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    Adalia finds her way to C-Rank

    The Hustler
    The Hustler

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    Adalia finds her way to C-Rank Empty Adalia finds her way to C-Rank

    Post by The Hustler on 29th December 2017, 4:50 am

    So, these jobs were done before the update, but since the EXP values have been changed I don't see why I can't get the higher EXP, though do correct me if otherwise.

    For A Good Cause
    Honorable Death
    Earthland and Beyond

    Each job is a D-Rank job, which is worth 150 exp total since each is 50. If I am allowed to advance, I would like to skip my exam this time around.



    Adalia finds her way to C-Rank Empty Re: Adalia finds her way to C-Rank

    Post by Guest on 29th December 2017, 8:32 pm

    Any jobs done or signed up for before the patch go with the old EXP system.
    Sorry. ^^'

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