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    Onyx Moon/West Fiore Trading Company Roster

    Onyx Moon
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    Information Onyx Moon/West Fiore Trading Company Roster

    Post by Onyx Moon on 20th December 2017, 6:01 pm

    The CEOs or guild masters depending on which side of the coin they are representing at the time, have been chosen from amongst their peers to lead them not only to victory, fame and wealth but protect them from enemies and other threats natural or otherwise. As you can imagine this can place a lot of strain on these people and that these people will make mistakes now and then (but lets be honest no one is perfect.) That would lead others to believe that they are better suited to handle the responsibility. This position is both a curse and a blessing because were it is true you do have powerful people behind you, wealth untold and the ability to order things done in a heartbeat, you also have to watch your back far more from enemies seen and unseen, and that's before we come to if anything goes wrong it's you who gets the blame for it.

    The guild masters/CEO's are the ones in charge making sure that everything is running smoothly, that there are no unforeseen hiccups and that when such problems do arise they are tended to efficiently and with as little hassle as possible. It is also up to these people to make sure that those under them remain in employment, are happily entertained, homed, welcomed (when new) and are at the peek of their abilities through training, war games, testing and random tasks.

    Keepers or VP's dependant on which side of the coin they are dealing with and answer to only two people and that is the CEOs/guild masters of the guild and they are their most trusted advisers and confidants dealing with things when the guild masters/CEOs are otherwise incapacitated with other tasks. (Even if they don't want to do them.) These positions are given to those who have proven themselves through hard work (In and out of character) via welcoming new members, taking part in recruitment, going on jobs, helping out people and even helping towards the development of the guild itself and its plotline not given at the drop of a hat because a member believes they should have it. Those who become Keepers/VP's are expected to be active (we understand that rl comes first let us know) and set examples to members, those failing in these tasks will be given a caution to get them back on the right track those who do not will be removed from the position.

    Keeper Of Balance:

    Keeper of Virtue:

    Keeper of Vice:

    These three officers have gained so much trust of the guild master that the each gain the ability to use a guild spell, and are even able to call on the guild pet if required on jobs.

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    Onyx Moon
    Onyx Moon

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    Information Re: Onyx Moon/West Fiore Trading Company Roster

    Post by Onyx Moon on 20th December 2017, 6:38 pm

    The employees of both Onyx Moon and the West Fiore Trading Company as you can imagine are the back bone of their respective sides more so to those who work for both sides of the guild. Without these dedicated people there would be no guild, no motivation and no moving forward. When it comes to their less than savoury side everyone gets an equal share of the takings regardless of rank this is to prove that everyone is this endeavour together and all that you are getting when you become an officer is more duties for the same pay. On the company side of things of course things would be ran differently there is a pay roll but that only counts for those who don't know about the other side, those who do get paid the exact same pay even though the figures would say otherwise.

    Where other guilds may lionise their guildmasters and aces giving them better quarters, materials, food, pay. This guild doesn't approve of such things; everyone is viewed as equals and treated as such.

    Z rank:

    Y Rank:

    X Rank:

    H Rank:

    • Johann
    • Ruvel

    S Rank:

    • Adalinda
    • Akeya
    • Goddess Aliannah
    • Sol
    • Yona

    A Rank:

    • Amalie
    • Haraka Omaras
    • Hero Yamamoto
    • Kyran

    B Rank:

    • FeitanKazeshini
    • Nameless

    C Rank:

    • Aemon Trahaearn
    • Aioai
    • Aranea
    • Corey
    • KathrineNeel
    • Shazam!
    • Xiao Jing

    D Rank:

    • ExxorD
    • Nekros
    • Pandora Dagger
    • Reiya
    • WinnieJr

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