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    Jerrishan's Designer Vault

    Komm Kayriel
    Komm Kayriel

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    Jerrishan's Designer Vault Empty Jerrishan's Designer Vault

    Post by Komm Kayriel Mon 11 Mar 2013 - 6:39

    Character Sheet:
    Jerrishan's Character Sheet

    Magic Sheet:
    Archive Magic

    /Wind Reader Glasses
    -Magically-enchanted pair of glasses, allows text to be read at extreme speeds.
    /Common-Quality Longsword
    -Non-magical sword.
    /Common-Quality Knife
    -Non-magical dagger.

    Vehicles and Property
    /Magical Four-Wheel Device
    -A custom-engineered SE Carriage of rounded, ultra-compact design. While it maintains the standard SE Plug arm-cuff for drawing magic from its driver, it also uses small battery-like Lacrima which are charged with the driver's magic when not in use.
    Jerrishan's Designer Vault Moovie

    Equipment In Storage:
    /Storage Lacrima (10)
    -Unenchanted, for storing data, magical power, or spells.

    Archive Spell Database:


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