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    A Clockwork Incursion (Job/Aura)

    Luna Jaeger
    Luna Jaeger

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    A Clockwork Incursion (Job/Aura) Empty A Clockwork Incursion (Job/Aura)

    Post by Luna Jaeger 24th December 2017, 11:08 am

    Job Info

    The notice had come in the usual way from the magic council to perform a job or them; this was nothing new to Luna as she had already performed many services for the council - including destroying a meteor summoned by Hera which would have outright destroyed Crocus otherwise should she had never been there and destroy the meteor completely with the sheer firepower of Behemoth. Taking the time to read the missive thoroughly, she learned that she wasn't alone on this job and that she would have a partner. No problem, she quickly prepared her traveling kit in a satchel and left nearby tree-line at the edge of the small fishing village close to the entrance into the Lycan Woods. Reading through the notice, it seemed that reports were recent with folks in the area spotting strange, mechanical beings around the villages in the area. word was that these clockwork beings ranged from the small in size to the colossal in size, and so this was a great way for Luna to get a work out or so it seemed. Having recently become even more powerful, the female mage sought a true test of her new strength - and while it might not come with this new job, chances were that she would get the chance she was seeking.

    The melody of chirping caught her ears as she stepped upon the cobblestone path, a light clatter echoing from the steps upon the path. It was strange to see fowl this close to such a haunted area, but a quick look told her that they were flitting away from the woods. Perhaps the area was a familiar one to them, but it held it’s own dangers after all. The woman seemed to be of an inquisitive sort, stopping to take mental notes whenever it provided prudent to do so. She listened to the sounds of the planet with interest, not only for her own purposes but also to simply understand the way of nature, as was her way. Observing the aperture now, the woman gained data from the trees and the nature of the ground underneath; all information that may seem mundane but information that would give her a clearer picture of the environment and possibly provide an advantage when forming a battle plan in the future.

    Darkness shrouded the eaves of the wooded aperture leading to within the Lycan Woods, trees casting odd shadows this way and the other different way, taking an apprehensive cautionary approach before releasing a rippling force of air that would soon settle and sweep through the area around her. She did not fear illusions and shadow, in truth the woman didn’t fear much if anything at all. Luna quickly spiked through the forest - the tight-nit copse of trees not seeming to even affect her as the cloaked female passed right through them. Her legs picked up and she took to flight and passed through a large swath of the opening copses and right into the thick of the woods. As she neared the object which seemed to thrumm with magical energy, the woman’s speed slowed until it halted altogether and her feet lightly touched the ground. Luna adjusted the cloak and hood that obscured most of her appearance, awaiting the one who would be coming with on this particular job. While waiting, she took to a close examination of the portal itself without directly intervening with it. Luna's senses and sensory curtain of air kept her alert should anyone approach her.

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