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    Making a Clean Living (Sophitia Privet)


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    Making a Clean Living (Sophitia Privet) - Page 2 Empty Re: Making a Clean Living (Sophitia Privet)

    Post by Yuiisai 14th February 2018, 5:49 pm

    Sophitia laughed a little nudging him a little "Of course I'm right. Not only am I a divine being but I'm a woman." her words where in jest as she spoke them she never truly believed in such stereotypes as woman where often just as wrong and angels also made mistakes as did the gods in her opinion as if they hadn't there wouldn't be any darkness or fear. "I am not letting Angelek anywhere near battle now or ever." she was stern on this like an over protective mother bear, she loved her little girl very much and couldn't bare the thought of her being hurt or even worse killed. She shuddered visibly at the thought "I want her to be a healer or a teacher not a warrior, I know it is in a dragons spirit to fight and defend but I want more for her than that." She said gently it was clear that the red headed teen understood quite a bit about Sol's race even at her age but given her order and her rank within it she needed to have understanding on many kinds of dragons.

    She looked to him laughing "You sound like a woman trying to dodge telling her age Sol... embarrassed?" she teased him on the matter poking his cheek playfully tilting her head listening to the rest of what he said "You may want to know what age he is because of changes dragons go through at certain points in life." she said with a concerned tone knowing in some dragonic aspects it could be quite deadly to the dragon themselves or those around them without the proper guidance and supervision, she remembered the last person who brought a light dragon to her order mid way through training it let out a blast of light energy that harmed those of shadow, blinding everyone else and the attacks had caused severe injury to more than a few dragon and rider alike.

    It was then he brought up the colour of her cheeks and pouted for a moment before grinning "At least I don't have the energy flare of a little boy crushing on their instructor like you Sol." she chuckled noticing his own indicators through her own unique sight. She nodded hearing that he took care of it carefully "I would hope so out of everything I have made that Kiseru was the most irritating but also the one I am most proud of." she explained to him with a smile shaking his head at what he said about going through matches quickly "Same thing if you don't remember to replace them Sol, and you really should be called chimney if you smoke that much." she explained her eyes closing letting out a small sigh but she was unsure if it was because if she was at ease or another reason. Her eye opened feeling the difference in the energy "Wow, shameful embarrassment." she said only having seen it a few times so recognised the difference.

    She took the original kiseru checking it over and wrinkled her nose "This thing is so well maintained but it's low grade materials and heavily flawed." she passed it back to him shuddering wondering how he could have used such a thing at any point. "I hope it didn't cost to much." she said biting her lip after knowing how her actions must have appeared but it wasn't that she was an elitist it was just a flaw her family had. They couldn't use or wear anything that had imperfections as it didn't feel right to them. "I insist you allow my family alone craft your items, I couldn't bare you getting harmed by wearing or using sub standard equipment." her tone pleading him to accept her offer she would personally pay her family to create the items if need be but wanted the best for him but she had no real idea as to why. "My eyes are sensitive so all the bright flashes suddenly made it uncomfortable for me to stay." she said her tone apologetic as he changed he subject holding out the kiseru to him "Sorry I made you worry." she added.

    "I enjoyed the songs and it sounded as everyone enjoyed the performance, I am saddened I couldn't watch the whole thing but my families gift makes certain things difficult." she explained hoping he wouldn't ask more into it as she couldn't give him answers as much as she would want to. Sophitia put her hand on the last man who spoke and insulted them a gentle smile on her face "Everyone is entitled to their opinions sir, but please remember everyone is viewed in the same light by the gods and we are all judged the same way when we die; so if you are cruel in thought, action and word your afterlife may not be to bright." though her where soft and warm they heard an almost inner truth turning the man white, after a moment she brought her hand back "Go forward with the new truth you've found." she said watching as he ran off before turning back to Sol "So misguided." she said with a sigh smiling to Sol.


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    Making a Clean Living (Sophitia Privet) - Page 2 Empty Re: Making a Clean Living (Sophitia Privet)

    Post by Sol 16th February 2018, 12:21 am

    Sol blushed slightly as she nudged him but he turned serious when she mentioned that she wouldn’t let her dragon partner near a battle now or ever and that she wanted her to be a teacher or a healer then a warrior.”while most dragons do fight I understand your desire to keep her from the battlefield I have no doubt she could be a great healer or a fantastic teacher as long as she has the proper guidance and care both of which I sense you can give her” he spoke with a very soft smile on his face when she made the crack about how he was dodging the question of his age he blinked before he gained a look of deep thought as he caculated his age in dragon years in his head.

    Due to the scroll he found coupled with his own transformation his knowledge matched the age of a dragon his human age would appear to be and after a second he spoke.”if I’m correct my age is 170 ish in dragon years though I’m not one hundred percent on that” he explained before he thought again”I’ll try to caculate his age soon I think I know it but I’m not fully sure”. As Sophitia countered his comment on her cheeks with how he reacted to her his cheeks lit up and the dragon was sure the angel noticed it and he nodded at the words that followed.

    I can almost feel the pride you put into it and I can tell a lot of time and care was put into it I really do treasure this kiseru” he said before his shoulders dropped a bit as he relized she was right with her words.” yeah I guess that’s true” he grumbled a bit. When she mentioned the low grade materials and the flaws Sol could only blink but he then shrugged when she asked about the price.” it wasent that much honestly but compared to the one you made it might as well be a simple wooden stick” he said with a grin. The dragon was taken off guard when she insisted that her family make all his items and he was honestly surprised that she cared enough for his well being to worry about him getting hurt.”sure I will humbly accept your offer but in return please allow me to pay for you and your familys services I assure you money is of no worry no matter the price I can pay it” he said hoping she would take his offer. “its ok Sophitia I didn’t relize that the bright lights would cause problems there’s no reason to apologize” he said softly.

    yes they are misguided, humans are capable of such good or such evil sadly I’ve only ever seen the darker side of that” he said before sighing .”I hope that with the work I do now I can perhaps see the better side of humanity though I have a long road ahead of me” he added. As the mob dispersed Sol glanced over at Sophitia after a moment.”so is there anything you would like to do I still have some time before I get back to Tolgalan” he asked knowing that getting to his new home was rather easy and fast.


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