monster. It had been many, many months since the incident in the House of Lost Souls. By this point, there were no answers to be discovered. Kemuira was her last option.

    “I am. I have a guild to lead and a family to return to. I don’t need this in my way,” Izayuki said, her eyes locked on the floor, as she dared not meet the Enenra’s eyes.

    “My help requires payment. If you wish to cheat reality, there must be a price to balance. What you are asking for is no simple task. The cost will be great. Are you sure you wish for that? Are you really that desperate?” Kemuira asked, standing taller than the slouched Bakedanuki.

    “Whatever you want; whatever is required, I’ll pay it,” Izayuki said, tensing up once more as she felt the transformation grow. The darkness coating her arms was spreading to her shoulders, and the darkness plume tail grew larger. She did not have much time before she would completely transform, and likely attack anything in sight in her rage. Logically, she knew that she was no match for the semi-divine Enenra, but since when did a monster need a reason to attack what was before it?

    “The cause of this was the removal of a seal on your negative memories. The price will be a good memory. If that memory is a place, you will lose the knowledge of where and what it is. If it is a person, most of the influence that person had on you will be gone, and their image and name erased from your mind. If it is a concept… you will lose all touch with it, and how you came about it; a concept includes any skills or abilities you know,” Kemuira explained steadily, her voice holding no emotion.

    Izayuki blinked, attempting to think about what was said, while still avoiding the encroaching darkness within her mind. It was a gamble. Fortunately, nothing within her magic could count as a good memory, so she would not be helpless. But what if she forgot her guild, or somebody close to her?

    The darkness came closer. She had to choose to accept the offer or to decline it. There was no choice, really. “I’ll pay that price. Stop this darkness!” she shouted, both in desperation and pain as she fought back the beastly whispers from within. Light tears welled in her eyes. She could tolerate this no longer; she hated the monster, the yokai, that she was.

    Just as she felt herself slipping away once more, Izayuki felt something reach out for her. A light, quiet, gentle stroke while her vision blurred away. Though she was left in silence, the Bakedanuki could feel the darkness rolling away slowly. At the same time, she felt another sensation-- the feeling of something slipping away; but she could not figure out what that something was.
    The darkness from inside and outside began to ebb away, while something else melted from her mind, fading out ever so gently. Before she realized it, she could see the room of the smoke yokai again. The Enenra sat elegantly on the sofa once again, with Izayuki standing before her, the darkness transformations of her body no longer present. Once more, she had a clean fluffy tail, silver-furred ears, and natural claws.
    “Consider the payment complete. The bothersome aspects of that monster, the negative memory effects, have been bound by the string of the good memory taken. You still have access to the form, but it is yours to control. If you ever find those good memories again, the bonds on the monster will be broken, and you will have to face your true self much like anyone else in your position,” Enraenra spoke softly but audibly, conveying the details smoothly to the young Bakedanuki. “Any questions?”

    Izayuki took a step forward, mentally testing herself to see if the darkness was really gone or not. She could sense something there, darkness, but well hidden away and chained up, in a mental pit she dared never enter. “Only one, not concerning this matter,” the Bakedanuki stated. “My father… what was his price for what he did to me and Rika?”

    Kemuira blinked curiously, partially surprised at the question. “Though I generally do not disclose the contracts of others, perhaps it is right for you to know. And for one reason only.”
    The Enenra reached out an arm, and with one porcelain white finger, pointed at the tanuki girl. “Surely you have realized it by now? The two extra souls within you, not counting the ones involved in your sorcery. The children of you and that human. Inteus promised me the life of one of his descendents. I will choose the firstborn of his and Riyoshi blood.”

    The Bakedanuki’s pupils dilated in horror as the words of the smoke Mononoke instantly sunk in. She was pregnant… with two children… but beyond that, Izayuki could remember nothing. “Whose…” she found herself trying to remember, only to be met with a sharp flash of pain and fear among doing so; a snap in the memory chain binding the energy of darkness within her mind.

    “Careful now. Do not pry too far, searching for answers in your past, or that monster you despise so much will make an unwelcome comeback,” the Enenra warned grimly, before quickly adding her final details. “No more questions; no more requests. If I catch you in my realm again without me summoning you, I will kill you myself. No person with Riyoshi blood is permitted here unless they are chosen by me.”

    The smoke in the room thickened once again, to a point where nothing was visible-- not even the light. “Wait--” Izayuki cried out, before feeling her voice cut off by choking coughs from the smoke. Her closing eyes and nose burned, and her ears could not detect any noise. Once the smell of asphyxiating smoke subsided, she re-opened her crimson eyes. The feeling of dead grass and dirt was below her, and foreboding, ominous skies stretched above. She was undoubtedly back in earthland, but not in any familiar territory. The terrain reminded her of the vibe she felt while in the cursed lands, and with that trace of knowledge, it led her to assume that this was unfriendly territory.

    Overhead, griffins were circling, and the sounds of battle and the cries of monsters could be heard from afar. A hostile environment indeed; however, the young Bakedanuki found herself unable to move. A repercussion of traveling through astral planes, space, and time all at once. As she recalled, her first visit to Kemuira Enraenra’s realm had been no different. For now, she would rest quietly, barely conscious, while praying to whatever benevolent deities were out there that she would be safe from the raging monsters in the distance.

    Location;; Starting in Enraenra's Realm, ending in Fat Monsterland.
    Muse;; 8/10
    Word Count;; 2,204 / 4,000
    OOC;; Let's get this party started right~
    TL;DR: Iza's half conscious in Fat Monsterland now. She just lost her memories of her spouse, and was told she's pregnant. Fun times.


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    Private Re: THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN ♦ event

    Post by NPC on 9th January 2018, 3:15 am

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    Private Re: THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN ♦ event

    Post by Charlotte on 12th January 2018, 12:58 pm

    The White Witch

    In the dead of the night, a single scream would echo through out the empty house, reflected by the pure white walls that held no furnishings or decorations what so ever. The vibration of space would reach no one’s ears, as they were firmly confined within the building and it’s only residence being an uncaring omnibox, a magcat and the White Witch. A girl with pure white hair, pure white eyes without any pupils and pale skin. An unusual existence cursed by the blood of Margery, a mighty witch of the past that was no more, but her lineage still ran strong in the world of Earthland.

    So what was it about the scream? The young female sat on her bed, fully embraced by the darkness both inside and outside, as there was still plenty of hours before Sun’s triumph over the night. Her breathing was heavy and the covers still provided a sense of warmth and protection to her lower body, indicating that she was sleeping peacefully until just a moment ago. The scream belonged to her. And her entire body shivered, the girl suddenly realizing that her equally white pajamas were completely drenched, as wet as if she had jumped into the bath in them.

    Her whole body was covered in her sweat as if she had just run a marathon. Her eyes felt heavy and her hair was just a big, oily mess due to all this. A few days ago, the girl started having strange and terrifying dreams almost every night. Nightmares that would constantly haunt her, yet would not reveal themselves after the fact. Every time she woke up like this and tried to think, but she could not remember what her dreams were about. She only knew that they were scary enough for her body to sweat this much and then wake up before the dawn, usually screaming at the top of her lungs.

    It was starting to take a toll on the girl’s small and fragile form, black lines starting to appear beneath her eyes by now. But she still tried to just shake it all off and continue on with her day. Using the extra time she got due to all this to fix herself, she would always take a shower and properly fix her hair, as well as wash her pajamas and leave them to dry for the evening or at least the next day.

    And just like that, she would again see the Sun’s warm rays spill over onto the world, the morning welcoming any and all. It gave her the energy and will to continue, instead of trying to fall back onto the bed and sleep again. A behavior like that was actually something the girl was a bit scared of, as she had lost on a fair bit of adventures and events in the world due to the small time period where she felt completely useless, being removed as an Ace of her guild. She would sleep for most of the days then.

    But that title was actually now back in her hands, making her feel like she was doing something right. A motivation she very much needed, as it was one of the few things keeping her going aside from Seth’s will. The strings of the puppeteer were still firm and ruling the entirety of her life, and she still did not mind. After all, most of her life before she learned of Seth’s existence was comparable to nothing. Eleven whole years of being stuck in a single building that only consisted of five pure white rooms. No family and no friends, no nothing.

    Seth fixed all of that, as they took control over Charlotte’s entire existence. Or at least that was how she saw it all. The truth of everything was still a factor very much unknown to the young white witch, but she made no real attempts at finding out. As far as she was concerned, she was but a doll with no actual free will that belonged to an unknown puppeteer. But she was still having fun and her existence was fulfilling, she was happy with that statement and did not want it to change in the least.

    Now, the life slowly started returning to the streets of Rose Garden. Unlike most other towns, this one lived during the night almost as much as during the day, but it was still nice to see freshly rested people leave their homes and stretch on the fresh air. Charlotte wished to do the same, as she opened the main door to her home. But something quickly caught her attention. A small, yet fancy envelope laid on her doorstep, the girl quickly recognizing who it was from just from its appearance.

    She had already received one of these in the past. It was from the Magic Council. While her guild saw that organization as somewhat questionable, Charlotte loved and adored everyone equally, meaning she had no negative feelings toward the rulers of the magical world. Taking her time to read the formally written words, she quickly grasped their meaning and instantly knew what was required of her. Normally, she would have gone straight to the Silver Moon Inn after her morning routine, but it seemed that today would be a bit different to that.

    Once more would the magic council perform a duty call to all mages in its reach. Last time it was because an army of monsters was advancing in Fat Monsterland. And as a cleric, the young white witch was called forth to support an attack force which would eliminate one of the enemy groups, as well as tend to the wounded on the battlefield. Thankfully, their mission was a success in the end and the monsters were pushed back. However, winning a war was never as simple as that, especially in the world where magic could make even the wildest of imaginations into reality and change the events of history forever.

    As many were afraid, defeating the advancing army was not enough. Even if their forces were no longer advancing and aiming to conquer the human world, the monsters were still there, trying to recover and try again. Or at least that seemed to be what the council was thinking. And so, they have decided that this time it would be them to make the push and try to rid themselves of these evildoers. While Charlotte didn’t quite agree with that mentality, she would not refuse a request to head out into the battlefield and help the wounded. Humans and monsters alike.

    Such was the girl’s conviction and no one could rightly stop her from doing what she wanted to do. To her, all lives were equal. Even the enemy was worth saving, no matter how bad they would seem and how many bad things they wanted to do or already did. Taking a deep breath, she had already memorized the coordinates that came along with the letter. The council was well aware of the power that her blood brought to her, the blood that once flowed in the veins of the great White Witch Margery. And with it, she had absolutely no problem just teleporting into the war-consumed area.

    A rather useful ability for a healer that could save lives at moment’s notice. And so, she would run back to her house and change into her ‘combat-ready attire’ in a flash. The girl would then mentally prepare herself as she clutched her ivory white staff. With her soul and determination as strong as steel, once again she would close her eyes and imagine the elsewhere she was required to reach. And in a whirl of white light, she would just vanish from her room like a ghost. The same white portal would appear near a burned down forest, spitting the white witch out onto the dead land.

    Her landing wasn’t exactly the most graceful, as she fell to her knees but at least kept her face from being planted in the dirt. The scenery was all too familiar in this broken world, but she would not let that distract her too much. She knew full well that there were people who needed help here. In fact, she already felt a powerful magical signature near her current location. And strangely enough, it felt very familiar to her. Getting up, she would rush over to where the magical power was coming from only to stop in front of a female she knew very well.

    M… master?!” She would let out the voice from her depths, very clearly surprised to see her guild’s leader in this place. She thought that Izayuki hated the Magic Council and would never help it with something. In any case, she would quickly come to her side and fall onto her knees once more, leaning over the Bakedanuki. In her hand would appear a white tarot-like card that depicted a young male working the field, only so that it would quickly fall apart into ethernano. But in that moment, Izayuki’s body would start being filled with energy, all her potential injuries and lack of stamina quickly going away. “A… are you okay…?” She asked rather timidly. It seemed that she did not yet notice the monsters flying and roaming about.
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