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    When a Spark Fades[Nightken's death thread]


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    When a Spark Fades[Nightken's death thread] Empty When a Spark Fades[Nightken's death thread]

    Post by Nightken 23rd December 2017, 11:38 pm

    Nightken was walking through the Spooky Forest after losing all of his equipment and his pet Tenshu. Lighting a cigarette he took a hit before exhaling a puff of smoke as he sighed about what all has happened to him. He aimlessly wandered the forest as he came across some odd looking webs drooping from some of the thick trees. "Huh, never seen these type of webs before, but probably be best for me not to touch them." He said looking around the trees seeing prints from what looked to be from a large spider.


    When a Spark Fades[Nightken's death thread] For_nightken_of_ftrp_by_tehfrostyheart-d72m9kl
    When a Spark Fades[Nightken's death thread] 5Wr4WuE

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