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    Sowing a Seed of Beginnings


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    Sowing a Seed of Beginnings Empty Sowing a Seed of Beginnings

    Post by Taiga 1st January 2018, 1:42 am

    Taehyung has been a member of the Sabertooth Guild for a little less than a week now and a majority of that time has been spent at the guild hall literally just trying to find his way around the place and to find where everything was. Taehyung is geographically challenged and tends to get lost on a regular basis but in saying that, he has managed to get find his way around the building a little better than when he first started. He now knows how to get from his room to the kitchen and from his room to the main hall, but that is about it. In the time that he had been there, he hadn't managed to meet a lot of people, in fact he only met the Guild Master and Itori.

    The previous morning, Taehyung made his way into the guild hall where he came across the job notice board. It was here that he saw a job posting from Hargeon and after reading over the details, he decided to take on the request. Apparently a man in Hargeon had injured himself and because of this, he isn't able to plant the seeds needed for his crops. Tae assumed it was an easy request and he did need some money, his only issue was the demon inside him. Adramelech was temperamental at the best of times and hated all humans, often insulting them in Tae's mind while he spoke to them. When he first heard Tae had decided to take on the request, there was a lot of anger from the demon, calling the boy a fool, a maggot, worthless... The usual.

    Early that morning, Taehyung packed a small bad and took the first available train to Hargeon. Both the boy and the demon remained quiet for the entire trip and didn't say a single word until they arrived at the Hargeon station platform. "So apparently this guy's farm is on the outskirts of the town." He said softly as he looked down at the piece of paper that had the job's information on it. I feel like this is going to take a while. Adramelech responded with a disgusted snarl. Taehyung took a few steps more, making sure to refer back to the job information he had before finally finding what he assumed was the right direction to the farm. It wasn't though...

    After two hours, ten wrong turns, three dead ends and two assisted directions from civilians, he finally found his way to the farm. The farm itself wasn't all that extravagant in fact the barn was a little run down with a few planks of wood loose and gaps within the roof. What a dump... The demon proclaimed to which Tae ignored. The man was already on the porch of his house in a rocking chair, waiting for the person who accepted the request. It was clear that one of his arms was damaged, his left arm resting in a sling. "Hello sir." Tae bowed forward politely as he approached the steps of the porch. "My name is Taehyung and I am a member of the Sabertooth Guild. I am here about the request you had advertised." The man looked to Taehyung and lightly smiled. "Ah yes, I was notified earlier this morning that you would be coming some time today. I truly appreciate your help." The man climbed out of his seat and pointed over to the nearby field. "You will find the seeds by the fence in a large bag. The tools should also be there. I know I am asking a lot of you but if you could have it done by the end of the day, I don't know how I could thank you." Tae looked towards the field and simply nodded, immediately walking over to the fence, jumping over and walking to the nearby bag of seeds and the tells sprawled on the ground beside them. Five hundred jewels says he is faking it. Tae shook his head. "Cut it out."

    Tae began by picking up the pick, only to turn back to the field with a sigh. "It is going to be a hot day today and I have this entire field to do..." He said, uncertainty in his voice. It was his first real request since joining a guild and although he was excited to do it in the first place, he was unsure if he would be able to pull it off. You wont be able to pull it off. Lech snickered. You are going to fail this request, go back to your little guild, tell them how you failed and then you will be kicked out. Taehyung ignored the demon at first but ultimately couldn't hold himself back from responding. "That is why, we will not return until the request is completed." Taehyung chuckled lightly, knowing oh too well how the demon was going to react. F$%* You.

    Taehyung began to work, digging up a trail in the dirt with the pick, the temperature already rising within the day. Why do you insist on doing request to help humans? Adramelech asked with genuine curiosity. "What do you mean?" Tae asked, digging into the dirt with another strike, sweat running down his brow. I mean, we have been in the same body for eighteen years and now you've chosen to join a guild and do requests. Why? Taehyung continued to dig but thought about the question for a moment before answering. "You killed my parents. I know my parents must not have been good people since they were willing to invoke a demon to possess their child's body. But when it didn't go the way you chose, you killed them as punishment and ruined any possibility of ever having a normal childhood or family. This guild could be my family one day if I prove myself."There was silence from the demon as he spoke, not choosing to interrupt like he normally would. "I didn't get help from people when I was a child, but it doesn't mean I can't help other people. Sure, I am getting paid to do it, but I am still helping people and I think that is what matters most."

    There was a long silence before Lech decided to speak, in that time, Taehyung took his singlet off and hung it over the nearby wooden fence. The temperature was rising and less clothing was better, sweat had already accumulated on his chest and abs. You are a fool for thinking that they would take you in and then call you family. Tae sighed as he began digging again. "I don't think they would ever call me family, but it is the closest thing I can get to it so I am going to hold on to it." Striking at the ground several more times, he continued. "By the way, know how you can't kill any one?" There was a deep growl from the demon. I can kill. You just wont let me because if I do, you will kill yourself which technically kills me. Tae smirked lightly as he struck the dirt again. "Same rules apply to the guild. Ruin my chances with them and I will kill myself." Another growl from the demon could be heard as Tae continued with his work. Taehyung wouldn't kill himself because his chances with a guild were ruined but he knew it would stop Adramelech from causing issues and keep him in line a little.

    A few hours went by and Taehyung had managed to finish doing all the necessary prep work for the field, now all that had to be done was to bury the seeds and water them. He walked back over to where the seed bag was and opened it up, checking inside to definitely make sure they were seeds. They were, so he proceeded to pick the bag up and rest it over his shoulder, starting from one end of the field and walking to the opposite end. He held the bag of seeds at just the right angle so that as he would walk, a sufficient amount of seeds would fall behind him in the row that he had made. How much did you say you were getting paid to do this again? Taehyung hesitated at first, knowing the demon wasn't going to like the response. "2,000 Jewels." Adramelech began swearing every single curse word in every single language possible, screaming and shouting to the point that even though it was all inside Taehyung's mind, he reflectively began blocking his ears.

    "Excuse me young man..." A voice came from behind Taehyung and when he whipped around to see, it was the old man now leaning against one of the fence posts with his good arm. "Are you okay? Is the heat getting to you?" Tae had a blank expression on his face, blinking several times in confusion. "I mean, I have been watching you for quite some time and noticed you tend to talk to yourself." Tae's cheeks turned red in embarrassment, turning back to the field and continuing work. "Yes sir, I am fine. Thank you for the concern. I like to talk to myself while doing jobs because it helps time go faster. I suppose it also keeps me occupied." He responded, not looking back to the man so that he didn't see the boy clearly lying. "Oh I see. Very well then, just keep in mind you should be careful. Other people might think you are insane and have you taken away to some kind of mental institution." The old man chuckled as he walked back to his porch and Taehyung chuckled along with him, only his had a sarcastic tone to it.

    After another hour, Taehyung had finished spreading the seeds, buried them and watered them. Everything that the job required was now done and Taehyung flopped himself over the side of the wooden fence beside his singlet with a heavy exhale. "Done!" He called out in relief, clearly exhausted by the hard day of work. "Wonderful!" The old man called out from the porch, climbing out of his rocking chair and heading back inside of his house. Tae pulled himself off up from the fence and stretched his arms out, groaning a little as he did so. "Damn I need a showe-" Before he could finish his sentence, the old man had already returned with a hose, soaking Tae down from head to toe. "I can't offer you an actual shower but I can at least get you cleaned up before you leave." Beside the man was a cloth and bar of soap in a bucket. "Here, use these to clean yourself." Taehyung was a little hesitant at first, stripping down naked in public but it was only the old man and there was nothing sexual about the situation at all, he eventually convince himself, taking the remainder of his clothes off and washing himself down while the old man sprayed him with the hose. I can see your doodle. Taehyung blushed, not saying a word.

    Once he had finished cleaning himself off, Tae put his clothes back on and bowed to the man. "Thank you sir." To which the man chuckled. "It is I who should be thanking you." The demon scoffed. Well duh! Tae didn't respond to the demon and instead just smiled to the man. "I am just glad that your crop is all done for you. Will you be able to manage the rest with the way your arm is?" The man nodded. "It should be healed in a few days and for the next few weeks all I have to do is water them. I can manage. Thank you again." The man reached behind himself with his good arm and pulled out a large sack that jingled like the sound of jewels. "Your payment, as promised. Consider the request a success."

    Taehyung took the sack of jewels politely and nodded again, exchanging a few more pleasantries  before finally leaving to go to the Hargeon train station. So how does it feel to know that you completed a request and earned some money? Tae had a huge grin on his face, clearly happy with the outcome. "Great!" The demon, if visible would have been shaking his head. You do realize that you could earn twice that amount in a shorter amount of time if we just have you stand at a corner for a couple of hours... Taehyung didn't know what the demon was referring to, clearly innocent and unknowing.


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