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    Former Custom Lineages


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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Seijin on December 13th 2017, 10:07 pm

    These are the sacred lineages of former characters for various reasons. Should an inactive remember return and wish their lineage reactivated they only need to PM me.

    Angel of Chaos:

    Wielder: Katherine Wickfield
    Description: Katherine is the Angel of Chaos to determine if the world requires purification through an apocalypse. She took the form and body of a baby and grew up a normal life, experiencing all the joys that a mortal could bring. Despite being in all essences human, she still has the power to break the natural order of the gods temporarily to change fate. Chaos eventually succumbs to order, but depending on the gifts that appear randomly will bestow advantages to Katherines allies or her enemies.

    Chaos Wings: Katherine can streatch out her back to form a pair of raven-like wings. This will allow her to lift her body and fly at the same basic movement speed as when on foot, but can be boosted with other spells to improve it.
    Ripple of Chaos: Upon start of combat, everyone (including user) must make a lineage roll to determine the lineage for the fight. For the duration of the fight, the rolled lineage is the characters actual lineage. This does not permanently change any lineage one might have.

    Blood of the Angels: Katherine receives 25% resistance to any holy magic or weapons. Katherine is considered a divine being for all strengths and purposes.

    Tear in Natural Order: Once per thread Katherine can break the natural order of the world and affect all people sensitive to magic (or replacement to magic). This includes bot allies or foes. The effect of these dice rolls last for 5 posts and affect a 5 mile radius. The rolls are as followed

    1- Infinite Mana: Everyone is treated as if to have 100% Mana regeneration per turn.
    2- No Cooldowns: Eveyone is treated as if all their spells cooldown is 0
    3-No mana zone: Everyones spells immediately go into cooldown, including magical items.
    4- No auras: Everyone is treate as if they did not have the Aura Burst Perk.
    5-Infinite HP: Everyone is treated as if they had 100% HP regen per turn. Does not bring back dead or KO.
    6-Chaos Surge: Everyone is treated as if they had a 200% boost in all stats.

    Usage: Passives are permanent to Katherine. Tear in Natural Order can only be used once per thread

    Bearer of the Titans Seal:

    Wielder: Vierorin Gorak(Vierorin)
    Description: Vierorin has a powerful Titan sealed in him, Frircoras is a very powerful fire titan, although the seal that keeps him imprisoned is extremely powerful, it is not enough to keep the massive amount of power at bay. This Power leaks out and is harnessed by Vierorin as his magic, however there are a number of side effects. The flames from Frircoras are Unique in composition, this makes it that only Fire God Slayers are the only slayer that consume his magic. Vierorin also has gotten an increased Magic Pool(20%), Strength(25%), and Speed(30%) as a side result of having Frircoras locked away in him. On top of these, he also has two powers Vierorin can activate and control, Azure Flame Elemental Shift, and Azure Flame Manipulation.

    • Azure Flame Elemental Shift: Vierorin’s body shifts into an elemental state, his skin turns dark blue in color and veins of Azure flame run through his body with multiple Flame Vents in various parts, his hair turns into Azure flames and burn on his head, as eyes start glowing bright Azure. Vierorin however is still in Control during this state, and receives a 100% boost to Magic Effectiveness, and 100% boost to strength and speed. His physical attacks also fire damage in this state and he constantly emits a large amount of heat(goes off the heat chart in his magic). This state lasts for five posts and only can be used once per thread.
    • Azure Flame Manipulation: Vierorin can temporally make his flames adopt a shape of a body part of Frircoras himself. The flame carnations can range from their small state(what it looks like when a Partial takeover takes place) or the regular size of the body part that is molded from the flames. The duration varies depending on the size created, with the small states able to last three posts, and the large forms one. This ability cannot be used alongside anything else, and when he attacks with the flames it deals damage equal to Vierorin’s rank as well as heat damage based on his rank. However he can use the flames for other things besides damaging something. Depending on what he molds, and the situation. This ability as a Cooldown of five posts, but only can be used twice per thread.

    Usage: The Fire type, and stat boosts are passive abilities. For Azure Flame Elemental Shift, Vierorin will wrap himself in a thick cloak of flames that transforms him into that state, as for Azure Flame Manipulation, he bends his Azure flames to his will to fit the needs he sees needed at the time.

    Celestial Dark Queen:

    Wielder: Mary Mahoney
    Description:  There was a war and in the end the rebellion was struck down and the Spirits trapped in keys of Iron and spread across Fiore. The Dark Celestial Queen was banished to Earthland were she married a human male and passed away due to her isolation from the realm that let her live. Left behind though was a daughter that was half Dark Celestial Spirit and half human. A creature capable of living in 2 realms, Mary lived most of her life alone, first in an Orphanage and then put into a convent. It was at 15 that she discovered her origins and embraced the bloodline that was given her...

    Why can't I die? (Passive): Due to being a partial Dark Celestial Spirit, Mary has a distinct problem of actually dying... or rather staying dead.  Whenever her HP is reduced to 0, she does indeed die, but her soul returns and reform in her native home plane which happens to be Earthland. The effect does not allow her to ressurect in middle of combat. On contrary it is basically used for if Mary dies in social RP and she pops back from dead inexplicably in a way even Mary does not know what the heck is going on. If Mary were to be killed in actual combat, the death is so violent that her human side actually wants to go to afterlife, but is held and dragged back by her Celestial Spirit side. This conflict slows the ressurection and requires her to use the Sacred Altar when PvP occurs. Also this makes all PvP matches FK to Mary.

    Fountain of Energy (Passive): As Mary develops further  into her Dark Celestial lineage, her Spirit Energy also increases. This allows Mary to have more Dark Celestial Summons deployed on the field in comparison to other Celestial summoners as she is in part one of said spirits. The chart below replaces what is in the Celestial summoner rules with it representing 1 D-rank worth of power.

    D = 2.5
    C = 5
    B = 10
    A = 20
    S = 40
    H = 120

    Strength of the Dark Queen (Active): Mary infuses her body temporarily with the power of Dark Celestial Spirit at increases her strength and Durability. For the Duration of 3 posts, Mary can Triple her Strength and Durability to strike ver powerful melee blows and take hits that would hurt normal people.

    Will of the Dark Queen(Active): Mary whenever facing another Celestial Spirit or Summon can invoke utter fear into the Spirit by paying the cost of summon as if Mary summoned the creature itself. This creates a cloud of Dark energy that pours out of Mary's body  and into the Celestial Key that was used. Sucking the Celestial spirit into a Black Hole back into its proper realm. This unsummons the Celestial Spirit that was cast. This can only be used if Mary is assuming her Celestial Summon Form.
    Usage: Passives are permanent to Mary. Will of the Dark Queen can only be used once. Strength of The Dark Queen has a 6 post Cooldown and can be used 2 times.

    Crimson Emperor:

       Wielder: DreadAwk
       Descended from a line of mages that wielded a powerful suit of semi-living armor, Marcus initially only seemed to possess the hereditary weapon of this bloodline, known as the Caliber Knuckle. However, this bloodline also grants access to the powerful Crimson Emperor given time, and provides natural gifts of its own.
       Minor Abilities:

    • Imperial Blood – Marcus, as his bloodline's powers have awakened, has a 5% HP regeneration when combat begins, that continues until combat ends.
    • Bloody Defense – Marcus gains 10% resistance to damage from attacks his rank or lower for every 10% damage he actually takes, as his blood forms a rudimentary form of ablative armor. This resistance to armor is reduced by the same scale as he's healed.
    • It's an Animal Thing – Animals are always uneasy around Marcus, due to a passive, constant presence of his Emperor's Will ability (see below), which makes jobs relating to capturing and raising/calming animals USUALLY more difficult.

       Primary Ability:
       Emperor's Will
       Sometimes called the Overlord's Will, those with the bloodline of the Crimson Emperor are capable of producing a psychological “pressure” on their opponents, either en masse, or focused on a single subject. This pressure can prove overwhelming to those of weaker constitutions, causing them to be paralyzed, or in even worse cases, wind up foaming at the mouth as they collapse unconscious.

       When used against a group, the Emperor's Will is released in a faintly visible red wave that sweeps out to approximately 10 meters, centered on Marcus. Anyone considered “Hostile” within this area, if one rank below Marcus' own, will be momentarily paralyzed with fear for one post, envisioning their death at the hands of the Crimson Emperor as he overwhelms them with killing intent. At two ranks below him, they will become paralyzed AND disoriented for two posts, and anyone three ranks or more below him will be rendered unconscious until roused, or after three posts. If used against NPC enemies that succumb to unconsciousness, they are considered “defeated” and remain unconscious till the end of the thread.

       Against a single target, the effect is much more intense, but otherwise creates the same effect, except that Marcus is treated as being two ranks higher than he actually is.
       To release the Emperor's Will, Marcus brings up his right hand, holding it over his face with his fingers spaced, index and middle between his eyes, and his ring finger and pinky resting under his left eye, with his thumb under his right. His eyes then glow red, as his killing intent is released. This ability can only be used in the first three posts of combat, or after he has reached 50% HP. He may use the en masse form of the Emperor's Will once per thread, and may use the single target version once per subject per thread, as if they resist it once, they will likely not be affected again unless some significant time has passed outside of Marcus' presence.

       The only exception to the once per subject rule is unintelligent animals, which he can repeatedly use the Emperor's Will on to keep them subdued.
    Bloodline of the Spiked Beast:

    Wielder: Xierak
    Description:  The bearer of this bloodline’s very essence is that of a beast, although they are sentient they have the tendancy to be able to fall into Feral tendacies. They derive from the country of Demons, Sin, although their history his unknown, lost to the depths of time. Xierak is extremely strong, possessing a level of strength that far exceeds what a Human can obtain. He also has an increased speed(35%) and an Increased magic pool(20%) and an innate damage resistance(10%). As well as having the capability to speak to and understand animals of varying species. Aside from these passive aspects, he has access two active abilities. One is the ability to expand the pyramid nubs into an extendable/Retractable/Flexible spike that extends from his body, this is a physical characteristic, and not magical related at all. The other is something he has trouble controlling once it actives, Feral Drive, where he slowly starts acting more like a beast, while giving him added bonuses.

    • Attributes of the Spiked Beast: Xierak has a strength level of his own, higher that of what a human can acquire, as well as having a passive Speed(35%), Magic Pool(20%), and damage resistance(10%)
    • Senses of the Beast: Xierak has a enhanced sense of smell, letting him be able to smell things better, to the degree of being able to fight by his sense of smell alone. As well as having the ability to see slightly better in the dark.
    • Spikes of the Beast: Xierak as the ability to extend the pyramid nubs on his body to act as spikes that he can control and bend. These spikes can extend up to Eight meters away from himself, and deal his rank in Physical(non magical) damage. The Amount of spikes he can control varies on his rank, with 13 at D rank, 14 at C, 15 at B, 16 at A, and 17 at S. If he attempts to block with the spikes, he is however still dealt damage to himself since they are a part of his body. However if one of his spikes were damaged he will not be able to use it until he is fully healed.
    • Feral Drive: If Xierak is ever in a hand to hand combat situation that goes on over a constant six posts(non stop), he will start to enter into his Feral State of mind(from the adrenaline rush). This is a process over five posts, and when it starts, it cannot be stopped unless he is knocked out. His muscles will slowly start to expand as well as his spikes slowly start to grow. He gains a 15% boost in speed and Strength until every post until the last post, until the fifth post from the start when it stops(Leaving him at a 75% boost in Strength and speed at the end). His muscle mass will increase by 20% and his spikes(with the exception of those on his chest) will form into One to two foot long spikes that cannot move and flex. In this state he acts like a beast that has no reason within his mind, he will only continue fighting until he regains his senses. Five post start up, then a Four Post duration, only can be used once per thread.He loses the ability to use Spikes of the Beast in this state.

    Usage: The Passives are always constant, Spikes of the Beast are controlled like an limb, and Feral drive starts when he is been in a prolonged/constant hand to hand fighting situation for six posts.

    Child of Fate:

    Long ago, there was a single child who was chosen to become the next leader of the Matsu clan. Although the clan was minuscule in number, their strength could shake the very heavens. They were the most feared clan in all the land. However a child was born, baring the greatest level of aptitude for the art, any one had ever seen. This child was Jubei and his prowess in combat was the stuff of legends. Once he turned 17, his father presented him as the Commander of the Dònglì Army. He lead the tiny squadron of soldiers into countless battles and always returned victorious. His father eventually would name him his predecessor, awarding him a powerful Lacrima. "Chinese Dragon Slayer Lacrima" was gifted unto the small kingdom for payment for their role in a previous war. Jubei's father, Yakumo, had the lacrima placed inside of the future king's body, granting him incredible power. Unfortunately, Jubei's child hood friend, and lover fell grievously ill when he was only 23.

    Yoru was gravely ill, and no doctor or holy mage near could cure her. Soon word came to Jubei of a powerful Witch doctor who lived in a nearby marshland. He went on a hunt to find this powerful woman, and after five nights he came upon her hut. Unbeknown to Jubei, this was a plan concocted by this exact Witch Doctor, Nyx'kish. She had performed a ceremony on him, after lying to the commander that it would completely heal the woman he loved. Instantly he was transformed into his prepubescent child state. Becoming once again,  a 12 year old child. The young commander was then blasted in a perfect sphere of energy that sent him soaring through the skies. This continued for 2 days and 2 nights,before he crash landed on an island he never been before .

    Passive Abilities:

    - User receives a +20% boost to all physical strikes.

    - User's max hp and mp is increased by 10% from deep meditation over the years.

    - Incredibly agile and swift. User has spent over a century developing his movement speed. He has a passive movement speed boost of 25%.

    Active Ability:

    Apocalyptic Storm:

    Jubei places his hands in front of him, palms facing upwards. Upon doing so, user begins to release a tiny layer of water coating his skin. Immediately after an incredibly powerful bolt of electricity erupts from his core. This electricity then ignites and surges through the water and the user, as it sends out sparks and streams of electricity 2 meters of the user in all directions. The electricity coating on user grants a magical damage increase to all user's spells by 25%. The electrical currents constantly enveloping the user, nullifies a large portion of magic damage that is cast on the user. All magic spells that damage the user of equal or lower rank is reduced by 25% in damage. All spells 1 rank above user is reduced by 10% in damage, and all spells more than 1 rank lower than user have their damage reduced by 50%. This coating is a mixture of all the user's elements and cannot be consumed by a slayer, unless they also utilize both water and lightning.

    User only has 1 active ability. Jubei is capable of activating Apocalyptic storm once per thread, and not while in dragon force. The ability will last a total of 3 posts, and no damage will be reduced from spells over 1 rank above user.


    Wielder: Aegis Bright (TehDMCmaniac)
    Aegis Bright is a being of origin far different from that of humans. Although perceived as one, he is closer to being a deity than anything else. That sole fact is the reason for everything about him; his magic, his looks, his past - all of it is due to his origin.
    Being what he is does, however, have its perks.

    Minor Abilities:
    - A passive gain of 5% HP and MP regeneration per post.
    - A passive 50% increase in damage dealt with weapons.
    - Once per post, he can release a magical shockwave from his body which reaches up to 5 metres away from him, dealing B-ranked damage.

    Main Ability:
    Aegis was created, not born; as such he can, more so than anything else, fulfil his purpose - the invocation of the Godedge. But what exactly is the Godedge? Well, that’s no easy question to answer.
    To put it simply, the Godedge is a magical theory. The true form of it consists of an artificially made black hole generated inside a single, equally as artificial leyline. In concept, driving an X amount of units of magic into it would cause it to generate and subsequently circulate 100*X units of magic. Upon the creation of the Godedge, what one can see in practice is something that is best described as giant white beam with an azure glow that is made of mana so concentrated that it’s essentially a magical black hole in of itself. Such an absurd thing fulfils only one purpose – deletion. Indeed, anything that touches it is not only deleted physically, but also has its very entity in Akasha deleted, meaning that it cannot even be revived – it’s like it never existed. This trait makes the Godedge the one single weapon that can kill things so definitively that it is almost funny.
    However, such a thing has a drawback – deleting everything it touches means that it deletes the one wielding it as well, much before they are even able to swing it. For that reason, Aegis was created; his purpose was to be the ‘hilt’ of the Godedge, which essentially means that unlike everything else, he won’t be immediately destroyed if he draws that most ultimate of weapons. However, he would just end up being annihilated right after using it, unless he uses an external source of power that has enough magical power (none of which exist as far as he’s aware.)
    The one he can invoke through the use of his lineage, however, is a much weaker and more unstable version; still destructive enough to be useful, but also still very costly.

    The Godedge, even if a down-powered version of itself, is an extremely lethal thing. As mentioned above, it is 50 meters long and its blade has the same width as Aegis’ torso. Any and all magic that comes into contact with it immediately and unconditionally dissolves. When an enemy is struck with the Godedge, they suffer 4 times their own rank in damage, whereas Aegis’ allies regain 100% of their HP and MP instead of suffering damage.
    However, using it is also costly. Aegis needs to be at 100% MP and HP to even be able to create it and the moment it dissolves, Aegis is left with only 5% MP and 40% HP.

    The Godedge can be kept for a maximum of 3 posts before it dissolves. Any person hit by it cannot be hit again - any subsequent contact with the Godedge has absolutely no effect on them.

    This is the true power of his lineage and to use it, Aegis needs to be able to focus and have his hands free. If those conditions are covered, the azure knight closes his eyes and focuses on the magical core beating in his chest under the guise of a heart, entering its list of directives. Having deactivated his own defensive systems, essentially losing his personality and emotions, he directs the life force that sustained those parts of him into something else - releasing the 'stopper' on his magical core. This whole process takes about 2 seconds, during which Aegis’ left hand grabs his right wrist. A moment after, his whole right arm gets covered by scandalous amounts of magical energy that appears to ‘drain’ down it from his shoulder. The energy swirls and coils around his limb for another second before the azure knight finally opens his eyes, shooting a glare towards his enemy if they are in his line of sight. As he does so, Aegis clenches his right fist; a heavily condensed sphere of magic forms between his palm and his fingers, emitting a bright white light. From it, a 50-metre-long beam of pure, condensed mana shoots out, forming itself to only barely resemble a sword.

    Nazonian Twins:

    Wielder: Dederik
    Description: Born within the realm of Nazo Phenomenons are a common occurrence and the birth of those known as Dederik and Deidara was one such Phenomenon. Their journey started out as a single fertilized egg that split apart into two, following the stages towards creating two separate beings, twins. However as they developed within the womb over the months they began to be pulled towards one another, merging and forming once again into a single individual. As they reached toddler age the two of them once again separated after falling from the top of a staircase. Even so each half was its own being and as they grew up they developed a physical prowness that could almost match their peers separated, however when they fused once again they would end up with a far superior body than by normal standards.

    Unification: Upon fusing the twins takes on the form of either Dederik or Deidara and has the base stats as detailed in the following section. The new form benefits fully from magical passives and if either Dederik or Deidara were under the influence of a spell the new form is also affected by it. They are capable of splitting up the remaining mana from the fused form’s mana pool into the separated forms however they wish, although no twin may have more than they would be capable of housing. When this new form is damaged it is capable of replacing the damaged section of the body with that of the other’s. However the damage remains until it is healed naturally or magically, resulting in if they separate than the wound would appear on the owner’s flesh.

    With their strong connection both physically and spiritually, their souls seek one another out more so than they seek to pass on. This results in the deceased twin’s soul capable of reuniting with the living twin to take up residence within them. When this happens the living twin is capable of accumulating magical healing and storing into a pool that it is unable to draw upon. Once the pool reaches 150% worth of healing, the deceased twin’s body is reformed within the living twin’s at full capacity.

    Misc: The fused form can only be maintained for a 5 post duration and 6 post cooldown. There is no duration restriction in socials.

    Base Stats Fused
    Strength: Rank+70%
    Endurance/HP: 170%
    Speed: Rank+70%
    Reaction Time: Rank/2
    Mana: 100%

    Divide and Conquer: The twins are in their separated form, creating identical copies of anything affecting them or merged with them during the time of the separation. Their new base stats are detailed in the section below and they receive half the stat boosts from their magic passives while separated. This means that when they separate any benefitial or harmful effects that were in place on the fused form are now given to each of the twins. While they are separated the twins also share the cool downs for spells and passives.

    Base Stats of Each
    Strength: 85%
    Endurance/HP: 85%
    Speed: 85%
    Reaction Time: Rank
    Mana: 50%

    Clockwork Soul:
    Clockwork Soul[/color]

    Mark Baxter

    Demons have existed since the beginning of time. Gods and demons. Good and evil. Locked in an eternal struggle for power, Gods and Demons have been waging wars ever since they have existed, getting innocent beings caught in the crossfire. The Gods fighting for order and all that is good in the world, while the Demons fought for nothing but complete chaos.

    But there is always an anomaly. Tasuruha. A demon just as old as any other, Tasuruha never believed in the chaotic ways of his brethren. He didn't fight in any of the Omnipotence Wars, he hid. Hid from the reality that was his race, hid from the fact that he was never destined to anything other than chaos, war, destruction. Tasuruha did not believe his fate was set in stone, he believed that he could be a God.

    But Tasuruha was not all-powerful, like all demons, he has one specific dominion. Tasuruha is the Demon of the Clockwork, the Metal Demon. And so, his ultimate creation was a bit... unorthodox, to say the least. To prove to himself that he was a God, Tasuruha created life. He created the Clockwork Child, a living being, with a body made entirely of clockwork.

    Tasuruha knew he had to hide his creation, the other Demons would banish him, perhaps even kill him, if they discovered his creation. For years, the child stayed hidden, doing as Tasuruha commanded, but there came a day when curiosity got the better of him, and he left his quarters. He wasn't gone for even five minutes when he was caught. Noting that this was Tasuruha's handiwork, the other demons confronted him about the child. Tasuruha refused to acknowledge that he had created the Clockwork Child. Unfortunately, he never was a very good liar. The other demons didn't buy into it, and Tasuruha was banished, with nothing but the Clockwork Child to accompany him.

    The pair soon discovered that the world was cruel to a demon and his metal-skinned companion, and so Tasuruha had an idea. Tapping into the reserves of his power he would regularly never even dare to access, Tasuruha was able to create a thin organic veil for his Clockwork Child, masking him and making him look like any regular human. Taking into this dormant power had consequences, however, it cost Tasuruha his own physical body. He was nothing more than a spirit. And so, he hid in the body of his own child.

    The Gods and the Demons both observed Tasuruha's journey, each of them granting something to the pair. The Demons gave Tasuruha and his child the curse of mortality, they were doomed to die eventually. But the Gods gave them the gift of rebirth. Whenever the child died, he would be reborn, and Tasuruha's spirit would eternally accompany him.

    Mark is the thirty-fourth incarnation of the Clockwork Child. Some lived to old age, some died as mere children. Like each incarnation, Mark looks different and uses different magic, but inside, he is still made of metal, and the spirit of Tasuruha still resides within him. Though Mark himself cannot access memories of his previous life, Tasuruha still stores all of them.

    Matter of Style:

    Two Souls || One Body: Mark and Tasuruha live in parallel, two souls occupying one body. Mark is the dominant one, taking control of the body most of the time, but Tasuruha speaks to him in his head. The catch is, Tasuruha can only communicate with Mark once he discovers that he's not human.
    One Body || Limitless Potential: The synthetic skin that covers up Mark's clockwork body is easily modified with magic, so he can take on any form he wants, as long as it's humanoid in shape. Taking the form of other player characters requires OOC permission. Mark cannot take on the abilities of any forms he takes.
    Two Souls || Many Lives: The Gods gifted Mark and Tasuruha with reincarnation. Whenever they die, they are reborn ina new body, with a new look and new magic, but retaining the same clockwork core.
    Inner Workings: Mark is able to touch anything with some sort of complex system that operates it and instantly know exactly how it operates. He's also able to fix most broken machinery with a touch of his hand. Conversely, he can break most kinds of machinery just by touching it for a few seconds.
    Tick Tock: Mark has an impeccable sense of time due to being made of clockwork, he always knows the right time, right down to the millisecond. Also, if you listen to him closely enough, you'll hear the faint tick-tocking of a clock.
    Abilities & Usage:

    Synthetic Skin: The synthetic skin that masks Mark's inner workings has some really neat abilities. The most important of these abilities is how it acts as a type of armor. Mark's skin can take a single hit of Mark's rank (up to S-Rank). Any damage above Mark's rank immediately shatters the skin, but will not overflow. Any shattered skin regenerates after 5 posts.  The Synthetic Skin is also very elastic. This is passive.

    Demonsteel: The metal that constitutes Mark's body is made of a special material called Demonsteel, which can only be produced by the demon Tasuruha. Demonsteel is not edible by any slayers, and does a couple of really important things. First of all, it can mend itself, giving Mark a healing factor of 3% of his total HP, following normal regenerative rules. Second of all, it makes him 40% stronger and faster. Third of all, anyone that touches Demonsteel gets burned, losing 10% of their HP (5% per post) for two posts after touching any kind of Demonsteel. A person is immune to the effect for one post after it has worn off. Last of all, it makes him twice as vulnerable to Demon Slayer Magic, it deals double damage to him. This is passive.

    Master of Metal: Mark has complete dominion over the element of metal. He can manipulate any metal (of his rank) that isn't made by someone's magic, and can create metal at will as well. Any metal created or manipulated by Mark does damage equal to his rank in melee damage. Because of this, Mark can also manipulate his own clockwork body to change his shape. This metal cannot be used to block spells, only 5 items may be created at a time, and each item has HP equal to 1/3 of Mark's total HP, though if he has more than 3 things made, that HP decreases to 1/5 of Mark's total HP. If Mark rips open his Synthetic Skin to make way for metal he manipulated, it regenerates the second the metal recedes. Anything created by Mark is made of Demonsteel, but things simply manipulated by him are not. Mark is capable of creating fully functioning metallic apparatuses with this ability, such as mechanical wings. Anything he creates an be destroyed with two hits equivalent to a spell of his rank. This is passive.

    A Clockwork Silver: Being made of a special kind of metal and having the spirit of a metal demon inside of him, metallic weapons are passively 30% less effective towards Mark. Additionally, once per thread, Mark can project an aura with a radius of 50 meters. Any magical weapons of or below Mark's rank within this 50 meter aura lose their magical properties, and their damage output is lowered to that of a Weak weapon (or staying at what it was before, if the weapon was weaker than that). This aura lasts 5 posts and affects allies as well as well as enemies.

    One Body || Two Souls: Though Mark is the dominant soul in the body shared by him and Tasuruha, Tasuruha has the ability to take over, once per thread. Tasuruha's dominance can last up to 5 posts, and when he takes over, Mark's appearance is altered. His eyes turn a deep scarlet color, his hair turns a bleached white color, and his teeth become slightly pointed. While Tasuruha is out, he is incapable of using Mark's magic, whatever that may be. Instead, he gains a silver aura similar to the 'Spirit Warrior' lineage, and follows all the same rules:

    Upon usage, the user loses the ability to cast any of their magic abilities. Instead, for once per thread and for 5 posts or until destroyed they can manipulate their spirit aura to fight their foes in a variety of ways like a puppet. The aura protects the user from all damage but will take it itself. The spirit is vulnerable and not affected by armor or defensive abilities,  having the default HP of the user’s rank. If the spirit is destroyed the user will take 50% of their current HP in damage. All damage it deals is the user’s rank in spell damage.

    Knight King's Descendant:

    Lineage: Knight King’s Descendant
    Wielder: Alexander Easton
    Description: Long ago before the world was brought into order ruled a single man. This man ruled over the country that is now known as Bellum. This man was known as one of the strongest warriors of all times, his physical strength could rival a demigod or so they say. This man was such a skilled warrior that no weapon was a stranger to him, all weapons touched by the man became an extension of the man.  One story accounted that while in a duel with another skilled knight the Knight King broke 5 swords from the strength of his blows alone. The Knight King was so powerful that even mages feared him. It is said that through years of him training under a powerful mage that he was blessed with the ability to shrug off magical attacks and effects. This caused him and his family to be often targeted by mages.

    He ruled over the region for ten years before having his child, once his son was born the attacks from mages and rival kingdoms grew to the point that he feared the safety of his family. He, his wife, and his child fled the country as his rivals were about to raid the capitol city. After they fled they would go from country to country until his great great great grandson ended up in the country of Fiore. There have been five generations since they came to Fiore. The family’s money is all gone, the knowledge of this great ancestor is but just a silly myth to them though they all have some sort of incredible skills that cannot be explained other than believing who their ancestor was.

    • Honed Body: Due to the Knight King’s blood running through the user’s veins they naturally have their physical strength boost by 50%. This causes this natural ability seems to cause the muscles on the descendant to be much larger and refined looking.  Due to the stress having this much strength stresses Lex’s body out causing healing spells to only do 75% the normal amount of healing on him.

    • Master of the Battlefield: The one that has this blood flowing through their veins seems to be at home when in the midst of battle. This causes them to have their speed and strength boosted by 5% every post that they are in a thread. This causes them to become much deadlier as the thread goes on. This will cap out at 50% for each stat though it will take 10 post to get to this level of strength, making any smart mage to attack all out during the start of the thread before Lex gains momentum.

    • Armament Master: The Knight King was known as having the skill to use nearly any weapon at a mastery rate, even those weapons that he had never used before. While this mystical ability has been watered down throughout the years the Knight King’s descendants naturally deal 75% more damage with any weapon that they use though it is said that due to how much they push a weapon that the weapon would naturally take 10 points of damage, plus 2 every rank they are past D, every time they are used to attack or defend.

    • King’s Treasury:At the end of a mission Lex may roll an enemy dice to see what extra loot him might be able to rack in. While there is a chance for some nice rewards there is also the chance of a small reward, it is all up to fate.

      • D Rank: Weak
      • C Rank: Strong
      • B Rank: Strong +
      • A Rank: Strong +
      • S rank: Legendary
      • SS Rank: Legendary +
      • 10 Y: Legendary +
      • 100 Y: Artifact

    • Killing Blow: Every 5 post the user can make a single blow that ignores all forms of defense, buffs, or abilities cutting right into the health of the enemy. This is limited to physical attacks only so that it is rather limited in its range so that it is not overpowered. This will only work against defense/armors/buffs that's his rank or lower, those a rank higher will only take half damage directly while the other half hits the shield, 2 ranks or higher will ignore this skill.


    • Honed Body is passive
    • Master of the Battlefield is passive
    • King’s Treasury is only used at the end of the job
    • Armament Master is passive
    • Killing Blow is only able to be used on physical attacks once every 5 post.


    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Guest on February 16th 2018, 5:18 pm

    Grace of the Chinese Zodiac:

    Name: Grace of the Chinese Zodiac
    Wielder: Salrynn
    Once upon a time, in a little village, lived a mother and father who came from two families that hated each other very much, the Xiao’s and the Guiyang’s were always like that for years and years. So when Summer’s mother and father ran off, they took themselves to a little village and resided there from there on.

    Like Summer herself, they both grew up admiring their oriental values and with that, they embraced the chinese zodiac heavily as it was in their blood to do so. Eventually, they passed on these traditions to Summer and continued to tell the budding gymnast about the tale of the chinese zodiac. The 12 animals had to go through some sort of race to organize the zodiac. Being little, Summer embraced this side of her very much because it was a part of her bloodline…

    “Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Go, watch over the only young Guiyang and keep her safe in the name of the zodiac… she has my blessing.”


    Zodiac Auras - Being part of a bloodline of the chinese zodiac means the user can sense everyone within a 30 meter radius that is placed into the 12 categories of the chinese zodiac. If you are associated with the chinese zodiac (their birth year places them in a category of the chinese zodiac) then your aura will be sensed by Summer herself (which is effective for mages who like to camouflage/mask their scent/go invisible). This does not work on the undead (as they have died) and this does not work on anything that was man made (machines, cyborgs etc) as they were created by man and were not given life in terms of birth. However, the ones with all the senses will have this sense too if they are within the 30 metre radius, those invisible to all the senses will remain unseen.

    Zodiac’s call  - The Zodiac bless anyone with the correct means to do so, this means that Summer is blessed by the zodiac themselves and that they will always watch over the young female. When being watched over, the chinese zodiac will take every hit for Summer and instead manages to cut melee damage by a quarter. The other three quarters will still hit Summer as the chinese zodiac animals will only be seen briefly while they are hit. This is mainly incase someone tries to take her down with melee combat as Summer prefers to fight with her hands, her feet and her weapon while utilising the occasional spell here and there.

    Float of the Zodiac - Thanks to the great dragon himself of the zodiac, Summer is able to float 5m off the floor for one post and she won’t be able to float again for 4 posts. With this, Summer is able to utilise her spells and melee attacks but cannot perform her gymnastic moves whatsoever to dodge, which is ALWAYS a downside as she relies on her gymnastic moves a lot. While floating, Summer’s speed increases by 25% and drops back to normal when she stops floating.

    Zodiac strength - in grassy areas, Summer could simply crouch down and Summer will then be as camouflaged as a tiger for the duration that she is crouched into the grass. Mages can still sense her really easily though, this is just easier for her to make surprise attacks.

    Zodiac’s calm affinity - Being attuned to the power of the zodiac, Summer has an affinity for making everyone within a 25 metre radius to feel much calmer, this won’t stop their anger completely, but it will make everyone within that radius less likely to /want/ to attack her at full force.

    Plot ability:
    Zodiac Spirits - Without knowing, Summer has the ability to access a realm that is specifically for the ones chosen by the Chinese Zodiac. Summer may be one of blessed ones, but there is more to that than it looks. As her powers grow, so is her ability to speak to the animals of the chinese zodiac themselves, they can even show themselves to Summer if they deem necessary, and quite possibly show themselves to anyone they want to. Every thread that Summer is involved in, Summer can communicate with these zodiacs and listen to their advice (or nagging)

    Realm access - In social threads, Summer may access this realm in her own choosing and even show it off to her friends so long as they hold her hand when they go through the portal, they can stop holding hands when they are in the realm. Summer may only bring 5 people into her realm at once (excluding the royals, which is explained in the next ability)

    Zodiac royalties - Along with Summer, there will also be royalties that are associated with the chinese zodiac, while they don’t rule the whole realm like Summer does, they are classed as someone who the chinese zodiac look upon in their respective right. There is one problem though… Summer has to find them in order to activate their connection to the zodiac realm. When she does, a tattoo will form on a part of their body that will connect them to that animal. They don’t have the benefits that Summer have, but they will be able to access the realm in their own free will.

    Creator of Eden:

    Creator of Eden
    Earthland is only one single dimension among many others that exist within the infinite space without a name, a border between worlds. Because of it’s massive size, this space was never fully explored and many unknown things still lure in the endless void. One of these things are strange demons that defy all known categorizations known to men. They prey on unfortunate souls, fulfilling their wishes for exchange of their soul that they then use for unknown purposes. One such demon found a lonely being in an empty space one day and used this opportunity for hise personal gain.
    A girl that was born from nothing more than stray magical energy floating through the void. That being knew nothing of the worlds all around her and was hopeless to do anything. Her life was nothing but boredom in the pitch black world which she occupied. She knew not of words or anything else. She was a sad and lonely existence, born only to suffer the endless solitude. But the demon approach her with a promise. “I will give you power to create anything you want. And for that, you will one day give me the core of your very being.” Without a single bit of hesitation, the girl accepted this offer. After all, she had nothing to lose. At the time, it seemed like she could gain so much, yet lose so little. Because you never know that you miss something until you no longer have it. And this girl had absolutely nothing for as long as she was alive. And she lived for many years, thousands of them. She was willing to trade her very soul for a spec of temporary happiness. And just like that, she obtain power to control powerful world-shaping magic. And the pitch black world all around her was soon transformed into a paradise. An endless garden filled with the most beautiful nature she could imagine in her childish mind. And after the scene was set, she created another living being, shaped after her own image. This resulted in several new girls being born in these Gardens of Eden, and they started worshipping the one who created them as a goddess. Time went on and the girl had fun along with her creations inside of their own little dimension. However, the happiness could not last forever. After many centuries had passed, the demon returned and demanded the goddess’ soul as was promised. But now that the girl finally knew what happiness feels like, she didn’t want to lose it all. In order to trick the demon, she created a new spell that would destroy her old body and have it be reborn anew. Thus the one who promised their soul would be technically dead while the girl in her new body would regain all she had. But as it happened, an interference from a world called Earthland caused her spell to fail, resulting in her soul being split in two. And from the other path, another girl was born. Her name was Leila and after several years, she managed to defeat her other half, regaining her status as the goddess of Eden. Even the demon had left her alone, claiming that watching two halves of one soul fight to the death was enough of a payment for him. And along with her lost power, she regained her true history and lineage as well.

    Combat abilities:
    God’s eight wings - After re-obtaining her status as goddess, a black tattoo that represents eight wings appeared on her back. During battle, this tattoo disappears and instead transforms into eight black orbs that give off a purple glow. Each of them is just a little bigger than Leila’s palm and they all float in circular formation behind her back. Leila can control them with the flow of her magical energy and uses them as mostly ranged weapons, each ball dealing Leila’s regular light melee damage upon contact (50% of regular melee damage). Their shape can also change freely into anything that is not bigger than 2 meters in any dimension, even sometimes taking shape of different weapons. But even in that form, they will still deal regular melee damage per hit. When at least four of these balls form together to form a shield, they can block one single spell of Leila’s rank with exception of H-ranked spells that cannot be blocked. However, this will make them shatter into pieces and they won’t come for next two posts, creating cooldown for this ability. They fly through the air at speed of 50 meters/second and cannot go more than 100 meters away from Leila.

    Aura of the Forest - As the ruler of Gardens of Eden, Leila constantly emits an aura of natural energy that comes directly from her dimensions. It affects all allies in the area of 25 meters around Leila, filling them with the warmth of positivity and cures their ailments that were inflicted during battle or from any other source. All internal ailments that affect the body from inside such as poison, curses and motion sickness are cured completely while ailments that affect one’s body from the outside such as burning or freezing have their effect decreased by 25% if they are of the same rank as Leila or 50% if they are of rank below Leila’s.

    Eden’s Venom - Plants in the magical Garden can have many different effects on the enemy, some that might not be induced by ordinary Earthland’s plants. Leila can coat her arms with vines that bear thorns coated in this venom, capable of inducing many different effects anywhere from poison, paralyzation to a venom that causes the affected person to be seduced. If damage is inflicted, it will be equal to spell damage of Leila’s rank in the next post and paralyzing effects can only last one single post. If used against another player characters, things need to be first allowed OOC.

    Growth - While Leila mainly commands forces that come from the Gardens of Eden, she is also capable of altering nature of Earthland quite easily. Whenever she finds herself in a place that has rich flora, she can use everything around her as a weapon instead of having to create her own spells from the scratch. In other words, this ability allows Leila to use already existing trees, roots and vines for her spell, making whatever she casts cost only 50% MP. Naturally, this ability cannot be used in places with little to no fauna at all like deserts and such.

    Breathing Fortress - Having her body infused with the essence of the Gardens and the durability of all the trees found within, Leila’s health is permanently increased by 50%. However, this also comes with the disadvantage of her unusual body structure that doesn’t work like the one of humans. Because of that, any and all healing spells are 50% less effective when used on the Eden’s mage.

    Plot abilities:
    Immortality - As long as the Gardens of Eden exist, Leila cannot rightly die. If her HP reaches 0, her body will completely wither away in an instant, only for Eden’s tree to grow in that place, giving birth to the girl anew few days later. (Next thread)

    Reconstruction - After creating an entire dimension, changing few things is not exactly a big problem. With this ability, Leila can completely reshape her body and make it look entirely different from how she usually is. However, her magical energy is still exactly the same, which means this change cannot actually fool anyone during battle.

    Storage dimension - Having access to the Gardens of Eden at all times, Leila can bring over more than just natural elements for spells. This ability is connected to the wardrobe inside of her home, allowing her to re-equip her outfit at any time and in any situation without restriction. These new outfits have to actual benefits and are purely aesthetic.

    Fountain of Life - Everywhere the Eden’s mage goes, life sprouts from her magical energy. With this aura, she can make grass and flowers grow even in places like the most dry desert of Earthland. Leila can activate and deactivate this aura how she pleases and extend it’s range up to 100 meters in all directions from her body, capable of transforming large places into something of great beauty in an instant.

    Friend of Nature - Even though she has her own garden that is very different from all flora found in Earthland, Leila’s aura is still very pleasant to all animals that could be found anywhere in the dimension. They will take her as a friend from the very beginning and in some cases might even do her bidding. This however does not add to her battle capabilities or pet count, as the spell does not support aggression and thus cannot even affect animals that are already hostile towards the girl for whatever reason.

    Spiritual infusion - As a being that was born from pure magical energy long ago, Leila should be considered to be more of a spirit rather than human. And with her pure status of body, she can actually freely infuse herself with powers of the spirits that she has under her control, those that worship her as a goddess. However, something like this requires a serene state of mind that is instantly broken when entering combat, meaning it’s something she can only use outside of battle. While most of her spirits don’t have anything that would help her in such situations, the zodiac Libra does. Infusing herself with powers of the heavenly scales, Leila can gain the ability to defy gravity and simply float in the air at the same speed she can walk or run at.

    Gateway - As a resident of the Gardens, it’s only natural that Leila can open a multi-dimensional gate that leads to her home. This is a simple teleportation gate that can be easily canceled by any spells that are meant to disable spacial magic and cannot activate it during combat to escape her enemies. Traveling to this gate usually puts Leila out of the thread she uses this in or the other way around, can be used as entry into a thread.

    Infinite Creation - Another form of free-forming the trees and roots summoned from the Gardens, only completely unlimited. Of course something like this takes a great deal of concentration and thus cannot be used during combat when Leila has to focus on fighting. And unlike the actual free-forming, creations made by this ability will remain in the world until they are destroyed. That said, it takes any simple attack to shatter them completely if one so desires.

    Clone of the First Clone:

    Name: Clone of the First Clone

    Wielder: Nao

    Description: Under Earthland a world of Naos exist under the guise of a genetic engineering lab. Though now derelict from its magical, religious zealot scientists, the factory itself has stored inside it a cloning program that reacts whenever Nao dies. Inside a near infinite stasis chambers house a near infinite number of Naos, all wiped clean of memories, besides a basic program of data about the current planet, and some data from the memory bank of the current clone.

    Now there is an infinite number of Nao’s hidden in a lab somewhere on Earthland, just waiting for the next Nao to expire before releasing another. These Nao’s have some inkling that they’re not the original, but it’s always in the back of their mind.

    Currently Earthland is on its 42nd iteration of Nao.

    The lab has learned, and adapted to the previous demises of previous Nao’s, granting effects to better help the next Nao survive and thrive.

    Send in the clone (passive plot effect): When Nao dies, he is instead replaced by another clone from the lab. The lab has never made a perfect clone, so Nao's character and magic change as if making a new character, but keeps the lineage. Because of this Nao also gets existential crisis of his past, flashbacks of former lives as if he lived them,

    Soulless (passive plot effect): Because Nao is a clone, he doesn’t actually have a soul or anything like that. Instead he’s just got part of the lab knowledge embedded in him like an entity. Finding a soul is actually impossible when it comes to Nao.

    Centuries Centennial (passive): Being technically hundreds of years old, the Nlab has brought together knowledge against people who had been able to cast spells with quick efficiency, as well as people who have been able to cast freely without getting tired. The knowledge gained from tens of Naos fighting and dying against  these kinds of opponents has led to the current Nao gaining one extra signature slot to be used for defensive or support purposes, ranking up to S rank along with him. This must be written up in his primary magic topic.

    Energy Efficient (passive): Having learned from a combination of magic Naos, this one has managed to gain the ability to recharged pretty efficiently. This raises his mp regeneration to the max of 22% per 5 posts but cannot have any more passive mp regeneration thereafter.

    Clone trooper: Nao may have 1 more pet slot to use in topics. However it must be a companion no stronger than Legendary, cannot be the same rank as another pet that he owns, and once the pet has been made cannot have its spells/abilities changed. Items can be added but only up to its rank. This companion must be purchased from the store, and every item approved just like any other pet.

    Counterfit Cash: Jobs give 100% more jewel rewards.

    Clone Spell (active): While having gained the knowledge from other clones, the lab also learned how to replicate other people’s spells; copying them with exact detail. This ability is passed on to the current Nao alive. When activated, this copies every detail about the spell used by someone else, and keeps it in a bank for the remainder of the thread. The user can then use that spell, treating it as if it was the spell of the original caster, and gaining the bonuses and effects, strengths, weaknesses, and UA abilities at the time of it being cast. If it allows for other spells and effects to be cast, then it gains them to if they have been seen being used. Nao may also copy his own move to gain a second version of the spell with its own separate cool down, but it is subjected to the same rules such as it must have been cast before, and it follows all strengths, weaknesses, effects and UA changes. The spell must have been seen before it can be used, and it can be forgotten if this ability is used again. It cannot copy spells above the user’s rank, nor can it copy lineage spells. The user may then active this ability to cast the spell without an mp cost, or to forget the last spell used and instead taking up a new ability. To take up a new ability, the old spell must be off of cool down to prevent constantly changing up the spell. If the spell requires a holder item of some sort, or a pocket dimension, or anything of the sort then it creates a synthesised one as if Nao has it. The spell has a 4(+1 per rank) cool down, costs mp equal to the spell rank copied (up to S rank), and requires Nao to have seen the spell. The spell is forgotten after the thread.

    Usage: Clone Spell is a 4(+1 per rank) post cool down, the rest of the abilities are passives.

    Bloodline of the Frozen Armor:
    Bloodline of the Frozen Armor:
    Wielder: Kihia Avoa(Kihia)
    Description: At one point in time during a reign of one of the many Ice Kings from Iceberge, the king bestowed his “Blessing” onto Kihia’s ancestors. This blessing gave the Avoa Clan the ability to make use of a powerful spell line called the Frozen armor if they had taken up Ice Make Magic. This spell line has had many reincarnations of itself through the years, each version being completely different than another depending on the Avoa clan member who dons the armor. This power granted the members of the Avoa Clan superior Reflexes(30%), Speed(30%), and Strength(25%). They also obtained two additional Powers. One allows them to be able to freeze incoming spells of their rank or lower, with the exception of fire spells which only fire spells one rank lower and under can be frozen. The other is the ability to form individual pieces of their frozen armor spell, these armor pieces lack their full integrity and only yield half the strengths of their buffs if they correspond to a piece of armor that grants it. Kihia also has the innate ability to Manipulate, or bend ice. However, this is far different Ice Make magic, since he cannot actually mold the ice using this method, it will just bend, deform, and shift to whatever he may need


    • Frozen Defense: Kihia can freeze incoming spells to halt their effects, This is only applies to spells of equal rank to Kihia or lower, with the sole exception of fire spells which only fire spells one rank lower thank Kihia(and lower) can be frozen. This ability can only be used three times in a thread, the effect is instant and it only can be used once every four posts.

    • Frozen Armor Creation: Kihia is able to create individual parts of his Frozen armor spell(Ice make Knight) however they are not as powerful without the rest of the armor, when he forms an individual piece of armor, that piece of armor can only take two spells equal to the rank of

      Ice Make: Knight, and the buffs will only be one fifth of their original boost in exchange for the harmful effects of the armor not taking place. Pieces of armor formed through this means only last for two posts with a five post Cooldown. It only can be use twice per thread and if the created piece of armor is destroyed before the duration ends, Ice Make: Knight will be locked from use for two posts.

      Cryokinesis: Kihia has the ability to control ice in the environment, by bending it to his will. By doing this he can warp or reshape preexisting ice to help form barriers or block an opponent’s path and the like, and ice manipulated(non spell related) can only take one spell regardless of rank and shatter, however if the Manipulated ice is from a spell, it holds the spells durability Value, he has the ability to manipulate an area of thirty meters worth of ice to fit his needs, however the ices will hold no additional properties than it did before. If Kihia manipulates the ice to attack someone, the damage dealt is equal to Kihia’s rank, and will have a different cooldown period. This ability has two cooldown sets, if Kihia bends natural ice or his own ice, there is a two post cooldown, if he attacks with these ice types, there is a five post cooldown, for ice from other mages, this manipulation has a five post cooldown, if he counter attacks with the ice, there is a fifteen post cooldown. He can only attack with his own ice or natural ice four times per thread, as well as he can only manipulate other peoples Ice magic if their equal to his rank or lower(caps at S), and only can control other mages ice three times in one thread, and can only counterattack with their own spell once per thread.

      Supreme Frozen Defense:Kihia can focus on the area around him and then thrust, his hands outward, this will freeze all spells within five meters of Kihia into ice. This is only applies to spells of equal rank to Kihia or lower, with the sole exception of fire spells which only fire spells one rank lower thank Kihia(and lower) can be frozen. The Frozen spell remains its original elemental attunement,(Draconic wind turns into Draconic Ice etc) This ability can only be used once per thread.

    Usage: The stat boosts are passive as for the abilities, Frozen defense is activated by Kihia extend out his right hand and focusing on the incoming spell. For the Frozen Armor creation Kihia has to tap the part of his body where he is forming the piece of armor and say “Frozen Armor creation!” Kihia focuses on the ice he will be manipulating and controls its direction by using his hands in some form. For Supreme Frozen defense, Kihia will assume a wide stance and release a pulse of his own innate magic power.

    Universal Tactician:
    Wielder: Aether Lepan
    Lineage: Universal Tactician
    Description: The world was once cast into turmoil, war was common place and kingdoms fought one another on a daily basis. It seemed like the wars would never end, new kingdoms sprung out from somewhere across the globe seemingly at random, sometimes formed from revolutionary armies from within kingdoms that managed to overthrow the current rulers, however there was always something flawed with the new kingdom that had risen, some reason as to why other kingdoms that surrounded it attempted to lay waste to anything that was not their own.

    That was until one day, a simple man approached his kingdoms leaders in hopes of putting his powers to use. The kingdom was on the brink of defeat and had no reason to refuse the man a position, even after their current tactician had managed to succumb to assassins herself and so he was placed in the vacant position. During his time serving as the kingdoms tactician he had turned the once weak kingdom into a force to be reckoned with, his ability to see the battlefield no matter how far away he was, the ability to quickly and accurately transmit messages to his troops about enemy locations and defences, the ability to detect enemy and ally movement in a large area around him made him basically incapable of being assassinated, his exceedingly overwhelming amount of magic power, and his ability to bring forth monsters from the age of fire with no sort of physical repercussions made him the most powerful man in the kingdoms history. Over all of his time serving as the tactician for their armies he had earned the name of “Universal Tactician” Which even opposing kingdoms knew him by. He however ended up backing down from his place in power after uniting all the kingdoms under one banner, bringing peace to the war torn land where he proceeded to live out the rest of his days and passing his gifts down his bloodline.

    Cosmetic abilities:
    Telepathic Communication: Aether is capable of telepathically connecting his mind with multiple others over large distances, communing messages and commands through a chibified version of himself appearing in their vision akin to that of an AI appearing in a HUD.

    Birds-eye-view: Aether is capable of switching his sight from his current view to that of a top-down view (50m) of any battlefield taking place in the world, so long as he has knowledge that the battle is taking place.

    Not-so-cosmetic abilities:
    Minimap: Aether has a semi-transparent circle in his vision at all times which displays a 2D topographical map of the area in a 50 meter radius around him, with the people in the area appearing as grey dots, turning red when they become hostile and remaining green if he has knowledge that they are allies.

    Greater Mana: Aether has a larger mana storage than the regular mage, bringing his max mana up to 125% instead of the regular 100%

    Lessened pressure: Aether is capable of summoning 1 extra summon without feeling the effects of oversummoning.

    All abilities: passive

    Possessed Bosconian Technology:
    Possessed Bosconian Technology
    Wielder: Yodoras
    Description: The wielder of this lineage was hand crafted in a top secret Bosconian Weapon Research lab, as a result this state of the art piece of technology is unique, however its noq possessed by a powerful demon, altering its capabilities as well as enhancing them. The Nanite has a increased magic storage(20%), and its Nanite Swarms have an increased, strength, speed, and reflex parameters(25% each). In Addition, the Nanite can control a near infinite amount of smaller nanite drones using them as a swarm. This Swarm closely defends the controller, as well as giving it the ability to perfectly disguise itself as anything bigger than it in appearance, magical aura, as well as voice. They also can combine and form numerous weapons that count as weak teir weapons for general use.  The last technique the swarm is capable of is creating visual clones of the current disguise of the head nanites main swarm. Alongside all of this, the Nanite has two unique abilities that gives it an edge over technology, having the ability to “consume” Technology to be able to learn its capabilities and have its nanite’s easily replicate it. As well as having the ability to hack into, and take control of other machines temporarily. All Swarm based abilities can only go as far as the range Yodoras can control the swarm, which is 20 meters.

    Aside from the technological abilities the demon within gives the Machine strange dark powers, including the ability to silence all sound within a 30 meter area, opening a dark gate that allows instantaneous travel between two points. Lastly it can release an immensive wave of darkness that not only consumes light, but deals damage to those caught in it.

    • Flight: (Passive) Yodoras and his swarm have the natural ability to fly, as it is their primary means of locomotion
    • Protective Swarm: (Passive) Yodoras has two layers of HP, one being the Nanite swarm that acts with a normal HP gauge, then Yodoras itself has its own that becomes accessible once the first is gone, this HP gauge if Yodoras is hit, will be instantly one shot by any attack disabling Yodoras for the rest of the thread.
    • Swarm Disguise: Yodoras can control its swarm to perfectly disguise itself as anything bigger than its own body in all ways. This is mainly used for social interaction as well as giving him the capability to infiltrate nearly any organization with Ease. The Disguises cannot be larger than 10 meters in height.
    • Weaponized Swarm: Yodoras Can manipulate its nanite swarm to morph into weak tiered weapons for general use, these morphed weapons are weaker than it’s spell based ones as they only deal Physical damage.
    • Cloning Swarm: The Swarm can be manipulated to create Visual clone like decoys to help throw off an opponent. At D rank it can only manage two Clones, at C 4, B-S 8 clones. Additionally starting at C rank it can load one Clone with One spell that is not on cooldown for its own Use. At B rank Two clones each with one spell, and A-S 3 clones. When a clone is created with a spell loaded the MP for that spell is instantly taken out of Yodoras’s magic storage for the Swarm to utilize.
    • Technology Assimilation: Yodoras can command its swarm to “Consume” Machines or technology to get the most accurate data it can and then be able to recreate the piece of technology for later use. When it comes to player owned Items that are Consumed it is only lost for that thread, and only can be consumed if Yodoras manages to wrap his swarm around it. At D and C rank this only Affects, Weak tiered equipment and pets, at B Rank Strong Tiered Equipment and pets. At A Rank, Legendary grade Equipment and Pets and Lower Tiered Ships. At S rank Artifact grade Equipment and pets and mid tier ships.
    • Technological Supremecy: Yodoras can hack and take control of advanced magic systems or machines if he is able to place a bundle of nanites on its structure. For anything under ten meters in size he only needs one packet, however for every ten meters in size it requires one more packet to take control, each packet has to be evenly distributed and cannot be right next to each other.(Atleast ten meter space in between). For Player owned Items and Pets He only controls them for three posts, At D and C rank this only Affects, Weak tiered equipment and pets, at B Rank Strong Tiered Equipment and pets. At A Rank, Legendary grade Equipment and Pets and Lower Tiered Ships. At S rank Artifact grade Equipment and pets and mid tier ships.
    • Dark Silence: This ability Generates an Absolute no sound zone within a 30 meter diameter around Yodoras, making communication by voice nearly impossible. This Ability lasts for three posts with a five post cooldown, and it only can be used three times per thread.
    • Dark Teleportation: Yodoras can create a dark gate to teleport himself over a great distance(Social purposes) or short distances(combat purpose) by creating a pure black gate and walking through it. Once he does within a 40 meter area(For combat) another gate will appear as he then steps out of it. In order to teleport in combat he has to have a line of site either with the swarm OR itself. This ability is instant in use and has a five post cooldown and can only be used twice per thread.
    • Void Pulse: Yodoras release a powerful pulse of pure darkness dealing his rank in damage to anyone it hits in a 45 diameter sphere, additionally to this once it is used the natural light in the surrounding area will grow dimmer and dimmer seemingly being eaten away from the malefic aura causing the environment to be in nearly absolute darkness. Making it hard to see unless one has a different form of vision. This state of darkness lasts for 8 posts, and can only be used once per thread.

    Usage: All Passives are constant. For the Technological based abilities Yodoras will send out a command script to the swarm as they then perform the desired action. For the Demonic abilities Yodoras has to be in a disguise of some form, for Dark Silence he has to speak out the words of the ability to activate it. For Dark Teleportation he will point a direction while channeling the demonic energies out of itself (as well as the swarm)and right infront of his finger the gate will appear. For Void Pulse He will extend both arms out and say, “Eat away the Light and Let Eternal Darkness come forth!”

    Quatro and Stella:


    Quatro and Stella

    Former Custom Lineages Qsw5


    "I just want to be with my son again... I would do anything. So please... Just let me get to him!"

    But in death, what value does mercy have?

    Cash, Grass, or Ass, nothing comes for free in this life. Lets see, you can't have cash here. You certainly don't any land. And-

    You will NEVER get such a thing from me!

    Then that is clear. I'm the only one that can bring you to him.

    ...Don't you miss Uriel?

    You will not speak about my child in my domain! Now silence, before I remove that damned tongue of yours forever!

    But she did not stay still forever. The many times she would constantly beg and eventually scream, crying. The years, almost couple of decades, of trying, even someone as strong as her was breaking down. She did not want to die right after the birth of her son. Hell, did anyone? And so even though she was a dead spirit, trapped in a world where she was alone in death with... Death, who required a spiritual marriage in order for the spirit to gain life. Kia...Reiaki.

    And so she eventually lost it, trying to cross the gate of life and death to try to get back to Elyx. The rule was simple, get to the world again and bind yourself to a human, and you stay with them until that human dies. Kia did not have to see Death for so long, but most importantly, she can finally be with her son once again. And surprisingly, she had gone very far, but her timing could have not been any more poor. The human had to accept the spirit into their lives... But her son was sleeping.

    Damn it... He's sleeping!

    And there was no way for him to wake up. Her voice is silent to his ears until he wakes up.

    I... Love you so much... My child.

    She would craft something from his soul, two beings. It did not affect his soul in any way. She had witnessed every single step of his journey, from him being a runaway child to him joining the guild. The first being was crafted from half of her spirit and half of Elyx's soul. Both fused to make a little brunette spirit, and Kia named her Stella. Stella represented the innocence that the boy once had in his life, the happiness, the youth. And to guide and protect her was a second being named Quatro. Quatro was a darker character, made from the nastier parts of her sons soul. It was his pain and misery, knowledge of what could happen, the wanting to protect the innocence that was still there. And despite this, he is a mute. But... The pain has also taught him many things, and learn to appreciate things as well. Despite being so quiet and protective of Stella, he has a good heart. But...


    NO... Elyx! No matter what, I will always be by your side! Even when I'm not in this form! I lo-

    A static mixed with a short, high pitched scream that eventually was cut with dead silence. Elyx heard none of this, not while he could not hear spirits in his sleep. Stella and Quatro were waiting for Elyx to awaken. Kia was right, she would always be by her son, even while she is not even in her form, or any form. Stella.

    Former Custom Lineages Deemo_by_sishenfan-d8tni3d

    Plot Abilities:
    -Pure Silence: Quatro can erase Elyx's existence, placing Elyx in a World of Music instead where he is isolated from everyone, everywhere. Not a single being can enter this without Quatro's permission, and this ability can't be defied in any way. This can only be used in socials. These socials do not include PvP ones.

    -Free Summoning: Quatro and Stella can summon themselves for as long as they feel in social threads. They do not come prepared with any abilities or fighting equipment while in this state.

    -Lerale Life: Elyx's HP does not drop below Zero, Kia's death being the cost rather than his own body. Instead, his body shatters into light and dissolves, staying away for three days. After that, he returns back to where he died in a perfect state. (Next thread)

    -Star Telepathy: Quatro has the ability to send and receive thoughts through the minds of others. This can only be used in socials.

    -Denied Sensory: Quatro can botch any magic sensory of his, Stella, or Elyx. Anyone or thing that tries to sense them while this were active will be lead far astray from them. This ability can't be seen through.

    -Gateway Through The Stars: Can only be used in Socials and only Socials. The user can pass through the gate that crosses between life and death, allowing them to speak with those who had died. Alternatively, they could just be passing through and arriving at a location that Stella can choose. Only Elyx, Stella, and Quatro can enter this gateway.

    -Chocolate: Stella can summon chocolate whenever she feels. Because chocolate is good for the soul.

    -MLG Replay: There is a 1% chance of a sudden Airhorn and flashing light montage when Elyx defeats an enemy.

    -Levitation Image: Elyx can lift objects with his mind that are within 20 meters of range. This can't be done onto opponent spells and other beings. This only affects Weak monsters. Anything thrown this way will fire at up to 100 MPH, but not inflict any damage.

    -Emptiness: Elyx's senses can null at any time, reducing how much he cares about the outside world and other mages in general. However, he does not dare let himself even be touched, this can be an aggressive version of him.

    Battle Abilities:
    Lerale Blood:

    Blood burning at temperatures higher than most, the Lerale blood consists of a simple Phoenix feather within them from a century ago. With this being the case, they obtain this new case designed to burn through the health bars of an opponent quickly. Therefore, the swift burn system was created in order to prevent an opponent from standing for too long. If an opponent gets within 100 meters of the users, they obtain the following effect while within that range: The target can't use spells to increase their HP. When their HP is being increased, the increase is cut in half.

    Lerale Feather Spark:

    While the opponent is within 50 meters of the user, they obtain this effect: Any spells that the target uses ends up burning through 2% HP before it can be cast out. This lasts as long as the opponent stays within range.

    Lerale Decree:

    If the opponent is within 50 meters of the user, they obtain this effect: The opponent loses 5% HP for every post that they are within range.

    Lerale Blood Decree:

    If the opponent is within 100 meters of the user, they obtain this effect: Damage Resistance Buffs lose half of their effectiveness. This lasts while the opponent is within range of this aura.

    Lerale Promise

    Elyx obtains a promise. A promise can be formed in a magical item, a small little music note with the handle being the letter "E". Quatro has the ability to teleport Elyx over to where that promise is located, no matter the distance. There are three modes to it. Casual, where he is needed for a minor task. The promise reads into the memories of the one who uses it, knowing they need a small assistance. Elyx is then notified of it, and will arrive just as casually. The second is alert, in which there is not yet a battle, but tension can be built should he not intervene. Used in mildly serious situations, and he can come there and be the mediator. And finally, berserk. When the promise signals to him, he will be given a small burning sensation within him. He will appear on the scene full-well prepared for a battle. A promise is an item that is bound to the soul of a certain contractor, and will shatter if it ends up in the hands of anyone different than the intended contractor.

    When summoned, the user can obtain half of the jewel reward from a job if he was summoned in it, but no exp or anything else that comes from a job.

    Former Custom Lineages 11256711_464788353678077_652168658_n

    Former Custom Lineages _deemo__magnolia_by_vii_iii-d92kb0g

    King of the Twilight:
    Wielder Kolt
    Name King of the Twilight
    Description: When talking about the curse of twilight, one must keep in mind, that Kolt is an etherious that was created not like normal demons, but out of what was to be a book of zeref. Though an oddity happened with Kolt when he was created. His link that bound him to the dark wizard was severed near instantly, separating him as a individual on his own. This left the dark lord with an issue, but allowed Kolt to do what he wished, and it was to travel and see what the would was like before he did what Zeref asked, to kill him. After several years the dark lord found him again, and asked if he was ready to kill him, and oddly enough Kolt replied with a negative. He told Zeref that instead of trying to kill himself, to attempt to find a way to control his power with runes then go out to live with everyone else. That..didn’t go over so well. Since Zeref was unable to turn Kolt back to a book, or out right kill him he did something else. He turned around, and trapped Kolt in his own curse. Back on the topic at hand. Kolt’s curse is of twilight. It allowed him to see the good and bad of the world regardless of his will to see it or not. Kolt was given this curse in hopes he would give Zeref the depression to end himself, but death cannot come to the deathless.
    King’s form; Amongst the subspecies of demons known as Etherious, there exists some that are able to take a form that they consider to be their true form. Kolt is one of those that have this. The appearance that most people see is close to his true form. When he changes, the most noticeable thing is that fact that his skin shifts to a paler tone, and his hair is flushed of it’s color. From both of his hands a tribal series of tattoos will snake up his arms till they reach his neck before capping themselves with snake like heads that look ready to bite. His eyes light up, going from the deep crimson to a brilliant crystal like red that shifts depending on his expression. In this state, it’s important to those that are around him that he no longer cares for your life once he becomes like this in battle. His prior moral compass is gone, and smashed. He will seek to destroy who had pushed him to this level, no matter the obstacles in his place. If he has any sort of summon out when he actives this they will also bear the same marks up their arms and will diverge on his target. In this state, Kolt’s speed starting at D-rank is boosted by 20%, and increases by 10% per rank. The same is applied to his strength. When this form triggers, it can stay active till combat ends or 5 post{+2 for each past D have passed) since he entered this state, and then he has to wait for 5 posts before it can be triggered again. He can also take this form without the boosts, and have it last indefinitely.
    Polymorph; A straight forward ability. Kolt naturally has the ability due his race to change his form. With a bit of practice, he was able to come to the point that he can naturally change his shape to anything he’d want. Outside of pvp, he can change as often as he’d please, though having to keep the form active for however long. In Pvp Kolt can only take forms that are around the same size as himself, and only for 5 posts before being unable to do it again for that thread. This ability also passively increases his strength by 30%.
    Will of the King; Kolt is somewhat a king in his head in the manner that he has that charismatic manner of speaking. It’s just something about how he talks to people. It demands respect. Anyways, this ability is one that has two sides to it. On one side, the Will of the King comes with a passive trait that is important in jobs. This being that this aura strikes fear in those that are weak willed even if normally unable to feel fear. What this means, Weak foes are terrified of Kolt’s mere presence. The fear is so great that their mind will shut down leaving them effectively dealt with. This effectively eliminates weak enemies that appear in jobs. Strong and Boss level enemies that Kolt comes across generally flinch at first glance, but shake off the fright.
    The King’s Army; To Kolt, a king should have an army. While not always honorable to fight in great numbers, it is better to have them when out numbered. As such this ability allows Kolt 1 more spirit before negative side effects would be inflicted on him.
    Nexus; As many knew, Kolt was sealed into a place for years before he finally came across the method of freedom, and that freedom back in the form of the place that he refers to as the Nexus. For him, it was odd when it came to the twilight world. When he first arrived there, it was life that was there before ceased to exist the moment he was tossed into it. The castle that he inhabited seemed to have everyone removed the moment he entered. It was almost as if his being there incurred a rapture. Regardless. His years continued till one day that he traveled down into the caverns of the castle, and found a large room with a mirror in the center. On closer inspection, it came to him that the mirror reacted with him. A mirror that he’d never seen that’d been there forever reacted with the core of his being, and the curse power that fueled him. Intriguing it was. The mirror opened a portal for him, a portal that seemed to resonate with his power. It took him back to the earthlands, and after that he was able to call a portal whenever he wanted to where ever he wanted to go as long as he could connect the portals. Out of Combat only
    King’s form can be triggered, and will last until combat has ended or 5 post{+2 for each past D have passed), and is on cooldown for 5 posts. It can only be used like this 6 times per thread.

    Polymorph can be used freely, but in Pvp it comes with a 5 post cooldown before he can change again. It also grants a passive 30% strength buff

    Will of the King: Removes Weak enemies from situations, forcing them to pass out. Uneffective on Players unless they want it.

    King’s army allows Kolt to have 1 additional summon out before negative side effects would effect him as per the normal summon rules.

    Nexus allows him to teleport around freely using portals.

    Yin-Yang Monkey Spirit:
    Yin-Yang Monkey Spirit

    Description: Magna was once just an ordinary human with magical abilities. The only thing that really made him stand out was his habit of fusing spells together and the fact that it all related to cooking. However, little did he know, but deep within him resided two animal spirits in a constant state of harmony and conflict. A true yin-yang relationship. After joining Black Rose and becoming an ace he was told to bathe in a pool of special liquid. This spiritual water caused those dormant animal spirits to awaken and his body to change. He gained the monkey tail and pads that are now a trademark of the Asura, as Magna has come to be known. The awakening of these spirits revealed that the reason why he had been so focused on fusion. The twin spider monkeys Frosty and Toasty, as he calls them, work together uniting their seperate powers to perform greater feats, much like Magna himself unites his spells to create stronger feats.

    After gaining the power of the cerberus slayer and becoming even more in tune with spirits, especially the two within him, the true power of the twin monkeys was unlocked allowing him a much greater knowledge of spell fusion. This boost allowed him to unite spells more easily and to greater effect as well as providing a greater knowledge of magic in itself. What's more the spirits themselves now absorb magic from the atmosphere much as Magna does and thus he regenerates magic power a lot faster than other mages.

    Over time as his skill with fusions and magic grew the spirits began to teach him secret techniques of fire and ice. So great in fact that he began to develop new spells from it. In the future more knowledge would be provided and his skill and magic was sure to flourish further.

    However, there was a flaw in this seemingly perfect almost symbiotic relationship. His skill with fusions became so great that he lost sight of basic spells and thus his efficiency with them decreased making them cost more.


    • The user gains an extra spell slot of each rank up to S, but these must relate to 'heat' 'cold' or a combination of the two. These can be applied to either primary or secondary magic. These user cannot combine these slots to get a high rank and if they are not high enough rank to use them then they cannot use them.
    • The user is a master of fusion spells and this is reflected in this. The cost of each item within a spell fusion is reduced by 2%. This stacks with any 'cost reductions' provided via other sources. This ability however will not drop the cost of either spell used in the fusion below 1% (unless it was already 0% such as a D rank being used by an S rank mage) Unfortunately, this makes non-fused spells cost 2% more, even ones that were free(excluding signatures).
    • The user has a modified MP regen allowing them to restore 25% mp over the course of five posts with 5% being restored each post. This replaces the users normal 10% regen. The user cannot have any other form of MP regen modifications.
    • The cooldown of spells when fused is reduced by 1. This stacks with other cooldown reductions. However, no spell can drop below one post in cooldown no matter how many cooldown reductions are used. This excludes signature spells, which would normally have a cooldown of 0 if they were not used in a fusion and instead signature spells can only be used once per post if used in a spell fusion.
    • The user is able to perform spell fusion with weapon spells and unison raid with the user's pet. These will follow the costs of a spell of that rank if Magna himself was to use them rather than being a 'free' component

    Extra spell slots
    All other effects are passives

    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Guest on February 16th 2018, 5:21 pm

    Corrupted King of Knights:
    Corrupted King of Knights
    Wielder: Seru
    Seru’s “heritage” might be stranger than one might think, even amongst strange creatures and beings.  To summarize a long and intricate story, Seru is the result of a demon’s shadow, known as Ayeseru at the time, who peered into Akasha for a brief moment, somehow not being destroyed in the process.  This was after Ayeseru himself died, so only his shadow remained, yet, while it was in Akasha, it peered into the life of a woman who was known as Artoria.  The shadow found itself in a realm devoid of anything; absolute darkness, and from there, it was the catalyst used to create the person that is now Seru.

    Normally, because the shadow was only aware of Ayeseru, it would create a new body suitable for him but because it peered into the memories of Artoria, it for some reason chose her body to be its own, along with retaining memories from both entities, even if they are shattered, scattered and are never willingly accessible, though, even if she doesn’t want to, she’ll experience them here and then.  Because Seru is a strange “mixture” of both Artoria and Ayeseru, she gains several benefits from both.  It’s also because of that reason that her previous memories and knowledge was completely deleted, save for the occasional fragments.

    Seru is an extremely complex entity which even I, the writer, can’t fully explain properly and can only understand, so without further adieu, here are the benefits to this lineage.

    This lineage is composed of many abilities derived from both Artoria and Ayeseru.

    Demonic Blood: These are some of the abilities Ayeseru natrually had, and now, Seru has them, too.  Seru is capable of sprouting wings that look like they’re made out of vile darkness and fly with them.  Whenever Seru swings or attacks, a mysterious vile shadow makes a pretty similar movement, causing that action to practically be doubled; it can have slight changes to it, though, and cannot be targeted, though it cannot perform spells but can take advantage of any duration spells/passives that may be on Seru.  Additionally, she counts as a partial demon, which means that Demon Slayer Magic is more effective on her than any other type of magic damage-wise.  Since Seru isn’t considered a “full” demon, the damage bonuses are halved.  The same applies to any other magic effective against demons.

    King of Knights: Artoria, more commonly known as King Arthur, was said to be the King of Knights.  As a king, she had an astounding amount of charisma, and while the charisma is different, so does Seru.  This allows her to passively inspire her allies around her by just uttering words, allowing them a desire to not let her down; it allows them to take an additional hit of their rank, or the equivalent to.  This effect is not magical in nature.  Artoria was also a battling king, meaning that she fought with her armies in whatever wars or battles they partook in and overtime she gained an otherworldly tenacity and has seen and experienced enough tricks and abilities that she knew how to break out of them.  Seru, too, has this tenacity which makes it so that she and her equipment aren’t affected by effects her rank or lower.  Effects include but not limited to blinds, slows, illusions, burns, etc.  This also applies to anything that would otherwise stop her from using magic; her absolutely pure mana would completely destroy it.  Her default striking speed is also 10 strikes per second; this isn’t counted as magical in nature.  Finally, Seru is capable of ignoring all physical damage resistance and can strike targets that normally cannot be hit with physical attacks; in exchange, she can never have any physical damage resistance on her own.  Armour will also not reduce damage on her.

    Corruption: This is the result when both entities get closer to being “one”.  Both had an overabundance amount of magical energy to begin with so combining the two is overkill; Seru passively has 16% more maximum magical energy.  Seru also has her own universe which she created known as The Void.  There, she is essentially god and can do whatever she desires, though she isn’t aware of it yet.  She can enter it whenever she desires, though it has a 3 post cooldown, and when she returns back to the real world she will return where she previously was; she can bring anyone she desires though it has to be with consent.  The Void changes in appearance depending on Seru, but currently, it’s a universe that’s filled with black, vile shadows and nothing more.  Finally, she has the ability to become “closer” as one with the two entities which she is derived off of; her form will dramatically change.  Her skin gets extremely pale, her eye colour turns yellow, she becomes slightly more muscular, and her outfit will become black; if she’s wearing armour, it will become an extremely dark blue with some red lining on it.  Her wings are automatically activated and they now possess a sinister red outline to them.

    In this form, she becomes closer to both being a demon and the King of Knights; she becomes a lot more menacing and far less kind, though still retains her sanity.  All of her spells and abilities will have increased efficiency by 50%.  This means that everything about them is increased by 100%; range, damage, uses, durability, etc.  Her striking speed will also increase to add an additional 20 strikes per second.  This form lasts for 7 posts, and can only be used once per thread since this one of her actual forms, she doesn’t use anything magical for it.

    All passive abilities with the exception of what is called her entering her universe and “Corrupted King of Knights” form, which lasts for 7 posts and has a single use every thread.

    Storm of the Primordial:

    Wielder: Mudkip
    Name: Storm of the Primordial
    Description: After learning of two different beings, much older than itself, one being noble and one having the ability consistently cause a downpour around itself, wherever it went, Mudkip would try and unlock its true potential, but surprisingly for it, it didn't really have to do much as it seemingly had the same ability as the primordial being. However, this was all after it had made a pilgramage through several oceans to reach the rumored descendant of the primordial being. Once meeting up with the rumored descendant, Mudkip would ask it a few questions, and at the end of the meeting and the descendant having asked Mudkip why it had arrived, and explaining why it was there. The descendant would bestow a gift to Mudkip. One that Mudkip would feel grattitude towards the dscendant.


    Notes- This rain cannot be forever eaten, due to the sheer amount of water produced from it, but this does not stop water slayers from actually eating the rain, it just stops them from trying to get rid of it by eating it. While the heavy rain is active, no other weather effects can be used, in any way, shape or form. These abilities cannot be bypassed or negated in any way, shape or form.

    Primordial Storm - This ability causes a heavy downpour to be cause wherever Mudkip battles, though this is only during battle. The heavy downpour whilst in battle does have more than just being rain as what it does. It causes any fire mage to use 30% more mana, of the spells mana cost, to cast their spells to keep them from being put out by the water, as well as decreasing the power of their spells by 30% as well. Earth mages are also effected, as the earth turns to mud, it causes them to expend the same amount of extra mana to use their spells as a fire mage. This does have a drawback though, as Lightning spells deal 50% extra damage as everything becomes wet in the rain. However, Mudkip's water moves get powered up by 50% and any water mage uses up 30% less mana when using water spells.

    Hydration - Mudkip has this ability to protect itself from effects, such as poison, stuns, burns, freezes and sleeps, while in rain. Should he be afflicted by any of them and be in direct contact with the rain, they are removed from him within one post.

    Swift Swim - While in a body of water or in rain, Mudkip's speed increases by 50% to that of how it normally moves.

    Water Absorb - Any water spell, of his rank or lower, used against Mudkip, rather than damages Mudkip, heals him for 10% HP.

    Black Memories:

    Black Memories

    Wielder: Mesa.

    Description: The daughter of a dark mage and a seer witch Mesa has for the longest time been the tester of her parents experiments into the world beyond death. Due to this her mother bestowed on Mesa the truth of the Black Memories trapping all of the power to see not only the shadows of the dead inside her but also giving her a relic to channel that power through in the form of the gun known as "Sabbath." This research would have been completed and Mesa turned into a seer of the dead had her mother not been killed by the Rune Knights due to her crimes in her magic by both using living subjects and what they called "Child Abuse." With her mother dead and the Rune Knights trying to take her away in the name of saving her Mesa stole her mothers book of magic which also contained Sabbath within the pages. Once she had saved herself through the pact Mesa swore to kill each and every Rune Knight by using the power of the Black Memories to show them each crime they committed and torture them with the emotions of those they killed.

    Abilities (Plot Only):

    Unwanted Sight: (Passive) All around those she see's Mesa will always see small masses of black mist following them. Each mist is unique in that each is the emotional imprint left behind of those that person has killed. Because of this sight she is able to not only communicate with these mists but also learn about how they died and even gain info from them. This is only really useful in areas outside of combat as talking to an invisible black mist of emotion means possible death due to distraction.


    Shadow of Truth: (Passive) Mesa is one who slowly learns of those she fights due to the shadows that surround them. This means that the more she learns the more her magic adapts to someone with her damage against enemies increasing the longer she fights them. This bonus will cap at 50% bonus damage but does require time to reach this point.

    After the first three posts of combat with an enemy she begins to raise in damage against them starting at 15% and then increasing by 5% per post till it reaches the cap.

    Black Memories: (Passive) Mesa while she is in possession of the gun her mother left her (Sabbath), has the gun's damage rather than basing off of her weapon damage instead counting as spell damage one rank lower than her own. This overrides the damage of the weapon itself and restricts it so that she may not EVER have a weapon besides this one at any point in time. The gun itself does not gain boosted damage from any other sources (Still affected by damage debuffs) and at the same time if she is D-Rank then the weapon deals 1/4th D-Rank damage. The weapon may only EVER be fired four times per post and costs 5% MP to reload at the next post. Bullets fired from this gun are shadow element tinted with unholy. Each bullet fires at 275 m/s. and all damage this gun deals caps at A-Rank damage going no higher than that.

    Black Book: (Active) The final relic Mesa's mother left to her child in her dying moments at the hands of the Rune Knights. When she opens this book Mesa is capable of summoning over five different shades at the same time each separate from her spells and each giving her a bonus in her damage with the cap being raised to 100% bonus damage which they give Mesa. Each shade she summons here shares the same name and look of the spell versions apart from them being covered to the point of nearly being obscured in the black mist. The number of shades summoned scales with her rank and each shade shares the name of the real ones. Each shade summoned by this does not deal damage in any way rather each shade summoned from the book gains double the HP of the real ones at the cost of not being capable of attack. (Overrides her other damage bonus passive. And uses their same values.) The spell can only ever be used once per thread and the shades only last for three posts before death and cannot have this extended in any way.

    D: 1 Shade. (D-Rank.)
    C: 2 Shades. (D-Rank, C-Rank.)
    B: 3 Shades. (D-Rank, C-Rank, B-Rank.)
    A: 4 Shades. (D-Rank, C-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank.)
    S: 5 Shades. (D-Rank, C-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank, S-Rank.)

    Shades of Blight: (Passive) Whenever Mesa summons one of her shades (One for each Rank.) She gains a minor damage boost for the duration of the shades time on the mortal plane. This boost scales depending on the summoned shades rank. These boosts can stack but will cap at 75% damage bonus even if more shades are summoned.

    D: 15%
    C: 20%
    B: 25%
    A: 30%
    S: 35%

    Black Shadows: (Passive) Mesa herself has lived with the shadows of those she has killed since the day she made her pact to escape the Rune Knights. Due to living around these shadows and her constant research into maybe silencing them she has gained an affinity to unholy based and shadow magics. This means she will take 25% less from Unholy based magic and also 25% less from Shadow magic.

    Legacy of Nightmares:

    Legacy of Nightmares

    Wielder Nera Rouge.

    Description The Twilight Dream is a world beyond the rims of reality. Within this zone of madness most rules do not apply as all matter is formed from nightmares. Due to this fact the denizens of the Dream feed on the fear and negative emotions of those within most other realities; however, most including the king of the Nightmares Latice found that Earthland has the highest potential for Fear among all others and that was where the plan began. Scouting around Earthland Latice found a perfect candidate for his invasion through Nera herself feeding himself on her negative emotions by forcibly taking over her body and slaughtering any and all that got near her. Feeding on her despair and fear Latice grew close to opening the doors to the Twilight Dream to cause mass panic and fear in Earthland but to his dismay she was not powerful enough to act as the door yet. Using fear as a tool for two years Latice kept Nera at the dark guild Basilisk Fang under the "Care" of it's current Guild Master until she became strong enough to act as the door. Little did Latice know however but Nera had been mastering her magic and control over the energy from the Twiight Dream herself planning slowly but surely to use it as a catalyst to seal the Dream away from Earthland and in doing so free herself.

    When the time came for her to free herself as Latice opened the door Nera sealed the gateway for good making her own soul the lock. This action did not come without its own side effects as Nera became half-nightmare in doing this. With her body being what it is now Nera is now able to not only feed and harness the full power of the Twilight Dream she acts as the lock for but also the ability to alter her form slightly.

    Plot Abilities:

    Nightmare Lock:

    Nera and all of her damage she deals is incapable of actually killing anyone. Rather enemies and players she drops to 0 HP are put in a stasis where their entire body is covered in blue chains which can be removed by Nera at any point to bring them back to 1hp. (Only applies to people Nera considers enemies in a thread not allies.)
    Nightmare Shift:

    Nera when she is not using her magic has a basic look where her tail and horns are shorter than before along with her more youthful look showing. When she uses her magic she changes into one of two forms based on what spell she used first to enter combat. If she uses a Chain based spell she enters her Noble Form and if she uses a Flame based spell she enters her Soldier Form. These forms last until Nera has been at least one post out of combat where she then returns to her Basic Form.
    Basic Form:
    Noble Form:
    Soldier Form:


    Reaction Dream: (Passive.)

    While Nera is in either of her forms she gains different boosts based on what one she is in (Excluding Basic Form.) If she is in her Noble Form then Nera receives buffs to her Magic Defense and Physical Defense making her take 25% LESS damage while in this Form. While in her Soldier Form she DEALS 25% more damage in total but only while in the Soldier Form. These bonuses last for one post after Nera enters her Basic Form but are stopped when she enters a different form and cannot stack with each other or themselves. (Ex. Nera cannot go basic form then go back to Soldier for 50% bonus damage.)
    Nightmares Tenacity: (Passive.)

    Nera due to her half nightmare nature has a few fringe benefits due to being what she is. With the fact of being half-nightmare comes with the initial benefit of being much stronger than a normal human giving her an extra 10% bonus PER RANK to her HP capping at H-Rank. Along with this she gains a natural 75% boost to her speed due to her body being able to defy what normal laws of the world would say a child could do however this benefit is brought down to 50% when she takes any damage and stays like that for a post until it resets.
    Warden and Executioner: (Passive.)

    Nera is capable of having TWO rank matching signature spells rather than the allowed ONE; However, at a cost that one be based around Chains and the Other Flames with the Chain one being tied ONLY too her Noble Form and the Flame one being tied to her Soldier Form meaning she cannot use both at the same time.
    Last Dream: (Passive.)

    Nera is a girl wracked by grief over those she has killed and those she has wronged. A fact that she never lets go from her mind and wishes to right in her future through her actions. Through this Nera designed a use for the last of her access to the Twilight Dreams power using it to it's fullest on her own demise. Should Nera sacrifice herself to save someone she considers an ally from a fatal blast upon her death from the blow (Nera MUST die to trigger this.) she gives the last of her magic and life along with the power o the dream to restore the ally to 50% Hp and MP along with removing all debuffs from them. Once the ally is healed Nera is drained to 0% MP has no ability to move and within one post WILL die and this cannot be prevented. Once Nera is dead she returns her soul to the Twilight Dream to sleep for however long it takes till she can return.

    Bloodline of the Trickster God:

    Cameron S. Belrose

    Name: Bloodline of the Trickster God

    Description: Long ago when the gods were more active. A young god by the name of Loki took an interest in watching the human race from his realm. Humans being a fickle race that took and caused war was utterly amusing. Using his magic Loki decided to descend from his realm to vacation among the unruly folk in this lower domain. While here Loki caused immeasurable damage to many people’s reputation, homes, families, even livelihood under the guise of various other mages. On one such occasion he pretended to be a wizard of a noble house in Crocus and conceived a child with the man’s wife. The wife and the unborn baby got removed from the house and banished from Crocus. Loki on the other hand was recalled to his realm by his father Odin.  The powers of Loki stays tends to awake once every 1,000 years are so in the Belrose family. Although all the mages in the family tend to have better control over their magical power.


    -Shapeshifter: Loki was  known to be a devious trickster. Taking the forms of many people and animals. Inheriting his ability allows Cam to change his looks at will. This ability was not easy for Cameron to use. When he first started to shift it was by accident and very painful. As his bones tried to rearrange itself the feeling of wanting to remove his skin was almost overpowering. Not to mention the time he accidently shapeshifted into a cow. It almost took him a month to turn back. Now his hair color, clothes, even his form can change with his will. If he turns into an animal he does not get any extra buffs, in any way, just the innate abilities of it. He can still use his magic if he has the proper limbs to cast the spell. He can only take on the appearance of a person if he has met them. Not the abilities, skills, memories, or powers of the individual. He cannot take on the form of a magical creature. This ability cannot be used in the middle of battle. He can only become as small a mouse and no larger than a standard horse.

    -Magic Inheritance: Loki was said to be an ancient God with an immeasurable amount of magic power, some say he was one of the Gods to bring magic to this realm. Descendants with this bloodline usually find themselves able to cast spells a lot more consecutively. Cameron was born with more latent magical energy than most of his kin. This passive adds to the MP Cam has at the start of each thread, going up as he ranks up.

    D Rank: 5%

    C Rank: 10%

    B Rank: 15%

    A Rank: 20%

    -Irritating Presence: Loki has always had a way of wanting people to kill him. Some how Cameron is not that different in a way that makes people want to kill him. Just being around him or his family makes people upset. They are not always the most liked people. Thanks to that any spell directed at Cameron has a 20% buff. On the down side any spell directed at him causes the mage to leak 4% mp per spell cast at him.

    -Persuasive: The God Loki had a way with words and getting what he wants. His descendants are no different. Speaking with Cameron to give him a reward would not be a good idea. This ability gives him a 10% Jewel bonus to threads that gives Jewel rewards. Sentient creatures equal to or lower than his rank will have a harder time disbelieving him.

    Usage: Shapeshifter is for plot and used more to cause trouble. The rest of the abilities are passive.

    Blessings of the chosen:
    Wielder: Azurius Tade
    Lineage: Blessings of the Chosen
    Description: In a time when darkness ruled the world, Azurius Tade was one of the few members of a special set of humans able to control the energy of the world. He was one of even fewer who had learned to master this control, and even fewer still who used it to take up arms against the forces of darkness. While others in his classification had chosen to aid the darkness, Azurius took up a shotgun and a pistol, and poured all his power into them. During a terrible battle, Azurius was killed by the forces of darkness, and his weapons destroyed entirely, scattering their energy across time and space. Azurius’s soul was taken, molded into that of an Angel, one of heaven’s greatest and most terrible weapons, and as such he was forced to release his former memories. In exchange for the memories and the power in his weapon, Azurius gained power beyond that of the average angel, he gained free will… the one power his god had never once presented his emissaries. Azurius was also granted a multitude of blessings upon creation, and upon being sent to Earthland to assist in the battle against evil, he was given a promise that over time he would be blessed further, with a maximum of 5 blessings.

    Ability: Before gaining power, Azurius was a great and powerful Maj. In Fiore's tongue, it means Wielder of Magic, or a Mage. He was capable of consuming his own element, and all magic imbued with it. He was able to store great deals of magic in his body, and regenerated it at rapid speeds while around allies, resting, or in certain areas. In his current life, that of a Seraph, Azurius is able to consume Holy or Purifying magic, store up to 150 more magic power, and regenerates MP at a rate of 3% per post. The storing of MP does not mean he starts at his maximum, but rather, he starts with the standard amount and must build it up over time. He gains +1% MP regeneration per ally he has (summons do not count), which caps at 5%, but while performing jobs inside Holy Grounds, Kyoka, or Hargeon Town this is increased to 10%. The ability for the MP regen to increase beyond 3%, as well as the ability to store more than the normal amount of MP is limited only to non-PvP occasions.

    D Rank: Blessings of Fortune (Passive)
        • Azurius was blessed with the ability to find immense valuables, currency, and even have an occasional spat of amazing dumb luck (plot purpose, no PvP implications). During jobs, he is able to either gain +100% jewel reward, find an Armour/Magic Item/Weapon with the grade depending on the rank of the job, or he may have all players gain +50% jewel reward and he would gain +25%. The desired reward for the job must be listed at the beginning of the job. Items obtained CANNOT be traded between players (even alt/main), but they CAN be traded to The Armoury or any official shop to gain 50% of the item(s)'s value. Azurius may sacrifice all EXP to increase the jewel earned from the job by 100%. This cannot be used to increase the jewel granted by this lineage, and only increases the job's listed jewel reward.
                    • Armour/Weapon/Item Grades:
                       D Rank Jobs - Nothing, but can find 5k Jewel
                       C Rank Jobs - 1x Strong Rank
                       B Rank Jobs - 1x Strong(+) Rank
                       A Rank Jobs - 1x Legendary Rank
                       S/SS Rank Jobs - 1x Legendary(+) Rank
                       10Y Jobs - 1x Legendary(+) OR 75,000 Jewel
                       100Y Jobs - 1x Artifact OR 200,000 Jewel

    C Rank: Blessings of Power (Passive)
        • Azurius was provided the ability to utilize a bonus attack, specific to his Holy magic that would enable him to be more effective in his mission. Azurius is able to register 1x Holy Element signature spell that is equal to his rank, max at S Rank. HOWEVER, all NPC's that would die at his hands are instead left incapacitated, and are protected from being killed by him. Players cannot be targeted by this signature spell, and are thus blessed with immunity. (Signature Spell must be registered with primary magic)

    B Rank: Blessings of Talent (Passive)
        • Azurius is able to summon +1x entity to the field but will suffer a -50% speed debuff while it is out. Additionally, the extra summon will enter the field with half its HP (for PvP).
    A Rank: Blessings of Gale (Passive/Active)
       • Azurius has his base speed increased by +50% while flying. He is able to flap his wings (once per 3 posts) to send a 10 foot long crescent shaped Wind attack at 1 opponent that deals damage equal to Azurius's rank (max S Rank). The active part of this ability may be used a maximum of 5 times, and costs 50% damage rank MP per use. If the effect of "Blessings of Talent" are in use (Azurius has 1 more than the normal amount of summons out) then the fight buff is reduced to +25% which essentially cuts the effect of the 'Blessing' in half instead of canceling it out entirely. The wind attack has a maximum range of 100 meters.

    S Rank: Blessings of Wrath (Active)
        • Azurius is granted a secondary state of being where he is able to access 1 spell of each rank (including H), HOWEVER he is unable to use his other spells in this state. He is unable to use any of his Unique Abilities, and cannot use his normal Primary OR Secondary spells. These spells must be included with either Azurius's Primary or Secondary magic application(s). The state of being, known as "Archangel Form" can last no longer than 10 posts, and be accessed once per thread. While in that form, Azurius deals 2x Damage to "Unholy" beings, fallen angels, and dark entities (not guild mages), but deals 25% less damage to Holy beings, normal angels, and light entities.

    Usage: A set of highly powerful abilities each gained at certain ranks.


    Wielder:  Anastasia Isayev  

    Ancient mythology tells of stories of warmaidens who ride into battle and chooses what warriors will live and what warriors will die.  Only the greatest and bravest warriors are chosen to return for Ragnarok as Einherjar.  During the stay between when they were chosen to become Einherjar and Ragnarok, they reside in the land of the dead (Valhalla) awaiting the time that their responsibilities is to come to fruition.  Some people fear the Valkyrie while others sing songs of the Valkyrie.    Throughout the Isayev family, women are known for becoming the bearers of the Valkyrian bloodline.  Most women in the Isayev Family were born with this trait, though many have never uncovered the secrets of their Valkyrian blood; living the remainder of their lives ignorant to the power within them.  Anastasia knew of her bearing the Valkyrian blood since her youth.  She exhibited some power, which she had almost no control over, by bringing back dead animals that had passed recently.  The sadness from seeing the passing animals brought them back to life only to be stamped out immediately by her family; claiming that what she had done was taboo.  She was raised believing that life is sacred and something precious and that people shouldn't be given a second chance as it wasn't natural.  Anastasia held her love and belief that life was sacred until she left the Blue Pegasus, where her regard for life had dropped significantly.  It was at this point where she started to witness the dead that her Valkyrian blood began to take effect. She began to see more and more people die before her; being responsible for a good portion of their deaths.  Their voices haunt her and depending on how useful they are, she creates a contract with them, to bring them back at her beck and call.  

    Plot Abilities

    +Memories of the Departed:  All of the creatures/people that Anastasia kills or witnesses their deaths, Anastasia draws from their memories, viewing everything they remembered within a split instance.  While the memories she views are in short fragments, she is capable of remembering and processing a person's core memories while discarding less imporatant memories.

    +Dead Speak:  All creatures/people that Anastasia kill or witnesses their death, Anastasia is capable of speaking with their spirits before she either sends them to Valhalla or allowing them to pass.  Here, she can extract information from spirits.  This only works on the freshly deceased.  

    Combat Abilities

    + Einherjar Contract  
    Upon entering into battle with NPCs, Anastasia may choose to force a target to become one of her Einherjar.  Upon defeating the target or witnessing the target's defeat, Anastasia makes a contract with them and turns them into Valhalla to await their time to be used.

    Upon obtaining Einherjar(s), Anastasia is capable of summoning them into battle to fulfill her needs with them.  She summons them as they were when she had fought them having the same abilities but at Anastasia's rank (up to S Rank).   She can summon them for 8 posts (or until they die in combat).  

      Usage for Creating the Contract
    • Anastasia MUST either defeat the NPC/Monster/ETC or watch them be defeated for the 'contract' to be valid.
    • Anastasia may store up to 3 Einherjar at any time.  
    • Anastasia can free/replace an Einherjar at any time, as long as the count doesn't exceed 3.
    • Cannot make a PC into an Einherjar.
    • Does not work against targets that had their souls destroyed/absorbed into something.
    • Does not work against inorganic targets
    • Anybody she forms a contract with can be summoned at Anastasia's Rank (even if they are a higher rank than Anastasia)
    • Can only make a contract with Strong/Boss targets in jobs

      Usage for Summoning the Contract

    • Anastasia may only summon 1 Einherjar per thread.
    • The summoned NPC is summoned at Anastasia's Rank (up to S Rank) and will have the same stats as summons at that rank.
    • These summons retain the abilities they were given in the job they originated from.
    • These summons are available for 8 posts or until destroyed.  
    • If an Einherjar is destroyed, they are removed from Anastasia's list of Einherjar.

    + Valkyrian Flare
    Upon entering Valkyr Form, Anastasia is granted the ability to use 2 spells specific for use specifically while in Valkyr Form.  These abilities are specifically for those with the Valkyrian Blood, only allowing those with Valkyrian Blood to use them; not being able to duplicate these spells.  

    • Anastasia gains 1 Signature Spell (of user's rank up to S) and 1 Normal Spell (up to A Rank)
    • Anastasia must create these spells before using them
    • These spells may only be used in Valkyr Form.

    + Gugnir
    The spear of Odin that Anastasia is capable of drawing out of Valhalla, this spear is a spear of absolute power.  The "God Spear" it was dubbed by those with Valkyrian Blood.  This spear was something that predates the current human era and was thought to be an artifact that even pre-dated humanity.  This spear was created as the perfect weapon for the god Odin with the destructive power to completely annihilate several city blocks, turning all that

    Rank:  User's Rank up to S
    Type:  Requip - Weapon
    Duration:  10 Posts
    Cooldown:  11 Posts

    Spear of Destruction -- Passive
    This spear is capable of dealing full damage.  This spear's damage, nor Anastasia's damage can be lowered by spells/effects of equal or lower level than Anastasia.  This spear also bypasses armor dispersion and barrier HP.

    Devastating Spear -- Active
    Anastasia launches herself into the air and gathers energy within her lance.  Pulling her arm back, she throws the spear into the ground causing a massive city-destroying explosion dealing 75% Anastasia's Rank (up to S Rank) to a 75m area.  This spear falls at a rate of 40m/s before causing an explosion.  Everyone caught in the explosion are all drawn towards the spear afterward, causing everyone and everything affected by the blast to bunch up into a tight ball.  Once the gravitational pull on everyone succeeds, the spear returns to Anastasia's hands and the gravitational pull is released.  
    Duration:  Instant
    Cooldown:  5 Posts
    - Wide Range AoE
    - Capable of destroying man-made structures and environment
    - Capable of bringing everyone in towards the spear, making targets susceptible to AoE damage from friendly targets.
    - Friendly Targets are not affected by the gravitational pull.
    - The explosion can harm friendly units in the area.
    - Targets of 1 rank higher than Anastasia are immune to the gravitational pull.
    - Anastasia can take the damage of the ability if this is used in an enclosed area (such as a cave)
    - Indiscriminate towards the environment.
    - Gravity mages aren't affected by the Gravitational pull.
    - Must be in Valkyr Form in order to summon this weapon.

    + Valkyr Form
    A blue flame envelopes Anastasia, causing her form to change.  She grows out long silvery-blue hair that reaches down to her rear, her eyes turn a glowing blood red, and her outfit changes drastically.  During this transformation, Ana's personality also changes.  Instead of being generally kind and caring, she becomes cold and calculating, not allowing any probability of failure.   Any emotional attachment that Anastasia would have towards a target disappears.  Along with her personality change, her voice also changes making her appear to be a completely different person.  This form grants Anastasia super-human capabilities that she isn't normally allowed to have.

    A strange quirk to this is that Anastasia, while in this form, has a propensity of calling everything a program and using the word "initiate".  Strange quirk, but it fits her new persona as a cold and calculating shield-maiden; the one who chooses who lives and who dies on the battlefield.  

    Rank:  Anastasia's rank (up to S Rank)
    Type:  Form Change
    Duration:  10 Posts
    Cooldown:  11 Posts
    Effect:  Anastasia turns into a spiritual form.  While in this spiritual form, they are immune to physical damage (anything tangible such as rock, water, sand, etc) instantly pass through Anastasia.  Magic, however, isn't affected by this change.  While in this corporeal form, any allies within 100m of Anastasia is granted 360 degree vision, allowing herself and her teammates to be able to see in a full 360 degree panorama.  
    - Can use this while in Requip Armor
    - Anastasia's Requip Armor also gains the spiritual form.
    - Capable of giving every friendly unit in range the ability to see in all 360 degrees, not limiting them to a human's narrow field of view.
    - Spiritual form grants Anastasia immunity to most physical attacks.
    - Anastasia isn't immune to physical attacks of higher ranking than she is.
    - Anastasia takes 25% more damage to magic attacks while in this form.
    - Anastasia needs to be in this form in order to use Gugnir or her signature/normal spell gained by this lineage.
    - The 360 degree viewing makes targets highly susceptible to blinding spells.
    - Friendlies that move out of the 100m area no longer gains the 360 degree panorama view.

    Legend of the Desert Queen:
    Legend of the Desert Queen

    Wielder: Harena Erimos

    Description: When the world first formed, it created its first major elements. Earth, fire, water, and wind. These elements then split themselves up further and combined with each other to create the world as we know it today, each with their own king or queen of the element, passing the title of kings and queens down through the countless generations. But there has only ever been one element that has never passed down the title throughout the ages, the title of the Desert Queen. When the first deserts formed they created the Desert Queen to overlook and protect them, giving her the abilities to control and create them at will, allowing her complete control over sand. But unlike other elements who passed this title on to humans and other mortal creatures they instead created their own, one who embodied their passion to live on and spread their influence, a sand elemental. Throughout the millennia this desert queen has been slowly spreading the influence of her kingdom, eventually welcoming humanity into her territory to rule over the portions of her desert where she could no longer reach within a day. Eventually this lead to the humans betraying her, putting her to sleep for centuries and renaming the country to Desertio.

    Upon waking up she found herself within a cave with no memories other than her name, no recollection of her centuries as the Desert Queen but she still held her power. Over the ages that she was sleeping her name and her story have been carved into legend, and now she has returned to the world to once again spread her influence.


    Psammokinesis: The ability to control and manipulate sand at will with their will. Doing so within a 25 meter area (+15 meters every rank above D maxing at 50m), they can direct sand to attack or take various shapes in order to deal the user's rank in melee damage and it increases based on spell power/magic damage buffs rather than strength buffs. The sand can form barriers to help block attacks in which case it is considered a barrier/shield spell of 1 rank of the user’s rank (D-min).

    Desert Queen’s dominance: By being one with the desert, all sand related spells have a 25% boost to their damage or defence depending on the spell to show her dominance above all other sand related mages as the embodiment of the desert itself. Only God Slayers can consume her sand.

    Psammokinetic sense: By using the sand and dirt around her, the desert queen is capable of sensing everything within a 50m radius through the vibrations and movements of sand on the ground and in the air. Requires sand in the area to be useful


    Psammokinesis: Can only create a Psammokinetic shield once every 4 posts, all other parts are passive and require sand to be in the area in order to use this ability

    Desert Queens dominance: passive, always active

    Psammokinetic sense: passive, always active, requires sand in the area

    Rubyscale Juggernaught:

    Wielder:Lumina Rubyscale
    Lumina, born of a dragons egg but human. She is unsure of her past but her future is to protect her sibling Mayu, the last remaining Rose Dragon. While she was in the egg however she was changed, she became more durable than any human could dream of. Her Skin while soft and supple, has a strength behind it that defies logic, when struck it's like hitting the strongest Dragon scales. Her body also became a lot heavier and dense, yet she looks no bigger or stronger than someone of her apparent age. She does not know what lies in her future other than protecting Mayu, but she will move forward with the cheerful joy always seems to have.

    My Skin… My Scales: Lumina is far more durable then most humans, her skin acts like the scales of a dragon. She reduces Damage equal to her rank by 20%, this increases by 10% for each rank lower then her. While she reduces damage one rank above her by 10%. This ability stacks with other similar ability's and spells

    My Hands.... My Claws: Lumina can not only take a hit but can dish one out. As a Slayer she is naturally stronger then most. Her time in a real dragon egg, being exposed to a baby dragon for such a long time has boosted her strength farther. Her Total strength is 50% strong then normal humans. At H rank she only gains 1 S rank instead of S and 1/2.

    Photosynthesis: When in direct sunlight Lumina loses one post of her MP regen for every post she is in sunlight. (Max of 2 can be removed.). She also gains a HP regen of 2% hp per post(is applied at the start of the post.)

    Gestalt: Lumina’s anger and need to protect those she loves grows to a point she enters this form. Her hair turns silver and her eye turn red, her hair seems to float in the air like she is in water. When in this form her Physical rank goes up two ranks, Speed, Strength Endurance. While in this form, her HP and MP drain. Starting at 2% and doubling each post she is in gestalt mode. This mode won't end until the offending thing is defeated or she drops to 1%. When her Hp or Mp would drop in below 1% through the natural cost of this ability the ability ends and her HP or MP returns to 1%, If her HP or MP drop under 1% from an attack or spell use then she is KOed if its HP or suffers the MP 0% Debuff. Regardless once her HP/MP goes under 1% for any reason the mode ends. This ability can only be activate if a ally falls in battle or take more then 40% HP damage in a single post.

    Usage:Photosynthesis, My Hand and My Claws are all passives. Gestalt can only be used once per thread and cost is applied at the start of each post.[/blur]

    Spirit Goddess:

    Wielder: Kakuma(Kiba) Blackflower

    Description:  Kakuma came from the union of Eien Lamira (The Goddess of Chaos) and Fenris (Dark Celestial Wolf Spirit). This union has granted weakness and strengths that come from the union of such creatures. She also are born with 2 forms: Goddess form and Celestial Spirit Form. The Goddess form takes the appearance of a completely normal human being with minor feral differences.

    The Celestial spirit is the form of a beautiful white wolf with red markings on her face and body. The form is unnaturally beautiful and seem to have a glint of intelligence in them. The mane on her back is also ignited in soulfire and her footsteps while in this form will cause life to flourish.. A smart mage could take advantage of the effect in combat. The most amazing thing is that she can talk while in this form, conversing with her prey before eating them. Did we mention she is a predator? As in they eat lesser creatures? Human is one such thing to them. It is not cannibalism if you are not human. However if you prove that you are not prey then you will be treated as part of the pack of wolves that they are.

    The Goddess form have wolf ears, wolvish canines and elongated claws at  hands and feet while still maintaining an appearance that passes for humans. Her body are physically tougher, stronger and quicker than a normal human.  She also gives of an aura of the predator which scares most natural animals away due to her viciousness. In fact this aura of the predator is so strong that it makes having a pet impossible. Her  very natural attacks is lined with holy shadows which is the heritage of having a union of a Goddess and a Dark Celestial Spirit.

    Body of the Goddess, Soul of a Spirit: Having a parent of both a Spirit and a Goddess, Kakumas energy, speed and durability are stronger than most peoples. Her Hp and Chi increase by 15%  and her speed increases by 15%, she also reduces all magic damage by ½ her current rank.

    Holy Shadows: Kakuma Attacks which her sword and natural weapons(Claws, fangs, Ext) Deal both Holy and Shadow, as well as doing extra damage equal to  ½ the users rank.

    Isuria Void: Kakuma is apart of the Lamira family and thus have gained one of their abilities. This Ability it the Isuria Void, a ability that allows Them to absorb a Magic item(such as DS lacrima) and make spells around said item. These spells have to follow the theme of the item used, If a DS lacrima is absorbed then that type of Slayers spells would become available to the user. These spells don’t use spell slots. Only one item can be absorbed at any time. These spells are equal to the user, but Cap out at A Rank.. There are drawback that come with using the Void as the user has to absorb the item, it grants weakness based on the item.

    Isurea Void can only hold one item, Only two spells may derived fromt the item. Item cannot be changed instantly.

    Kumiho Descendancy, The Fated Queen[/spoiler:

    Description:   Born over seven thousand of years ago the Triplets belonged to a race of people known as the Kumiho. A race that had physical traits of a fox. The triplets are the only remain survivors of said race. But because of the one of the sister being genetically perfect the Kumiho race is not considered dead. This comes from the fact that the perfect genetic's the one sister possess can override all genetic traits of another race. Meaning anyone she chooses to mate with will only produce pure Kumiho. The remaining two sister’s jobs are to protect this one individual at all cost, which is something that is harder to do considering their personalities.

    Iniki is the sister primarily known as the Perfect Kumiho, though she usually ignores this status for the sake of her own devices often putting her in danger. She is fated to be Queen of the Kumiho despite her despising such responsibility. Her abilities to commune with the spirit world have weakened significantly after being sealed for some time but this does not stop her from being reckless.

    Three as one: Each sister is naturally stronger and healthier than normal humans, this come in the form of a 10% increase in hp and a 1% HP regen per post. If other sisters are present in the thread then they gain an additional 10% increase in HP and 2% increase in HP regen per post. This ability may stack with others of its kind.

    Alter Forms: Fox Form: Wounds Iniki causes through direct contact drain 2% of the target's magic power and reduces Iniki’s strain by 2%. Magic Power drained from higher ranked mages is halved and magic power drained from lower ranked mages is doubled maxing at 4%. This effect can only be used once per post and requires direct physical contact.
    Human Form: Iniki gains 3% increased strength for every 4% strain generated.

    The Queen’s Lance: Iniki summons the legendary artifact spear, the Fated Queen for 5 posts. The spear acts like any other weapon as its damage scales with rank and has a maximum durability of B rank. The Fated Queen has access to one ability that scales up to S rank power. After using this ability The Fated Queen is no longer active and automatically goes on cooldown.

    Queens Wrath: Iniki throws the Fated Queen using magic power to enhance its speed launching it fast enough to shatter the sound barrier. Everything in its path will receive 75% of the weapons rank in damage in a 2 foot radius around the thrown weapon. Should the projectile come in contact with a solid object or a defensive spell of equal or higher rank the projectile stops but creates a 5 meter radius explosion around its final destination dealing 75% of the weapons rank in damage within the radius, the the final target is a solid non-magical object such as a wall the wall will receive twice as much damage. The Maximum range is 30/50/100/250/500 meters with the ability gaining range for each rank.

    Iniki may only summon The Fated Queen every 10 posts and may only summon it twice in a single thread.

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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

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    Corruption of the Ancients:
    Bearer: Ashelia (Kamsa)
    Once, long ago, there was a king by the name of Vendrick whose strength and wisdom was so great that he could command even the spirit world to do his bidding. His rule was long and prosperous, but even a ruler such as he must eventually relinquish his throne when death claims him, and as he grew old Vendrick began to fear that his great kingdom would falter and fade with his death. Thus he called upon all his authority and power to strike a deal with the gods: He would offer his life, his families life, and those of his most trusted retainers as a sacrifice to the gods, and in return his Kingdom would endure and spread to the ends of the earth. With his command over the spirit world he would be able to ensure that he, his family, and his retainers would be able to rule eternally from beyond the grave and allow his kingdom to bring prosperity to all.

    One god answered his call, but all was not as it seemed. Unbeknownst to Vendrick, the god had in fact forged a pact with the king of a neighboring kingdom who was jealous of King Vendrick's success, and in return for his daughter's hand in marriage the deity would bring ruin to Vendrick's realm. Vendrick, unknowing, sacrificed himself and those close to him, and in short order the kingdom fell to chaos. With no ruler and no apparent heirs to the throne, the deity was free to sow dissent throughout the realm to ensure its fall. It was not long after that the neighboring king marched his troops across the border and declared that all that had once been Vendrick's was now his. King Vendrick's family was devastated, and in their grief they allowed their souls to fade away into nothingness.

    However, the god's cruelty was not yet complete.

    Even beyond his deal with the foreign king, the god possessed a malicious desire to punish Vendrick, a human, for daring to think he could forge an eternal kingdom beyond death. To ensure that none of his blood would ever reach so high, the god cursed all Vendrick's remaining descendants with a corruption that sank to their very soul. He then laid down a decree that so long as they walked the earth they would know no peace: no people shall welcome them, no home shall shelter them, and their hands shall bring only ruin. At that moment their bodies changed, taking on the likeness of demonic oni. Their skin turned red, horns grew from their foreheads, tails sprouted below their spines, and great claws formed where once they had hands. Satisfied, the god returned to the heavens with his new bride, and left those cursed souls to their fate.

    And yet, where hope might have faltered, anger prevailed. Vendrick refused to accept such a fate for simply wanting the best for his people. Fueled by his fury, he sought out the strongest of his blood and fed on their curse, allowing them to lead normal lives while he bode his time and gathered strength. Every few generations he would lend one his power in return for their aid, growing further to his goal each time, a cycle which has reached it's culmination with Ashelia. As with the others Vendrick absorbs the curse within her, allowing her some semblance of normalcy while allowing her the use of his magic so that together, they may kill a god.
    Just as those before her, Ashe's true form is a result of the curse laid down ages past. While her horns, tail, enormous claws, and cherry red skin are all the hallmarks of a demon, they are the result of the corruption ingrained deep within in her and are thus not truly demonic. In addition, so long as Vendrick is with her he is able to siphon off the curse, allowing her to change between her true form and a human form at will. When in her true form Ashe is affected by the following abilities:

    • No People Shall Welcome Them: NPCs who witness Ashelia's demon form automatically start off with an intense dislike and fear of her born of both the curse's effects and a simple fear of her appearance. Ashe is capable of ratcheting up this effect to intimidate NPCs, or cause them to run in fear if they are especially weak willed. NPC mages and Players as a whole can resist these effects.

    • No Home Shall Shelter Them: The curse prevents anyone of the bloodline from having a home in the traditional sense, inevitably causing it's destruction if they break this decree. This has led to those of the bloodline becoming incredibly resilient to all mother nature has to offer, as oftentimes they find themselves braving her worst simply for a place to sleep. As a result, Ashe has developed an immunity to weather based effects, both magical and otherwise, ranging from simple rain to a mighty sandstorm.

    • And Their Hands Shall Bring Only Ruin: Perhaps the cruelest decree, and painful in it's simplicity; where others have hands, those of the bloodline instead have enormous demonic claws. This greatly impairs fine motor control to the point that, as the decree suggests, most are incapable of creating anything save destruction. As they are part of Ashe's body they cannot be removed or destroyed, however they are not entirely without benefit. They serve as mighty weapons in their own right (represented by the weapon ) and grant Ashe incredible strength, allowing her to lift weights of up to 10 metric tons (10,000 kg, or about the weight of an empty train car) with ease.

    • Champion of Corruption: The curse is an irrevocable part of Ashe's being, and thus does not play well with magics that would alter her body. Transformation magic performed on or by Ashe costs 50% more mana while in her true form. This does grant her an affinity to Dark magic however, allowing her to add the Dark element to any spell or attack and providing a 50% mana cost reduction for spells and attacks that are already Dark/Unholy.

    • Trials of the Tainted: Another side effect of the corruption rejecting other magics extends to healing spells. Any outside source of healing is only half as effective for Ashe. The flipside of this is that her true form is far more durable, resisting 20% physical and spell damage.

    • Mark of the Accursed: While the corruption is not infectious, it is possible to temporarily afflict others with a lesser version of the curse. If Ashe makes melee contact with an enemy she can transfer a portion of the corruption into their body, negating all forms of healing for three rounds. Alternatively this can be used against a single object or piece of equipment to break it instantly three times per thread. Both effects share a four post cooldown and cannot be used on higher ranked targets.

    Burst of Corruption: Unlike the other abilities granted by the corruption, the use of this power was taught to Ashe by Vendrick and is usable by him when Ashe is not in her true form. Ashe (or Vendrick) concentrates the energy of the corruption and releases it outwards in a wave, knocking back and dazing nearby enemies. This has a range of 10m per rank and knocks enemies back to the full range, then stuns them if they come in contact with terrain. Enemies one rank higher are not stunned, and enemies two ranks higher are immune to the knockback. This ability does no damage and has a two post cooldown.

    Fury of Vulcan:

    Wielder: Roku
    Description: In another World, Roku like his sister was chosen as what was called an aspect. Deeper into it, he was the Aspect of Vulcan among their society. Now, this tid bit of information isn’t as important as to what happened in his past. Where Roku comes from, people able to use magics from just their bodies are few and in between. Since Roku isn’t a Gary Stu, he wasn’t born with the ability to use magic without a weapon medium. There existed a group of people that had existed for a long time that had wanted to change the way the world worked, mostly by increasing the number of warlock types there were in the world. After many years, they did come to a possible solution to their goal. The idea of taking a bearer to turn them into a warlock was considered impossible, and frowned on to attempt, but that didn’t stop these people. In the process of coming up with a way to do this, many children died as they were the main test subjects.

    When it came time for them to try with Roku, something was different with how they decided to move on with the project. Instead of forcing magic into his core, they took a shard that was found decades ago and implanted into Roku’s body. With the body healed, they put him into a room of other people that had been experimented on and had yet to show signs of dying, or going crazy. There was a sharp pain in his chest. It was like there was something burning inside of him. A voice, something was inside of him, and it sounded like it was angry. The anger to him was so intense that it caused Roku to punch a wall. After this, Roku doesn’t remember anything until later the until later he was shielding a young, white-haired girl from being buried under the rubble of the burning building. Soon after they were rescued, Roku was asked his name, and he couldn’t answer them because he didn’t know himself.

    From there, he and the girl were taken into an orphanage and given names. For years, Roku trained with several types of weapons till he finally settled into a form with a few select styles. Throughout this time, he had several more rage blackouts but never were they as serious as what happened in the old place. At the age of 18, Roku entered the tournament of Vulcan. Vulcan was one of the recognized gods of the land, and those who won became aspects of them till they passed away, then a new tournament was held. Roku won this, and gratefully without losing control of his rage in the middle of the fight.

    It was that night that it all changed with Roku. As per the usual, Vulcan gifted his new aspect with the gift of fire. While not making a bearer a warlock as many believed, he would give them somewhat of a fiery aura, and bestow them with a chosen tool. What was not expected was Vulcan’s gift interacting with what was within Roku already. The soul of the goddess that was sealed into the weapon that had now bonded itself with Roku lashed out as Roku’s body twisted and contorted in his sleep. An armor alien to him formed from fire and earth on him, and a helmet of what resembled bone grew over his face before the fire took up to rise up in flames across his skin upward. The armor settled across his body, leaving it to look like scorched metal. Several slots across it let out a golden light as it seemed as though flames filled the inside of the armor. He walked out of his tent that night as the screams of rage filled his ears. It guided him somewhat. His hand went down and touched the ground before a hatchet like axe rose up and fit into the palm of his hand. It was almost natural in his grip. That night he moved through the town, and section by section, he murdered everyone and lit the town ablaze. Thus is the curse Roku holds. For when the rage of battles enters him, he becomes something that is considered a beast in combat if he loses himself.
    Gift of Vulcan: Vulcan is the god of the forge, fire and earth, as such when he chooses one as his aspect, they gain an ability that allows with just a display that they’re one of the chosen ones. This ability allows Roku to have an extra Signature spell that ranks up to S along with his normal one that has to be fire based.

    Curse of Terra: The curse of Terra is in reference to the form he takes when the Rage of battle bottles up into him, then erupts like a volcano that changes their body. When in this form Roku gains a new pool of HP that replaces his other. This pool is twice what his HP is normally. While in this form all spells that he'd use would draw from his HP instead. In addition, to this, his strength is increased by 50% while in this. This form can be triggered when Roku is in combat for more than 5 posts consecutively or is forced to endure intense emotional distress or anger. This form there in lasts until Roku's Hp drops to 0, or the battle ends. Afterwards, the form can't be triggered again for 10 posts. The drawback to this form other than the fact that all spells come from his pool of HP is that he no longer cares if his allies are around. While yes he can tell who are allies and enemies, he doesn't care if they're caught in the blast radius and such. This form can only be taken up to 3 times per thread.

    Axe of Slaughter: While in his cursed form, Roku lacks the ability to use Velis, as it rejects him. This would normally seal him from using his magic. Terra, the evil tyrannical goddess that resides in him didn't quite agree with that. While in his cursed state, Roku has access to a special weapon called the Terra's Bane. This weapon is only usable in this state, and as such doesn't count towards any of his equipment counts. In addition to this, Roku is able to use his magic with this as if it was Velis Voluuk.

    The Art of War: When one thinks about war, they think of the warriors that fight in the war. The feats that they accomplish, never the feats thanks to the weapons that were accomplished. As such, for Roku, he understands the weapon bit better. This is mostly from his being blessed by Vulcan, but also the way he was brought up. There was always death around him, and others. When Roku uses any style of weapon, he always aims for an area that will do the most damage. Thus this ability allows him to double the melee damage he does, since he isn't hitting to disable, but to win.

    The Art of War and Gift of Vulcan are passives
    Axe of Slaughter is triggered upon Curse of Terra triggering.
    Curse of Terra can be triggered after 5 posts of straight combat.

    Descendant of the First Reaper:

    Wielder: Raiza
    Description: Some call him an angel, others call him a god. The stories that hold the truth are far and few in between. Some have called him Thanatos or Azreal, others called him Charon, or even Mictlantecuhtli. The list can go on for many cultures, many others call him by names that relate to the 'God of death'. However these stories are false whispers compared to the truth, simply because 'Death' or also known as a 'Grim Reaper' in some instances is not a god at all, oh no simply because a god seeks worshipers, their power is based on worship, even the gods that rule the planes of the dead require such in their own way be it the cast away souls of the damned and the corrupt, or the souls they entangled themselves. While the reapers does not. A reaper's power never needed to grow, it was always set in stone as 1st reaper would be the last to ever die, to claim the souls of even the immortal gods, and demons.

    "I wonder if I could even kill a god" The words spoken in ancient times when asked if he'd claim the soul of the immortal beings, death had no reason until it was their time, and by then the god was already too weak to even fight back. Never has death reaped the soul of a god that wasn't past their time, oh yes "Even the immortals dont live forever, they have a clock above their heads that only I can see", words could strike fear into the gods, or demons alike that a presence among them was able to shut them down and travel off to the final realms. Though you always will wonder, if a mortal's final realm is under the presence of the gods, what exactly is the realm a god goes to when their time has passed?

    Those of this lineage are a direct child or grandchild of the 1st reaper. The reaper in which holds the book to all deaths that has happened and will happen in time. The being in which is the reaper of gods/demons/mortals and yes, even other reapers in which that may have sprouted up from his first child before he kept a leash on their power.

    The reaper's scythe. In other words, the tool the reaper uses. While in lore, this is but a single weapon. What this translates to is the magic of Raiza. This means the holder item/spells/abilities are all covered by this ability. The reaper's scythe is a toggle-able passive, ability to attack the 'HP' directly This doesn't ignore defenses, but it rather targets the victims health directly, be it called their soul or some other mystical/mythical/varient thing. This allows to deliver zero(unless the user chooses) physical wounds to instead assault the victim's direct HP(or variants of HP, including if the victim doesn't have 'hp')This must still break past ALL defenses completely, and as such is blocked by magic/shields/armors ect... but when contacting the flesh or bodily replacements(such as turning your body into for example water/ash/light/ect...) it will hit said body part, but instead of doing physical, it does direct damage to the HP.In essence this can be used to leave no physical or magical wound. The last and final part of this is it infuses the reaper's power within the user's magic, which makes it deal 25% more damage to non-person things (i.e armors/barriers/ ect...)
    Defends against the indirect(the typical auto hits - Meaning things such as sudden/ time freezes that cannot be countered, vast transportation *Teleport/space/time magic*, or magic nullification. In the case of magic nullification/debuffs, the source must be higher rank than Raiza. As for the direct attacks, this is a flat 25% damage resistance to the user, as well as any weapons/armors the user is currently wearing. Does not apply to spells - except for summons, which receive the full, as they are part of Raiza, or defensive magic such as barriers, which receive a 5% damage resistance.
    This grants the user a permanent 10% HP regen. However during activation they may bring this up to 15% until the user has been healed three times by it. Active version may never exceed 10posts no matter the circumstance.

    Mythic Princess:

    Wielder: Raina Lynna Dawne Scylar

    Due to being the child of a Siren king and a Seraphim Queen, Raina is imbued with many gifts and traits from both races. These gifts allow her to access transformations for both races and also imbue her with passive enhancements to her skills.

    Raina grew up with family from both races and they taught her many things about her self. She was the Mythic Princess due to being the first hybrid to be born with powers of two races. Each other attempt has always ended with the child only inheriting powers from one. Raina's sister, Aria only received powers from her Seraphim mother.

    Plot Only abilities

    • Weather Link: Having the blood of a siren in her body, Raina's emotions are linked to the weather. When she is highly emotional and upset the sky will darken and rain will torrent the ground. Heavy wind will also be seen. (No Combat purposes, Only used for plot devices and story)
    • Siren's Beauty/ Angel's Strength: Raina has the blood of two powerful races flowing through her. Being part Siren, Raina is dubbed as extremely attractive and almost seductive. NPCS will always gawk and talk of her beauty. Being Part Seraphim, Raina emits a aura of purity and strength. (No Combat Use)

    Lineage Abilities

    • Seraphim Form: Due to having a High ranking Seraphim Queen as a mother, Raina is able to access the holy blood infused in her body and become a Seraphim. A Seraphim is a six winged angel highborn that commands powers of magic and life. This form lasts for 5 posts and can only be used once per thread. While in this form Raina wears a loose flowing white clothe that drapes around her breasts, pelvis, and backside. Along her wrists and ankles are golden bracelets that flow as she moves. This form increases all of Raina's magical stats by 100% and physical stats by 50%. In terms of defense this ignores dark and unholy based spells/attacks. Dark and unholy based spells and attacks are 50% more effective against Raina in this form (thus an unholy dark mage would be doing 100% extra damage). (Cannot be used in Siren form)

    • Divine Miracle: Being skilled in such magic as healing, thanks to her time with the angels, Raina's healing spells add a 10% buff to all stats for 3 posts. The cool down of this ability mirrors the healing spell cast.  If this is used with a signature spell then the cooldown is set at 3 posts.

    • Siren's Song: Due to having a Siren King as her father, Raina is able to access the divine blood infused in her body and become a Siren. This form lasts for one post and is only available every 5 posts. In this form she wears a seashell bikini top and a slit skirt that goes across her left hip and down to her right knee. In this form Raina is able to summon a harp and sing a song that stops all enemies in the area from Regening HP and MP till the targets six turn instead of 5th. (Cannot be used while in Seraphim form) The Range of this ability mirrors the range of Raina's current rank. Is only half effective to ranks up to 2 higher than Raina, anything higher will not be affected. Range is 20m/s and increases 10m/s which each rank increases started at C rank.

    • Holy Judgment: Being a holy based race (Seraphim), all holy/light based spells are 25% more effective when in Seraphim Form. Raina regularly has a 10% bonus to holy spells effectiveness. Does not stack with the Seraphim's 25%.

    • Aqua Benediction: Being a water based race (Siren), all water based spells are 25% more effective when in Siren form. Raina regularly has a 10% bonus to holy spells effectiveness. Does not stack with the Sirens's 25%.

    • Aura Reading: Being trained in the magical arts by both races, Raina is able to detect people's magical aura and determine motives and strength. Can only give clear, concise info if agreed on by the other players. If not agreed, Raina will only know if they are stronger then she is.

    • Speedy Regeneration: With the blood of the powerful races flowing through her, Raina gains an additional 5% to MP every 5 posts. The two races taught her skilled ways to regain her  magical power by using the elements that she controls to contribute to them.

    All passives are always in effect. Modes like Seraphim and Siren must be activated. Aura Reading Must be activated as well.

    Embodiment of the 13th:

    Wielder: Speed Demon Zack
    Description: 12 keys of the Zodiac there are and 1 Great King. Yet in this king's shadow resides a secret spirit, an unknown spirit, the spirit of the 13th Gate. The spirit of Ophiuchus. The serpent bearer. The key to open the 13th gate was thought lost, forgotten or destroyed. Even the spirit itself could not have located the key. Yet one man or at least one entity did. That entity was the Sky Emperor Shangdi who had plans for this key.

    The Sky Emperor's minions, the four heavenly kings, stole something precious from a man and woman. Their young child, one named Zack. He was taken to the palace of Shangdi and there his soul was fused with the key of the 13th and thus he became one with the spirit. This fusion granted him great power, even as a child, but it also destroyed his mind shattering any memories either spirit or child had and cursing him with a memory that could not hold information for long.

    Despite this the boy trained and few strong with the four heavenly kings and their master. He learned the way of the sky demon slayer and entered the realm of Malkariss to defeat a great demon and prove his worth. In this battle his eye was lost and replaced with an orb of emptiness by the demon fairies who resides in that kingdom.

    The boy grew stronger and again returned to face the demon. However, despite now claiming victory his body became cursed beyond repair. The demon fairies' did waht they could and created a new body moving the fused soul into it.

    This body was strong and agile. With it the man fought many battles and eventually defeated seven beast emperors. From their bodies he took a special item which a strange man fused in order to release the seal upon him and reveal himself as the monkey king. Little did he know that he also released the true power of Zack. The true power of Ophiuchus.

    The man's body changed becoming a true fusion of spirit and man. Able to survive and travel in both worlds. With this his sword changed and became the Serpent, an embodiment of his title as the serpent bearer and with it came new abilities.
    Plot only abilities:

    • Immortality: As a celestial spirit the user is immortal. If their HP hits zero then they are merely returned to the celestial spirit world rather than being killed. This does mean they cannot be Koed in a job or PVP. Just means they don't die if they do.
    • Celestial takeover: Is able to use a takeover form for the 13th gate as a primary or secondary magic. This is unique to Zack and no-one else can use this as a magic.
    • Travel between worlds: The user can go to the celestial spirit world, dark celestial spirit world and back freely. However, a day spent in the celestial spirit world/dark celestial spirit world is three months in the human world. So if he chooses to enter the CS world he leaves the thread. Unless travelling to the world is part of the plot.

    Celestial Body Abilities:

    • Ethereal body:  As a celestial spirit he has an ethereal body no need to breathe and so can survive in deep oceans, in poisonous fogs or in outer space. This excludes magically created ones. Furthermore, should you cut off his head or his arm or a limb it will hurt him, but it will only function as normal damage. As a celestial spirit providing he had some HP and MP remaining he can still function and fight though at a decreased capacity.

    • Celestial Exchange: The user, once every five posts, is able to exchange up to 10% HP to regain 15% MP or vice versa. If they choose to do less than ten then it is still five posts before they can do so again. Once this has been used all HP regen is cancelled out till this is off cooldown.

    • Shadow Serpent: As the embodiment of the shadow celestial spirit, one who is a serpent, Zack possesses an insane level of agility and speed increasing this stat by 60%. This speediness also adds a bit more oomph to his physical attacks providing a 25% strength boost.

    Serpens Abilities:

    • Serpent Speed: Whilst wielding Serpens in his hand his attack speed with the weapon is increased by 25%.

    • Serpent reformation: With this Zack can change the form of his sword between that of the large zanbato, a long sword and a spear.

    • Serpent Venom: The user is able to coat their blade in a poisonous substance straight from the celestial spirit world. This adds no extra damage to attacks and must be applied with a direct slash. This poison once it gets into the veins does not damage the body, but merely inhibits it reducing its speed and strength by 5% for post for five posts. Then this effect (at 25% debuff) lasts three more posts. THis can be applied to three targets maximum. This is an S rank poison and thus requires A rank or above healing to remove.

    Mostly passive

    • Celestial Exchange: Can be used every five posts
    • Serpent Venom: Lasts two posts on the blade. Lasts five posts to get to full power. Lasts three posts after that. Ten post cooldown. Can be used twice per thread.

    Ame Ninja:

    Wielder: Zephira Ame (Ocean Queen Zephy)
    Description: The Ame Ninja, One of the oldest ninja clan currently in existence. Sadly one that is slowly fading into the background, which for a Ninja clan would be a good thing but not in this case. The Ame clan consists of 33 people as of right now and is slowly losing more. Zephira is their leader and has been for quite some time, and thus has access to some of their deepest secrets.

    • Seal - Once per thread Zephria can seal a person's Magic, Unique abilities and Lineage. They are completely unusable for 4 post rotations. Weapon and item abilities can still be used. The Drawback of this ability is when a person is sealed, Zephira loses access to all magic, ability and other Lineage abilities for the same duration as the enemy.
    • I Am Nothing - Over the years Zephira has learned to suppress her Magic aura, When someone who is directly looking at her tries to use sensory on her she appears as a Human with no magic ability. Her rank and the rank of her Spells are also unobtainable, Giving her a edge in combat. When she is not being observed she is completely undetectable, Magic sensory and normal sensory will not detect her.
    • I Am Ninja - Zephria has been training for all her life and it shows. Zephira has 25% more MP and HP than other people and reduces Melee damage by 50%. Her Melee damage is also increased by 50%

    to be added

    Stigmata of the Avatar:

    Wielder: Daiki, Ai

    Name: Stigmata of the Avatar
    Description: After a while, from having been tricked into receiveing God Slayer magic, Ai's body had started to mutate ever so slightly due to how unholy the magic was and started to corrupt her body. The only reason Ai had encountered a demon that had taught her what she thought was going to be a magic that could have helped her become a man once more as it wasn't long after she had originally became a woman and had soon accepted the fact that she would stay a woman for a time. The magic had corrupted just enough to cause seven crystal-like objects form on her back in the form of an upside-down 'V'. Ai is able to change the intensity of the light from the moment she gets hit to the moment she uses the stored power.


    Note: From the first stage to the seventh stage need Ai to have take enough hits for the stigmata to be lit to be able to gain their effects, passive or activated. Also, one hit or spell recoil/backlash is the equivalent to one stigmata activating. The Unique Ability Stigmata of the Martyr must still be had for Ai to be able to use the following abilities. None of these abilities can be copied/negated by anyone in any way, shape or form.

    Stigmata of the Fool - First Stage: This stage gives Ai an extra 25% speed increase, as well as 35% reflex boost passively.

    Stigmata of the Lovers - Second Stage: This stage gives Ai the ability to heal half the damage she dealt every fourth spell she uses. (Does not effect any spell used with Stigmata of the Martyr.)

    Stigmata of the Temperance - Third Stage: This stage gives Ai an extra 15% endurance (HP, raising Ai's max HP from 100% to 115%) and a 3% HP Regen per post. RP wise, this healing can regenerate limbs that are lost.

    Stigmata of the Devil - Fourth Stage: This stage allows Ai to sense Unholy magic and energies alongside the ability to sense Holy magic and energies. However, with the sensing of Holy energies and magics, whether it be an enchanted sword under a mountain, an angel flying away, or the holy grail itself. Ai's natural attunement as a hunter of things holy allows her to sense the presence of anything or anyone with such energy.(This stage is always passively active.)

    Stigmata of the Hermit - Fifth Stage: This stage allows Ai to bypass up to a total of 50% of magical defenses, barriers or otherwise. Any similarly worded effects in any spells that Ai uses do not stack with this effect in any way, shape, or form.

    Stigmata of the Sun - Sixth Stage: This stage causes any nature that Ai stays near while using her magic to grow thorns and any flower based plants to be black than their natural color, however should a plant based mage attempt to use them, they would need to use 30% more mana than normal due the plants being revolting. Anyone attempting to move through the twisted undergrowth loses 25% of their speed. The plants don't effect any flying opponents unless they come into contact with the plants for an extended amount of time.

    Stigmata of the Empress - Seventh Stage: Once per thread, Ai can summon a corrupted Fire elemental, now mixed with gravity, that serves the Goddess of Amaterasu for Six posts. This Elemental deals Ai's rank, of spell damage per attack. The form the elemental takes is that of a wolf that stands twice as large as a normal wolf. This summon can only take 4 hits of Ai's rank before disappearing. The elementals rank caps out at S Rank. This elemental is now unable to be eaten by any slayer, due to the holy Gravity magic now infused into the unholy fire.

    Stigmata of the World - Final Stage: This ability takes Ai's mortality and removes it from existence, making her immortal. When Ai reaches zero HP, her body disperses into light, and in which the light travels to a separate area to cause her to 'reincarnate' herself via the power of the Stigmata on her back, so she is unable to truly die, by any means whatsoever. (This stage is always passively active).

    Infinity Crown:

    Wielder: Eclipse Valerie
    The story takes stage in Arcadia, a beautiful world where humans, angels, Gods and Goddesses co-existed. This place, for centuries, was peaceful. Angels sung, Gods and Goddesses busied themselves by taking care of humans and the humans worshiped them for their blessings. Among them was an angel named Lucia whose beauty surpassed even that of Goddesses. She fell in love with another angel Michael to whom she got married with. However, a God, jealous of Michael, changed his appearance to Michael’s and slept with Lucia. Enraged, Michael almost kills Lucia but is stopped when an unseen force pushed him away. Instead, Michael turned his anger towards the Gods and declared war on them, getting all other angels to back him up. To defeat the Gods, Michael told angels to pair up with humans and conceive children with powers.

    Thus came forth what was known as crowns with amazing abilities and powers, part human and part angel. They had the power to go up against Gods but Gods and Goddesses defended themselves and tried to destroy all angels and humans from Arcadia. For this, they went in search of Lucia who was hiding from everyone after Michael threw her out. The Gods kills Lucia and takes her child who had the blood of both a God and angel flowing inside her. The Gods and Goddesses gathered around the child and blessed her with their powers, creating what they called “Infinity Crown”. She possessed powers beyond normal Crowns’ capabilities and was also given the name Eclipse Valerie.

    Lineage Abilities:
    Passive Skill
    Perfect Form: Valerie is unaffected by any spells/abilities/lineage that affect her status. This means that debuff spells or any spells with/without a form that targets Eclipse’s stats will be immediately negated. This also includes curses/abilities/marks/illusions that any magic/ability may cast that would harm her/paralyze her/numb her senses. However, she can only halve the effects of same rank and completely negate that of lower ranks. As a side effect, buffs or supportive spells that is not her own will not work on her. This means, only she can heal herself or boost her skills using a spell or ability.

    Negation against Negation:
    Valerie’s spells, magic and lineage cannot be nullified by another magic, effect, power, lineage or ability. Her magic can be blocked against and everything as normal though.

    God’s Blessing: With the blessing of Gods and the power of angel’s blood in her, Valerie’s spells naturally deals 25% more damage. However, against demons or dark beings or dark magic, she can do 50% more damage.


    Song of Life:
    Valerie’s song of life covers an area and selects allies or beings Valerie wants. She gives back 50% HP and MP to the selected allies or even herself. If she chooses to use this on herself, she will not be able to heal other people and if she chooses to heal others, she can’t heal herself. Can heal up to 3 people maximum.
    D Rank Range: 15m
    C rank Range: 35m
    B rank Range: 45m
    A rank Range: 60m
    S Rank Range: 75m
    SS rank Range: 90m
    H rank Range: 100-150m

    (Everything specified below is for RPing purpose only which only applies to non enemy or event NPCs as well as Players who are ok with Valerie using this skill on them)

    Valerie is able to bring people back from death. She is also able to bring life back into flora or fauna. While using this for RP purposes, Valerie does not have any specified range to keep the power within.

    Song of Death:

    Valerie’s song of death covers an area and selects enemies. She takes, from them, 50% of their HP OR MP. Due to the power it has, it can only target one enemy to take 50% HP or MP from. Other selected ones will only lose 20% of their HP or MP. Can affect up to 3 people.
    D Rank Range: 15m
    C rank Range: 35m
    B rank Range: 45m
    A rank Range: 60m
    S Rank Range: 75m
    SS rank Range: 90m
    H rank Range: 100-150m

    (Everything specified below is for RPing purpose only which only applies to non enemy or event NPCs as well as Players who are ok with Valerie using this skill on them)

    Those listening to the song of death will immediate die. This applies to flora or fauna. While using this for RP purposes, Valerie does not have a limited range to keep this spell under.

    Usage: Once in a thread.

    Kumiho Descendancy:

    Kumiho Descendancy: The Legion Master
    Wielder: Izayoi Burrakurozu
    Description:   Born over seven thousand of years ago the Triplets belonged to a race of people known as the Kumiho. A race that had physical traits of a fox. The triplets are the only remain survivors of said race. But because of the one of the sister being genetically perfect the Kumiho race is not considered dead. This comes from the fact that the perfect genetics the one sister possess can override all genetic traits of another race. Meaning anyone she chooses to mate with will only produce pure Kumiho. The remaining two sister’s jobs are to protect this one individual at all cost, which is something that is harder to do considering their personalities.

    Izayoi is the sister who is the most insecure with her position in life due to a large sum of reasons. She is also the one who commands the forces of old, she is the Legion Master. The Legions are a soldier summoned from another plane, but only their conciseness, it is Izayoi’s job to provide a soul and body for them to utilize. This gives her a very different way of fighting.

    Three as one: Each sister is naturally stronger and healthier than normal humans, this come in the form of a 10% increase in hp and a 1% HP regen per post. If other sisters are present in the thread then they gain an additional 10% increase in HP and 2% increase in HP regen per post, per-sister, meaning if all three sisters are present they have 30% extra HP and 3 HP regen. This ability may stack with others of its kind.

    Alterform:Like all Kumiho Izayoi has two forms that she can use, switching from one to another without effort and nearly instantly.

    Fox Form: Izayoi and Legion Speed increases by 50%
    Human Form: gain 1 additional Vital Force each time she were to gain one.

    Crest Builder: Izayoi has the ability to create a Crest that is tied to another person(Member) that they know. This crest allows the user to summon the person bound to it in the form of a legion as per her magic. The entire creation of the Crest must be done in a topic between the two. The topic involves the building of the legion, which involves the creation of the legion’s abilities based on the person in question. These abilities reflect the nature, and possibly magic, of the person in question.Adding a person via a summon adds them to the job but only in their Legion form, they get exp equal to 50% of the job total, unless they are more than 2 ranks below the job rank. If the legion user is under the rank of the job by two or more they gain exp equal to their rank. Thread must be 20 posts long and be high quality, The legion made for the member is fixed and cant change, a Legion made this way CAN be summoned in Solo jobs as they are simply a aspect of the Izayoi’s magic, they still gain exp through.

    Abyssal Flame:

    Lineage User: Blank

    Description: Blank’s lineage is more a tale of mystery than understanding. Unlike others who can trace their lineage back generations, or as a mutation only they are born with, Blank has no idea why it is that she has such abilities. After a while asking became pointless as she found that were no real answers wherever she went. So, for now Blank merely tries to grow in her capabilities, as she one day woke up and simply existed with them. Within her she feels a flame burn brightly, a flame which has bestowed her with various powers, such as using it to morph her body, and increase her own physical capabilities. Still, despite how brightly the flame burns, Blank can’t help but wonder if the flame has a more sinister origin…


    • From Ashes: Blank’s body seems imbedded with a strange flame, making her feel a constant sense of otherworldly warmth. While she doesn’t get why, it affords her various benefits, the first of which is that she can transmute this flame throughout her body and turn all of it, or just parts of it, into ash. This ash can be freely controlled and imbedded into her other magic’s seamlessly. The ash is as strong and as durable as her rank, and typically appears as a white ethereal flame. Finally, should Blank die, she doesn’t have to use the revival alter, instead she will simply rise out of her own ashes somewhere else in the world.

    • Conviction Blank’s own body attunes to her strength of conviction. Mysteriously allowing the flame within her to burn brighter the more she refuses to yield, allowing her to ignore effects which would normally incapacitate her ability to fight. Blank can prevent effects which would lower or negate her strength increases by spending the same amount of MP that the source of such effects spent in creating such an effect. Physical attribute wise Blank has the same durability as the physical damage she deals, and she receives an increase of 20 to her base melee/physical damage, however Blank’s body works in such a way that all strength buffs from others are half as effective on her.

    • Tempered Blank’s soul is tempered with an eternal flame that burns brightly. This flame pours into her body and tempers it physically to withstand the duties which she is driven to accomplish. Blank receives a 75% increase to physical strength but due to the shift in energy only has 50% MP base instead of 100%. The flame has altered Blank’s magic to make up for this however as all her spells use her physical strength modifiers when calculating damage and count as dealing physical damage instead of spell damage (though they still use the spell damage table as a base). Finally, due to her body being attuned to increasing her physical capabilities the effectiveness of strength buffs isn’t reduced when applied to Blank if they are originally a lower rank than her, though other types of buffs are affected as per normal rules.


    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Guest on February 16th 2018, 5:32 pm

    Bloodline of the Frozen Sword:

    Wielder: Bliss Avoa (Ignorance)
    Description: There was once a time when the two houses of the Avoa Clan were one, back when Iceberge was under the rule of one of its many Ice Kings. This King bestowed upon the clan a gift; the ability to use a legendary bloodline known as the Frozen Armour if they took up Ice Make magic. However, upon the Avoa Clan splitting in two, the House of Sword began to test the abilities that the bloodline gave them, pushing the boundaries of their gift until finally they succeeded in unlocking a second part of the bloodline, one that suited them more. The named it ‘Bloodline of the Frozen Sword’ so as to make it their own. It wasn’t until a few generations later that a child was born whose bloodline was ‘pure’, cleansed of the frozen armour bloodline.

    The Bloodline of the Frozen Sword offered this child more strength (25%), speed (30%) and better reflexes (30%) than others of their age and ability, not unlike the Frozen Armour bloodline. The real change was in the second part of the bloodline where, instead of creating armour around their body, the child was able to strengthen their weaponry to deal devastating damage to their enemies, moreso than ever before. This child would grow up to become the House of Sword’s first ‘Arctic Hunter’, a prodigy amongst the clan and a deadly warrior. He would then have a child of his own; Bliss Avoa.

    The bloodline flowed stronger in her than it did in her father, granting her all of the blessings he had been gifted and more, giving her access to two unique innate abilities; Cryoshell and Cryoburst. These two abilities when combined with the other bonuses of the bloodline and with her training under the Arctic Hunter saw her quickly become a rising star within the clan, which eventually resulted in her being named the first ‘Winter Huntress’.


    Frozen Weapon Modification - Bliss is able to modify a single weapon at a time, doubling all aspects of any spells or attacks that weapon is used for. This lasts for 2 posts and has a 6 post cooldown. Should the weapon she wields be broken then the cooldown is increased to 8 posts.

    Cryoshell – Bliss covers herself in a thick ice shell that takes all damage from spells of equal and lower rank for a single post (capped at S-rank). Each time a spell of equal or lower rank strikes the shell it will absorb the magical energy and use half of it to regenerate any damage to itself. Fire spells of equal rank or any spells of higher rank will break through the shell and deal damage to Bliss. This ability can only be used three times per thread, with a 6 post cooldown between each use.

    Cryoburst – This ability rolls directly off of Cryoshell. The post after Cryoshell is used, Bliss can choose to ‘burst’ the shell, causing a powerful blast as the ice explodes in all directions, dealing damage equal to half the damage accumulated split up amongst anyone it hits (1 enemy hit = full damage, 2 enemies hit = 0.5x damage each, etc.)

    The stat boosts are passive.

    To use Frozen Weapon Modification Bliss must be wielding a weapon crafted using her Ice Make magic.

    To use Cryoshell Bliss must not be wielding a weapon and she will be unable to attack while in the shell, as she enters a state of physical stasis.

    To use Cryoburst the same rules apply as with Cryoshell. Cryoburst cannot be used without having used the Cryoshell ability first.

    Genesis Key:

    Wielder: Claire Mierre (Claire Mierre)
    Description: The Genesis Key is less of a lineage and more of an immortal soul.  There is no line of descendants who possess this lineage,  but once every 100 years like clockwork after the previous Genesis Key died the soul is reborn in a new body.   The new Genesis Key wont directly be aware of their past lives but may gain access to those memories as they become relevant to current events as a form of control to prevent a new body from being overwhelmed with information.
    The Genesis Key is supposed to be a fragment of the force that sparked creation itself that was lost during the process,  leaving the whole of creation incomplete in ways we cannot know.   This fragment's whereabouts was a mystery until the human species started to bloom and among the human souls was found the lost fragment as having been caught up in the process that gave birth to these souls,   like a loose bolt of a factory finding its way inside of a toy doll so too did this fragment find itself inside of a human.  
    Over the many centuries of human intellect the nature of the fragment has been brought up in temples and shrines or courts with each iteration as the key grew and developed powers tied to creation,  the ability to bring their imagination to life.  But throughout most all the lives of the spark the body has met it's end at the hands of enemies,  sometimes within only a couple years of it's birth as the Genesis Key can easily be identified by the presence of a white serpent "tattoo" on their body.    Many centuries ago, however,  the cycle was ended and a new key was never reborn and the Genesis Key fell out of memory with time.  

    Permanency:  The Genesis Key can break an effect's ties to magic and render it a permanent aspect of creation.   Meaning a creature given intelligence by a spell or a statue made animated,  or a building brought up from the earth can be rendered permanent,  in that it is no longer defined by a "Duration".   Using this on already natural aspects of creation will make them withstand the test of time to avoid entropy or decay.   A fragile arch would stop eroding,  a statue would never tarnish.   This doesn't do anything to stop someone from breaking them of course,  just resist the natural effects of time.   Using Permanency costs the same amount as the spell's cost that created the effect or 10% for non-magical/spell creations.   Permanency can't be applied to buffs or instantaneous effects.
    Font of Life:  The Genesis Key is remarkably difficult to kill as the fragment constantly repairs the body it occupies,  giving it a 5% Health regen which can repair damaged organs and recover lost limbs- including brain or heart.   However,  this can be overcome in some instances and it cannot regenerate if there is an obstruction.   Minor obstructions such as bullets or arrows can be pushed out by the regeneration process,   but if it cannot be pushed out the body will be effectively dead but the fragment trapped inside incapable of rebirth since the body isn't technically dead-dead yet, waiting for the release of whatever is keeping them incapable of regenerating.  The fragment and psyche will still be aware within a "Dreamworld" state,  and feel every little bit of pain or sensation of the body.  
    Soul of Magic: The Genesis Key only starts with and cannot go beyond 50% magic but has a MP regeneration of 5% rather than the normal MP Regen.  Anti-magic cannot negate their spells,  but anti-magic will directly deal damage to the Genesis Key proportionate to the rank of the effect and reduce her MP by half the anti-magic's cost.  Lineage anti-magic effects deal half the user's rank in damage for the duration of their would-be effects.  However,  no lineage effect can remove or negate Genesis Key from the bearer,  as the two are intrinsically connected.   If any effect tries to overpower this effect,  both parties take damage equal to the level of the antimagic/antilineage in question,  or damage equal to the rank of the user if it isn't attached to a spell.  The spells would be nullified but the lineage can never be removed (though for plotstuffs could be siphoned or tapped into)

    Usage:  Passive HP and MP regen.   Permanency can be used once per topic.

    Bloodline of the Torn Swordsman:

    Wielder: Akeos Grazak(Akeos)
    Description: The bearer of this bloodline is descended from a long line legendary swordsmen, each one holding their own unique fighting style as well as techniques. Akeos Grazak’s powers from this lineage had been altered when he had undergone the magic enhancement procedures. Akeos naturally has enhanced Strength(25%), Speed(30%) and Reflexes(30%). Aside from that he also has a unique passive that transfers his current overall magical alignment to any weapon or armor he goes to wield,(meaning if he goes into Justice State, and goes to draw Nozaskaizu, it will transform and become a (Light) Wind Based Sword.) He also has the innate ability to sense what strong emotions they are feeling and the possible root emotion. That’s however all the passives Akeos has by bloodline.

    Akeos gains two powers from his special bloodline, the first is somewhat minor, but he can call upon a Storm at will, the storm will last for ten posts and does nothing to others in it but make it rain and generate high winds, this may not seem like much but it is the environment Akeos is most suited in, He gains a 50% increase in his raw speed while in this storm. He also has the ability to enter his swords(or what ever sword he may be wielding) into a Magical induced super state so to speak, the swords will be wrapped in raw magical energy that is extendable. These magical blades can extend up to 15 meters, and doesn’t impede his swinging speed whatsoever, the magical blades deal damage equal to the rank of the sword it is on(if higher than Akeos will cap at his rank) and generate a shockwave that will push opponents back five meters, this ability has a duration of five posts and cooldown of six posts.

    • He has a wide array of passives, various stat boosts: Strength(25%), Speed(30%) and Reflexes(30%), Feeling perception and Elemental Contamination.
    • Tempest: Akeos can call upon a Storm at will, the storm will last for ten posts and does nothing to others in it but make it rain and generate high winds, this may not seem like much but it is the environment Akeos is most suited in, He gains a 50% increase in his raw speed while in this storm. Can only be used one per thread.
    • Blades of Magic: His swords will enter (or what ever sword he may be wielding) into a Magical induced super state so to speak, the swords will be wrapped in raw magical energy that is extendable. These magical blades can extend up to 15 meters, and doesn’t impede his swinging speed whatsoever, the magical blades deal damage equal to the rank of the sword it is on(if higher than Akeos will cap at his rank) and generate a shockwave that will push opponents back five meters (only people who are the same rank as Akeos or below), this ability has a duration of five posts and cooldown of six posts.

    Usage: Tempest: Akeos can summon the Storm by saying a chant outloud that will take a solid minute,
    Here my Call Oh Skies above, grace us with your presence
    Bring the waters of the earth, let your tears wash us….
    Let your heavenly cries resound across the Sky….
    Let your waters, Wash away my enemies,
    And your winds, to cut them down…
    Rain down upon us oh great Tempest
    As for Blades of Magic he will cross both blades and say, “Awaken”, the passives are always active.

    Progeny Of Eris:

    Wielder: Aedre Crawford (Aedre)
    Description: Being a child who was bore by a half-dragon mother means that the blood coursing through the veins of Aedre Crawford had always been chaotic. Her father was a mere human, thus making her 1/4 Dragon and 3/4 human; those fractions being the reason as to why she taps much more into the human side when it comes to her visual appearance as well as behavior. However, after discovering about the identity of her mother in Pergrande, the woman trained enough to awaken the dormant inch of her blood; thus gaining small bits of her mother's abilities and powers. And Aedre's mother, actually happens to be half of a Shadow Dragon- thus granting her daughter ominous powers of the dark. However, unlike expected, Aedre does not have much trouble utilizing these abilities as a first-timer, since her body had been fused with a Shadow Dragon lacrima by her foster parent. The lacrima had, in turn, combined with her then primary magic; Tidal Dragon Slayer and evolved it into the darker shade of the Slayer spectrum; Torrent God Slayer. But in the little while that she had the intact lacrima within her body, Aedre had used the powers to her benefit and in the current period, is adept at using her mother's boon.

    • Draconic Blood - This ability comes due to the tenacity of a Dragon's blood and grants Aedre superior speed, strength and reflexes; boosting each by 30%.
    • Shade - Due to this ability, it becomes much harder to detect Aedre while she stands in shadows or any place of darkness. The opponent needs to use at least a C Rank spell that enhances vision to notice her.
    • Territory - Just like Shade, this is a conditional ability that only activates when Aedre is in an area full of darkness. The damage that her spells deal increases by 50%. However, note that this doesn't apply to defensive or supplementary spells.
    • Wrath of Eris - This is an active ability that can only be used once per thread, and lasts for 7 posts. While active, Aedre gains a dark, wispy aura made of shadows that increases her spell damage and range by 50% (the aura shoots off as a covering on her spells as well) and strength, speed and reflexes by 45%.
    • Eris Incarnate - This is an evolved version of the previous ability, that lasts for 7 posts and can only be used once per thread. However, this time, there is a drastic change in Aedre's appearance; for she gains claws, horns, tail (one feet long) and massive wings (two feet long). Most of her skin is covered by a bluish and purplish metal-like hide, while her hair turns pure-white and ends up in braids on both her shoulders. The wings allow her to fly at the speed of 280 MPH and the tail can be used to dish out massive damage whenever possible. While this form is active, Aedre is in a state that most resembles her mother and her appearance is actually exactly what her mother's had been. She gains a 75% boost in spell damage, strength, speed, reflexes and spell range during the duration of this ability.

    Draconic Blood is a passive ability that cannot be revoked on any condition, while Shade and Territory are conditional passives. Wrath of Eris and Eris Incarnate are active abilities that can only be used once per thread. Both can be activated in the same thread, but there should be a gap of 5 posts in between.

    The Voice of Suggestion:

    The voice of suggestion
    Wielder: Potato
    Description: A cursed voice with the ability to suggest emotions and thoughts into the living near. A great curse and a great power that has the people used against it feel as if the thoughts they are told are their own unless they realize what is going on. It also has the abilities to inflict pain towards anyone in earshot once every four posts doing user ranked damage. Though it also has another active ability to do the opposite and allows those hearing it not feel pain while taking damage.
    - The caster can use this to passively suggest thoughts and emotions into players and npcs (Though players it is purely rp based.)

    - Once every four posts, anyone in earshot may take damage from a word of pain dealing user rank damage.

    - Also once every four posts anyone in earshot is immune to pain (Though still receives damage)

    - To activate the damage one he must state his intent to cause harm.

    - In order to activate the pain negation he must say the line "We shall feel no pain!"

    Daughter of the Dragon King:

    Wielder: DragonPantsu

    Description: Everyone knows the story of Acnologia; one of the original Dragon Slayer’s that went mad with power and eventually became the dragon known and feared as the Dragon King. However, the side of the story that hardly anyone knows is that the Dragon King had a wife for some time before he stopped caring about humans; despite still being one himself. Not long after obtaining his power and title, Acnologia’s wife became pregnant and bore a child. It was soon after this that Acnologia’s care for humans diminished for some unknown reason. He left his wife and child to roam and simply do as he pleased; abandoning his descendant and leaving them to never know the power that coursed through their blood.

     Such was the case for all the descendants that eventually spread out from Acnologia’s family. At birth, the descendant is born with a strange, drake looking mark on either their left or right arm near the wrist. Most assumed it to be nothing more than a bizarre birthmark, while some desired to know its meaning. These few tried discovering the meaning behind this mark and the power that it brought with it. A mere five people throughout history were capable of tapping into this power, but none ever truly knew its full extent.

      This brings us to the young Haretsa Shikon, who discovered this power during a game of tag with her elder siblings. They were always able to outrun her, but the adrenaline surge that this strange power gave off when her birthmark glowed bright orange allowed her to keep up and even run faster than them despite being much younger. As she grew older, Haretsa discovered that it was not just her speed that became increased, but her strength, reaction time, and endurance as well. Yet despite this, she still hasn’t fully tapped into the true power of her bloodline. As she continues to grow, the true power of this lineage will grow more and more apparent to her, for she possess the key that her ancestors never had; the magic of a Dragon Slayer.


    King’s Endurance: Upon reaching B rank, Haretsa will have 10% more HP than the average mage.

    Royal Aura:Haretsa’s very magic power begins to feel more and more like the Dragon King’s; becoming relatively noticeable once she achieves B rank. Once she has reached S rank, those around her will feel as though they really are in the presence of the mighty Black Dragon. (IC story fluff)


    Black Dragon’s Rage: Upon activation, Haretsa’s birthmark glows the same as the blue markings that adorn the Black Dragon’s scales. These same markings then appear along her arm, spreading across both her shoulder blades and along her other arm as well. Once the markings adorn her body, Haretsa receives a bonus surge of power, granting her a 40% increase to her magical and physical strength as well as her reaction time and speed. She will also gain a bonus of 25% resistance to physical and magical attacks. However, this power is not without its drawback. While she does get enhanced capabilities, Haretsa will enter a berserk like state; the voice of the Dragon King constantly shouting ”DESTROY!” in her head and this urge essentially takes over her body. In this state, she will assault anything and everything from the very enemy she needs to take out to a nearby tree for looking at her funny and insulting her mother. This berserk mindset will become slightly easier to resist as Haretsa grows stronger, but she will never fully be able to control the urge to destroy with this active until she achieves H rank.

    Usage: Black Dragon’s Rage will last for a total of 5 posts before going on a 10 post cooldown and can only be used twice per thread.
    Devil's Conquest:

    Wielder: Nimue/Siren (Lady Red)
    Description: Siren is the ruler of one layer of hell by right of conquest.   Hell having dozens of "Layers" all with different environments, including duplicates of the same type of environment.  
    By owning a layer of hell,  she has certain perks and advantages.   It's hardly the same as owning a candy shop.
    Her layer of hell is one of the weaker layers of hell,  and to help defend her layer everything she kills or destroys gets sent to her hell where it is used to bolster her layer's defenses and reinforce her authority over it.   By increasing the power of her layer she increases her own standing among the hierarchy of hell even as she can better resist attacks from other layers looking to seize her control or end her up-start sudden appearance into their little pantheon of hell queens and kings.

    Hell's Conquest: Any thing destroyed or killed by Siren winds up in her layer of Hell and placed under her command.  Creatures from her layer of hell are all under this command and cannot disobey her or be commanded by others unless she is overthrown.  By doing events or jobs, slain creatures can be recorded in the "Bank".

    Hell Gate: Since being broken out of Hell,  Siren is capable of reaching through the veil of death to open rifts leading to and from her layer of hell.  She can enter the gate herself to travel to hell and back,  though it only appears where she last was in Earthland, but can appear anywhere within her domain of hell.

    Note:  Opening gates to her layer of hell allows denizens of her domain to emerge if she so desires,  or simply to reach through and grab something/store something.   
    Such demons are still tied to Hell and require a connection to Siren to remain in Earthland.  Siren will be drained of MP per post depending on the creatures that leave the rift.
    NPC/Background: 0% | D-Rank: 1% per 4 | C-Rank: 1% per 2 | B-Rank: 1% | A-Rank: 2% | S-Rank: 4% | User-Ranked: 10% 
    Meaning if three B-Ranks and 2 A-ranks are out at once they will drain 10% MP per post until they are defeated or leave through a Rift.   A creature still drains this MP even if they only appear for a moment.
    Special: A boss from a user-relevant job- Drains 20% but not every post, the 20% can't be recovered until it is defeated or leaves,  no other creatures of D-rank or higher can be present at the same time.  That 20% grows by 2.5% of temporarily irrecoverable MP drain each post it is active making Siren increasingly less capable the longer it is out.  

    Devil's Body: Siren's body is strengthened with the power of a devil.  She has a passive 50% boost to her strength and endurance,  30% to speed.    Whenever she is not disguised and reveals her demon body,  this increases to 100% and 60% respectively.   As a note,  she has a seductive/domineering presence that can be taken for what it is by player interaction as a just an RP effect.

    Passive: Things she destroys or kills get sent to her domain of hell where she has authority over them.
    Passive: ability to open a "rift" ( A Gate ) to her domain/layer of hell.
    Passive: Physical boost that is at full effectiveness only when not disguised as human.

    Yokai King:

    Name: Yokai King

    Wielder:  Kisame

    Description:  Almost twenty years ago, Kisame was born. His father was a powerful Shadow Nekomata yokai, that had fallen in love with his mother. She was a rare, almost extinct, Water Fox Yokai Kitsune, named Kyaabie. The two species of Yokai, mated together, to create a powerful hybrid of the two. Although different species, both of the parents were used to having a litter, yet Kyaabe did not. In fact it was only a single child born, and already in his human form. They knew this child was special, and powerful beyond their imagination. Kisame's father Ebisu was considered a living legend amongst other Nekomata, having acquired his human form in 70 years. On average it would take one at least 100 years, to gather enough energy required to create the form. Yet this child, was born with it, and could transform since his first breath. This seemingly new species of Nekomata hybrid born, had a very unique power granted to it, gifted no doubt from his mother's immense power level. The power over water, with very unique properties to it. The user of this lineage is capable of transforming at will, to his human form, or Yokai form. The user is granted several unique traits that he can use in either form.

    Yokai Form:
    Former Custom Lineages 5a992b10

    Unique Abilities:

    Kisame is capable of communicating with all animals, spirits, or demon beings. User is capable of flight, at the same speeds he could run on the ground.  Kisame is capable of breathing underwater, as well as swimming, at the same speed he can sprint on land.

    Yokai Magical Essence:  The incredible amount of magical power in the bloodlines, sky rocketed when they mixed together. As with all species in life, by mixing the bloodlines together, they created a more healthy, and evolved specimen. Kisame gains an additional 30% to his max HP and MP.

    Yokai Physic:   Although his human form may seem rather delicate to the average human, it is indeed an illusion. His bone structure is hardened beyond most creatures, with muscles wrapped around his body, creating a powerful structure. Kisame has a passive boost of +50% to strength and speed.

    Magical Aptitude:  The massive amount of magical essence that exists inside of this yokai, is truly immeasurable, and always growing more so. All Water or dark water spells and abilities by user, are unable to be sealed, manipulated, stopped, or prevented from being cast in any way, by spells of equal or less than Kisame, for he can pay the same mp cost as original caster to negate it. The user also gains a +50% Magic Damage passive bonus.

    Atavism of the Mazoku:
    Former Custom Lineages Eojdku10

    Atavism of the Mazoku:  Although There has not been a Nekomata / Kitsune hybrid for quite some time. Its been even longer, since the world has witnessed a Mazoku. The Mazoku, is a very incredibly rare breed of Water Kitsunes. Kisame unwittingly activated an atavism within him. A trait that recurs in a descendant after skipping generations and even resulting in a reversion to the primitive characteristics of a remote ancestor. This is the result of his ancient ancestor, Leviathan, deliberately rendering his genes a recessive trait until that code can express itself in a descendant strong enough to succeed it. This in effect created a Yokai sleeper agent. This took over a thousand years, and almost to the point of the water Kitsunes being endangered spirits. After reaching a certain point in the fight, Leviathan will wish to take over. Leviathan is able to Activate Kitsame's Mazoku genes, effectively transforming into himself. Kisame's hair changes from his natural silver with blue hue hair, to all snow white folicals. His Eyes grow black, with the user's pupils turning red. A powerful aura will form around the user, and radiate outwards, emitting a powerful gravitational pull. All enemies of equal or lower rank than Kisame within 100 meters of him, will be unable to fly or  teleport within this area. All enemies of equal or lower rank to Kisame, and their spells will travel with a -25% speed debuff, if they are within 100 meter range of him at this time.

    Useage:  All Abilities are passives, except Atavism of the Mazoku. Atavism lasts for 9 posts, with a 10 post cool down.

    Death Princess:
    Name: Death Princess
    Weidler: Frey
    Description: Frey’s story starts with a powerful Incubus named Ricille who was ejected from the underworld for trying to take it over, the Angel Miniel who fell from her graces to save his life and the town that took them both in, provided them a home, Wivern.  

    Ricille was an Incubus who cared nothing for anyone except himself and power, always trying to make every other demon subservient to him. Of course? He had an excuse, a hard upbringing that lead to his behavior, but that is really secondary. One day he tried for the actual crown of hell and was promptly defeated by its queen and ejected into the surface world with deadly injuries. Yet demons can live for a long time, sometimes even lasting for these impressive stretches of time with fatal injuries and Ricille was this sort of man, stood on a caliber that meant he would live for months to years before his unhealable wounds finally did him in. Thus he did what any man mad for power would do, wrapped up his wounds and decided to try taking advantage of the fact he was stronger than mostly any earthling, he went on his merry way to conquer the closest town.

    Wivern was the place closest to where Ricille had been ejected from the underworld. This town? Was actually a very unique and diverse place in its infancy as a settlement. A number of dragons and other mythical or unique beasts, both humanoid and not, who were tired of being hunted had all migrated to the same area far away from other civilizations, perhaps even on a planet or realm separate from the one’s most beings live on/in. Due to the young age of the settlement, there was actually no established ruler, so taking over required very little bloodshed, simply displaying his power was nearly enough to land him in the throne of the town, so long as he kept his dying condition secret. Thus Ricille became Wiverns first Lord, of course like any new ruler the Incubus soon found that it was not easy as he thought it would be. Unlike when one takes over a pre-establish empire? Coming to rule over a new one requires that you make every single decision in relation to the rising of your civilization, something he had no experience in doing and the first while of his lordship was very difficult. Ricille fought hard to maintain the power he had obtained, but during this time something else also occurred as he shaped and changed Wivern into a blossoming settlement; As much as he changed the town its citizens became to change him! Without even noticing Ricille started becoming a wiser, gentler and more considerate demon who closer to the ‘end’ of his rule maintained his power due to a love for Wivern and its people rather than his prior love of power.

    Nothing could change the fact that the Incubus was living with fatal wounds and as time went on it became harder to hide from his people. It was around this time that an angel of love Miniel began to become aware of the actions taken by the seductive lord. From above in heaven? She secretly watched him day in and out slowly falling in love with the Incubus who had grown from completely self-center to only worrying about if his people could survive when the day eventually came that he submitted to his wounds. At last the day came when Ricille should have died, sooner than he thought, secluded from his people in the forest all alone. Yet the Incubus did not die here, the angel came down from heaven and broke one of the biggest rules, she laid with the demon and healed him of his fatal wounds with the absolute healing angels can perform. However after this heaven would not accept her back, because she had saved the life of an unholy beast, so the Lord brought her back to Wivern. As time went on? Miniel became his Lady and they ruled the small town together, even came to have a child.

    This is where Frey’s ‘mother’ Marceline Anicetus comes into the story. Remember the Queen Of Hell that Ricille had once tried to overthrow? Well it was none other than Marceline herself. One day she showed up in Wivern to offer the Incubus passage back into the underworld, which he refused because he was clearly happy with his angelic bride and the civilization he rules over. However, the Queen Of Death actually had an ulterior motive to her visit, one that had it been known she would have never been let into the town. Marceline’s true objective had been to implant her genetics into Ricille and Miniels unborn child, an infant the two were not even aware of yet themselves, and thus she succeeded in this goal without them being aware. Shortly after the dark mage left? The pair found out about the angel’s pregnancy and announced it to the overjoyed town as if nothing was wrong because they had no idea just what was coming.

    Since Frey had Marceline’s genetic material within her she had Nether or Death particles within her body which her own body was immune to due to having had them since shortly after concept. However? Mineil was not immune to them and as the pregnancy dragged on she became noticeably sicker, more frail and weak no matter what the village did for her. Eventually, it reached a point where the Angel was only alive because the developing infant needed her alive to survive, and once Frey was born severing this need, the angel instantly ceased to live. This already made the child a ‘success’ for what marceline intended her for and clearly, she thus belonged to the Death Queen instead of her Incubus father. Thus a few nights after the child was born the woman came and took her from Wivern in the middle of the night, such a place was not suited for someone like Frey.

    However, Ricille did not take kindly to having his daughter and the only thing he had left of Miniel taken from him. Entirely enraged by his daughter's abduction and empowered by the fact he had survived his last fight with the queen when he tried to overthrow her? The Incubus stormed back into the underworld and challenged Marceline for his child. Instead of trying to truly take down the reaper this time, however, he simply fought until he could get his hands on Frey then he teleported back to Wivern cloaking it with what was pretty much the last of his power so Marceline could no longer find the establishment so easily, thus protecting his daughter. Ricille knew he would not survive, but he had brought his child back to their people and knew they would raise the little girl properly. To save Frey the pain of losing him and having to explain to her how he had been fatally ruined? He banned all mention of Miniel, of Marceline and of him being the girl's father, created the story that her mother had left her at the town's doorstep and they had taken her in as their princess.

    Over time Frey grew up unaware of her own backstory, into a bright young toddler with a kleptomaniac habit. The dragonic animals who had taken over leadership of Wivern until she would become old enough to take the crown? Taught her about respecting the world around her, showed her how to farm, tame beasts and so many other things.


    ❀ Naturely: Frey has a deep connection with flora and fauna, easily convincing animals around her to come home with her. Often times, when Frey is around there, will be more wildlife than normal and so long as it's within reason I can have more than one non-combat pet in a thread (like a horse and a cat, but not two massive 200 foot dragons or such), however when more than one combat pet is present, the non-combat pets may not be present. Thus I don’t have to register every noncombat pet she comes to own.

    ❀  Holy Blood: Even if Mineil was locked out of heaven for helping Ricille, the blood of an angel runs through Frey and thus she has some abilities that have an angelic ring or feeling to them. The most notable of these abilities is to regenerate an area to the state it existed in before a fight if the damage was done by someone of equal or lower rank then Frey herself. This ability will not restore life to sentient beings, but will repair structures and flora within the properly ranked distance of Frey, she can use this multiple times in a thread. However outside of PvE/Jobs/Socials in things like event’s, she must have the proper ooc permissions to restore things

    ❀ Kleptomaniac: Ever since the moment she was born? Frey has been stealing things, her mother’s life, the necklace of an attendant, anything. She is very good at stealing things, even able to steal from being’s that do not physically exist in the normal realm or otherwise have a protection from being stolen from. However she can not use this to steal something that does not appeal to her, so she can mostly only steal shiny objects and it still requires ooc permission on played characters and to be used in events.  

    ❀ Succubus: With an incubus for her father and marceline's genetics within her, it is not surprising that Frey is a creature that possessed traits of a succubus. Generally this means that if she can touch someone they are more likely to succumb to her will no matter how riled they were prior to being touched by her and the effects linger roughly 5 posts after being touched by her. However, her ability is not potent enough due to the angelic, nether and aether in her body to allow this to be effective if combat is initiated, though in jobs for plot and with player characters who have given ooc permission it can be used to avoid conflict before the first punch is landed.  


    ❀ Wivern Princess: Frey’s father was the first Lord of the settlement called Wivern he ruled over and protected it. The civilization was vast, incorporating mostly farming and such to provide for itself. However to defend itself? Wivern relies on something similar to beast taming, anyone from this town is very good at interacting with other living beings, some talent citizens like say the Princess even able to earn the trust and loyalty of even nearly mindless monsters if their mind is set to it. This trait allows Frey to be accompanied by more combat pets then your normal mage due to having a greater ability to control them, granting her an additional combat pet which has its own set of equipment like the normal first combat pet and letting both be in the same thread at once. The pets equipment follows all normal rules only being able to wield things up to legendary+. This pet must be obtained IC through the story in a custom made job that is max word count for its rank, Frey will take no other rewards besides the pet for this job(including exp), it can not be soloed and must be A rank or above.

    ❀ Damned Existence: Surviving clearly was not an easy thing for an existence under Rune’s circumstances. The time she’s spent toughening up to survive causes defensive spells she casts to protect for 50% more damage than they normally would otherwise.

    ❀ Blessed Death: While Frey is infused with death aspects she is also infused with holy ones, this has caused the girl to be something of an oddity. The interaction of these things actually generates a positive effect within her magical abilities causing her healing spells to do 50% more than what they otherwise would after everything else has been calculated.

    ❀ Nether Infusion: The Nether inside of Frey’s body makes her far more durable than your average person causing her to have 25% more health than those of her rank normally do. This also causes her to regen 5% health every other post as per the regen rules.

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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

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    Goddess's boon:

    Wielder: Kaori Lareci
    Kaori hails from a long line of clan leaders in Midi. However, unlike the clan leaders before her, Kaori possesses power beyond he own comprehension. This power is a direct result of her being blessed as a child by one of the five gods and goddesses that her clan worships. This was the Goddess of Passion, Aiohikari meaning Light of Love. The goddess had sensed in Kaori a great deal of light, and compassion even as an infant and decided to make Kaori her sword. The goddess knew that being given her favor would cause the child to have a very difficult life, and gave her a blessing of luck to ease the burden. While Kaori would struggle, there would be many times that she'd remember where she found rare items, or good things happened that she couldn't explain. The goddess however didn't stop at just that, for she knew that Kaori would be shunned by her people. She needed to be quick to learn, quick to move, and ready to kill; which would all come with time. What the goddess provided to help her become successful, was the blessing of accuracy. When she was ready to make a decisive attack, the child would have little trouble in landing it. Kaori was frail, and small as a child and Aiohikari knew that this would be problematic. She could have made the child a demi goddess, or even a real goddess... but the child wouldn't grow to be the leader she needed to be had she done that. Instead, Kaori was blessed with being able to take many hits mentally, emotionally, and physically. As her final blessing, the Goddess of Passion bestowed on Kaori the ability to come to the aid of those who needed her help. The child's heart was sure to be contageous, and cause her to have many friends and be plagued by pain if she were unable to help them... Should she know her comrades needed her, Kaori would be able to assist.

    Blessings of the Clan Leader
    The user is given 3 passive abilities and 2 active abilities, though they can only ever choose one ability from the passive and active parts of this lineage. Whenever going on a job, the user must always pick from one of the following abilities:
    * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    * Find a custom weapon, item, or armor (rank depends on the difficulty of the job; you get to choose the type of item)
    * Increase the jewel reward of you and ONE other participant of the job by 50%
    The user's active ability are the following:
    * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.
    Usage: Lineage has three passive abilities and two active abilities; you MUST pick one of the passive abilities at the start of any job. The second active ability of this lineage can only be used once per thread, with a duration of 4 posts; again, you can only pick pick one of the two active abilities.

    Whenever the second passive ability of this lineage is used, the rank of the weapon/item/armor is found at the following job ranks:
    • D-Rank: Nothing
    • C-Rank: Strong
    • B-Rank: Strong+
    • A-Rank: Strong+
    • S-Rank: Legendary
    • SS-Rank: Legendary+
    • 10Y: Legendary+
    • 100Y: Artifact

    Assassin's Guile
    Kaori's naturally cut looks and ability to get along with almost anyone allows her to get a discount from the shops in towns. Items from all shops not owned by players cost 25% less. Items purchased from Item of the Month, or auctions are at full price. Items purchased from shops cannot be traded to alts or other players unless purchased at full price.

    One of Us
    Kaori's fiercy loyal to her comrades, and can program a homing beacon into their iLacs. This homing beacon allows Kaori to find her team members and help them during threads. Using the homing beacon requires 10% of the user's MP, and while assisting them Kaori will lose 20% of her MP per post. Kaori will have access to all of her assets (equipment, pets, vehicles, magic, etc...) and can use them at will. The cost of spells are increased by 25% for her, and have 1 post longer cooldowns. The team member who summons her will receive no negative consequences as a result, however, moral repurcussions of her actions may apply (iE killing someone that shouldn't be killed). At the end of the thread, Kaori will receive experience based on the rank of the job.
    • D-Rank: Nothing
    • C-Rank: 25
    • B-Rank: 125
    • A-Rank: 625
    • S-Rank: 3,125
    • SS-Rank: 7,500
    • 10Y: 11,250
    • 100Y: 16,875

    Armored Beast
    Kaori gains +50% to her total health as a result of intense training, and spending the past decade surviving on her own. Unlike the 'Armored Beast' that she's read about in lore, she does not have any additional resistances to disease.

    Brute of Midi
    As the leader of her clan, Kaori has had to put a great deal of time into improving her combat ability so she could fight alongside her people in times of war, as well as protect them during surprise assaults. Kaori gains +50% to her strength and speed as a result of her years of training in Midi.

    • The user can increase their luck exponentially allowing them to have things go the way they'd like it to, to a minor extent. Narrowly missing danger, getting a kiss, not activating a trap, etc... This can be done for 4 posts, and once per thread. Random occurrences must be agreed on OOC.
    • The user is also able to enter the threads of her team members and gain experience from it. The team member must have completed the 'iLac' D rank job.

    • Adds an item to the reward of a job depending on the rank of the job, must be specified at the beginning of the job. This item can be traded for half its purchase value.
    • 25% Reduction in the cost of all shop items.
    • Increased health
    • Increased Strength
    • Increased Speed

    Soul Warden:
    Wielder: Vladimir 'Putin' Chao

    Lineage: Soul Warden

    Description: Through his travels Vladimir has learned of the intricacies that the soul holds; he has studied the small interactions that they have, and how each soul varies from each other. With the ability to read a soul comes the natural fascination with a soul; it was this which led Vladimir to to his multiple experiments, the most interesting of which was the way in which he found himself able to store the souls of those he had slain.

    Soul Capture: This is the natural ability Vladimir has to harness the souls of those he had killed. These souls are stored as a form of energy around Vladimir that he is able to control. These souls still hold onto their own unique identity, that is to say that they hold the uniqueness of each of their original owners.

    Soul Energy: By syphoning the souls of those that he has collected Vladimir is able to regenerate his MP at an increased rate. The most basic of explanations is the fact that the energy of those who he had slain is able to be merged into Vladimir’s soul; this increases his MP regeneration to 3% per post.

    Soul Resonance: Vladimir’s soul is able to resonate much more naturally with some of his acquired souls, and it is due to this that he is able to cast his spells much more naturally than others; his ability to carve souls to his will is enhanced to the point by this resonance that his spells cost 3% less.

    Soul’s Endurance: The souls that circle around Vladimir have formed a rather dense space that decreases, and slowly eats away at, the energy of the anything within five meters of himself; this will decrease speed, and power, of all harmful effects approaching him. This will reduce damage that Vladimir receives by 25% as well as slows the speed of spells within the range by 25%.

    Cultural Exchange: Due to the souls, and the assimilation of the souls he has collected, Vladimir is able to understand any language without any difficulty.

    A Soul’s Resilience: Due to his mastery over souls Vladimir is able to, if he must, transfer his soul to that of another; by doing this he is able to transfer himself to a new body, one that has none of the damage his current one does. This, however, cannot be done in combat, and can only be done once every month.

    Name: Nyarlathotep
    Wielder: Faeral/Rohma
    Description: Long before a time of memory of man a being found itself cast away from the rest of its kind, one that found itself living in a lackluster world. A dark corner of the Celestial Realm, one not acknowledged by other spirits and bordered off from their more luxurious and pleasant homeland. A place not overtly governed by the Spirit King, a place for the forgotten entities to spend their time twiddling their thumbs whilst wallowing in mediocrity. It realized not that it’d been abandoned there by its brethren, deemed a “threat” and “traitor” left to rot in forgotten solitude amidst these inferior beings. It planned to survive rather than fall prey to the silly fate its kind intended.

    It stole the ability to forge contracts from another entity that wandered into its home, able to cast out objects into other worlds that’d permit contact with other entities, especially ones not bound by the limiting rules of this world. It was easier than hoping someone might summon it with a ritual to create a contract after all. With each experience its hunger only grew to once again live in these fruitful worlds and unlink itself from this desolate plane, utilizing the one ability its people couldn’t strip from it: the ability to take as it pleased. It proved useful as it permitted the being to betray a master, taking his body for itself and adapting a true humanoid form for the first time since its punishment and loss. This helped it forge further contracts with humanoid creatures of other worlds until one fateful day a more curious being hiding as a human accepted a deal with it. In this deceiver’s ego he boasted about not actually being human, but merely being born in that form in this lifetime and various other lifetimes. He would know no end however, doubtful that anything could bring about an end to his cycle of reincarnation, using his lifetimes to learn about pitiable creatures when he wasn’t creating them to cure boredom. The being told this Ancient One of the rules of Celestial Spirits when they created their contract, mentioning that it would require something from the new master, but such could be decided at a later date. He had all the time in the world after all.

    In the midst of a fight the being turned on its master, letting combat distract the Ancient One long enough to dig into the man and steal the ability he so coveted: reincarnation. Using the last of his energy he saved the man and laughed, wishing him to enjoy the last of his days as it began its cycle of reincarnation and newfound freedom from its lawless home. The renewed “Ancient” – a simpler name for their race – didn’t expect to run into someone down the line who could potentially end this cycle, not realizing the woman was a similar entity who’d delved too deep into the fabrics of reality and lost her chain of memories as a result. She too would fall prey to the being, though a certain sense of fondness prodded him into fusing their lifelines together, allowing the woman to continue living even if under his will.



    Reincarnation: A combined sense of immortality, Faeral still bears bonds to the Celestial Realm and bears the option to return there upon death. However as he normally prefers spending as much time away from there as possible the entity usually veers towards reincarnation unless certain plans for that life haven’t been completed. With the introduction of Rohma’s influences however he sports the ability to “speed up” a new form if he needs too. However prior forms may be preserved down to the last detail, from genetics to energy signatures and in-between. Each one is merely another “face” to their collection, including those of Rohma’s.

    Familiars: Gained from his stolen heritage, Faeral possesses the ability to turn other entities into familiars – beings loyal solely to him (though they might not always realize they’re bound to him). While most are expendable he bears a certain fondness for Morphine, having granted her the ability to reincarnate as well, though she’s prone to reviving in her normal forms rather than obtaining constant new ones like her master.


    Dark Celestial Thief: Born with a natural affinity for taking power and forms as he pleases, this capability has only become enhanced in his union with Rohma. Now wielding a magic that permits him to see the very essence and rules of life itself both entities can instead copy the abilities of others through mere sight and adding those “rules” unto themselves or other entities. For every person in a topic they can copy one ability be it from the other person’s primary magic, secondary magic, or lineage and place it within themselves or another entity. This can be done at a distance, however in order to fully “steal” an ability they need to make a successful strike against the opponent, rendering them unable to use that ability either for the rest of the fight or perhaps their life depending (reserved for story/plot reasons on RPCs). Once per post they may swap what ability they’ve copied to another, and are capable of using up to two abilities personally – to others they may only hand out one at a time per person.

    Loyal Rift: The “pyreflies” as Faeral calls them, often used as a part of his orchestra or even for ambiance music, have evolved. No longer a cloud of darkness they exist as small tears in reality. Capable of fulfilling musical requirements still and able to copy any sound heard by Faeral or Rohma, they may now house either a passive or active ability of an inactive weapon/armor/item in addition to a summoned weapon/armor/item’s passive or active. These orbs are then capable sharing the abilities with an ally they’re tied too. In reverse if they’re all gathered together and held within the user instead then they bolster the chosen abilities, giving double use or doubling the output of an ability (so a teleportation type ability would gain two uses while something that ups damage would simply increase). They cannot alter usage limitations and cannot swap abilities while suffering a cool down effect on the ability. The pyreflies vary in size, ranging from a baseball to a basketball, and up to three may be summoned at D-rank and gaining another one per rank for a maximum of 7 at S-rank.

    Dual Existence: Permitted to live by Faeral’s grace, Rohma exists as a separate entity. Their connection exists on such a high plane that it cannot be felt, sniffed out, or sensed by others. Because of this their very lives have become woven, sharing abilities and even magic between each other, and going so far as to share HP. Their overall pool is enhanced by 50%, but as both bodies continue to exist separately the overall pool is split between them. They can potentially leech life off of the other until the other is down to 5HP. This bond also permits Faeral to summon Rohma at his leisure for combat and for Rohma to request Faeral’s aid if he’s willing.

    Reality Shift: Capable of seeing the written rules of “reality” and each individual being/object, Faeral/Rohma understand these archaic words and rules. As such they’re further capable of augmenting them, altering them with a single stroke or creating a new character (such as rune/alphabet/symbol/etc) into another rule or copying them unto other objects. This could extend from something mundane as making an apple into an orange beneath the peel to shuffling a town’s buildings and roads within their thread. Player characters still require permission to be affected directly.

    Ancient Ones: Born human, the core of both Faeral and Rohma is anything but human. They are entities of an ancient race capable of reincarnation into other races to allow them to pierce those societies and influence them. While their original forms retain incorporeal facets through the birth process they’ve obtained tangible ones though often subject to change. Both humanoid in their primary forms, Faeral’s appears enshrouded in darkness with wisps of smoke wafting off of him. Canine in some aspects such as face and sometimes stance, this shadow borne form is clad in a golden colored armor. Other pairs of hands and arms are capable of sprouting from anywhere. More attached to her humanoid form Rohma’s remains a bit more intact, though she may grow a whip-like tail, clawed arms floating at her sides, and a pair of boney wings sporting a multitude of eyes of varying sizes surrounded by wisps of darkness. While the structure is bone-like for many of the new appendages they’re a solidified form of “corruption” as she calls it, not quite darkness and not quite any other known material akin to Faeral. When any part of these forms are used Faeral and Rohma’s magic take on an extra quality: corruption. Being an enemy within their vicinity (50ft) their very essence begins to eat away at people and causes people to lose 2% health a post they remain in vicinity or causes their sanity to slip and begin aiming attacks at allies (up to opponent’s choice unless they have no allies present). In turn spells they cast gain extra damage, with D-ranks gaining an extra 1% to health damage, C gaining 5% damage, B-rank 10%, A-rank 15%, and S-rank 20%. Being of an ethereal nature corruption ignores resistances, though the spells it’s attached to may receive reductions corruption is calculated after.
    Usage: 10 posts, 15 post cool down, twice per thread

    Symphony of the Ages:

    Symphony of the Ages

    At its core, Symphony of Ages is a single spark of the divine that one day could grow into a god. However it is but a spark, still immature and brushing against sentience as its instincts rule it. Causing it to attract souls and magical power, to destroy its surroundings and gather an understanding of the reality it lives in. Through the passage of time, it slowly gathered a veil of souls to surround itself with and grant it the ability to touch upon the material world. As eons passed, the veil was consumed and merged with the spark where it joined with it as new souls replaced the veil. Within the veil and even spark itself, is an entirely new reality that the imprisoned souls and even those being possessed can experience.

    However, if one wishes to retain themselves then individuality is something one must fight for within the Symphony, those whom can’t are doomed to fall within the chords of the beautiful music that shall one day serve as a god’s heartbeat. There is no physical form, no need to breath or rest. There is only the raw essence of the world, there are only souls being crashed together and refined in.to something new. Building blocks to be played with to create something wonderful, or hideous. As such those whom manage to become the composer of the spark’s heart can command the mass of souls and once again enjoy the reality they had come from… before eventually being usurped or consumed by the spark itself.

    Singularity’s Ascension

    There is no material body, instead the spark crushes everything it takes into a more useable and versatile form. The souls of countless have been forced into the maelstrom, torn apart and reduced to naught more than a pool of resources that the composer can use to interact with the world. As such, they have no true need to breath or rest. No bodily needs or requirements to survive, instead they are mere a mass of raw, pure power given form.


    Effect: Base health along with all health buffs, debuffs, regeneration, and healing outside of base amounts are reduced by 75%. If a spell would heal for full amount, it instead heals by 50% and if it would instantly slay, it would instead decrease health by 50% (after accounting for all reductions applicable).

    Effect: The remaining hp (25% of base) is merged together with MP. Effects concerning hp and mp affect the same pool, with hp based effects being reduced as stated above.

    Effect: roughly 50% of the npcs who die within 100miles per rank are dragged into the maelstrom, with little hope of finding escape. PCs can be dragged into it, but only upon permission for story purposes. An npc who has become possessed however can be consumed at any point in time during the possession. All those who have been consumed will be listed in the character’s bank thread, and are retained even if a new composer raises to power.

    Divinity’s Horizon

    While the Maelstrom serves as the shield and body,  the horizon serves as the gateway into the spark, and the damnation to a lifetime within the Maelstrom. With it, the Maelstrom can attempt to force itself into objects or creatures and the Horizon seeks to use the storm of souls to strip away the strength of the one they are attempting to control. If they succeed, they gain possession of it. With access to all of its knowledge and memories, including the ability to alter them.


    Effect: Allows possession of npcs and inanimate objects up to rank-2 without a fight. The closer to the rank of the user, the weaker that an npc must be both physically and magically before possession can reliably take hold. Low magic, exhausted bodies, sickness, debuffs, all play a role in weakening an enemy while buffed states can increase their chances of resisting. PCs must always give permission for possession to occur. While in possession, the Maelstrom can access and alter the memories and knowledge of the host, using it to gain information or even to hide within the host after making them forget that they had been possessed in the first place.

    Effect: When possessing a target, the damage is split up anywhere from 25% Possessor – 75% host to 100% Possessor – 0% host. In addition, the Possessor can choose to grant any passives affecting it to the host or can take on any passives it wishes from the host. Unless the host is willing however, the possessor can only adopt passives that would be allowed for its rank. If the host is a summon type creature with a duration, than upon being possessed the duration is placed on hold. Allowing it to continue functioning even beyond its normal limits.

    Effect: When it comes to stats other than mp and hp, the highest of either the possessor or host is used. Whichever one was no used instead applies a buff to the other, equal to 10% per rank they possess up to the possessor’s rank.

    Effect: A willing host can still exert control and use all their abilities if the Possessor allows it to, and each shares a mental link to communicate with and share experiances.

    The Maelstrom of Accretion

    Purgatory, damnation, stairway to heaven, the Maelstrom of Accretion is all that and more. A mass of souls constantly being tested until they become shattered remnants only fit to serve as the building blocks for new forms and used as energy. Or they withstand, ascend to find themselves within the numbery worlds within the storm of souls before ultimately being consumed by the spark. It is an enduring shroud of protection for the spark, it diffuses any and all damage suffered throughout it and molds into more fitting forms.

    In its goal to protect and serve the spark, and by extension the composer, it also sacrifices itself to alter reality. Weaving the strings of fate and creating ones anew to prevent attacks from landing. Making them just barely miss, or even negating them entirely. However it is only usable on attacks which deal damage, CC and debuffing type spells that do not deal damage are not affected. If it is in enough danger, the spark and the maelstrom disappears from existence until its protection recovers. Once it is strong again, it reappears randomly in the world or where it was last at.


    Effect: The negation of damage and altering of reality will still consume an amount of MP equal to what would have been sustained otherwise, after all reductions and bonuses are accounted for. Its primary purpose is to provide a flavorful way to endure attacks (and psychological warfare by having attacks seem to have no effect) while still allowing the opponent to mechanically have still dealt damage. Its secondary purpose is to prevent after effects tied to damage dealing spells from taking place.

    Effect: Negates the ability of damage to ignore reduction and increases damage reduction by 15% per rank, up to 75% at S rank.  Upon reaching H rank the reduction grows strong enough where a small protection pool is formed that can only be used for absorbing damage, equal to 50pp total. This pool regenerates at a rate of 5pp every 5 posts.

    Effect: The Maelstrom is capable of altering its texture and form, adopting any appearance to shapeshift into objects or creatures that it can imagine. However while it can mimic appearances, it cannot replicate substances exactly. Any weapons or natural attacks it appears to gain or have, would only deal additional damage equal to their -1 with no passives or actives. Even if it becomes a pure steel dragon for instance, it would not become as tough as steel. It would still suffer damage normally and have the same statistics. All it would gain is the appearance of the dragon and natural weapons.

    Universal Controller:
    User: Strawberry

    Description: Pantheon Industries, a company in Albion were designing an AI, stored in a chip. This AI would provide a connection between all of the defense systems, cameras, and weapons in Albion. The problem with this AI was that it wasn't fully functional - it hadn't been at its full potential when created. So they designed a new, more innovative AI and chip, which were then used. However, not wanting to waste the old chip, this was stored within Strawberry's body, giving her the powers of the chip, as well as the AI itself. This, unknowingly, didn't simply give her access to Albion's defense systems, instead allowed Strawberry to connect with all machinery around her through an Ethernet of sorts, although much more dangerous and powerful.

    The AI itself is a defense system, and as such it's prime objective would be to protect itself and those it is tasked to. This naturally made it ruthless towards anything that wasn't an ally, sparing no mercy unless commanded to or overridden by someone of a higher authority within Grim Heresy or Albion. This AI now exists within Strawberry's body, fighting for dominance over the maid. To protect her pacifistic reputation and values, the maid has to consistently push down the AI, trying to fight the potential take over of her body. She only accesses the AI by taking the fragment of it that controls the chip, therefore giving herself access to its abilities without allowing the ruthless defense system to come through.

    As stated before, the program has direct access and control over the Ethernet and connected devices and machines within a certain area from Strawberry's body. As the maid ranks up, the chip becomes closer and closer to its maximum potential which was never discovered.

    Wireless Connection - Strawberry has a connection to most machines and technology through the Cyberverse, otherwise known simply as the Ethernet. However, in actuality, this is much more than that. This allows her to control and even become one with some devices. This gives basic functions, such as being able to communicate with others through the likes of iLacs, speakers, etc. However, the main applications of this ability are much more complicated. Strawberry can connect with any machine (unless that machine is another OC robot) within basic spell range from her in any direction. This allows her to either view the contents, such as files, use it entirely, such as a computer/lacrima-powered drone, or even transfer her consciousness into the machine to effectively be inside of it, and take control of it as though it were Strawberry's own body. Through the likes of non created (via an application) weapons, they would all deal weak rank damage, however through player-created weapons, pets, etc they would deal damage equal to its own rank. Connecting and controlling an OC is possible, although requires OoC concent.

    Defense Protocol - The AI, being a defense AI, has the ability to be aware of any possible threats. With a scan of someone's body, this ability allows Strawberry to identify the levels of potential danger a person poses, as well as to see their rank, and if they are carrying any weapons, armors, or items. This is made even more efficient as Strawberry's body will automatically be warned if an enemy is coming towards her if they are caught within the sight of a camera that she has control over.

    Electronic - The chip in Strawberry's body gave her the ability to absorb power through electrical attacks. Albeit the chip provides no direct resistance to electrical attacks, it absorbs MP when struck with an electrical hit. This MP absorbed is equal to 1/4 the MP put into a spell of its rank (meaning if she's hit with a Signature Spell, she'd still absorb MP through the lightning even though no MP was put into it), or if the electrical attack doesn't have a direct mana attribution, such as through a physical electrical attack with a weapon, she regains a permanent 5 MP. If Strawberry takes three hits of electric-based attacks, she can release a large EMP around her, which deals no damage but temporarily shuts down all machines aside from herself (And other OCs, unless given permission). This shuts down the machines for 3 posts (+1 post per rank), and afterward they can move once again.

    Usage: Passives, except for the EMP blast. That is usable after taking 3 specific hits, and then the duration of the disable is 3 (+1 per rank above D)

    Gate of Eden's Goddess:

    Gate of Eden’s Goddess

    Leila Vergious

    Aurora was the creator of Eden, a lonely being who received an accursed power and created a completely new world with it. And while this power was mostly used up during this process, she is still very much a goddess of great power, even after her soul was split in two. She is on the same level as the strongest of celestial spirits and summons, thus using the same stat rules as Immaculate Summons. She also ranks up alongside Leila, always being the same rank as her summoner. The same goes for all of her abilities that will scale up along with her. While summoning the Goddess of Eden does not require any mana from the summoner, she has only limited duration for which she can remain in the world. This duration scales up with Leila’s rank, making her stay in the world for maximal spell duration as stated by rules (3 posts at D-rank, 10 posts at S-rank, etc.). Aurora can be summoned only once per thread, or multiple times if OOC permission is given by all other players present. Aurora is also consider a real goddess and thus takes greater damage from god slaying magic. She also does not count toward the maximal number of spirits that can be present on the battlefield.

    Aurora Solaris
    Creation of Eden ♦ Nature’s Freedom
    As the one who created the Gardens of Eden by herself out of nothing but the endless void and her own magic, Aurora is naturally capable of continuing this creation to a certain extend wherever she goes. This allows her to freely form roots, trees and anything else that can be found in her dimension without restrictions. She can do anything from transforming her own hands into claws to forming a great tree in front of her to block someone’s sword that was aimed at her neck. It also allows her to combo some of her attacks or to create trees that can move her and her allies through long distances in mere moments, provided she is not in combat. During combat, she has to choose whether she wants to use this ability to deal damage, or block enemy’s spells. Only one of the two uses can be chosen per post, never both at the same time. Both range and speed of the created nature will be maximal for Aurora’s rank. (15 meters of range with 7 m/s speed at D-rank, 100 meters of range with 50 m/s speed at S-rank, etc.)

    If used offensively, she can deal damage appropriate for her rank (20 at D-rank, 100 at S-rank, etc.) to any enemy she hits with the created nature. If multiple enemies are hit during a single post, the damage is equally divided between them, making it impossible to exceed regular spell damage without any additional boosts in a single post. If used defensively, a single spell equal to Aurora’s rank can be blocked, but not more.

    Creation of Eden ♦ Aspect of Light
    Everything had to be created from the start when Aurora formed Gardens of Eden. And the light that illuminates the gardens is no different. With the moon as it’s source, even something so basic becomes illogical and magical in nature in that dimension. Aurora can extend this aspect onto her own body, temporarily making it into the light and transporting it somewhere else. This allows her to essentially teleport once per post as she dissolves into particles of light and re-assembles herself elsewhere. The act in itself is nearly instant and the range grown along with Aurora, always staying at it’s possible maximum. (15 meters at D-rank, 100 meters at S-rank, etc.)

    Miracle of Darkness ♦ Shattered Wings
    Upon summoning, eight different beads of black mass are formed around Aurora, completely pitch-black in color and having no reflection whatsoever no matter how much light is exposed to them.Each of them is about as big as regular ball used in competitive sports and they all float in circular formation behind the goddess’ back. She can control them with the flow of her magical energy and can use them with ease for nearly any situation she may find herself in. Each bead will deal regular light melee damage of her rank upon contact (50% of regular melee damage). and they can be shaped freely into anything that is not bigger than 5 meters in any dimension, even sometimes taking shape of different weapons. But even when taking forms like that, they will still deal the same damage per hit as if they were in their default shape. When at least four of these beads form together to take a shape of a shield, they can block one single spell of Aurora’ rank with exception of H-ranked spells that cannot be blocked under any circumstances. However, this will make them shatter into pieces and they won’t come back for next five posts, creating cooldown for this ability if used defensively.
    If multiple beads create a singular shape to attack, that attack will deal damage that all present beads would do together. Same goes for the defensive mechanic, meaning if all eight form together to create a shield, that shield can block two different spells, but all of the orbs will be also shattered at once. They fly through the air at speed and with range equal to their possible maximum depending on Aurora’s rank. If they are somehow forced outside of this range, she will lose control over them and has to get back into the appropriate range to regain control. And while their appearance would suggest that these beads are formed of dark element, they are actually completely element-less and thus cannot be devoured by slayers of any kind, nor do they suffer from elemental strengths / weaknesses.

    Miracle of Darkness ♦ Conjoined Origin
    The bond between Leila and Aurora is far stronger than any other bond that could possibly exist between a summoner and their spirit. The two girls were one in the past and their magic and the very origin are the same. Thanks to that, Aurora is actually capable of taking spells from her summoner’s magic and casting them herself. However, this will consume Leila’s MP as if the girl cast them under regular circumstances, as well as putting the spell into cooldown.

    Beginning of All ♦ One again
    Aurora and Leila were once and the same. Aurora’s soul was split into two, one shard continuing on while the other one growing into a completely different person - Leila Vergious. Instead of summoning Aurora directly, Leila has the option of fusing herself with the spirit. When this happens, Leila will instead gain all of Aurora’s abilities, making them her own. She will also obtain Aurora’s health as an endurance buff, as well as Aurora’s damage being added to her own melee.

    Broken Goddess:

    Broken Goddess
    Weilder: Leila Vergious
    Earthland is only one single dimension among many others that exist within the infinite space without a name, a border between worlds. Because of it’s massive size, this space was never fully explored and many unknown things still lure in the endless void. One of these things are strange demons that defy all known categorizations known to men. They prey on unfortunate souls, fulfilling their wishes for exchange of their soul that they then use for unknown purposes. One such demon found a lonely being in an empty space one day and used this opportunity for hise personal gain.

    A girl that was born from nothing more than stray magical energy floating through the void. That being knew nothing of the worlds all around her and was hopeless to do anything. Her life was nothing but boredom in the pitch black world which she occupied. She knew not of words or anything else. She was a sad and lonely existence, born only to suffer the endless solitude. But the demon approach her with a promise. “I will give you power to create anything you want. And for that, you will one day give me the core of your very being.” Without a single bit of hesitation, the girl accepted this offer. After all, she had nothing to lose. At the time, it seemed like she could gain so much, yet lose so little. Because you never know that you miss something until you no longer have it. And this girl had absolutely nothing for as long as she was alive. And she lived for many years, thousands of them. She was willing to trade her very soul for a spec of temporary happiness. And just like that, she obtain power to control powerful world-shaping magic. And the pitch black world all around her was soon transformed into a paradise. An endless garden filled with the most beautiful nature she could imagine in her childish mind. And after the scene was set, she created another living being, shaped after her own image.

    This was the birth of Eden’s goddess that went under the name of Aurora Solaris. But her happy tail could not go on forever and after certain incident, the goddess was forced to reincarnate into a new shell. However, even then she could not live happily ever after, as the darkness of the demon followed her everywhere. And finally, in order to put an end to it all, the goddess was forced to sacrifice her bond to her own world, her control over it along with her memory. And now, with no recollection of who she was, she is nothing more than a broken goddess that possesses only fragments of her former power. Thankfully for her, those fragments are still powerful abilities that will surely protect her against the cruel world.

    Combat abilities:

    Yasaka Beads - Leila lost her powers of a goddess, however, there is something that she remembers from her past abilities. There is a red tattoo that represents eight wings on her back, though it now looks more like eight petals of a rose. During battle, this tattoo disappears and instead transforms into eight magatama beads that appear pitch black with floating universe inside of them, giving off a warm, red glow. Each of them is about as big as Leila’s arm and they all float in circular formation behind her back. Leila can control them with the flow of her magical energy and uses them as mostly ranged weapons, each bead dealing Leila’s regular light melee damage upon contact (50% of regular melee damage). Their shape can also change freely into anything that is not bigger than 2 meters in any dimension, even sometimes taking shape of different weapons. But even in that form, they will still deal regular melee damage per hit. When at least four of these beads form together to take a shape of a shield, they can block one single spell of Leila’s rank with exception of H-ranked spells that cannot be blocked. However, this will make them shatter into pieces and they won’t come back for next two posts, creating cooldown for this ability. If multiple beads create a singular shape to attack, that attack will deal damage that all present beads would do together. They fly through the air at speed of 50 meters/second and cannot go any further than 100 meters away from Leila. These orbs are also counted as a weapon, allowing them to benefit from buffs that increase weapon or melee damage.

    Arcane Body - As a being that was born from a pure magical energy, Leila could be hardly considered to be a normal human being. While this can bring some moral dilemmas as well as day to day problems, it also has it’s advantages. Body that is structured like this gains a powerful natural MP recovery, alongside HP recovery that can not only affect Leila herself, but those that are connected to her as well. She gains natural 5% MP recovery per post and 10% HP recovery every other post that also extends to all summons that she might have active on the battlefield. The price of this is that Leila cannot gain any other passive MP or HP recovery from her magic. Thankfully for her, active MP and HP recovery can still be applied.

    Arcane cleansing - Leila’s pure body of arcane energy emits a strange aura of cleansing that helps herself and everyone she views as an ally. It affects all allies in the area of 50 meters around Leila, filling them with strange feeling of pureness and cures their ailments that were inflicted during battle or from any other source. All internal ailments that affect the body from inside such as poison, curses and motion sickness are cured completely while ailments that affect one’s body from the outside such as burning or freezing have their effect decreased by 25% if they are of the same rank as Leila or 50% if they are of rank below Leila’s.

    Arcane storage - Even the body of pure magical energy can be quite limiting in how much strength can be stored inside of it. And for that reason, Leila created several external containers for magical energy that are connected to her at all times. There are five small orbs constantly present around the girl, each of them containing extra 10% MP, all of them increasing her total MP pool by 50%. However, they can be easily destroyed by any attack that deals at least D-ranked damage, causing Leila to lose the MP of that container for the rest of the thread. All orbs cannot move further than 10 meters away from her body and float at the speed of 10 meters per second. Outside of combat, they can also merge with Leila’s body so they don’t have to constantly orbit her physical body.

    Deity’s fortune - Many people believe that luck comes with the favor of gods. And in certain cases, they would be right. Thanks to her divine nature, Leila seems to have rather good luck when it comes to her jobs and employers. Whenever she completes her task, people that hired her get enchanted by the divine powers and offer double jewel reward than they would normally. This only affects Leila alone and all her partners on the job will receive regular rewards.

    Non-combat abilities:
    Immortality - Leila was never really a human, and she never will be one. While this saddens her sometimes, it also comes with a certain perk. Her body that was born from pure magical energy can never truly perish. If her health reaches 0 points, Leila simply shatterers and is rendered unconscious. While this looks lethal to others, it simply means that she can recreate her body in next few days on the spot where she died and then continue on. (Next thread)
    This ability also makes Leila unable to age on her own. She can increase her age if she wishes to, but by default, she will remain exactly the same even if centuries pass.

    Storage dimension - Leila is no longer the goddess of Gardens, but she still has full access to the dimension itself. And with that, she can still form gates to that world for her own convenience. This ability is connected to the wardrobe inside of her home, allowing her to re-equip her outfit at any time and in any situation without restriction. These new outfits have to actual benefits and are purely aesthetic.

    Fountain of Life - Everywhere this girl goes, life sprouts from her magical energy. With this aura, Leila can make grass and flowers grow even in places like the most dry desert of Earthland. The aura itself can be activated and deactivated at any given time, and while it’s active, it can extend it’s range up to 100 meters in all directions from the caster’s body, capable of transforming large places into something of great beauty in an instant.

    Friend of Nature - Even after losing her direct connection to the Gardens of Eden that previously gave the girl her powers, Leila’s aura is still very pleasant to all animals that could be found anywhere in the dimension. They will take her as a friend from the very beginning and in some cases might even do her bidding. This however does not add to her battle capabilities or pet count, as the spell does not support aggression and thus cannot even affect animals that are already hostile towards the girl for whatever reason.

    Spiritual infusion - As a being that was born from pure magical energy a long time ago, Leila should be considered to be more of a spirit rather than human. And with her pure status of body, she can actually freely infuse herself with powers of the spirits that she has under her control, those that are willing to follow her anywhere she goes. However, something like this requires a serene state of mind that is instantly broken when entering combat, meaning it’s something she can only use outside of battle. While most of her spirits don’t have anything that would help her in such situations, the zodiac Libra does. Infusing herself with powers of the heavenly scales, Leila can gain the ability to defy gravity and simply float in the air at the same speed she can walk or run at.

    Gateway - As a resident of the Gardens, it’s only natural that Leila can open a multi-dimensional gate that leads to her home. This is a simple teleportation gate that can be easily canceled by any spells that are meant to disable spacial magic and cannot activate it during combat to escape her enemies. Traveling to this gate usually puts Leila out of the thread she uses this in or the other way around, can be used as entry into a thread.

    Morphing - As someone that was connected to the nature with a very strong bond, Leila managed to retain a small portion of transforming power that she uses to take on another form. With this, she can morph into any smaller animal she desires, though she has a favorite one . This is cancelled the moment she enters combat.

    Hybrid Birthright:
    Name: Hybrid Birthright
    Wielder Madison Richter
    Description: Acnologia, the most chaotic dragon slayer said to be able to shape himself into a human himself, but mostly feared as a dragon. It was said that should he be injured, that the wounds themselves left no scars and gave no pain to the creature. During the time in which Acnologia ruled the skies with his form, he spent much of so in siege with mages, fighting against the dragon and ending up getting themselves killed for it. However, these actions were brought upon as the dragon being impatient and seeking to cause mayhem and destruction for his own amusement.

    It was rumored in which that when a of his wing of scale of his body were shed, they would manifest into something different, or that they would just remain dormant forever. Even then, the price of these if found to be true were worth a fortune to others. Now, the user of this lineage can only be that of these manifestations rumored to be true; the shed remains of the dragon himself. The user of this lineage was formed out of a part of him, though that was only to show that side of him slipping further away from it ever returning, it is said should the dragon appear again, that there would be a desire to reclaim it like an offspring, of consume them to regain that personality.

    Ability: Passives: •Draconic Mortality: Once the user reaches below 30% health, they are able to enter, "Draconic Stasis" willingly.

    •Thrillseeker: Whenever a self buff is used by the descendant of this lineage, any other self buffs they have on cooldown are reduced by one post.

    •Slayer Adaption: The user receives 25% damage reduction to dragon slayer spells. Once hit by a god or demon slayer, they are then resistant to those as well, but only by 10%.

    •High Sensitivity: The user can sense certain forms of magics based on the general themes of which they derive; Fire users give off more heat, water mages feel more humid, ice mages make the area slightly colder, light mages make things around them brighter, dark mages being the opposite, earth mages appear slightly more blocky in appearance, lightning mages giving slight sparks which do no damage, and lastly, slayers giving off their own element. Dragon Slayers in particular give off the scent of a dragon ALONG with their elemental vibe. All these sensitivities affect only the user and only in slight amounts, but enough to be noticable to them.

    •Chaotic Nature: Spells costs are halved for self buffing spells, with a 25% increase to the cost of other spells.

    Plot Passives: •Starting at C rank, the user is able to shift their form to a half dragon, without any buffs what so ever being applied from actual passives. They will receive the additional Dragon slayer damage normally applied, however this is an aesthetic appearance.

    •Flashbacks: The user, when meeting certain people that have been said to have fight against Acnologia will create spare flashbacks to the fight or meeting from the dragons point of view. This only occurs when meeting said people who have done any topics against/with it.

    Actives: •Draconic Stasis: The users body begins to form into that of a half dragon being. In this form, the user gains 5% hp regen per post. This is disabled after the user reaches over 75% hp, or if the user is knocked out first. They take 50% more damage from Dragon slayer magics, and 25% from other slayers in this form.

    Usage: •Draconic Mortality is only a usable starting at B rank and above.

    •All other passives are constant.

    •Draconic Stasis is useable twice per thread with a 10 post cooldown between uses.

    Legacy of the Fire King:

    Legacy of the Fire King
    Wielder: Ardere Kasai
    Description: Thousands of years ago, Prometheus brought fire magic to the world of mortals. The power of fire was not easy to harness, and could not be freely given throughout the world. Thus it was given to one family first, the family who's name would forever be in flames; the Kasai clan. The four great clans of Midi reach represented one of the four main elements, but many other clans would rise across the years. The Kasai clan were not the only fire clan, but they were the first and the strongest around in terms of fire. So much so, that their name would be known for years to come. This clan showed mastery in flames that would not be matched for years to come, understanding it so well that they could bend flames at will. No flames, magical or otherwise were safe from the control of this clan. They were not evil, but they were powerful and were feared. The Kasai clan was the first group of fire mages, the leader of this clan being known as the "Fire King". The Fire King was so proficient in magic, that even Prometheus himself feared his power. After many years, fire magic had spread, and was taught to many clans. Unfortunately, the king died due to natural causes. Without their leader, the clan broke apart. Each section spread across the lands, the main branch arriving in what is known as Midi. While the clan no longer possessed the prowess and power it once had, they still kept the fire magic line, pure flames and still the masters of it's art. There is only one surviving member of this clan left today, and he still bears the name that means fire. The only man with this ability left, and the only man who can carry on this bloodline. This man just so happens to be a direct descendant of the Fire King, the only one able to carry on with his legacy. Unfortunately, it is said that each Kasai will die in flames, whether or not it is at an old age or a young age is up to that person. Every Kasai's who's death is on record, has died in flames.

    Ability: Pyrokinesis: (Active) The earliest of fire magic abilities, allowing one to control flames both magical and non magical. While this is an ability many fire mages can learn, the Kasai clan is born with it due to the power they were given by Prometheus. It is a purely mental control of flames, comparable to a psychic ability but with fire. Other such ones include cryokinesis or telekinesis. During the duration of the post that he uses it on one ability, he can shape the fire into any shape he wants, but he can never change the amount of fire, that will be however much was put by the user or the natural flame. Note: The user cannot control the flames of a fire mage who is a rank higher than them, or spells a rank higher than them.

    Flame Superiority: (Passive) Due to the user being the master of fire magic, all fire spells/abilities are 25% more potent. (25% stronger) Kasai mages are born with such a preference to fire, that their spells are passively stronger than they would be at base strength. This shows their supremacy in fire, being able to overpower mages even of their own rank.

    Crown of the King: (Active) A crown of flames appears above Ardere's head, and his eyes glow orange as a power floods over his body. A series of power boosts now apply to him.

    -He is now immune to any psychic based abilities or attacks on his mind, that are his rank or lower. He takes half damage or half effects from those higher.
    -He can sense all sources of flames, natural magical or otherwise, in a 500 m area.
    -An aura forms around his body that gives him the ability to fly at his running speed while this ability is active. He is propelled by flames that blast from his feet/body almost like a rocket. But it is quite maneuverable, as he can blast himself in any direction.

    Usage: Pyrokinesis can be used an unlimited amount of times on Ardere's own spells or natural sources, but only up to three times per thread on an opponent's ability, and the control only lasts for the post that he uses it. It can be used on enemy spells/abilities, or a natural source of flame.

    Flame Superiority is a passive ability, and thus is always active.

    Crown of the king lasts 7 posts, and can only be used once per thread.
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    Post by Lester Drynedi on September 20th 2018, 5:22 am

    Hybrid Theory:

    Name: Hybrid Theory
    Wielder: Shen Hakuhei
    Description:  In Ancient times, the country of Midi was at the mercy of Eight powerful Dragons.  Kings and Armies attempted to destroy these Dragons, but were decimated by their raw power and savagery.  People tried to reason with the Dragons, but were devoured whole.  Their might could not be challenged and so they did as they pleased, wreaking havoc and terror as they saw fit to for nearly a century, until a foreign Hero wielding the power to slay Dragons suddenly appeared.  One by one the Dragon's were defeated by the foreign Hero, and with each victory he claimed the Heavenly Dragon's Lacrima.  With the power of all eight, he became the ultimate warrior and protected Midi with the power of the Dragons that once terrorized it.  

    When the Hero's time finally came to an end, others sought to claim the power of the Dragons.  However, not a single warrior was capable of wielding it.  The power placed within their bodies tore them apart from within, and it was soon discovered that the human body could only tolerate a maximum of Two Lacrima.  Many considered the possibility that the Hero of Midi was not Human.  However, one Theory had risen that the Hero was one in a million.  A man born with a perfect Chi flow, that compensated for the conflicting powers within him, and allowed them to flow fluidly through his body.  This Theory became known as the Hybrid Theory.  With that in mind, the Lacrima of the Eight Dragon's were left in the safe keeping of the Monks of Midi, who would safe guard the Lacrima of the Eight Heavenly Dragons, until a new Hero was born.


    Hybrid Mode:Once activated, Shen's eyes change from white to black, and he acquires the ability to change the element of his Secondary Magic once per post, in to the element of one of the Eight Heavenly Dragons.  These elements include: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Shadow, Holy Light and Ice.  The changes affect the core element of the Mage's Dragon Slaying magic, shifting from one Lacrima implanted in the caster to another and changes all elemental strengths and weaknesses accordingly.  Each element slightly alters the mage's spell's to have varying uses in battle.  The way spells are cast and the damage received from each spell does not change. (With the exception of Holy & Amp.)

    In depth description of Elemental changes:

    Gale Dragon Lacrima:  Shen's default element, The Gale Dragon Lacrima is an Air Elemental magic that creates the greatest amount of knockback.

    Burst Dragon Lacrima:  The Burst Dragon Lacrima is a Fire-element Lacrima, that when activated transforms all spells in to fire-based spells that have a slightly more explosive quality.  Although it has slightly less knock back than the Gale Dragon Lacrima, Burst Dragon spells deal burn damage and can cause wildfires that remain even after a spell ends.

    Cavern Dragon lacrima:  The Cavern Dragon Lacrima is an Earth-element Lacrima, that when activated transforms all spells in to Earth based spells.  The Cavern Dragon Slayer specializes in crumbling, which replaces knockback as a secondary effect.  Crumbling causes solid material to literally crumble like a pseudo Crash-Magic and when used upon the ground causes the Earth to give way, creating large Caverns and crevices in the Earth.  Shen's spells that ascend towards the sky change direction while in Cavern Dragon mode, and create gaping holes in the ground.

    Flood Dragon Lacrima:  The Flood Dragon Lacrima is a Water-Element lacrima, that when activated transforms all spells in to Water based spells.  The Flood Dragon Slayer creates large bodies of water that possess a Surge effect, which is a slow knock-back that carries enemies who get caught within a spell up to the maximum distance of the spell.  All spells are limited to a maximum range of 80 meters.  [This does not mean spells with a shorter range are extended.]

    Holy Dragon Lacrima:  The Holy Dragon Lacrima is a Holy-Element Lacrima, that when activated transforms all spells in to Holy-Light based spells.  Holy Light causes no damage to enemies or allies, and instead transforms all spells in to Healing Spells, except when used upon opponents with a Demonic-Origin, in which case the spell deals 1.5X damage.  Holy Light is indiscriminate and will heal anyone who comes in to contact with a spell, so if not used carefully Shen might heal enemies by mistake.  

    Abyss Dragon Lacrima:  The Abyss Dragon Lacrima is a Shadow-element Lacrima, that when activated transforms all spells in to Shadow-based Spells.  Shadow-Element spells possess a vision-limiting effect which restricts a target's vision to the AOE of the spell he/she has been affected by for 1 post.  Direct hits from physical strikes reduce an opponent's vision to 5 feet around them.  Everything beyond what an affected person is capable of seeing appears completely blacked out.  

    Tundra Dragon Lacrima: The Tundra Dragon Lacrima is an Ice-element Lacrima, that when activated transforms all spells in to Ice-Based spells.  Spells will take on a snowy form, and will coat everything they come in to contact with in a layer of ice, replacing Knock back as a secondary effect.  Frost makes surfaces extremely slippery and limits the movement of those affected by it, limiting physical damage they're capable of dealing by half for 2 posts.  Frost effect does not stack.

    Amp Dragon Lacrima:  The Amp Dragon Lacrima, is a lightning element Lacrima, that when activated transforms all Dragon Slaying spells in to Lightning-based spells.  The electrically charged spells possess tremendous amperage, which shocks and throws back enemies.  Amp throwback deals an additional 0.5X Spell rank damage to enemies.  

    A Slayer's Purpose:  In the presence of Dragons or other Dragon Slayers, Hybrid Mode gains an extra 1 post duration & cool down per Dragon & Dragon Slayer in the thread.  [Max 5]

    Hybrid Phase: When the situation calls for it, Shen may enter Hybrid mode for a single Post to make use of a single desired element.  This can be used to make use of one of the 7 additional elements at his disposal while not in Hybrid Mode, or if need be extend the duration of Hybrid Mode by 1 post.  Doing so extends the cool down of Hybrid Mode by 1 post.  Hybrid Phase can only be used once per thread.

    Usage:  Hybrid Mode lasts for 7 posts with a 10 post cool down.

    Dea Luna:

    Dea Luna


    Noheme is the two-faced goddess of the moon, worshipped by a certain tribe in the jungles of Joya. This goddess controls both powers of darkness and light, controlling both equally and keeping them in constant balance that holds the world itself together. The goddesses’ incarnation is obviously capable of using these powers, be it in combat or elsewhere. And not only that, the divine powers themselves are aiding this goddess on every single step she takes.

    And while her magic allows Noheme to freely manipulated these three aspects, her lineage shows the true power that she wields. No matter what paths she will take on her journey, the goddess will be always followed by the powers of darkness, light and divine, constantly surrounded by them and shaped by them. No matter what fate she'll pursue or what body she'll possess, her lineage is bound to her very soul and will never leave her, no matter how hard she tries. For that is the curse of birth, something not even gods can choose.

    Combat abilities:

    Noheme’s Darkness
    Darkness is the main offensive side of Noheme and aids her in many different ways. At any point in time, the goddess is capable of forming eight different beads of darkness, pitch-black in color and giving off a blood red glow. Each of them is about as big as Noheme’s head and they all float in circular formation behind her back. She can control them with the flow of her magical energy and uses them as attack aid for all ranges, each bead dealing Noheme’s regular light melee damage upon contact (50% of regular melee damage). Their shape can also change freely into anything that is not bigger than 2 meters in any dimension, even sometimes taking shape of different weapons. But even in that form, they will still deal regular melee damage per hit. When at least four of these beads form together to take a shape of a shield, they can block one single spell of Noheme’s rank with exception of H-ranked spells that cannot be blocked. However, this will make them shatter into pieces and they won’t come back for next two posts, creating cooldown for this ability. If multiple beads create a singular shape to attack, that attack will deal damage that all present beads would do together. They fly through the air at speed of 50 meters/second and cannot go any further than 100 meters away from Noheme. These beads are also counted as a weapon, allowing them to benefit from buffs that increase weapon or melee damage as well as overall damage.

    Noheme’s Light
    As a being that was born from a pure magical energy and commands over the powers of rejuvenating light, Noheme can be hardly considered a normal human being. While this can bring some moral dilemmas as well as day to day problems, it also has it’s advantages. Body that is structured like this and accepts magical power of light gains a powerful natural MP recovery, alongside HP recovery that can affect the goddess. With this, she gains natural 5% MP recovery per post and 10% HP recovery every other post that also extends to all summons that she might have active on the battlefield. The price of this is that Noheme cannot gain any other passive MP or HP recovery from her magic. Thankfully for her, active MP and HP recovery can still be applied from herself and others.

    Divine cleansing
    Noheme’s pure body of divine energy emits a strange aura of cleansing that constantly purifies her body and makes sure she remains pure. It affects her at all times, filling her with strange feeling of pureness and cures ailments that were inflicted during battle or from any other source. All internal ailments that affect the body from inside such as poison, curses and motion sickness are cured completely while ailments that affect one’s body from the outside such as burning or freezing have their effect decreased by 25% if they are of the same or higher rank as Noheme or 50% if they are of rank below Noheme’s.

    Enhanced Vessel
    Noheme is clearly not a human and is called God by many. Though what she is exactly may not be crystal clear, she does require a mortal vessel in order to walk on the lands of Earthland. But her vessel is nothing ordinary, as it is a body of Joyan girl further powered up by the magic of light and dark. With this, the entire inner structure of this flesh vessel is slightly altered, focusing it more towards speed than anything else. Thanks to that, Noheme has slightly different rules in that her sprinting speed on D-rank starts at 30 mhp instead of regular 20. Furthermore, this number is increased by 50% per rank instead of regular 25% all the way to S-rank. The increase from there to SS-rank and H-rank is regular 25% just like for any other character.

    Deity’s fortune
    Many people believe that luck comes with the favor of gods. And in certain cases, they would be right. Thanks to her divine nature, Noheme seems to have rather good luck when it comes to her jobs and employers. Whenever she completes her task, people that hired her get enchanted by the divine powers and offer double jewel reward instead of the regular one. This only affects Noheme alone and all her partners on the job will receive regular rewards.

    Non-combat abilities:

    Noheme was never really a human, and she never will be one. While this can be a problem from time to time, it also comes with a certain perk. The physical body that she interacts with the world through is merely just a vessel made out of flesh and blood. Even if she sustains lethal injuries and even dies from them, Noheme can easily find a new vessel that will serve as her new body and continue on living. However, this can be rather tiring and takes several days, meaning that Noheme does leave the thread when she is killed.
    This ability also makes Noheme unable to age on her own. She can increase her age if she wishes to, but by default, she will remain exactly the same even if centuries pass, despite her vessel being a mortal one.

    Storage dimension
    As a proper god, Noheme as a whole dimension that she rules over. Not that it means much, but she has full access to it and can open a gate between world at any point. This ability is connected to the wardrobe inside of her home, allowing her to re-equip her outfit at any time and in any situation without restriction. These new outfits have no actual benefits and are purely aesthetic.

    As a goddess of her astral world, it’s only natural that Noheme can open a multi-dimensional gate that leads to her home. This is a simple teleportation gate that can be easily canceled by any spells that are meant to disable spacial magic and cannot activate it during combat to escape her enemies. Traveling to this gate usually puts Noheme out of the thread that she uses this ability in, or the other way around, can be used as entry into a thread.

    As someone that requires a living vessel to gain proper humanoid form, it is only natural that Noheme can actually summon her powers to gain another form. With this, she can morph into any smaller animal she desires, though she cannot attack or defend herself while morphed.

    God’s contract
    Many different supernatural beings love to form unbreakable contracts with the foolish mortals. And Noheme is no different, as she boasts this power as well. When using this power, both parties involved need to promise something and seal the deal with some form of physical contact. Whenever she forms a contract, a tattoo of a rose appears somewhere on the other person’s body, glowing faintly blue when the goddess is nearby. When touched, the mark can send small waves of pleasure through one’s body as well. If the contract is breached by the means of one party not fulfilling their promise, serious side effects start to appear. They will be always discussed OOC and can be as severe as an actual death. Noheme herself can void any and all existing contracts of her own at any point, and even those that do not belong to her, provided she has OOC permission to do so.

    Empress of Felines:
    Name: Empress of Felines
    Wielder: Mitsurugi
    Description: There is a sect of the afterlife rumored for animals and only animals. Most religions believe that pets do not gain an entrance to heaven, therefore they are left in a purgatory or they go to hell. In reality, those that gain exposure to the afterlife learn of things humans desire, and more so when the creatures themselves grant access to a humanoid or mortal being. A group of feline creatures in their years of separation from the rest, formed a kingdom of their own kind to instill order within this sect. Once every so often, they will summon or seek out a potential leader of their kingdom, grant them power in return for their leadership in uniting the creatures of hell into one united force. This lineage is granted to the new "Emporer or Empress"  of these sects; feline, canine, avian, reptilian, and so on. As a leader, the person is given the power of control of their sect, the physical features depicting their sect's unity.

    In the case of the user, their prior background into royalty as it stood from whom it was that they were birthed and raised from, the connections they share with a powerful being, and the desire to help push their own goals at the cost of their loyal commitment. The users animalistic features act as a crown that naturally improves the users senses, raises their social stature among those that are aware of the existance of these sects, and gives the user the ability to communicate with animals both alive and dead through normal speech.

    Ability: Aura of Diplomacy: The user carries an undetectabe aura, which acts as a shield that can absorb damage equivalent to their own rank up to 100 damage. Every 2 posts without taking damage, this aura's damage resistance returns to full.
    Diplomatic Immunity: The user is able to nullify a single spell that is aimed either at them or if they are within range up to their own rank once every 4 posts. If they cancel a spell one above their own rank, it takes 5 posts to use again. This ability will consume mp from the holder of this lineage equal to the rank of the spell it's using.
    Hell's Angelic Blessing: Actively, the user is able to confort their appearance as a demonic creature whom is suseptable to Demon Slayer and holy magics, to one of the exact opposite. This causes their appearance to shift slightly to reflect this appearance. As part to this, the users weaknesses are unholy and God Slaying magics. As well as this, the users primary magic gains an aura of holy magic, which will allow them to be consumed by Holy/Light God and Demon slayers. However, this does not give any boosts to the damage to the user.
    Blind-Slight: The user is able to form up to 3 clouds of "Calamity" at one time. These are formed by the user touching the ground with their hand or with a ranged spell. The cloud of Calamity does no damage, lowers no sight or senses of any kind, and is 10 meters in diameter. Any person to enter the cloud becomes "infected" for 5 posts. During this time, the persons body through the users eyes become purple and are visible to them through buildings up to 10 (+10 per rank) meters away, and their spells carry this infection as well. After these 5 posts, the infection fades away, but can be cleansed by holy magic only. Any person who becomes "infected" gains a black and purple colored haze around their chest cavity during which time they are infected, as does the users eyes gain a glow to them to indicate their mark is within range.
    Pawful Navigation: As the user steps on the ground, the area emits a pulse like sensation up to 40 meters away. This allows the users blind eyes to see the silhouette's of all objects and people for a second at a time.
    The Cats Have Eyes: The user gains information from anywhere so long as a cat is within earshot.
    Cat's Got Your Tongue: The user is able to speak to animals of all kinds as if they were holding a conversation with another person, though the animal will not be able to speak common language back. (Think of Dr. Dolittle)
    Usage: Aura of Diplomacy- Passive use. Once the shield is down, it takes 5 posts without damage to recover. If damage IS taken, the post cooldown refreshes to the full 5 posts.
    Diplomatic Immunity- Active ability that cannot be used on spells more than 2 ranks above the user. (Example: B rank can null an A rank or lower. S and up is unaffective.)
    Hell's Angelic Blessing- The change in appearance can be used passively. As there is alteration to the strength of a spell used by the caster, there is no set duration, however shifting between these forms requires 4 posts before the user is able to shift again.
    Blind-Sight- Clouds formed by spells are formed where a person(s) are hit. If 3 exist already, it will dissipate the the eldest of clouds. The clouds last for 2 posts at most.
    Loyal Army- Limited to summons created by the users magics that are feline in nature. Cannot apply to other races of creatures even if used by the user, and cannot affect allies summons or pets of the same race. Pets connected to the user are not affected by this at all either.
    Pawful Navigation- This does not show airborne enemies, nor can it reveal people that are invisible via magic.
    The Cats Have Eyes- Passive use.
    Cat's Got Your Tongue- Passive use.

    Caelestis Crystalli:

    Lineage: Caelestis Crystalli.
    Wielder: Desirée Blooms.
    ✧ The Queen of Aisle Three was a woman that was unlike the rest of her followers, being that she was not genetically the same as them in any way; she was human, while the rest of them were immortals in which she utilized to fight alongside in the form of summoning magic. This was, until the magical imbalance occurred within the second moon of Uranus; sending a giant lacrima flying right toward Earth filled with the energy of light and crystals, it flew extremely quickly. It was the farthest a lacrima from The Oberon Flats was said to go into the sky, and passing through one orbital made it contain enough energy of the Crystal Race for it to nearly explode. On its trek through the solar system, it passed through three; it was a once in a universe chance to ever occur, but it contained enough energy to turn a living mortal into one which resided within the atmospheres. This being a Crystal, the one being in which the lacrima struck and embedded itself into was indeed human and transcended upon her death, gaining the properties of those which she was capable of summoning once before. A new name was graced upon her presence with the mark that rose on her hand, known as Diamond, she became the most powerful leader to ever sit upon The Third Royal Court’s throne.

    Plot Abilities:

    Modificicatio: If one were able to look within Desirée’s eyes, they would see that they frequently change and swirl colors around of the rainbow, as they are prism eyes. They sometimes change with mood, and are extremely beautiful; all Crystals hold this aspect dear to their bodies, and the more vibrant, the higher rank they are within the Aisle. A feature given to all Crystals by this aspect of their bodies is that they can shapeshift into any shape they could ever wish. This is done by channeling their magical energy into their eyes and causing it to swirl all the colors of the rainbow so quickly that it will result in the developing of their bodies in the same light; within the thoughts and wish of the Crystal to turn into the design in their minds, they can do so. From simple things like a hair color change or turning into a potted plant, anything can be achieved with this complex and beautiful power.

    Caeruleum: With the changing of her body’s build in full, while appearing to look the same as a human, her normal blood of crimson color changed into that of something much more beautiful. In the color of a light blue with white splotches inside of it, it appears as a beautiful reflection of the sky while it is present. In addition to this, there are flecks of golden stardust infused within; it causes a slight glow where they appear when it is shed, and makes it almost look like an extremely light lapis lazuli crystal. With this blood, Desirée is capable of taking flight into the skies, as that is what Crystal blood gives to those that wield it within their bodies; with this ability, she is capable of flying up to sprinting speeds in the air. This is because the blood holds aspects of the sky, which is as beautiful as it is useful.

    Locus: While being a Crystal and the reigning Queen of Aisle Three, the imagery of the solar system shows on her right arm in the form of a tattoo. A tattoo graced with magic and Crystal energy, it appears as entirely monochromatic. Containing all the moons, the sun, the planets, and the asteroid belt in a blue monochromatic fashion, upon visiting the aisle locations among each one, it will turn into a colored version of itself in realism, that of which will glow faintly and can be utilized to teleport to the aisles or their territories. Being that she has only been inside of Aisle Three, the only things that appear as realistic are the Earth and its moon, being Aisle Three and its moon base, the Third Royal Court Territory. It is the girl’s goal to have it completed in due time.

    Pulmonis: With the edits to her human physiology, Desirée’s stomach now holds a unique property to its lining which is as beautiful as it is strange; it holds a mirror glaze on its outsides, those of which reflect onto each-other and shimmer with stardust. With this, once something she consumes hits the insides of her stomach, it is turned from its normal properties to those of rainbows; everything that enters her stomach, and comes out, now is a liquid rainbow. With this comes many different properties of her body, such as the fact that when she burps and does other things, gaseous and vibrant rainbow clouds may come out instead of clear air. In addition to this, her body can breathe without oxygen, and does not hold the need to sleep.

    Advocabit: Being the ruler of every single individual of Aisle Three, which amounts to nearly a growing population of 10 billion Crystals, The Queen of Chrysalis has many perks that other Crystals are not capable of. One of these is that she can summon any of them she could ever ask for, in the form of how she would summon the Crystals that assisted her in battle while she was a summoner; with the statement “From Chrysalis, I summon thee;” and their name, they will appear with a magical circle and a personality that they would carry in their own dimension. As they were summoned by the Queen, they would not have durations and cooldowns as well as a cost in order to summon them, as well as no limits to how many could be summoned at a given time. While they do not hold combative abilities, they are still helpful when it comes to plot.


    Marcam: As she was slaughtered via the crushing of a falling star with extreme magical essence, her human soul has morphed into something that appears physical unlike that of what regular mortals contain within their spirit. On the palm of her right hand is a visible formation of a special and smooth crystal, that of which is colored of many different variations of blues that stretch upward in a typical crystal formation into a pentagonal shape. While being transparent with the upper layers, if one looks into it, they would see an endless realm of shimmering diamonds that float as if they were defying gravity. As this is her life essence, it is unable to be destroyed; similarly, if her right arm was to be cut off, it would simply project outward and onto another location of her body. While this houses her soul and ability to live immortally, it also comes with a variety of perks that a typical human would not be able to possess. When her HP hits 0, she does not go into an unconscious state; instead, her body will begin to slowly split apart and crack, the cracks being of a glowing essence of aurora and spreading across quickly until they all meet. Once this happens, her body will explode into shards of crystallized light and fade into the air around her, leaving her crystal life essence there in the form of a circular crystal for her allies to utilize. While her soul and life essence will still be located where her body was shattered, the spiritual and form which is not visually identifiable will project into the Chrysalis Royal Court’s resting room upon the Court Base in the Moon’s secret atmospheric layer to rest and regenerate. The powerful part of this feature is that if a singular healing spell is used on the formation of crystals, it will cause her body to instantly reform and amplify the healing spell with an additional 20% health and 10% mana restored along with the amount given to her crystal via the ally. With this, she will come back to the place where the formation was located and the crystal will float to relocate where it was previously; if no spell is acted upon her mark, the thread will continue for her inside of the regeneration room and will allow her to regenerate in another thread. With two lesser abilities also granted with this mark, she receives a passive regeneration 5% MP per post and 5% HP every other post.

    Caelestibus: By tradition, on the third week of being a Crystal and a new Queen of Aisle Three, The Royal Court would venture into the Celestial Realm in order to greet and notify their ally, The Celestial Spirit King, of the changes that had taken place within their realm. With the procession and ceremony, the King was rather impressed with the power that bounced off of the new Queen’s skin in the form of the aurora borealis so much that he offered for her to have her own set of keys made within her name. Accepting the offer with honor and courage, five beautiful and unique keys made of diamonds and ornate designs came into her possession, which she was capable of giving to people that she trusted the most. Desirée is capable of making contracts with other mages in order for them to be able to summon her as they would another Celestial Spirit, allowing her to assist them within in-character posts. In this process, both parties must fully agree to the terms and rules set in the Celestial Realm and follow them or else the contract will be terminated, even though she is a different Celestial being that she is based in another realm. When summoning Diamond, it will cost the mage 10% of their mana. Within these threads, Desirée will post for herself and not count toward the word-count for the job, and will also have her costs doubled for spells and other things of the such; this is due to the fact that she will follow every command of the one which summoned her in the form of battle. If she is beneficial in the time summoned, such as successfully landing multiple hits or helping complete an objective, she will gain a 25% jewel reward for her efforts. Desirée also has the choice to terminate contracts and have the key warp back to her if the player of the summoner has went inactive for unacceptable amounts without a proper hiatus.

    Pulvis: Being a race located within the atmospheres of their designated planets, Crystals are closer to the solar system than ever, and can in a sense see the stars much better than regulars can see them on the surfaces of the planets. It is implied that this would cause a reaction on the body; over their existence, stardust fragments in small particles would land on their skin and cause them to seep in, causing beautiful glows and magical properties of the stars. With plentiful amounts of stardust that has reigned down onto her body, as well as originated within, Desirée has received a plentiful amount of benefits in regards to her existence in magic. These stardust pieces in her skin and body cause her entity to have a 50% magical resistance, as well as a 37.5% speed increase due to the speed of shooting stars in the sky. These are beneficial to the core of the body as well as the ethernano as well; with existence, the girl of blue hair receives a passive 37.5% magical damage increase at all times.

    Argentum: Not only is the skin of the idealistic Crystal infused with fragments of stardust, but it is also infused with pure magic in its entirety. It is how sometimes her skin can be seen glowing or producing waves of magical energy in the form of light; it is simply magical power radiating off of her body, in which it has to do sometimes with the attraction of "extra" currency in her earnings as well as magical feats. In completing jobs, Desirée will find that she is typically payed in more plentiful amounts than her allies, as her energy of being a Crystal attracts jewel rewards toward her; with her willpower and kindness, it will cause those paying her to throw in an extra bit of Jewels, as well as her status as a large and popular figure. This translates to a 100% increase to all of her jewel rewards that she earns. As for the "more magical" part of this that influences her magical power as a whole, the Crystal Queen is capable of toggling her buffs when in need to do so.

    Imperium: The thing that Crystals from Aisle Three are most recognized for is their kindness and joyous attitudes; many, if not all of the Crystals of Chrysalis have willpower than not many can compare theirs to. The willpower is so strong that it grants those that have these courageous attitudes many different perks in regards to fighting style and magical power. The biggest change is that Desirée, with the most joyous attitude of all Crystals, receives a 30% increase to her MP pool, allowing her to fight for longer amounts of time than she would have been able to while being a typical human. The other perks of having insane amounts of willpower are increased haste and power; passively, Desirée receives a 37.5% buff to her speed at all times, and a 37.5% increase to her magical power at all times. It shows those around her that if you hold a pure heart within you as well as enthusiastic joy, it will cause you to be stronger.

    Ascendant Lineages:

    Gold Rush X:

    Lineage: Gold Rush
    Description: Centuries ago, a tribe came to Fiore from a continent that is so incredibly far away that to this day those who ventured to find it have failed; the tribe members claimed to have come from a place called "Egypt". Wherever the tribe went, they prospered beyond belief; to each country and continent they went to, they rose to become the most powerful group of people there. Eventually, they were captured by all dark guilds at the time for their fortune and ability to prosper, and when the tribe refused to cooperate, they were all killed. Luckily, some were not captured, so your bloodline still lives on today. However, you must be wondering - "How did they do it?". Well, it's quite simple.

    The tribe from Egypt, which were known as Egyptians, were cast away from their homeland by raiders with absolutely nothing. An Egyptian goddess, who was saddened by what could potentially happen to her people, cast a powerful spell over the tribe to make them the luckiest people on the planet (literally!). Because of this, the tribe was able to find a significant more amount of jewels, items to sell, and they were said to be so lucky that they could even cheat death and danger; of course, that wasn't the case when they were completely obliterated...
    Ability: The user is given 3 passive abilities and 2 active abilities, though they can only ever choose one ability from the passive and active parts of this lineage. Whenever going on a job, the user must always pick from one of the following abilities:
    * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    * Find a custom weapon, item, or armor (rank depends on the difficulty of the job; you get to choose the type of item)
    * Increase the jewel reward of you and ONE other participant of the job by 50%
    The user's active ability are the following:
    * The user is able to sacrifice their EXP gained from jobs for additional jewels
    * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.
    Usage: Lineage has three passive abilities and two active abilities; you MUST pick one of the passive abilities at the start of any job. The second active ability of this lineage can only be used once per thread, with a duration of 4 posts; again, you can only pick pick one of the two active abilities.

    Whenever the second passive ability of this lineage is used, the rank of the weapon/item/armor is found at the following job ranks:
    * D-Rank: Nothing
    * C-Rank: Strong
    * B-Rank: Strong+
    * A-Rank: Strong+
    * S-Rank: Legendary
    * SS-Rank: Legendary+
    * 10Y: Legendary+
    * 100Y: Artifact

    Whenever the first active ability of this lineage is used, the jewels gained for the amount of exp sacrificed is as the following:
    * 25 EXP: 1,000 (D-Rank)
    * 50 EXP: 2,500 (C-Rank)
    * 250 EXP: 7,500 (B-Rank)
    * 1,250 EXP: 17,000 (A-Rank)
    * 6,250 EXP: 30,000 (S-Rank)
    * 18,750 EXP: 45,000 (SS-Rank)
    * 56,250 EXP: 70,000 (10Y-Rank)
    * 168,750 EXP: 100,000 (100Y-Rank)
    Gingerbread Man Y:

    Lineage: Gingerbread Man
    Description: "Run and run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."
    Know the story of the Gingerbread Man? That obnoxious little dough stain that always runs faster than anyone else, running so fast that no matter how fast people try to run, they can never catch him. Until one man caught him of course. In a confrontation with this little prankish devil after a promise to the people to take him down, this man, whose name faded from history, chased him down for 7 years, 7 months and 7 days, around the world and through time and space, until one day, he did the impossible and caught the little guy purely based on his own speed, rather than relying on the cunning that the fox in the classic utilized. The tremendous feat that broke the impossible resulted in the creation of a legend and the power behind this legend gave those of this man's blood supernatural agility and speed, but with a twist. Reenacting the chase that gave them this power, users of this ability have Absolute Speed.
    "Run and run as fast as you can. You can't escape me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."
    Ability: Absolute Speed, the world's most powerful speed ability. It is an ability not based on adding just raw speed to the user, but on comparing the user's speed against the speed of the opponent the user is fighting. As a result when this ability is active, no matter the speed or reflexes of the opponent, the gingerbread man user is always faster. ALWAYS. Not even light-speed can keep up, but being able to exceed it would depend on the rank of the user. When used, the spell adds the speed of the fastest opponent/projectile in the field to their own, making them always dominant in the speed factor but has no effect if nothing is moving.
    Usage: Moving so fast however may break one's body, especially when the opponent is much faster than your base speed. Thus, the limit for users is 2 uses per thread, lasting 1 post each, with 6 post cool down. The user's rank also limits the max speed their still human bodies can take, with bullet-speed (1200 m/s) as the limit for C-rank and below, Mach 100(34000 m/s) for B-rank, lightning(6000 km/s) for A-rank and light(300,000 km/s) for S-rank or higher.
    The user is reduced in speed by 50% after using this and feels exhausted,  both for 5 posts (reducing by 10% per post)
    Blessed by the Fourth Wall Z:

    Lineage: Blessed by the Fourth Wall
    Description: The ancestor in here could have turned into a god, but nooooo, he had to preserve the fabric of reality or something. For this lineage, this ancestor, known as the One Who Got Close, is the only one to have found the Fourth Wall of the world, giving himself the chance to break it and ascend to the heights that are unknown, basically, us. However, when told by the wall that breaking it would sacrifice everyone else in the world, the noble goody-two-shoes chose to stop himself instead and as a result, he was blessed by the Fourth Wall. This blessing would go down to his bloodline and now you, oh lucky guy, are one of his kin.
    Ability: The Fourth Wall respects the user's bloodline and has given those of it the Glimpse, the ability to see what the user should not be able to see. Of course, to respect the purpose of the Fourth Wall, the user can only see one "Thing" at a time.  Such as a snippet from a magic or character app (See 2 strengths or 2 weaknesses,  see 2 likes or 2 dislikes,  and so on.),  or from another post to know someone is for example pursuing them or that someone is going to make a certain attack on them within the current post.  
    Usage: 5 post cooldown between uses.

    Curse of Sins:
    Name: Curse of the Sins.

    User: Sayrn Firrion

    Description: The forgotten one, a long standing goddess of sin and once ruler of the now defunct cult of personality Grim Heresy. One year ago Sayrn gave up everything, her soul, her body and her service to this goddess to gain what she had wished for most, a normal body. Yet when the place began to show signs that Sayrn herself could not handle, she ran despite her actions of murder and sin on her own. As per the agreement of the guild she was let loose, but a curse was put upon her, memory erased and hunted until the eventual dissolving of the cult. Now the curse still long standing on her blood and soul Sayrn suffers effects that she has turned into benefits allowing her now still dangerous form to take full advantage of these curses.

    Plot Abilities:

    Divide or Conquer: Sayrn may split into the twins or the twins if they are within 5m of each other can reform Sayrn.


    Twins Curse: Unlike her normal abilities to do so, the curse has affected the way Sayrns natural form changing works. Where in a normal circumstance Sayrn could form herself into anything she wished to down to the very DNA the curse has a different long standing effect on her. Sayrn rather than changing into another person, splits into two separate specific people. The twins Vene and Reme form both aspects of Sayrns personality now fractured by the curse. Reme is a much more sadistic and careless aspect, constantly wishing to cause others pain and being much harsher in tone and action. Vene is the softer of the two, caring for those who would be under her care, tone and even expression tend to be soft and she is constantly trying to reign in Reme. While in this form all of Sayrn's spells get doubled, each twin can use a spell from Sayrns list, though at half the damage for both spells and abilities and the spells used must be the same ones and happen in the same post. Health and Mana split between the two (Damage remains even after combining again)

    Twins Vitriol: As a side effect of the twins natural cursed effects they gain a bonus of 25% to both their mana pool and their defenses.

    Blood Curse: Sayrn after having tweaked the curse as much as she could was capable of turning a simple crippling effect to her favor. While Sayrn is herself she gains a bonus of 50% to her strength and speed, though when she is the Twins, Reme gains a bonus to her speed and Vene gains the strength bonus.

    Curse Poison: With the curse affecting her entire body this natural extends to her magic, and with the power it provides it benefits Sayrn greatly. All of Sayrns magic from all forms, be it from her weapons or her secondary or primary become tainted, they gain a bonus called "Curse" curse causes enemies hit by Poison damage to suffer a withering effect. This causes all damage Sayrn's magic deals to gain a 50% bonus to it's power as curse damage rather than just as additional poison or other damage types.

    Twins Blessing: A factor unknown to Sayrn herself, while the twins remain within 50 meters of each other they are capable of a form of minor telepathy, sharing thoughts and also enhancing all of their major senses by a 50% If either are forced too far away from the other they lose this benefit. As a more passive bonus the twins gain an extra rank scaling signature from the curse.

    Active (Divide or Conquer): User starts as Sayrn or the Twins at start of thread and can split at any point in a post or combine though there is a 1 post cooldown between it.
    Passive (Twins Curse, Twins Vitriol, Blood Curse, Curse Poison, Twins Blessing)

    The Raccoon Dog:

    Lineage: The Raccoon Dog.
    Wielder: Yves Riyoshi.
    ❦ A Bakedanuki, other wise known as a Tanuki or a Raccoon Dog, is one of the most well known yokai in all of existence; well known and powerful, they hold many magical capabilities and powers within them, which is something that Yves Riyoshi is ever so familiar with. Holding the essence and being of a Tanuki Yōkai within her, as she is definitely one of them, therefore gains the properties and powers of such. Despite their cute appearances they should not be underestimated in any way; they are greatly cunning and clever, and with their unique quirks and senses that are definitely hard to match, they contribute to the amount of magical energy within the world greatly. Holding her beautiful and fluffy tail of brown color along with her raccoon ears upon her head in a proud manner, she utilizes her magical powers daily within combat as well as her daily, mundane life.

    Plot Abilities:

    Communication with inaudible animalistic life forms and beings.
    Changing voice.
    Creating harmless illusions.
    Temporary possession upon weak NPCs and PCs with OOC permission.
    Skillfully tracking individuals/targets down with smell, footprints, tracks, etc.
    Hiding & disguising her magical presence and energy at will.
    Skillfully creating powerful potions & elixirs with magical effects out of natural items from nature within pve.
    Climbing trees and nature-based surfaces, such as wooden walls and winding vines without a trace and extremely quickly (also potentially ignoring phsyics / gravity with rapid movement).


    小游行: Yves is said to be an immensely powerful yokai, one of which has started to develop her very own Hyakki Yagyō, or Night Parade of 100 Demons. However, it has not grown quickly despite her powerful magical abilities; for now, she only has two yokai followers that she has fully allowed to be taken under her tail, one being a crow tengu and the other being a nekomata. With this being said, unlike most mages that can wield a maximum of one combat pet, Yves is capable of having a maximum of two combative pets, these being the two members under her very small night parade.

    感觉金: Animalistic individuals are said to have very great senses when it comes to things within wilderness or upon the planet in general; it is something that plays outward greatly when it comes to taking jobs or having a great income in general. With her senses, the tanuki can essentially tell when money is hiding around the environment, such as under rocks, buried, or even hidden behind things purposefully; this results in Yves receiving a 100% increase to all jewel rewards, as well as her senses (taste, smell, sight, hearing) slightly being even more greatly enhanced than a slayer, as it is natural.

    神奇的光芒: Yves is often if not always inside of the woods and non-touched areas of nature, being one with wildlife and channeling her essence that she has always had; the natural magic that sprouts upward from the secluded woods, not graced by mankind at all, is extremely potent and something that Yves along with her companions are familiar with. Being so used to this nature and having it blossom upward from the natural parts of the Earth into her etherano itself, Yves passively holds a 65% increase to her mana pool at all times along with passive mana and health regeneration of 5% every post (mp) / 5% every other post (hp).

    复合能量: The tanuki yokai is a very powerful being of magical capabilities, which is something that she has nearly always been aware of due to her success in the arts of alchemy and magical fights; she finds herself consistently getting stronger as time goes on. Due to this, along with the many blessings granted to her from her knowledge of magic and the natural world constantly seeping into her etherano, she receives a passive 32.5% increase to both her speed and magical power at all times. This can also essentially be toggled if she ever needed to do so.

    受到大自然的祝福: After running away from her mother due to not wishing to inherit her clan, in which she did simply due to her not wishing to have that responsibility and live freely, Yves was granted a blessing by the natural world which would protect her from those that would wish to tear her down. Yves holds a 30% increase to her heath, as influenced upon her body after staying within the woods years upon years on end, as well as a 50% resistance to physical attacks influenced by the same way; the plants that shoot upward from the ground, the trees, the flowers, and the fruits, grant her protection that will never fade until her last day within this universe.

    刷的速度: Essentially being one with the wild animals, along with being animalistic, Yves has become used to being within areas with great amounts of nature, whether it is a large amount of trees, flowers, or even grassy fields. This comes with a few perks; if she is found within an area with an abundance of these natural areas, she will passively retain a 65% speed increase. However, this is not the only thing granted upon being in these areas, but much closer; if she finds herself within areas such as within bushes, among the treetops, etc, she will become barely able to be sensed (essentially invisible, only capable to be sensed by magical presence or higher ranked individuals due to natural camouflage and blending into the plants), will avoid terrain collision which will make her slower (such as hitting branches), and will leave a "trail" (which is invisible to anyone she sees as an enemy, which will appear as leaves that do not match the designated terrain to allies, and is about 5 meters in diameter and stretches as far as she runs) that will passively debuff any enemy caught within the small trail's speed by 32.5%. She can toggle anything within this ability whenever she wishes if she needs to do so.

    Daughter of the Devil:

    Lineage: Daughter of the Devil.
    Wielder: Claire Apollyon.
    ⛧ Surpassing the ability to comprehend time in total omnipotence, the divine ruler of the Underworld, Satan (otherwise known as the Devil) caused a great sonic-boom within his universe of eternal suffering and paradise of flames and shadows, that of which caused for universes to be born directly above Hell; they were known as the "Second Hells," and were described to be vast universes of endless space with millions of planets that would follow in the same elemental atmosphere as their creator's. The divine ruler cast his heart outward, which appeared as entirely black in color and fully sparking with the fires of Hell, and in doing so caused four specks to burst outward and form those that he called his daughters. Three appeared to be made of bodies with completely black blood, while one appeared to be stark white; it was the prophecy of three being evil and following his image, while one would go astray. Allowing four animals of origin to fly downward from the top of hell, being one a crow, one a cecropia moth, one an ox, and one a dove, they would bring the four daughters to each of these dimensions to rule; Claire Apollyon, the second daughter and the one described to be the most brutal yet elegant, would utilize her power upon her Second Hell as well as the other universes she would travel to in order to make her father of chaos and madness proud, no matter what it would take. The darkest witch of them all is what she was dubbed by her acquaintances once she arrived on Earthland toward the beginning of existence; with her dark arts as well as her demonic cards that she carried with her, she would cause the world to delve into suffering to make her father a proud father. While she has yet to ever meet him, as she has no idea how to, Claire wishes to have her evil deeds be exactly what her father wishes for and nothing less.

    Plot Abilities:

    Telepathically communicating to individuals within eyesight, along with back and forth if the other is capable of doing so.
    Shapeshifting into her animal of origin, a cecropia moth, which allows her to fly and fit into smaller areas.
    Allowing her horns to produce out of her head freely as well as allowing them to return back inside.
    Skillfully performing tarot readings for others as well as herself, that of which can give hints for the past, present, and future; requires OOC permission to find out things. This also renders Claire as a clairvoyant individual.
    Can do a variety of witch rituals, natural healing, curses, sigils, etc. in an environment of PvE and out of combat that are magical and effective.
    Temporary possession of weak NPCs and PCs with OOC permission.
    Hiding & disguising her magical presence and energy at will.
    Upon hitting 0 HP and 0 MP, Claire's body fades into dust and appears as an entirely three dimensional yet blank body of entirely black color with horns, pulsing with her blood on it's outer shell. A black magical portal will open overhead and suck her up into it, bringing her to the center of her "Second Hell" universe (within her home planet) to regenerate and pick a new body (or a mimic of her previous) to return with upon the next thread.
    Access & ownership of the "Second Hell", which is an alternate universe which she is the ruler of. 79 major lives live inside of this universe, each among their own planet, while millions of smaller, less important lives live within differing planets as well. It appears as a galaxy of entirely black color with red and orange stars; though the biggest feat is the millions of small planets, which appear as bubbles, in which Claire can manipulate to pull closer to her. Upon touching the planet, she can go inside along with anyone accompanying her, as she is the divine ruler of all life within this universe. She can also access the space of origin, which is the area outside of the planets that appears as the galaxy, by causing a drop of her blood to fall into water with a secret incantation.


    χρήματα: The eyes of the devil reside within his daughter; they appear as very intimidating, with their golden flares constantly following one around the area in which she is located. With this comes benefits in regards to going on missions; the one which is paying her for her efforts usually is capable of being intimidated by her golden eyes, so much so that they would essentially empty their wallets. Claire receives a 100% increase to all of her jewel rewards.  

    μαύρο αίμα: The blood of the daughter of the Devil is entirely black in color and as much thicker in texture than regular blood, which feels like more of an oil despite also being completely soluble. It is the blood passed down from her father onto her, which mimics the blood of her other three sisters; it grants the individual that wields this blood within their body a great advantage when it comes to battle and existence in general. Claire passively receives a 30% increase to her HP and MP pools at all times, along with passive mana and health regeneration of 5% every post (mp) / 5% every other post (hp).

    διαίρεση: Due to having the energy of hell within her, as it was absorbed within her entire being upon being created along with having it constantly upon her while she is within her Second Hell, Claire passively retains a 32.5% increase to her speed and strength at all times, though it can be toggled whenever she wishes if she would need to do so by a snap of her fingers. This also grants her the ability to toggle any buff in general whenever she would need to that pertains to herself, whether in her magic or equipment.

    διάβολος ψυχή: One who wields a devil soul is someone that has many tricks up their sleeves, whether it pertains to their magical power or simple battle tactics. Like her father, Claire is capable of utilizing shadows to her advantage, either going into a shadow state or going into someone else's shadow; while in a shadow state, her shadow will appear as if she was standing there while her body has sunk into her own shadow, thus allowing her body to not be seen and be slightly sneaky. She can travel as a shadow like most shadows would be able to do; go up walls, slither sneakily across floors, and much more without being sensed (if a shadow can be cast upon it, it is easily able to be accessed by Claire). In the process of hopping into someone else's shadow, she can disappear and follow inside of their shadow, as if she was riding in some form of transportation; she can utilize this to follow people in order to kill them sneakily, or simply follow her allies places without showing effort in walking. The devil soul also grants Claire a passive 50% reduction to her MP costs at all times.

    Μεγάλη μεγαλοπρέπεια: The horns of the Anti-Christ's daughter resemble his greatly, being that they are very long and greatly pointed; they also wield immense magical power, as they channel the essence of hell when they are fully exposed as well as when they are tucked within her head. Passively, Claire is granted a 25% resistance to both magical and physical attacks; this is due to their aura pulsing into the mind of the girl, as they always do because of their sprouting upward from her head. In addition to this, she also receives a passive 32.5% increase to both her strength and magical power. She is capable of toggling both these buffs and resistances at will with the snap of her fingers if she really needed to do so.

    αιματοχυσία: Claire's senses and taste-buds lust for blood in a sense; the woman of flowing, platinum hair is capable of smelling flowing blood and open wounds from a mile away, after all. However, the main power within this ability lies within those that are already wounded and / or bleeding; at all times, if any individual caught within h rank aoe range of Claire (in the shape of a circle with her being in the middle) is bleeding, has an open wound, or has lost more than 25% of their health, they will appear to have an effect known as bloodlust upon them. With this, they will appear to have what appears to be two glowing red horns sprouting from their head, those of which sparkle and can always be seen by Claire, even if they are covered by walls, utilizing invisibility, etc. This effect will also allow Claire to move at an additional 32.5% speed toward them and deal 32.5% extra physical damage to them with melee strikes (these both act as temporary buffs basically). These glowing horns, which are simply illusions and can only be seen by Claire and her companions, fade once they step out of range or get rid of their source of bleeding / be pushed over 75% of their total health.


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    The True Nephalem:
    Wielder: Deniel Decayuss Thorman
    Description: Deniel is a Nephalem. He is zero percent human, and the only bloodline he has comes from Arianna the White Angel, and Diabolos the Black Devil. The two were once humans, but after meeting their ultimate end, were reincarnated as pure-blooded angel and demon. Despite the forbidding of the two races falling in love, and much less having an offspring, nothing could keep the two apart. While Deniel is not their first and only Nephalem, he is currently the only one alive. Angels and Demons represent the ultimate battle between good and evil. An eternal conflict of two opposing forces. And these two opposing forces have existed since the very beginning; not necessarily angels and demons, but the forces of good and evil. Holy and Unholy. Harmony and Chaos. Light and dark. Life and death. Peace and discord. Deniel is the representation and aspect of all of these forces, flowing right through his blood thanks to his mother and father. His father, himself, was a very ruthless and powerful man; he was quite merciless, and instilled fear in people's hearts. His mother, once a sweet woman, took a drastic turn when her own children threatened to kill her. Deniel has killed the two of them and has become what is called a True Nephalem. He can delve into the deepest darkness that lies in his heart and soul, as well as the most purest form of holiness.

    Ability:The Lineage comes with a number of passive and active abilities, with several of them needing certain conditions.

    The first passive is that so long as Deniel is holding on to his weapon, Nidhogg is indestructible, but it must be in his possession. Otherwise, it can be destroyed by anything with enough force to it.

    The second passive is that Deniel's Full Body Take Overs cannot be de-activated in any way shape or form aside from two ways: their Durability Thresholds breaking, the Duration timing out, or Deniel de-activing it through his will.
    The active ability is used whenever Deniel is in a certain Full Body Take Over, and is called:

    Alpha and Omega:

    The beginning and the end. Alpha and Omega can only be activated if Deniel is in his Full Body Take Over or Spirit Merge form, or neither of them are on Cool Down. If Deniel is not in a Spirit Merge form, Alpha and Omega immediately transforms him into it. Alpha (being The White Angel), and Omega (being the Black Devil). Alpha and Omega is meant to be an ability that unleashes the full power of an angel and a demon, but at a very hefty cost. Alpha and Omega can only be activated by reciting the corresponding chants towards them.

    "I, the White Angel of Supremacy,
    am the beginning of the end.
    I silence the heretics.
    I laugh at the strong.
    I purify the weak.
    I shall awaken and bathe you all
    in the light of Holy Destruction!
    Alpha White Angel!"

    Alpha: If activated in his White Angel Take Over, Deniel immediately becomes his Spirit Merge form, but then also transforms his power to become the Alpha White Angel. While Alpha is activated, Deniel's White Angel powers go completely berserk and super powered. What shows the difference of Alpha rather than just a normal Spirit Merge is that Deniel's body is permanently glowing with his Holy Energy. Only instead of being a sky-blue color, it is Dark Blue, and so are the rest of his spells, signifying their increased power.

    Deniel's pain receptors and neurons are completely disabled. He cannot feel pain. The messages of pain are not sent to his brain. He has the ability to feel other things, but the one thing he cannot feel is pain. Including pain from cuts, bruises, attacks, Magic, fire, ice, shock, and stinging feelings. Even ones not listed here cannot be felt. In addition to being immune to pain, Deniel's Holy Energy and armor activate to the fullest extent. Any broken limbs that may happen to occur are immediately snapped back into place with his armor. Any dislocated bones or shattered ones are bent into place, or forced into it. His muscles are also immune to tiredness, and feel absolutely no burn or pain. They are limitless. However, this is not healing: while the bones and joints are put back into position, Health Points will not be recovered in any way. And finally, Deniel's Take Over Durability Thresholds while this is active is 100%. If he dies, it dies with him. This does, however, come with its own weaknesses. First off is being immune to pain can easily work against him, as this may cause him to get too reckless. It does not necessarily make sneak attacks easier; Deniel can still feel attacks, he just not feel them as pain. Not to mention snapping his bones back into place is not the healthiest thing for his body to go through, but it still works. And being immune to pain far from makes him invincible. He still takes the normal amount of damage, calculated with his durability, but he just cannot feel it.

    Deniel gains an additional 75% increase in all of his stats while he is in this form. Deniel now has the ability to choose which stat to halve when it comes to his Divine Diving Passive. In addition, there is no longer a 5 post delay between its use on the same target, but the only limitation is being unable to halve the same stat before the 5 posts are up. Every single one of his spells(not including passives), are given an additional 50% boost in all areas. This includes area, speed, and damage.

    While this is all happening, Deniel is slowly losing his sanity and mind, completely shifting into almost an entire other being. During the last 5 posts of the duration of this ability, Deniel becomes frenzied and completely inhumane: he is unable to communicate with anyone or anything, and seeks only to destroy and purify. The only words he speaks are "Purify", "Silence", "Destroy", "Purge", "Annihilate", and words such as that. He does not just say them, but more so mutters them, but it is not even in his own voice. Other than that, he is completely silent. However, during these last 3 posts, Deniel is granted the ability use his Magic in a near-infinite amount. His Magic Power's regeneration is increased to 100% per post, and every spell he has is given a 1-post Cool down. This keeps him from being able to cast the same spell over and over again in the same post, as well as casting too much, but still gives him the ability have a god-like level of spell capabilities and usage. It is his last chance to do as much damage and destruction as he can before it times out, and he is unable to do anything else.

    "I, the Black Devil of Destruction,
    am the pure and utter end.
    I destroy the opposes.
    I kill the strong.
    I murder the weak.
    I shall rise and drown you all
    in the darkness of Oblivion!
    Omega Black Devil!"

    Omega: Omega activates Deniel's Spirit Merge form if he is not in it, but he must in his Black Devil Full Body Take Over in order to use it. He becomes the True Omega Black Devil, and the creature of ultimate destruction. Just like in the ability Alpha, Deniel is completely immune to pain, his demonic limbs snap and break themselves back into place, his muscles cannot become tired, but comes with the same disadvantages. He also gets the same 75% increase in all of his stats. However, what is different is that in this form Deniel takes on much more drastic measures to annihilate his opponents. Deniel's Take Over Durability Threshold is also 100% in this form; if he dies, then he dies as the True Black Devil. To signify the difference between his Spirit Merge, just like Alpha, Deniel's body is shadowed and glowing by a permanent aura of Unholy Energy, which can be made stronger for any length of time.

    Deniel's ability Devil's Wrath is permanently active while in this form, and is given a small boost. Every one of his attacks deal bonus A rank damage on top of everything else stacked together. Every one of his spells are given a 50% power boost in all areas, including damage, area, and speed. In other words, all of Deniel's spell in his Black Devil form are increased by half of a rank. Finally, the Cool Down of all of his Black Devil spells are cut in half. Just like in the Alpha ability, in the last 5 posts of his Form, Deniel becomes frenzied, and is unable to communicate. He only seeks to kill and destroy, regardless of identity. The words he mutters are much more violent than the ones of the Alpha White Angel. Words like "Destruction", "Chaos", "Crush", "Murder", "Despair", and "Kill". Just like with Alpha, in the last 3 posts that he becomes Feral, he still retains the 100% MP regeneration per post, along with all of his spells only having a single post cool Down.

    Usage: The Ability can only be used once per thread. Once it has been activated, it cannot be cancelled unless death occurs, or the 10 post duration times out. Deniel himself cannot de-activate it, nor can he switch Full Body Take Overs once he has activated it. If the duration times out without Deniel dying, then he will still be unable to fight any further. Although he is not unconscious, his body is unable to respond to any commands aside from communication, and he is unable to further activate any Full Body Take Overs.

    Ex Nihilo:
    Name: Ex Nihilo
    Wielder: Vox Nihili

    From nothing, came a thought. A theory of a mad god whom pondered for a moment what the end truly meant. Mortals lived and died with such fragile souls, even immortal gods had ways of being stripped of their powers and slain. With enough time and experiments, with enough determination any end could be accomplished. Nietzsche, a god worshiped by its followers as a deity of meaning and understanding. One whom spoke of finding the whys of the world and how it worked, pondered if one day everything which exists might one day come to an end. No souls, afterlives, memories or even a shred of them remaining. What would it be like? What was the end of creation like?

    Nietzsche’s journey to understand lead it to seek out the gospel’s of the heavens, the ancient records from the depths of hell, and the decaying memories of gods long lost. Its mind driven to insanity to test theories about the end, if any of the apocalyptic stories held shreds of undeniable truth beyond mere propaganda by gods to achieve their own agendas.

    What Nietzsche found however was not answers or knowledge, it found madness as it tried helplessly to peer into the void where nothing exists. And from its broken mind it gave birth to thoughts of the void that it believed would one day bring all of existence into an equilibrium. Where meaning was stripped away, everything met its opposite and was nullified. A world of true law and order, as all the horrors and joys of chaos no longer held meaning.

    Ex Nihilo, From nothing. Within the void of its mind where reason was consumed, the thoughts of the void were given birth onto the world. All of its desire for the ultimate truth was granted, but with it the god was stripped of any ability to achieve its hopes and dreams.

    These thoughts were fragile creations, whom only longed to bring about the end of everything but were far to weak to affect the world. Only kept in existence by the mad god’s constant thoughts and strength of its belief, while as numerous as the insane deities theories of them none of them were nearly as powerful as Nietzsche imagined. Requiring the belief and thoughts of others, to create memories of themselves to feed off of and gain a stronger foothold upon reality.

    Vox Nihili, as its newest name, was one such thought. Following along with many of its kin to create memories and thoughts of itself while masquerading as different beings. While at its core it remained the same, fueled by thoughts of the mad god and the ultimate end of creation. It attached itself to the thoughts and memories of others, wearing the different people it posed as and created as armor to keep it firmly within the world should Nietzsche ever perish.

    The ability to bring nothing into existence with but a thought, for the strength of one’s own determination to overrate creation. Within the realm of gods, it is not the ultimate truth which rules them. It is belief and their thoughts that enslave them, Vox Nihili uses the strength of its own existance to alter the world to its own benefit in the search of one eon ultimately bringing everything to an apocalyptic halt. Where meaning is stripped away from everything, and all that is left after the void meets creation is neutrality.

    Nihilo Resonare

    Echo of Nothing, it is the manifestation of the mad god’s shattered mind given form. Serving as the body of Vox Nihili and all of its creations, bending reality and twisting it in order to allow itself and its effects exist. They do not require sleep, have no need for rest or food. So long as their current forms possess enough power within to sustain their forms they can continue to exist without hindrance. Upon being destroyed however they disappear, vanishing as they gather enough power to appear once again.

    Effect: Enables the ability to exchange hp or mp to one or the other at a 1:1 percentage ratio. For example allowing 10%hp to become 10%mp and vice versa. This can only occur once every four posts.  

    Effect: Vox is able to shift their forms to anything they desire. A beautiful woman of the court, clad in royal attire and exotic jewelry to a cobbler with calloused hands and a graying beard. A young kitten or a ferocious dragon, their forms are fluid and without limit. For they are nothing more than a thought, granted existance. However while they are capable of turning into a formless cloud of smoke flying through the air, a soldier with jetpacks flying through the air, a vaguely resembling a mysterious figure or an armored knight with a halberd and royal steed they do not truly become those creations and all that they make are anchored to themselves. Not to the rest of the world.

    Any transformations they take cannot grant them reductions to damage and any weapons they create, natural or manufactured, are not as powerful as they would appear. They are all considered to be equal to weak equipment and pets. Any form they take always has the same speed that they would normally have, regardless of the method of movement. Such as swimming, flying, climbing, rolling and so on.

    Effect: Due to its form being as fluid as one’s thoughts, Vox lacks a need for actual organs or nourishment to exist beyond thoughts of itself in some fashion. It is capable of having all of itself act as all of a human’s sensory organs at once, for instance granting them a 360 degree field of vision around anything that is made from them or allowing their hand placed against a wall to act as an ear.

    Creatio Ex Nihilo

    Creation from nothing, it is what allows Vox to exist. They are constantly fed strength through thoughts and memories of them, filtering them down to acceptable levels and using it to keep their physical forms operating in the world.

    HP Regen:
    Effect: Vox’s HP regen every other post is 0.5x%, where x is Vox’s rank. Capping at 3% at H rank.

    Armor DR:
    Effect: Reduces all damage taken by a flat amount. Those that benefit from this reduction can no longer gain damage reduction from wearing armor, instead the damage reduction from worn armor is applied to the wearer’s damage.

    D: 3 reduction
    C: 6 reduction
    B: 9 reduction
    A: 18 reduction
    S: 21 reduction
    H: 27 reduction

    Alea Iacta Est
    The die has been cast, one words have been spoken they can’t be taken back. However when it comes to Vox and all that they have posed as before, even a thought regarding them cannot be returned. It is fed by thoughts and memories of itself, fueling its strength and anchoring to the world.

    Effect: Since thoughts of Vox are what fuel its continued existence, they are capable of being aware of all thoughts regarding them. A conversation about one of their facades they have made, thoughts about them or even a person reading a book mentioning them. All of these things are able to be overheard, however not all are. Otherwise petty conversations of no importance can drown out important moments. As such Vox is capable of organizing them akin to an email system. Making only certain conversations with keywords being brought to varying degrees of attention, those in the presence of certain people, or even save some for later listening. However the thoughts do not go to them immediately, an hour must pass before a thought can reach them. OOC permission needed for a PC’s thoughts to be heard.

    Never Forgotten:
    Effect: Any effect that attempts to destroy, seal, impede, or otherwise strip memories regarding itself  and anything it has experienced away are temporary at worst, returning after a few weeks in bits and pieces. At most lasting for several months..

    Effect: Connected to each thought and memory of itself, Vox is capable teleporting themselves to anywhere within 50x meters of something that is actively thinking of Vox or what they posed as in the past for 35% mp.  

    Sola Fide

    Through the power Vox’s own thoughts and determination it is capable of affecting anything it creates to a much greater degree.

    Effect: Vox has a max pool of charges equal to 3+2x with x equaling rank, up to 15 H rank. At the start of each thread they start with half their pool filled. The pool recharges at a rate of 1 every 4 posts, or one charge can be gained by sacrificing 5% mp. A charge can be used on any effect or spell that either Vox or one of its summons/spells uses, increasing a statistic of it by 25% for its duration. Such as a 25% boost in range, speed, damage, area, duration, or the stats of something made by the spell. (requip hp, wall health, summon speed, etc.) Alternatively the max pool can be reduced by locking charges in place in order to enable greater rewards for spells with the higher costing ones benefiting from the lower tier ones.

    More than one charge can be used at a time to affect the same stat or others, however a charge can only be applied upon the spell or ability being cast. A single stat can only be raised up to 75% through the usage of this ability, any further enhancements must be applied to a different stat.

    Summon Charges:

    The following charges remain locked in place and unable to be regained until the summon is destroyed or dismissed, and can begin to immediately resume their ticking back to full unless otherwise stated.

    By spending 2 charges, a mage extends a summon’s duration to destroyed or dismissed.

    Spending 4 charges causes the spell’s CD to start ticking once the summon reaches what would have been its normal duration limit.

    If the mage chooses to lock 6 charges from its pool, it is capable of granting a summon all of the effects of other charges while not counting the summon as taking up a summon slot. These charges can’t be unlocked until 10 posts after the summon is destroyed or dismissed.

    Requip Charges:
    At the cost of 2 charges a mage is capable of extending a requip’s duration to destroyed or dismissed.

    4 Charges allows the requip’s cd to begin ticking once it goes past its duration without being dismissed.

    Upon locking 6 charges the CDs of all the requip’s abilities are reduced by 2 posts.

    Take Over Charges:
    Spending two charges allows a mage to increase the duration of a partial take over by 2 posts.

    Four charges allows a full take over’s duration to be increased by 1 posts.

    While 6 charges enables a full take over’s duration to be raised by 3 posts.

    The Rat That Could:
    The Rat That Could

    Wielder: A Cute Rat

    The life of a rat is a hard one, and the lineage of this rat is quite the interesting one indeed! One of the rats in the past was a familiar to a witch, and as such was enchanted to permanently be magical. This magic is sometimes passed down the generations of the fast breeding rodents, resulting in some that seem to have unimaginable power! They are still able to do all the normal things a rat could do but have an added bonus to everything they can do as well!

    Sadly all rats of this lineage are lactose intolerant but have the strongest addiction to cheese.


    Plague and Pestilence: Rats of this lineage carry an untold amount of disease and plagues. They, however, are able to control them with perfect precision. This allows them to have two extra sig spells that involve poisons and plagues, as well as a 50% resistance to poison and plague based abilities.

    A Rat's Persistence: Rats of this lineage have an increased survivability and move faster than the standard rat! They have 25% more HP than the normal for the rank they are, have 5% base HP regen, and have a 25% increased speed. On top of that they can see in all types of light, and when blinded are able to move about as if they could see anyway.

    Self Defense! Rats are not able to hold weapons in their hands. However, they are able to deal 25% more damage with all of their physical attacks so that these magical animals can protect themselves. They also are able to ignore 25% of the damage resist of those equal or lower rank than them, and deal 50% more damage to shields of equal or lower ranks.

    Pets and Parasites... A rat can not have a pet larger than itself. Because of this they tend to just rely on themselves instead. As such, rats with this lineage cannot have a pet, but deal 50% more damage with all of their spells and abilities within magic and items.

    The Living Marionette:
    Name: The Living Marionette

    Wielder: Aoi

    Description: The origin of this lineage is something of a strange occurrence from which nobody could have seen coming. The holder of this lineage was born of a debilitating disease on birth, one that had given them a time clock on their own life span. This particular disease would slowly eat away at her muscular system until they were unable to do the simplest of things. The course of which would lead to a very slow, painful, and torturous death. No form of magic or aide in any way could cure this diseases decaying effects and its effects had begun to take affect at an early age.

    An old puppeteer whom used magic to control marionettes had come to learn of the condition from which the holder had been in. With it, they had brought the user into their shop under the notion that there was a chance there was a way to avoid death and many others factors, however they'd have to live with downfalls of it as well. The sense of feeling, inability to reproduce, and so on. Without caring for those side effects, the process of transferring ones life from a human body into that of a marionette doll had been very well researched before experimenting on real things. Starting small with animals and working their way up, the wielder if among the first of human beings to have undergone this transfer of life. In the process, the magic of the puppeteer had become mixed in with this new body, allowing the user the ability of magic, and a host of other abilities as well.

    Ability: Lack of touch: Due to the loss of her sense of touch and feeling, the wielders other senses are heightened to

    Immortal Porcelain: The user cannot die through means of time or simply being broken. If such condition occurs, the users body becomes "recrafted" to a form mirroring their current appearance. This does not mean they cannot be beaten, just another form of a reincarnation. In addition, the user cannot sustain permanent conditions such as blindness or becoming deaf.

    Dress for Success: The user is able to renew or change clothing on their body on a whim at any time or in any place.

    Ailment Retardant: Bodily ailments are 75% less resistant to the user as no blood runs in their body. Paralytics from electricity are 50% less resistant as the body has no nervous system to shut down. However, blinding effects, deafening noises, and the like are 150% more effective. This also increases the duration from which they last by another 1 post for anything of rank or lower, and 2 posts for anything 2 ranks higher or more.

    Mana Doll: The users body is very proficient in channeling spells for magic as it helps to run the users entire body, increasing the amount of MP they retain by 30%.

    Usage: All abilities are passive, any drawbacks are noted in the descriptions.

    Protector of Gaia:

    Name: Protector of Gaia
    Wielder: Gisen Ceostra
    Description: At one time, the land had been much more simplistic and basic as to current times. Back in those days, the numbers of farms and land used by said farms to raise crops and animals to help keep towns and even the growing communities around the cities to be fed and nourished. Some found oil and profited from its findings by selling itself to places that could use it for making money, while others continued to live their lives normally. With much less needed, these more basic farmers, without their knowledge of course, had been gifted with more bountiful farms, some even added with priceless treasures in turn with barters.

    Through time, less and less farms continued to remain in their places and some just up and abandoning them due to the lack of interest as the world progressed. The lands soon shifted from a growth to a slowing halt, except for few others. One of the few had been a moderate sized land outside of the early port of Cedar. Because of the nearby ocean even though the bitter salted air hadn't been good for it, the traditional and well treated lands had been protected by the earthly spirit. Even with magic, the owners only used that to further their farming tools and techniques, which benefitted the land by feeding into it. Through the generations of the families, the spirit of Gaia had spoken to those who descended from this family and blessed those with the power to protect the lands from becoming further developed and soiled land. With the proof of further testing by watching and recording results, the land itself created a being to whom would help create and cause more to flourish in lands that needed it. A speaker to the humans and the world of what nature represents and fight to defend it.

    Ability: Passives: •Prodigy: Multiplies speed and reflexes by 2 after all other boosts and buffs are applied.

    •Nature, the Neverending Closet: The descendant of this lineage has the ability to change their clothing and hairstyles at will like a normal requipper. The instance would mimic that very same action that a normal persons would include.

    •Bond with Nature: The user is bound by their incredible skill in crafting weapons with magic as well as nurturing animals. Magically created equipment cannot be destroyed by spells or other weapons. They can only end via their duration or via anything cancelling magic.

    •The Vessel: By using more and more power as a vessel of Gaia, the user succumbs to the very demonic energy their purpose in life had been to purify. As the users magic energy is depleted, their damage in spells, increases and their mind becomes less and less responsive to it's normal thoughts and actions. If the user reaches 0% mp, they become fully corrupted and black out.
    5% per 15% mp difference from max, capped at 25% damage increase.

    Actives: •Gaia's Wrath: The carrier of this lineage shares a kinship with the earth itself via the vessel of Gaia. Gaia shows his gratitude in gifting those who cherish his land with his greatest tool; Wrath. Wrath has the same properties as an earth elemented greateaxe, but is unable to be consumed by slayers as the spirit of Gaia is within this weapon. Passively, this axe deals the descendants rank in damage, and falls under a magically created weapon. It's duration starts at 4 posts, and gains two more (capping at S) each rank higher until it reaches the pinnacle of its power.
    C- 4
    B- 6
    A- 8
    S- 10

    Usage: •Stat boost, The Vessel, and Bond With Nature are passives.
    •Nature, the Neverending Closet can be used twice every post.
    •Gaia's Wrath enters a 6 post cooldown scaling in added cooldown per rank along with it, maxing at 12 posts for the cooldown at S and has a 2 time use per thread.

    英雄の全能、偉丈夫 [Hero of the Almighty, Ijōfu:

    英雄の全能、偉丈夫 [Hero of the Almighty, Ijōfu]

    Wielder: Hero Yamamoto
    Note: As of 10/2016, Hero can only regain HP via an active spell of his own, a buff spell of his own, or the end of a thread/job.
    Description: Ijōfu was the man who started it all with this passing of power every other generation. This person was born and raised as a simple human in an age long passed, when there were no laws for Wizards and guilds did not yet exist. The punchline? He was born during warring periods, where indiscriminate killing of both innocents and warriors were a commonality. The times called for a hero to break the endless suffering of human life and eventually this man was chosen from many to be given a unique Magic. Messages from the gods led him into battle countless times and he earned the title “Hero of the Almighty”, for serving the gods who roamed the planet endlessly through space and time. But his story did not end there, for his will passed on to every other generation after him, in order to constantly shift the tides of death and ultimately corruption itself. Every other generation, that man’s powerful will manifested within his kin but at a great cost. In order for a hero to be born, the hero’s parents had to be sacrificed and when it was time for the will to be passed on, the previous generation also had to be sacrificed. Because of this, there were periods of several centuries at a time when a hero was not needed which meant that the hero lived, unchanging, until it was time to pass on the torch.

    This power over time became a curse to the family, which eventually was known as “Yamamoto”, due to the price that had to be paid. There had been times, though rare, when one hero chose not to continue the bloodline; when a new hero for a generation was needed, that hero was forced into death because the power had a life of its own. However, at one point the family split away from its original path due to changing times, and the way in which the power passed on from every other generation deviated slightly. Rather than the previous hero dying immediately upon the emergence of a new one, the previous hero became the one to guide and pass on his or her knowledge on to the new generation until the point where said guiding was finished and they turned to dust. In the current age, times were not so dire that heroes needed to be made so immediately, therefore it altered itself. After several more centuries, time arrived to the centerpoint of a great change in the family itself. Fate deemed it necessary that the time for heroes was coming to an end. The last hero was going to arrive, and when his duty was done, he would be the chronicler watching over the new generations as they passed. Until one day, a hero was needed.


    Ageless Life: Once the will of the hero manifests within Yamamoto, time will stop for his physical form. This prevents him from permanent death, meaning that once his HP reaches zero, he will be reborn in the next thread that is started.

    Divine Intervention: Once per thread, Hero can attain vital/helpful information from an Earthbound God during a job; such Gods will appear as people or animals and will vanish after their advice is given. This information is given only as a hint for Hero to figure out on his own.


    Hero's Domain (Melee only): This is an extension of the Forbidden Palace passive. All of Hero's strikes (only punches) count as AoE and deal 25% more damage as melee (applies after all other buffs have been calculated).

    Forbidden Palace: As the embodiment of the gods’ hero, Yamamoto is equipped to combat insurmountable odds and numbers alone. Because of this, all area damage deals 100% of a spell's damage (or melee if he is not using spells), instead of the normal 75%. Within a 30-meter radius around him, AoE gets an additional damage bonus equal to [+10 damage as melee, regardless of user rank].

    It is Alright Now, For I Am Here: Due to Hero’s awakening and gradual changes in combat style and personality, he has become far more specialized, granting him a permanent 50% bonus to Strength and 25% bonus to Speed. Because of this, however, his HP regeneration is permanently locked.

    Indomitable: Yamamoto’s body is seasoned to near perfection due to constant close combat. That combined with the power of the hero’s will gives him a 25% increase to Endurance.

    Divine Permanence: This ability passively reduces the effectiveness of all debilitating type spells against Hero by 50%.

    Heroic Resolve: Hero’s resolve in the face of danger gives him a resilient Magic Pool. Hero is given +2% MP regeneration per post that persists through MP locking and allows him to regain MP through abilities even when his MP is locked or limited



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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Johann on February 6th 2019, 7:20 pm

    The Celestial Pharaoh:

    Wielder: Aiyana
    Description: The young woman known as Aiyana is the last living descendant of those known as “Pharaohs' on a world called Terra, where Egypt was still the leading faction well into the future. The Pharaoh was considered a god to his people, being genetically altered to be superhuman in all aspects, including magic. This allowed him to easily lead his people, and help them in the best way possible. Everything for this kingdom changed, however, as Aiyana's grandfather made a contract with another race of people from an unknown land. These people seemed to be immortal; a goal for every Pharaoh that succeeded the previous before them.

    The Pharaoh one day learned how the others managed to obtain their permanent lifespan, some kind of fountain of youth. After being denied even the basic of questions about it, the Pharaoh declared that the contract was over; as they had pried for information almost constantly and provided nothing in return. This proved to be a poor choice in the end, and the group sent forth spies with the sole purposed of assassinating the entire lineage of the man. The plan failed, partially, as a maid ran off with Aiyana as a babe; not even a year of age at the time. The low-status woman went through an experimental portal being created by the Egyptians that brought her to a land of much lower technological levels; Fiore.

    The desert was hot and dry, slowing the woman down as she attempted to keep the baby safe from the harsh land. Two women of the unknown race followed through, one easily killing the woman as the others fought over her about killing an innocent child. When realizing that the older of the group was going to follow through with orders she snatched the child, as well as the information that the woman had on her. and successfully ran away. She blended in with the people long enough to leave her at an orphanage that would someday adopt her off to a 'loving' family. Thus Aiyana, the one born into a family of genetically altered humans, would never learn of her of her past unless her adoptive parents would give her the information left with her at the orphanage.

    Plot Abilities

    Pharaoh’s Command: Those with a weaker will find themselves unable to disregard the orders given to them by the Celestial Pharaoh.

    Ancient Knowledge: The understanding of language is something many people strive for. For Aiyana this is not the case. All languages are seemingly translated in her mind as she looks at the words, or symbols, of any written language; or hears one spoken.
    -Understands any language without problems.

    Return to Home: A Celestial Body means the option of returning to the celestial realm. This can only be done out of combat, as the time inside of the celestial realm is different than that of the human worlds. Includes when HP reaches 0 in any topic.

    Combat Abilities

    FrostFire's Dominion: Spells involving Fire and Ice are treated as pure Frostfire when within user-rank burst range of Aiyana.

    Regal Transportation: When out of combat, Aiyana is able to teleport herself and any chosen allies/willing beings to a destination of her choice; so long as at least one person in the group has been there before. In combat, this allows a single teleport per turn that is equal her current rank in burst range.

    Body of the Gods: Aiyana's soul was somehow altered at birth, although not completely. The end result was a body that is, naturally, more resistant to the wear and tear of battle; no matter what body her soul inhabits. She takes 25% less damage from all sources, but only half as much against attacks from more powerful opponents.
    -Takes 25% less damage from physical and magic damage.

    Mind of a Spiritual Leader: Aiyana's mind is one of a leader meant for a people known for technology and magic. Thus, her magic is more powerful in comparison to those equal to her in rank, and she is able to finesse her way to more jewels.
    -25% increased Spell Damage of all ranks.
    -100% jewels received from jobs.

    Celestial Contracts: Due to her new body, that of the Nine-Tailed Fox Celestial Spirit, Aiyana is able to make contracts with other mages. As with any other celestial summon, the woman must make a full contract with them that includes all demands from both; and must adhere to them. The contracting mage must also follow all standard Celestial laws that would normally be in place. Due to being one of the more uncommon spirits, though she is of human mind and descent, she can only have contracts with three mages max at a time.
    -Can make contracts with up to 3 mages at a time. Mages can summon her using the key obtained in doing so to summon her for their jobs. Costs 10% mana to summon her.
    Upon being summoned to the job Aiyana posts for herself in the job, but does not count towards the post total of that job. She has access to all of her spells and items, but all costs are doubled and she naturally uses up 20% mana per turn to stay out.
    The player that summons her has no negative effects on the outcome of the job, and Aiyana receives experience if she successfully helps out in combat.(Must land at least a few hits in combat or defeat one enemy.)
    50% equal rank or lower, 20% for 10Y, and 10% for 100Y

    The God of Blood:
    Lineage Name: The God of Blood

    Name of Lineage Holder: Chaoris Orneis

    Description: A new god has been born. What had originally been a human with a mental disorder has ascended to godhood by sheer will and the worship of those with magic and faith. With Chaoris's ascension came a clearing of his mind; but also the knowledge that what had once been insanity was truth. His powers of blood manipulation are unrivaled, being the god of the element, and he demands the worship of those around him; through honorable battle, the shedding of blood, and the gathering of skulls as offerings!

    Blood of the Divine: Chaoris's blood is completely under his own control, meaning no one can manipulate it other than himself. There is also some strange element to his blood, one that causes intense pain to any that try to eat the blood; making it cause full damage to those that try. He also considers light as blood and blood as light for use of his magic and others around him.  He also has a 5% health regen every other post.

    Blood Tithe: As the God of Blood, Chaoris no longer uses mana to cast any of his spells. All MP costs are directly from his own health pool, and due to this his MP is added to his base HP. Anytime he loses HP from something, he gains a 1% buff to his speed and strength. (Gets hit for 40 hp, gains 1%. Uses a spell and loses HP for cost of it, gains 1%) This buff lasts until he takes no damage in a post, which causes the buff to dissipate.

    Blood for the Blood God: Chaoris, being a god for battle and shedding blood, has a 30% increased physical damage naturally. In battle, he is able to go into a blood rage that increases his strength by another 100% on top of it for 7 posts. It has a 8 post cool-down, after it wears out. Allies with him also find out quite quickly that his buffs are shared with allies; if he has 50% speed buff, allies have 25% speed buff. He is also able to be summoned by any guild member or ally into any topic by calling out his name. For jobs he participates in (at least one fight) he receives half of the exp. For 10 year and up jobs he receives 10% of the exp. He may also appear uncalled for by others when the word 'War' is mentioned in any way.

    Deaths Celestial:

    Name: Deaths Celestial
    Wielder: Sharp
    Description: Originally created as part of an experiment to help understand others on a near omnipotent level Sharp failed before she knew what was going on around her, though this failure for complete omnipotent understandings most likely saved her in the end. After her failure her emotions were sealed away so that she couldn’t bring harm to the one who had made her by falling into one of his many enemy’s hands. Sadly, she ended up falling into one of their hands. Eventually drained of energy to the point of death Sharp felt herself slip away into oblivion when the slumbering god Mortis awoke from ingesting the last bit of energy she possessed and too her essence to forge her anew in the fires of his ruined underworld. Deep in the trapped abyss that is his world he has bid Sharp to help further his resurrection through the gathering of others essence in a similar fashion to one of his more long standing followers. In this way Sharp is cursed once again to follow a god who adores death. Not all news it terrible for her body and magical abilities are strong, just she wishes for freedom.
    Combat abilities:

    • Essence: Originally made up of a powerful raw magic, despite all that has happened to Sharp this magic has remained within her, though with diminished effect. Sharp’s body, soul, and magic are still having traces of her original essence in them, which afford Sharp some protection. Sharp has a togglable 25% increase to both physical and magical damage. In addition, Sharp’s magic can function normally within the neutral grounds and areas like it.

    • Petal Fall: Originally Sharp lacked a way to express her emotions due to a magical limitation placed upon her. That restriction has long since faded away, however due to her recent bondage to her respective patron Sharp finds that she only manifests her emotions if they can also cause harm. To this regard Sharp typically manifests the emotions she feels as both her weapon and a small cry for help. Sharp can summon her emotions as a magical property within the area; This property appears like small petals of a cherry blossom. These petals are as strong and durable as Sharp’s rank. These petals can have the properties of her magic(s) applied to them. The petals color depends on Sharp’s mood at the time, typically the petals appear black by default, but they can easily switch depending on her mood. Note: Whenever other magic is applied to these petals they count as mixed, and thus can’t be consumed.

    • Celestial Form: As previously stated Sharp’s body is made up of raw magic, which affords her various benefits. Sharp doesn’t need to eat, sleep, drink, breathe or perform any other normal bodily functions. In addition, Sharp’s body is also able to recover far faster from injuries and expenditure. Sharp has a togglable 5% HP and MP recovery per post.

    • Bound in Death: While Sharp is bound to her patron her body has become adapted to ignoring restrictions that many would find limiting. Due to her inherent nature to help others rather than harm them she’s managed to extend some of her increases to others, though she worries one day this too will be turned into a weapon. Sharp can negate other effects on her by spending half the amount of MP that they spent in creating said effect. In addition, Sharp gains the full benefits of her own buff’s regardless of their rank, however she only receives half the normal amount of buffs from allies. Sharp can also Share her buffs with several allies equal to her rank, they must originally be within maximum burst range of her rank (500 for H) to have this affect them. Her sharing her buffs can’t take them over the maximum allowed in all cases (such as damage reduction etc.

      • D-Rank: 1
      • C-Rank: 2
      • B-Rank: 3
      • A-Rank: 4

      • S-Rank: 5
      • H-Rank: 6

    • Reapers Bounty: Sharp’s patron often finds ways to bless her with gifts. Always the “lucky” one Sharp finds that resources she needs tend to multiple around her, the most common of which being funding. Sharp receives 100% more jewels from any job she is apart of. In addition, Sharp can instead choose to only receive a 50% increase to jewels and instead have one other person with her also receive 50% more jewels.

    Plot Abilities:

    • Empathy: Sharp can feel the emotions of those around her perfectly, allowing her to have a connection with people that few can ever feel. However, this ability can be more of a liability than a help whenever she finds herself having to do battle, and it is part of the reason she despises having to kill as she can feel everything others feel emotionally.

    • Broken Key: As a celestial spirit Sharp could previously be summoned by others whom held her key, but now her key is broken. She doesn’t know how to fix it and with her key broke she feels apart of herself is missing.

    • Essence Gathering: Every time there is death around Sharp she absorbs part of their essence to send to Mortis. To aid her in this task he bestowed her with a small lantern that she seems to carry on her always. The essence is absorbed by the trinket and sent to him.

    Evolution Dominance:

    Evolution Dominance

    Description: A Homunculus created by a group of powerful mages, whose identities are kept secret, created a being that would be made to do their bidding. The creature that they brought forth, with the souls of those used for the process, was one that went by the name “Adapt.” Adapt had one goal, to become better than all those around them. This left their creation, whom they thought to be a mindless slave, to grow beyond what its creators wanted and to begin to think on its own. Adaptation means to change to beat one's surroundings, to evolve, to become the dominating factor that none could refute.

    Adaptation – Faster
    In a world where a single spell can make or break a fight, one must become fast enough to stay out of their path. To do this, Adapt subconsciously evolves to remain slightly faster than the fastest person around them; and be able to function at those speeds without issue. No matter who he is up against, or how fast they are, Adapt is always 10% faster than the fastest person around him for his natural speed. To retain this speed against any form of opponent, Adapt's body is immune to the effects of friction and has reflexes to be able to react to any amount of speed he hits due to this ability.
    Notes: 10% faster than fastest person around as his natural speed, immune to friction, reflexes strong enough to be able to react at any speed that he hits due to ability.

    Adaptation – Stronger
    In a place where people die, there is fighting. To win in a fight that involves the body, one must be stronger than their opponent. This results in an adaptation that allows him to hit harder with his weapons, resulting in physical attacks dealing more damage than normal while striking viciously and at areas that are more likely to injure his opponent. These hits pierce through armor, ignoring half of an opponents damage resistance. As a magical creature, physical attacks also allow him to drain the essence of his opponent, healing him for 25% of the damage he deals.
    Notes: Base melee damage increased by 10, physical attacks ignore half an opponents damage resist. 25% of damage dealt with physical attacks is restored to Adapt's HP.

    Adaptation – Harder to Kill
    Adapt's body has been toughened to survive the hardships around him, both in and out of combat. Extreme temperatures have no effect on his ability to function, and his body takes a quarter less damage than what would be assumed, while also healing as he goes. On top of this, their mind is resistant to the effects of others, and multiple souls which cause those that try to read his mind to simply hear white noise.
    Notes: 25% damage resist, immunity to extreme temperatures, 5% hp regen, 50% resistance to debuffs and crowd control effects. Anything that holds in place or stuns simply slows by 50% for the duration.


    Name: Omega
    Wielder: Erika Nightshade
    Description: Erika’s life is long and complicated, being filled with dangers ever since she was born. One of the last “true” dragons, at least in her mind, for the longest time she can finally back that up with physical proof. After the defeat of her mother and the god whom she worshipped Erika took on a part of said god within her, becoming the avatar for it, but also rewriting it’s purpose in the process. Erika has ascended to what she always wanted, a pure dragon, abet holier then she would have liked. Many of her previous powers remain the same, however the source is different leaving Erika a stronger and better person overall from her past of barely surviving due to the changing of her bodily structure by her father.

    combat abilities:

    Draconic Heritage: The first of her natural powers received from being, almost, wholly of the dragons is that Erika can warp the environment/herself in the same thread/area as her to fit her needs, only limited by her imagination, though she can’t directly affect other player characters without their permission. Anything created in this reality is considered “real”, and combat related creations are the same rank as Erika herself (both offensively and defensively). In addition, Erika can rend the reality between the boundaries of dimensions, allowing her to travel between different ones freely, and create portals at will. The portals have the same strength and durability as Erika’s rank if one can somehow hit them (and not just have their attacks go through them to the other side). Finally, Erika receives a signature roar spell, this spell is an S rank signature, that has the additional effect from this lineage ability that it ignores the targets magical and physical damage resistance that is originally Erika’s rank or lower. This ability is Biological and doesn’t function off magical power, meaning it can continue to work even at 0MP.

    • Name: Reality Dragons Roar
      Rank: S
      Type: Multi Hit
      Damage: 90HP
      Range: 300 meters
      Speed: 225 MPS
      Duration: -
      Downside: -
      Description: Erika unleashes a wave of energy from her mouth which can hit multiple targets once each along it’s path. The wave of energy from her mouth in a direct block in where she is facing up to 300 meters wide. Plot wise those hit by the waves have their body thrown into other dimensions, but this is a story style effect and can be completely ignored, unless one wants it to have that effect.

      • Fires in a wide cone that can be controlled, so long as it stays within the maximum range


      • Can hit allies

    Angelic Aura: Erika’s body and soul is infused with dubious holy energy, that despite appearing dark gives off a holy radiance. This aura provides Erika with both protection and offensive capability, as her radiance knows no bounds for its capability. Erika has a 25% increase to both her magical and physical damage resistance that can be toggled on or off at her whim. In addition, Erika can use her aura to empower her other abilities or attack directly. The aura manifests itself as a faint darklight around her body and up to (baseline H rank burst range) around her. This aura deals 50% of an H ranks baseline spell damage and uses up to (baseline H rank) for the speed.  Should Erika infuse her other abilities/spells with this aura then they gain the strength of this ability within them. Any ability, (including this one) allow Erika to bypass abilities which would cause an attack to phase through, or otherwise be negated by another ability (damage wise), though she must pay equal MP to the original cost of the ability/spell in question to do this.

    Angelic Body: Erika’s body has been reformed from the previous mixture to a being who surpasses natural law, or at least that’s what Erika says. While Erika did enjoy her previous mixed heritage, being of a pure breed now provides her with an even larger ego. To go along with her enhanced egotistical nature, Erika’s body can now keep up and has more vigor then it did previously. Erika has 30% more HP. In addition, Erika can sprout wings from her back and fly, and she no longer requires sustenance to stay alive (food, drink, breathing etc.).  

    Vessel of Purgatory: Erika’s body acts as a conduit for the purgatory the god she is tied to overviews. The connection to this realm allows her to recover in the physical realm by draining the energy from those already damned to spend eternity paying for crimes. Erika receives a 5% increase to both her HP and MP recovery every post. This can be toggled on and off at her whim.

    Phantoms: Erika can summon forth guardians that mimic her appearance and abilities to fight alongside her, though it’s a bit irresponsible since they typically guard those in purgatory. The phantoms Erika creates can use any ability/spell she has; however, all abilities will be the clone(s) rank in power, and they can only use up to their created rank in spells. Whenever a phantom uses an ability/spell that has a duration and cooldown, the duration and cooldown apply for all constructs and Erika, meaning it can’t be cast again until normal conditions are applicable. Whenever the clone(s) use any ability/spell that has a magic power cost attached to it, the cost is taken from Erika’s magic power. In all cases of abilities/spells being used the phantoms will count said clone(s) as the origin point for them. Once per post Erika can transfer herself into one of these Phantoms turning it into her real body. This destroys the Phantom in the process. Erika can only create up to the number of phantoms specified for each rank per battle. All phantoms are linked together with Erika in a hive mind, allowing her to control their actions, however should she wish, she can release control over them, and regain it at any time.

    • D-Rank: 12 Phantoms, 100HP

    • C-Rank: 10 Phantoms, 150HP

    • B-Rank: 8 Phantoms, 200HP

    • A-Rank: 6 Phantoms, 250HP

    • S/SS-Rank: 4 Phantoms, 300HP

    • H-Rank: 2 Phantoms, 350HP

    plot abilities:

    Gifted: Erika is naturally gifted in the art of language, though if it’s in the department of arrogance or intelligence remains is up for personal debate. Regardless Erika is supremely intelligent, but not unfathomable like she might wish for you to believe. Erika can speak nearly any known language, no matter how rare or common, though she must at least hear it once to speak it perfectly (either through another’s memories or her own ears). She can also understand any written language that no matter how rare or common. There is a limit to this however, as she can’t understand language that is more personal and adapted, meaning that character specific languages are beyond her ability to just “pick up” and perform, instead she’d have to try to learn them from said person, she also occasionally misunderstands slang. She can also learn written language with the same stipulations as previous, but instead of hearing the language she merely must see it.

    Flawless Form: Erika is naturally gifted to be able to shape shift into nearly any being. Mimicking their inwardly and outwardly appearance/aspects flawlessly, in addition Erika can copy the energy signature of any being that she copies, allowing for her to fake being them to a certain extent, though she can’t copy their magic, or their items effects, meaning it’s more of a personality-based power, rather a direct copy. Erika can copy and learn other memories if she has direct contact with their body, even though clothes and armor, so long as such apparel doesn’t block the ability to gain memories from them, if that is the case then she needs direct skin/body/whatever their body counts as contact with them, though to learn memories of player characters beyond what they are capable of combat wise, it requires permission.

    Eternal Vigilance: Whenever Erika would perish or go unconscious she instead returns to the land of the dead to recover and manifest once more into the real world.

    The Useless Child:
    The Useless Child
    Lineage Holder: Christine Shuer (Modesty)

    Description: Christine was the younger child of the two in her family. While the older one was given everything she could dream of, Christine found that they were left to their own devices. A feeble body left them with little to no friends in school, and a poor self-esteem due to how she was raised and treated left her with little to no social skils for which to deal with people.

    Upon their coming of age, the parents decided they had had enough and forced a lacrima upon them; a light elemental based demon slaying lacrima. The holy light infused object sapped what little power was inside of their body and turned it into the blessing spells they were provided with; so that they may protect others and do no harm on their own.

    The Spirit Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak
    Christine can never harm another directly, all direct attacks against enemies with bare hands, weapons, or spells will result in zero damage. In return, all spells are 50% more powerful.

    Divine Protection
    With a magic focused on healing, protecting, and helping others, Christine had little to no protection of their self. The lacrima that taught them their magic set loose a protective shield that can absorb two of their rank in damage before fading. The shield recovers four turns after it fades, but other shields will stop the pause the cooldown.

    The Light Will Shine
    Christine's magic can not be negated. Instead, negation magic deals 50% more damage to them and Anti-Magic fields and aura's will cause them to take 50% more duration while inside of them.

    A Soul's Wrath:

    A Soul's Wrath

    Wielder: Astrid Foss

    À Naître Ame, or better known as Unborn Souls. They are beings that never had the chance to be born from their original mothers for one reason or another. Once the body of a premature fetus dies it has a chance to become a À Naître Ame, wandering the surface of the land to find another womb to be born from so they can live their lives.
    Yet, something strange happened with our dear Astrid. Something strange and unheard of. Instead of looking for another womb in her own timeline, a woman draped in nothing but loose bandages broke a deal with the floating soul. She would allow the soul to travel back in time in order to exact her revenge upon her mother. But in exchange, the Ame would belong to her in mind, body, and soul. Unable to really even agree or disagree the woman forced the soul back, where it instinctually searched for another womb to be born from. Finding the womb of a Foss family member the Ame pushed out the unborn baby's soul and filled the body with her own, where it continued to rest until finally Astrid was born, unknowing of anything that had happened before then.

    An Ame's power depends which negative emotion was most dominant during their time of wandering. Astrid's was wrath, therefore she feeds off of her anger more than anything else.
    As well as that many more powers are now in her hands thanks to being awakened to who she truly is. This includes many soul-related powers in general.

    [Combat Abilities]


    Former Custom Lineages UtefbKA

    Nephthys. The guardian spirit of Astrid's soul. Due to the slayer unlocking the gateway from her soul to the outside world she can now summon her guardian to her side. Though instead of her normal dragon body, she now has form of a familiar face...
    In combat she uses soul magic, though due to the limitations of the outside world her attacks and physical body appear to be weaker than normal, only dealing as much damage as a grand summon can and has 300HP.
    Once summoned she can stay in this world up to 10 posts (unless her HP diminishes before then), and has a cooldown of 11 posts. She is able to stay out longer, but for each extra post she stays she is damaged for 10% of her health. If she stays out longer than 10 posts her cooldown is that of the duration she stayed out +1 post.

    Active Ability:
    Former Custom Lineages Blue_dragon_by_smirtouille-d34wuzt

    Nephthys covers her hand in a blue aura. She then points her finger like a gun towards a direction, and releases the blue energy in a dragon-like shape. At 225mps it rampages in a 300m area, flying through anything and everything in its path. Any enemies that get caught up will burn from the purification magic, dealing 75% S-rank damage per hit. This attack lasts for 1 post, and has a 8 post cooldown.

    Passive Ability:
    Once per post Nephthys can faze through objects and physical attacks.


    It was said as a child that Astrid has anger issues, though never confirmed. While she has all the attributes of the behavioral issue the doctors could never actually say if she had it or not, for her anger was nothing like they had ever seen before, knocking even the most stubborn child’s anger out of the water.
    What they didn’t know, however, is that it is not anger issues at all, but actually the anger she carries out hidden her in soul. The anger she gained from not being born and forced to wander the earth’s surface in search of a new womb to be born from. It sleeps within her, only leaking out when in danger or in extreme states of emotion turmoil and stress.
    If the anger ever overwhelms Astrid completely, she enters a monstrous, terrifying state. During this state she gains a 100% increase in strength and leaves behind any reasoning or sanity she has normally. If pushed far enough she will start rampaging, tearing up anything and everything in her path, may it be allies, enemies, or random structures, until she is either defeated or calmed. Can only happen once per thread, and after she comes out of this state she will pass out for 5 posts to regain her energy, only left with half of the the MP she had before she entered this state.
    This state can last up to 8 posts.

    [Eyes of Wrath]

    Red eyes. They can strike fear into even the most bravest of warriors with their piercing coloring. With this ability in use anyone who peers into Astrid’s eyes is paralyzed in place, unable to move any part of their body. Though it is less effective on mages of higher, instead causing their speed to be reduced by 50%.
    Lasts for 1 post, and has a cooldown of 3.
    While active this ability also tends to strike fear and intimidation into anyone near her presence.


    Astrid has a overflowing amount of magical energy within her. Because of this she gains a permanent 30% increase in MP.

    [Soul Eater]

    Soul eating. The main action of Ames. Every time a Ame consumes a soul it regains 5 MP per post for 10 posts, but at a cost. With every soul it consumes the body and mind of the Ame starts to deteriorate slowly, quickening as more and more souls are consumed.
    If MP is already at it's max it will instead restore 5 HP per post for 10 posts, and vice versa.

    [Story Abilities]


    Due to the combination of mythical power inside her Astrid can communicate with many lifeforms. From monsters to spirits and many more.

    Ames live for centuries upon centuries without ageing a year. Because of this Astrid has stopped ageing herself, and will look the way she does for many, many years.

    With OOC permission Astrid can sense the souls of playable characters or NPCs so long as they are not trying to hide their presence by magical means. She can also read souls, from personality to kinds of magic and even history so long as the character allows her.

    Tanuki Yōkai:
    Tanuki Yōkai

    Izayuki Hyoujin

    At first glance, the Eastern Raccoon Dog, or Tanuki, is just a simple animal. Neither raccoon, dog, or badger, it is a unique being in itself. Yet, the spirit of this creature goes deeper. Despite some only being average animals, there lurks a number of Bakedanuki, a type of Yōkai that is not to be underestimated by any means. They are cunning, clever, and powerful beings that are playful and jovial in nature, often delighting in making mischief or playing tricks on others. The Tanuki is a master of using magical deceptions, disguise, illusions, and transformations, topping even the abilities of the Kitsune, Neko, and other Yōkai. By nature, they are incredibly strong and fast, with a good amount of stamina and durability compared to humans or other mortal beings.

    Enter Rika, a Tanuki known with quite an infamous reputation in the Yōkai world. She was one of the keenest shapeshifters that her kind had ever known, and skilled in magic of many types. Even her presence itself could drain the awareness, power, and life of those around her were they proven to be a threat. She was by far the best example of a true Tanuki stereotype, being innocent, gullible, and absentminded, but still heeding to the inner wisdom that is open to all of her kind. Yet despite her status, one day, she simply disappeared, vanished, gone, as if her very existence had been spirited away in the matter of a heartbeat. Nobody knew where this Yōkai prodigy had retreated. Yet somehow, years after that, someone with the same blood flowing through her veins had survived and ventured out into the world in the same manner as her mother. Rika's daughter, Izayuki, would inherit the same essence, being by nature, a Tanuki Yōkai.

    With Rika's blood flowing through her veins, and the spirit of her mother never too far away, Izayuki has access to a number of unique abilities of a Bakedanuki, or Tanuki Yōkai. Most of these are simply for show, or for use in plots with OOC permission of other roleplayers, it all being a 'matter of style'.

    Matter of Style:

    Like any Youkai, Izayuki can transform into any shape she chooses.
    Perception Manipulation is common among Youkai, and Izayuki can use it to create illusions. These illusions can easily be broken with enough focus, and are incorporeal- they cannot hurt anybody or be used well in battle. Most Tanuki only rely on illusions for practical pranks.
    As a Bakedanuki, Izayuki can actively hide or disguise her magical presence and power completely at will.
    When exposed to excessive amounts of blood or when in atmospheres of heavy oppression and darkness, Izayuki's madness is pushed to the point of sending her into a Youkai 'berserk mode'. Her eyes become red and emotion, logic, morals, and reason are blocked out. She is then only controlled by raw instinct, and often is driven by bloodlust. She gains a 10% boost in all stats, but this only applies in PvE or when using this element in a plot. It cannot be used in PvP and it is rare for her to even enter this state.
    Izayuki is able to communicate with and understand other life forms, such as animals and sometimes plants.
    With OOC permission for PCs or with Weak(not Normal, Strong, or Boss) NPCs, Izayuki is able to temporarily possess them, gaining access to their mind and body. This is a tactic seldom used, however.
    Like most Bakedanuki, Izayuki can fly at will. However, she is no faster than she is on the ground, and is still subject to ranged magic, area of effects, strong winds, etc.
    When killed, Izayuki's body will disappear within the next hour, leaving nothing but her soul behind. From there, her soul could be absorbed or permanently destroyed, she could possess someone or something around, or she could regenerate or reincarnate in the next thread.

    Abilities & Usage:

    Canine Aspect
    Being a canine of ancient myths, Izayuki is stronger than any average canine or human. Dealing melee damage comes naturally to the yokai, as her base is increased by twenty. In exchange for this, however, she is unable to hold any extra resistance against magic.

    Youkai Aspect
    Being a Bakedanuki, Izayuki has 30% more health than the average human, making her last a little bit longer in battle than a mere mortal. The downside to this is that when her HP reaches 0, she does not simply go unconscious. She dies and is left only as a soul, trapping her spirit and power, and left vulnerable. In soul state, as mentioned as a Matter of Style, she can be permanently destroyed, possibly possess a weaker being, or regenerate or reincarnate in a different thread. Additionally, she receives 100% more Jewels from jobs she goes on.

    妖の終わり ♦ Ayakashi’s End
    As an Ayakashi, Izayuki’s body is made completely of incorporeal ‘aura’ that takes on a shadowy physicality. Upon being completely destroyed the shade that makes up her space scatters for a few seconds, shrouding her soul, before it travels away to reform and regenerate into a physical state once again. The once incorporeal matter shrouds the soul which acts as a vessel of consciousness for the Bakedanuki. The soul can be implanted into anything and uses the shadowy aura as its main physical vessel, which reconstructs itself as needed before being destroyed again, either by time or a defeat when her health devolves to nothing. When this occurs, it appears as though she has perished.

    黒血 ♦ Black Blood ♦ Kurochi
    From the dark, shadow-like aura that makes up her physical matter, Izayuki is left without a true and natural state of life force. Her blood is obsidian-hued black in color to reflect this, and has unique properties all on its own, such as constantly regenerating so she never dies from blood loss. The blood is pitch onyx in color but is no thicker or thinner than any other type of blood. Should one come into contact with the blood/aura, however, they are dealt user rank UA melee damage. Should she meet an untimely she has the choice of either using Ayakashi’s End or taking her true form- a beast made completely of the dark aura. In this state, she loses much of her reason and logic and reacts based on instinct only. In this state, she gains 35% more strength and speed, at the cost of her spells requiring 75% more mana to cast.

    百鬼夜行 ♦ Night Parade of 100 Demons ♦ Hyakki Yagyou
    With her mother once as a noble leader among Youkai, the same power that can attract and persuade other Ayakashi has been passed down to Izayuki. Using the power of the Night Parade of 100 Demons, Izayuki may summon up to 100 Mononoke of all different kinds once per post within a 300 meter radius. She may never have more than 100 Youkai ‘out’ at a time, however. This is a temporary contract, and once an Ayakashi has taken 3HP damage, they disappear. Each Ayakashi can deal melee damage that is equal to the Night Parade leader’s melee damage, as her power is channeled through them. Each individual, however, has a will of its own, and may choose to act for Izayuki, or against her, or follow its own instincts. They cannot benefit from her defenses.

    Windswept General:
    Lineage: Windswept General
    Wielder: Natalia Wolf
    Description: The Wolf family known for their great magic power and ability to fine control the element of wind while simultaneously manipulating additional elements along with said wind. Their renowned magic skills are known throughout Seven but there is a deeper history here. Long ago when Seven was still a fledgling country there was a great elven general, many thought her to be related to who is now the Queen of Seven but the truth is lost on the bloodline. Unlike her supposed relative this general had a much too short lifespan more similar to that of a human, despite this they were still known as a noble.

    Years have passed and the generations have been diluted by the bloodline of men who hail from the cold winds of Iceberg, their original name lost to history that only the queen now knows. Among this family the woman inherit the strong wind based magics that their ancestor held while housing massive magic pools to draw from, but a much more subtle trait has also been passed on. The old generals tactical expertise has been passed on to her descendants like wildfire. Not much is known as to if the males born from the family share the same strengths as the woman, but the woman for sure have power well beyond standard capabilities.


    Voice on the wind: The user of this lineage may speak with anyone where the wind blows as if their words are carried on the wind itself, this however can be overheard by others in the area as well thus it is considered a double edge sword if one is not careful about what they say.

    Eye in the Sky: The user can close one of their eyes to project that eye’s sight into the sky itself allowing them to see a wide area from a bird's eye view while being able to move this vision around at will. Being blinded forces this ability to activate using both eyes. The location vision is moved to must be within 100 meters of Natalia, she can see anything within that locations sight range from there.

    Rally: The user’s presence no matter how small she may seem generates an aura that inspires and encourages their allies. They are aware of everything that is happening to anyone considered an ally on the battlefield. All allies receive a boost to morale and will receive a 25% bonus to magic power while Natalia is within 100 meters of their location.

    Tactical Advantage: The user may activate an ability that forces winds to shut off access and clear access to portions of the land essentially molding the battlefield to their advantage. These winds are usually mixed with substances such as snow, sand, or ash to make passage difficult for anyone the general does not want passing. This effect greatly affects the battlefield in multiple ways such as walls or mounds creating difficult terrain for enemies and safe passage for allies making the battlefield alive within a 100 meter radius for 8 posts. This ability may never completely seal off enemy movement.

    Tactical Strike: The user designates a location within the range of their longest ranged offensive spell, for 4 posts the user may then cast any offensive travel time spell for an additional 5% MP in order to hit this location effectively extending the range of any spell cast this way. If the spell does damage at this location it causes a mild burst of magical energy dealing an additional D rank damage in a 5 foot radius. Spells that can return to the user or have a set duration are destroyed upon detonation.

    The Awakened Prince:
    The Awakened Prince
    Weilder: Brad Clad

    Description: Brad comes from a lineage of kings, a royal family that goes further back in history than most care to trace. On the western continent, a place that seems to never get brought up, stands the Kingdom of Caelum. A kingdom of people that have found a perfect mix of technology and magic, similar to the country of Bosco. Magic and machine were mixed together, and in underground labs criminals even learned to take living beings and make them magical laced thralls. This is what began the downward spiral of the royal family, an insurgency led by a man that believed in absolute freedom to experiment where the king firmly drew a line; human experimentation. While the king was slain, and the rest of the royal court, Noctis was teleported out and left with but the weapons inside the King's Armory as well as the powers passed down to him at birth.


    King's Tribute: Brad's royal lineage, and a stroke of luck, finds him earning more jewels from jobs and missions. Or he is given tributes in the form of items, or finds something of use/high value. Whatever it may be, it seems to be something that has gone down the family line.
    King's Tribute Full Info:
    Ability: The user is given 3 passive abilities and 2 active abilities, though they can only ever choose one ability from the passive and active parts of this lineage. Whenever going on a job, the user must always pick from one of the following abilities:
    * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    * Find a custom weapon, item, or armor (rank depends on the difficulty of the job; you get to choose the type of item)
    * Increase the jewel reward of you and ONE other participant of the job by 50%
    The user's active ability are the following:
    * The user is able to sacrifice their EXP gained from jobs for additional jewels
    * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.
    Usage: Lineage has three passive abilities and two active abilities; you MUST pick one of the passive abilities at the start of any job. The second active ability of this lineage can only be used once per thread, with a duration of 4 posts; again, you can only pick pick one of the two active abilities.

    Whenever the second passive ability of this lineage is used, the rank of the weapon/item/armor is found at the following job ranks:
    * D-Rank: Nothing
    * C-Rank: Strong
    * B-Rank: Strong+
    * A-Rank: Strong+
    * S-Rank: Legendary
    * SS-Rank: Legendary+
    * 10Y: Legendary+
    * 100Y: Artifact

    Whenever the first active ability of this lineage is used, the jewels gained for the amount of exp sacrificed is as the following:
    * 25 EXP: 1,000 (D-Rank)
    * 50 EXP: 2,500 (C-Rank)
    * 250 EXP: 7,500 (B-Rank)
    * 1,250 EXP: 17,000 (A-Rank)
    * 6,250 EXP: 30,000 (S-Rank)
    * 18,750 EXP: 45,000 (SS-Rank)
    * 56,250 EXP: 70,000 (10Y-Rank)
    * 168,750 EXP: 100,000 (100Y-Rank)

    Prince of Knights: Having been trained to fight with all types of weapons, Brad is able to hit harder, move faster, and knows when and where to be in a fight and get there in time. This allows him multiple things when in combat. He was also granted a royal sword that is able to be brought from the holder space, by him alone, to use during a fight.
    Prince of Knights full details:
    The user can activate the summon and use the sword for 6 posts, with a 100% increase in speed, and has a cooldown of 6 posts between uses. The sword gives boosts to the user’s melee attacks as if it were an artifact weapon. If the user wishes, he can use the sword to cut spells apart rendering them useless (up to user-rank). However, if he/she does cut a spell apart the duration of the spell will be lowered by 2 posts and if this exceeds the current duration time then the sword will disperse. Can only be used 2 times per thread.
    +5 flat increase to unarmed damage
    +25% to strength and speed.

    Master of Requip: Having trained in the requip magical arts since a young age, Brad has one of each type of requip specifically made for him to constantly use. Both of these are a signature spell requip, granting him an extra signature spell for each. One must be a weapon, and the other an armor. Weapons and Armors that he uses also have 25% more durability and and deal/disperse 2 more damage than what they usually do.
    Master of Requip Full Details:
    2 signature spells, 1 each for Requip Armor and Requip Weapon.
    25% more durability on requip items.
    +2 damage dispersion on requip armors, and +2 damage to damage on requip weapons.


    Former Custom Lineages Johannsiggies

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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Johann on February 6th 2019, 7:33 pm

    Name: Inugami
    Wielder: Jiyu Kazehime
    Description: There is a lot Jiyu does not know about her own existence and worse yet is unaware of most of her own ignorance. Everything about her bloodline is actually shrouded in mystery to the Inu Youkai, since she never had anyone to teach her about the demon half of her blood. The essence of life, called blood? Is exactly where the whole story that lead’s up to Jiyu starts.

    Once, when demons, devils, dragons and other fantastic great feared beast’s were the main populations of earthland, the world was at their feet. If you compared today’s ace predators to those ancient being’s? They would become prey for the monster’s those animals were! However as the rise of human’s began, the number of these mythical beings started to thin, from both being hunted by humans and breeding with them to produce impure offspring. Eventually it reached a point where the successful creatures were no more than a few strong yet isolated remaining populations and the blood that was left within special member’s of the human population. Thus slowly most humans began to forget about those powerful beasts in every facet expect their nightmares! No longer considered them to be dangerous or sometimes even real. For the longest time, that was the fate of inhuman creatures, of the blood Jiyu would one day carry, just to simply be forgotten as nothing more than a child’s nightmares.

    Parent passes on certain genes to their children, and certain ones are more dominant than others. Demon blood and thus it’s carried traits? Always proves stronger than mere human blood. Eventually instances of two humans who carried dormant or extremely diluted demon blood, having children, started to occur. The children born from these unions were often considered unholy, cursed or blessed individuals, due to abilities given to them by their unknown demon blood, as physical demon traits don’t manifest until at least 1/4th demon blood is achieved in a person. For various reasons, people started to get the idea of breeding these special children together when they became old enough. However that could never go well, the offspring produced had enough demon blood to manifest demonic traits like horns, tails, elfin ears, animal ears, spines or such! Upon this coming to light, there became a short witch hunt for these special individuals, the fear possessed before returning full force. In populations who had no solid understanding of biological and genetics, besides for their own guessing? The children’s abilities and features were not from breeding, but rather possession by youkai.

    Now let’s get to the family that would eventually birth Jiyu, they started in this period. However until other’s, the family breeding them was rich and able to hide their new demonic offspring. Eventually a mage within that bloodline noticed the traits their family member’s were manifesting most times, coincided with canid demons. Upon this realization and a little bit of guess work experiments, the family made a decision, to try and make their blood line a powerful demon one by enforcing a strict set of rules. These rules were crude and also encouraged inbreeding, honor killings and other undesirable things, but eventually they started getting what they wanted

    The Kazehime Family became one that possessed many purebred Inu Youkai.
    Years later, once there were almost no impure demons in their blood line, a particularly strong set of siblings were born within the family. Their names were Akane and Hajime, a brother and sister, a blessing in the family's eyes! Both sibling’s possessed dentition matching, having the full 42 teeth a canine could have, and in the same pattern wolves or dogs should have them. They walked on their toe’s like dog’s, the siblings communicated with scent, vocals and visuals better than anyone else in the family, both lithe bodies with bushy tails and very sharp elfin ears. Akane and Hajime were the truest dog demon’s the family had ever produced, their demon blood was the most potent ever seen in the Kazehime’s! Leading to them also being the most powerful within the family by the time they came of age to have children. However the family hit a hitch in getting stronger when Akane ran away because she didn’t want to have a child with her brother.

    That young teenage runaway? Would eventually end up in Peace Village were she was taken in and cared for, grew the rest of the way into a young woman. Akane fell in love with one of the village men, Ambrose, and with the feeling returned they entered into a relationship that resulted in pregnancy. Jiyu was born from this, and oddly she showed no signs of being a demon at birth! It wasn’t until she started growing, displayed keen senses and canine like instincts alongside sharing red-green colorblindness with her mother, her parents noticed she was at least half demon, their little girl was simply dormant for some reason. The little girl lived her life, never knowing she was a half demoness, until the age of seventeen when she consumed blood from a living being for the first time. Upon that consumption her demon blood woke up, transforming her into her half demon state, bringing up additional demonic abilities she had been unable to use priorly and changing some of the things she could already do.

    But what happened shortly before she awoken her demon blood is also very important, because the events that transpired resulted in her being no normal inu demon when awoken, but an inugami. There is an old legend that says if you bury a dog up to it’s neck, unable to move anything but it’s head, place food and water just outside of reach, and then kill it by cutting off it’s head, you can than eventually place both head and body in a well prepared shrine to evoke an Inugami. Jiyu’s experience was not quite as brutal, however she spent two years held in captivity, in conditions that very closely simulated this. For two year’s she was blindfolded and tied up so she couldn’t escape, abused in multiple ways and by the time she was found by a guild-mate, she had nearly succumbed to hunger and thirst. The weird thing during and after this experience? Kazehime never seemed to be upset about it, the revenge most people seem to want after being wronged so, the uneasiness, terror, all she presented trauma wise was new fear’s focused on related items and entities! Yet, she held all of the rage, actually Jiyu held more than she have been holding, instead of being thrown about recklessly, it was carefully tucked away to one of the four different face’s an inugami can possess, considering their status as kami. The girl herself is unaware of it’s existence and her status as an Inugami, but both are there, part of her, waiting to be truly realized and unleashed.

    Non-Combat Abilities

    ❤ Inugami’s Realm;; Made in the image of an inugami, Jiyu has access to a realm that lays shortly outside of the normal one, a place only she can access. This location? Is a home created by her power as an Inugami, most often taking the shape of a cabin deep inside a forest with a stream flowing beside it, surrounded by clear skies. Also called, Solace, this is Jiyu’s safe place, no one who she does not invite formally can enter and if she becomes frightened or feels threatened by someone for any reason they are ejected and not allowed back in until it’s resolved. She is skittish and prone to warping into this world against her own will when startled. Normally exiting this world is done in the exact same location she entered it in despite being able to exit any place she had priorly visited, as it’s less strenuous to just exit where she entered. This deactivates once in combat to keep the location safe, but if Jiyu is killed in combat her soul will retreat here and take the time it needs to restore instead of going to the sacred altar.

    ❤ Youkai, Demons and even Gods are known for carrying multiple faces, often changing their appearances via shapeshifting, thus Jiyu can alter her appearance, scent and voice in any way she wishes.

    ❤ Inugami are also known for possession, Jiyu can possess non player character’s to make a story interesting, and player character’s with OOC permission for a priorly agreed to plot. However in all cases this requires her soul to leave her body and thus makes her easier to kill as well.

    ❤ Inugami are known for making contracts with people, Jiyu is capable of this just as others of her species are. This ability can be used freely on non-player characters for story reasons, however in order to be used on a player character there must be OOC permission as the deal’s can result in Jiyu taking their soul from them or her body being taken if she refuses to punish those who broke the deal. As a powerful inugami Jiyu can also break contract’s others have made freely on non player character’s and with OOC permission when involving played characters.

    ❤ Since Inugami are considered Kami they have four different souls, thus Jiyu has four faces of sorts, the normal one, one that shows by blue markings appearing on her face, the next shows via lavender marks and the last shows via red marks. In her regular state the markings are black.

    ❤ Inugami Curse;; Since these creatures have an excess of bad energy, vengeful aura, leaking freely from them most of the time? Not using their magic often enough, can result in things like light’s breaking, mug’s exploding, sidewalks cracking and other bad things happening around them. This may occasionally be used to give Jiyu a lucky break like someone pursuing her tripping over a tree root, but it’s mostly just a thing that be used to make social’s more interesting by turning off the lights.

    Combat Abilities:

    ❤ Canine Senses ;; As an inu youkai, Jiyu shares her sensory abilities with canids like dogs and wolves. Due to this? She has a very superior sense of smell, can hear thing’s very acutely, is excellent at detecting any movement in her field of vision, see things pretty much just fine at night, has a slightly larger basic field of vision and the other advantages canines have over humans. However it is not all fun and games, besides for her senses risking overload from numerous sources? Jiyu shares a dog’s disadvantages as well, to start things off she is Red-Green colorblind this is accompanied by a narrowed binocular vision field and a lesser ability to see at great lengths. Kazehime also possesses less taste buds than humans severely impacting the different flavors she can perceive. The only ability to not really be affected is touch, although her tail is sensitive and touching the place where it meets her spine can sometimes entirely subdue her.

    ❤ Sixth Sense;; Canine’s possess a sixth sense, the ability to detect magnetic fields emitted by the earth and to a certain degree other living beings. There are those who would consider this a useless sixth sense, but this ability allowed Jiyu to have an impeccable sense of direction and location, preventing any spells that would attempt to impede on her ability to move, or confuse her, alongside letting her track people with electricity in the same way another mage would use magic. However this is not without it’s drawbacks, normal stuns still work and any exposure to electrical magic at or beneath her rank, will cause this to go haywire, making her behavior drunken like and disoriented. If no fields are present for any reason Jiyu can still move, however this movement is very sloppy, disoriented and speed buffs can not be applied to her within areas that lack an electrical field. Lastly on a more domestic level, her sensitivity and reliance on the earth's field also causes her behavior to change drastically when storms are approaching her general area, or if anything affects the electrical fields around her to a significant extent.

    ❤ Inhuman Body;; Despite being exceptionally weak in body and being able to sustain damage from even something simple as a small fall? This does not negate the fact she is not anywhere near human and her body is that of a demon. Whether it’s due to a demon’s accelerated healing or something to do with her youkai’s aura? She takes 25% less damage from attacks.

    ❤ Inugami’s Birth;; Due to the way Jiyu became an inugami not following the normal ceremony exactly to the letter, the weakness in body she had accumulated over her two year imprisonment did not vanish when she transformed. As such? She had no melee damage and no weapon damage, regardless of whatever is done, she shall never have these things even if she hits a vital spot on someone. However her magic was affected by this change in her life state, resulting in her having 50% more magic damage.

    ❤ Vengeance Spirit;; Normally inugami are violent creatures who are born of their own rage. Jiyu is no different, despite not actually being killed to become one, she has the same wrath any other spirit of her kind possesses. Kazehime’s rage will unleash itself whenever combat begins dealing her rank in damage to everyone within 50 meters of her, and afterwards will visibly frighten people

    The Morrigan Child:

    The Morrigan Child

    Description: Deep deep in the woods of a time long forgotten, there lived 3 goddesses. Each represented their own power. One was of Life, Harmony, Fertility and the Present. Another was Battle, War, Outcome, Hearth and the Past. And the last, was Death, Darkness, Chaos, Victory and the Future. The three were sisters were tied, like a strong bond was between them. A curse? A blessing? No one knew. Eventually the three became one, the Morrigan. The fused power brought the Morrigan unspeakable potential. She was the Phantom Queen, Goddess of Crows, Decider of Fate, Ruler of Magic, Mistress of Time, Shapeshifting Deity. Like a Valkryie in battle, she swoops up spirits to fight before laying to rest peacefully.

    The Morrigan fell in love with a Pooka, an Irish trickster fairy and they had a child, Haley Halcyon Musea. While some Pooka power went into the child, the Morrigan’s kin had obtained much of her power and looks. Crows and kin became the servant of the child, fate was shown to the girl, she could see into the depths of time, the Morrigan’s powers had been blessed into her child. The full potential of its power, has yet to be unlocked, for the girl has much to learn.

    Ability 1: Magic the Gathering
    Haley is the child of the Queen of Magic, and hence whenever she regains mana, she will have a brief moment of 3 posts where she gains enhanced senses, move 5% faster, jump up to 4 meters in the air and forward, and react faster than normal. This goes into a cooldown of 5 posts after activating.

    Ability 2: Doppelganger
    Haley will teleport 15 meters away (add another 15 for every rank up up to S) and turn invisible on the first attack that “lands” and instead a doppelganger will instantly take her place. There is no way of spotting the time gap between teleportation and the appearance of the doppelganger and teleportation will always bring Haley out of the enemy’s land of sight. Its instantaneous. Doppelganger will have one quarter of Haley’s hit points and behaves similarly to Haley. Doppelganger only disappears once killed or when Haley makes it disappear. Note that Doppelganger and Haley can both attack you at once. Once Doppelganger is killed, this ability goes on a 4 post cooldown. Out of combat however, and the doppelganger can be summoned willingly. Clone does user rank physical damage, and does not cast spells as it does not have mana.

    Ability 3: Feather Dance.
    Each time Haley does a physical attack, she leaves a crow feather on her spot when the attack lands. If she hits someone in the air then it simply just floats there. These crow feathers do not appear visible to anyone other than Haley and they remain ghost like. But when Haley starts a magical attack, the feathers became visible and physical. They will fly towards the target of said magical attack. If the attacks misses, the feathers disappear. If it lands, they deal physical D rank damage. Max number of feathers is 5.

    Ability 4: Hood
    All of Haley’s attacks, whether physical or magic, drain Mana from the enemy hit when under shade or shadow. The amount of Mana taken is 10% of whatever her damage is. So if her damage is 10 for physical and 20 for magical, she steals 1 Mana and 2 Mana respectively.

    Other Abilities

    Shapeshifting: Haley can transform into various forms, whether human or non-human without fail. Her favorite forms are crows, horses, goats and fairy. Only non combat use since she needs to have a window to concentrate and shift.

    Corvus Tongue: Haley can speak to crows and any of the Corvus species as well as understand.

    Soul Touch: Haia just needs to touch you to allow Haley to sense you. This sense allows her find you if you happen to be in a 50m radius. Of course she can't see you through walls or things that obstruct vision. It works sort of like a dowsing machine where she can sense your presence, not really see you.

    Shadow Sneak: Haia can slide along shadows like a person who on ice.

    Hippo Tongue: Hippo is not as in that pink skinned water mammal. Hippo means Horse. She can speak to horse, and oddly hippos...

    Goat Tongue: Obvious enough

    Median: She can see the dead and speak to them too, as well as send them off. This does not affect players at all. Just general npc dead people.

    Runic: Imagine if magic are computers, and that you can hack into this computer by unlocking it. Imagine if ancient curses can be dispelled just by solving this code lock. That is what Haley can do. It is not useful in combat situations since, its impossible to crack codes that quickly enough and magic code locks are really really complicated, like computer coding. To put it simply, Haley can access these locks and try to solve them. Solving them allows her to unlock the user's true potential, remove curses placed on them, bring down barriers safely etc. This is mainly used for plot only or for jobs where you need to solve magic puzzles.

    Ancient Archives: Haley can access a place called the Ancient Archives, though Haley prefers to call it home. It is basically a library, laboratory, observatory, zoo and many many more all in one. It will appear as a leather suitcase that is rather beaten up and only can be summoned by Haley. Though depending on Haley’s rank, certain sections of the Archives are off limits.
    D Rank: Access to the Non-Restricted Section of the Library, Laboratory(Basic), Living Quarters, Kitchen, Fun House
    C Rank: Observatory, Storeroom, Laboratory (Adept)
    B rank: Zoo, Access to Restricted Section of the Library, Laboratory (Advanced)
    A Rank: Access to all parts of the Library, Laboratory (Master)
    S Rank: Ancient Archives fully explorable.

    Probability: Haley can easily win luck based events, cause she can see it happen. Can’t say she always wins, Fate is not always on her side.

    Fate Lines: Think of them as pathways. Haley can choose to follow these pathways or ignore them. These pathways help lead Haley to people of interests or people Haley intends to find. However they do not always appear to here as they only appear when Haley has the possibility of changing someone or her own life forever. Like Runic, mainly for plot or jobs that are plot heavy for Haley.

    Requiem's Soul:

    Requiem’s Soul

    Advent is strange even amongst the casters of Requiem magic, to the extent that he can touch the veil between life and death weakening it allowing him to not only bring people from beyond the veil but also use their voices to manipulate scenarios that would benefit himself or those he sees as allies, using the air itself as a conduit for them to travel on. In doing this he has found that he does not need to use his own voice to do his spells, as he uses their voices to ease the pressure off himself making entwining easier but this comes at a cost to his sanity.

    Life's Grace:

    First Requiem: Life's Grace

    This first requiem is the small purple runes that run on the outside of his left foot, when this requiem is active it begins a paling white but due to the requiem itself being purple it almost looks lavender. To activate this requiem Advent moves his foot back a little creating an arch he moves to his knee almost as if a noble, his left hand going over his chest as he lowers his head. For a moment everything seems almost silent until beneath him what seems to be a glowing white seal appears, it is at this point he moves his hands into a closed lotus position, his body takes on an almost opalescence ethereal appearance. Unlike normal these voices seem to be full of hope and joy, soon his hand movements slowly open revealing a small pale green lotus within with it petals fully open. So longs the lotus is open and remains green it will heal whom Advent sees as an ally for 50% of his rank for the first turn and then 25% within thirty meters for the next four turns, it is at this point he should stop the requiem as the longer the lotus is open the darker it will become as it takes it’s toll on Advent’s energy, if for any reason the lotus turns black the reverse will happen and it will start taking health from anyone or anything in the vicinity. The reverse function of this requiem lasts for five turns acting as the healing counterpart does, he may only use this requiem three per thread due to the strain it places on Advent.

    Nature’s Shelter:

    Second Requiem: Nature’s Shelter

    This second requiem is the small purple set of runes on the outside of his right foot, when this requiem is active it begins to glow a leaf green, due to the purple color of the runes it makes the glow seem like it has an almost murky green colour. To activate this this requiem Advent curls his toes to the ground seemingly as if they were trying to dig their way in like roots and crouches down, a green glowing seal appears below him, slowly he starts to stand, it is at this point that music is now heard but unlike normal this music doesn’t seem to be like the first requiem, nor is it the voice of death. The music comes from nature itself and sounds joyful as if a celebration is happening. When he gets to a full standing position his arms start fluttering around almost as if they’re of a willow tree his fingers almost fluidly following the motions. Almost as if he hadn’t notices a willow tree of golden light had started growing behind him, the branches and leaves making a shield that can go up to the maximum meters of advent’s rank if he wished it to and take up to three hits of the same rank damage before being destroyed. Advent realises that every now and then all it takes is a little more time to prevent a darkness spreading so at cost of double damage to himself for two turns may be able to keep the shield up for a fourth hit but it would only be able to prevent 25% of the damage hitting. This requiem can be used twice per thread due to the strain it places on Advent.

    Rebirths Poisoned Flames:

    Third Requiem: Rebirths Poisoned Flames

    This third requiem is the set of purple runes that are seen vertically on his top, what many do not realise is that the these runes are actually on his chest but are seen through the strange fabric his clothing that makes them seem to almost glow with a natural purple hue. When active this set of runes begins to glow it gives off a red glow but because of the natural glow, the rune itself and the active glow it almost comes off as a sanguine color. Standing in almost a straight poised position Advent’s normal care free demeanour seems to change and what is left is a extremely lucid, serious version of himself with a somewhat smug look on his face and cold unfeeling eyes. Around his feet a blue glowing seal appears that ignites a few seconds after it appears into blue flames two meters around Advent and that are six inches high, if caught in the flames they will do one rank of damage at advent’s current rank, with an additional half his current rank of fire damage for two turns to whom he see as an enemy within it’s range. He can manipulate these flames up to the max range to his rank. In this state Advent’s voice and movements are more serious, rigid and straight to the point, unlike many of the other requiem Advent possesses while the flames are up he can manipulate their height up to seven foot, heat will easily be felt and colour may change, he will also be able to move freely within the seal without penalty even if he starts a new requiem. The seal lasts four turns before it will disappear, when it does Advent’s normal demeanour returns remembering what he has done while he was his other self. Shaking he finds himself paralysed by fear for three turns while taking x1.5 damage per hit during this time while also feeling disorientated for a further two.

    Death’s Eclipse:

    Fourth Requiem: Death’s Eclipse

    The fourth requiem are the long strand of purple runes found starting at his wrist and ending close to his shoulder that even inactive give off a light purple glow, when touched they give of a somewhat eeire noise and the glow turns black. When active the glow will remain purple however the runes themselves turn a black colour. Advent’s demeanour is much like the ‘Rebirth’s Poison Flame’ requiem but he seems to become somewhat more hostile to whom or what he sees as his enemy or a threat to himself or what he holds dear and he will not stop until he is taken down or the thing in question dealt with. While in this frame of mind there is no way to talk him down as he has fixated on one single task and will see it through. To activate this requiem Advent must be pushed past his limits mentally to the extent he sees no other option but to fight. While active Advent is unable to use any of his magic as he normally would instead his magical abilities are changed into their physical counterparts so even unarmed he will do additional spell damage equal to half of his rank up to S rank. While Death’s moon is active he gains a 25% buff to his speed and strength because of the sheer anger and adrenaline running through his body. This Requiem lasts six turns and may only be activated once per thread due to the trauma it will leave on Advent. When he finally snaps back to being his normal self he will have lost 50% of his overall mana and 25% of his overall health, he will be paralysed in for two turns, when he finally can move for three turns his magic will act as if under the affects of a sick requiem (Roll three dice. Dice one will deem if the magic will work 1 - Yes, 2 - No. The second dice will deem if it will work as it is suppose to or not. 1 - Yes, 2 - No. The third dice will deem if it affects the enemy or himself and his allies 1 - Enemy, 2 - Backfires)

    Limbo’s Moon:

    Fifth Requiem: Limbo’s Moon

    This is a very unique requiem even amongst the users of this type of magic and this is because of not only where it is located but the fact that it is always semi active state. This requiem’s runes glow a golden hue though unlike his other requiem they are white and are located within Advent’s eyes replacing the pupil removing his ability ever to see an image even by magical means, even trying to do so will cause Advent immediate immobilising pain. While in it’s semi active state Advent’s mana pool is 15% higher than what someone of his ranking should be able to achieve naturally with some proper training it possibly could go higher but due to how Advent seems to have the attention span of a guppy it is unlikely it will ever do so. When active the white of the runes vanish and the runes turn completely golden giving Advent a 15% boost to the potency of his spells strength, range or an additional turn to duration depending on what type of spell he may be casting (Roll a dice 1 - potency (strength), 2 - Potency (range), 3 - Additional turn.) The requiem can only be active for the maximum of four turns and only twice per thread as Advent claims to hear and see things that no one ever should from both sides of the veil; when the duration ends for four turns Advent seems completely turned off to the world as a whole as he tries to get his thoughts together regardless of wither the situation has been resolved or not. This requiem also spontaneously activates at 5% strength if Death’s Displacement is used (Roll a dice to find out if it does 1 - yes 2 - no) if it does the above mentioned will happen but after he comes to his senses Advent will almost digress to a more child like state his mind trying to protect itself from what has happened for three turns.

    Character Plot/Development Abilities:

    Plot/Character development abilities

    Flying: Advent was born with ethereal wings, though he keeps them hidden due to an intense dislike in using them as he is not being able to feel vibrations he will spawn them if the need arises.

    Hearing/Talking to the dead/yet to be born: Advent committed mass genocide as a newborn due to his requiems activating and entwining on their own due to this Advent has been able to hear both the yet to be living and the dead for as long as he can remember.

    Hearing and speaking to nature: After the genocide that had happened, Advent was adopted by nine of his victims that either bore him no ill will or wanted to make sure that he atoned for each of the deaths that he had taken part in. He was taken to the ruins of a village being reclaimed by a forest and raised there. One of the people that raised him was a mage who specialised in nature magic and healing. She taught him how to hear the woods and how to show them respect.

    Vibrations: Thanks to not being able to see Advent has been forced to adapt in other ways to make up for his handicap. Two of those who raised him one was of the ocean and ice, the other of wind. They taught him how to feel vibrations and predict what a person may do next.

    Undead: Due to hearing the dead the one thing Advent can not abide by is the living dead as he sees it as unnatural and inhumane to those who are suffering; if he ever comes across undead regardless if there is a bigger thread he will tend to them first wanting them to find peace.

    Playing with the veil of life and death: This is something Advent has had to learn on his own due to how his magic was affected by what he done as an infant; it is not something he is proud of and generally will do it in private if he is learning a new spell or ability.

    Lucidity: Advent is more lucid and calm when surrounded by trees, this is due to where he was raised saying he can hear the song of the area.

    Asking the dead for advice: Advent can ask the dead advice and directions but who says they’ve got the answers or they are going to be truthful about what they do know after all there are dead dark mages.

    Heightened senses: Due to not being able to see Advent's hearing, taste and sense of smell are heightened above what a normal person's should be able to be.

    Strangeness: Due to his magic he was taught that he needed an extra few layers of protection so Advent trained himself to have a different kind of filing system in his head. He takes in and processes information differently often making it seem like he has no clue what is going on or even having a filter to his mouth.

    Runaway Witch:

    Runaway Witch

    Wielder: Kimial Sartaq

    Description: The infamous Majonuki family are said to be some of the most powerful magic users within the Witch World, may it be from their pure bloodline or some other genetic miracle. Born into this family was Kimial Majonuki, one of the many children of Moka and Eraba Majonuki. One would say her life was rather easy, being brought up in such a prestigious family. But nothing could be further from the truth. It was anything but a happy family.
    One day, unable to take the abuse anymore Kimial snapped, and broke one of the most important rules of the witch world. Originally sentenced to death for her crimes the judge had a sudden and strange change of heart, and instead, simply exiled her from their world, never allowing her to return again, but leaving her alive. Now, years later Kim still carries witch blood within her.
    If she wants to, or not.

    Combat Abilities:
    Gimme Gimme Gimme: Tanukis are naturally curious and simple-minded creatures, easily entertained by the smallest things. One of the things they’re infamously known for is their love of money. The reasons why vary from tanuki to tanuki, but their love of being rich is still the same. Passed down through the generations of the Majonuki family Kim is able to manipulate others into giving her money, or even doubling her own rewards. This gives the greedy witch a 100% increase in jewel rewards.

    April Showers Bring Weather Powers: Witches are naturally tuned to the world around them, since they are beings of magic and the entire world is made up of the same power. One of the many talents of witches is their ability to manipulate the weather around them. With this ability Kim can change the weather around her within her rank’s max range. However, it is only in storms that her magic power is increased by 60%.

    Magical Power: Since witches are beings of magic they naturally have a permanent 40% increase of MP.

    Black Blood: Witch blood is black. Why? Who knows. But it is not just the color that makes this blood different from normal blood. Black blood is able to harden itself, protecting the user against 3x of their rank in damage. Once the blood is broken and liquified again it will splatter onto the floor or float into little droplets around the enemy. Black spikes will then protrude from it, piercing into the enemy to deal the user’s rank in damage. These two abilities, however, cannot be used at the same time. One can only be used for 3 posts, and then Kim will have to wait 4 posts until she is able to use either ability again.

    Strange Healing: Healing is not a natural ability of a witch. In fact, healing is looked down upon in the witch world, shown as a sign of weakness. But for some reason, Kimial was born with an amazing amount of healing powers inside of her, even much so that she has been known to bring back the dead with just a simple touch. With this, once every 3 posts she can heal one target for 2x her rank in damage, and heal any and all effects of her rank or lower.

    Plot Abilities:
    ** Being a witch that comes from an animal-themed family Kim can transform into a tanuki and back again at will.

    ** Kim is naturally immortal and ageless.

    Right to Rule:

    Right to Rule

    Wielder: Lilium Santiais

    Description: Upon reaching a new peak of her power with Athena, the goddess of war decided that the noble who had fallen from grace required an upgrade, within her latent abilities and within her magic. She gave access to a more free form version of her previous magic, and the goddess also improved on the natural latent abilities from the noble woman’s bloodline and history. She has the duties and honour as one of noble descent and her mission to carry out is to vanquish evils from the world in the name of Arcadia. A soul came along with these blessings. A soul of a former vessel who had the duty of informing her what her new abilities were and what were to happen should she not upkeep her mission. Upon failure, she will be thrown into the Underworld, becoming known as a Fallen Vessel. However, there is no limitations on how she can act as long as she reaches her goal in the end. Carrying the weight of her bloodline upon her shoulders, she vows to achieve her missions and save herself from an endless suffering after her death.

    Plot Abilities:

    Lilium is able to take the form of any female human she can possibly think of in her imagination. She can also use this to change outfits whenever she wishes.

    Her mission is more important than what potentially struck her down and the Gods of Arcadia can decide whether she dies or not. When her HP reaches zero, the noble is transported to Arcadia so that her body can be restored (in the next thread).

    Granted with intelligence at birth, Lilium can naturally learn anything that she is willing to. She can learn languages and can comprehend all situations if it’s required of her.

    The word’s that nobles speak are usually false but due to the confidence that they present themselves with, people won’t hesitate to take what they say as fact. However, there is a lot of people who are growing a little more intelligent and questioning what they say. Athena decided to give Lilium a boost into what she says. When she chooses, Lilium’s eyes will glow and her words will either completely guide an individual or have extremely heavy influence on their actions. It can be used on NPCs and with OOC permissions, it can be used on other players.

    Combat Abilities:

    ⚜ Superiority: With the amount of weapons training she has received throughout her travels in addition to what she has learned within Arcadia, her base melee damage is increased by twenty with the amount of skill and force she puts into her strikes. However, this training was always high intensity and strain on her body caused her to have 25% less than her rank’s maximum HP.

    ⚜ Ascended: Upon being blessed by a Goddess multiple times, Lilium is able to summon a pair of white angel wings. All spells are empowered when she has her wings out, providing a 60% buff to the noble’s strength.

    ⚜ Natural Selection: Most of the time, the nobility has the upper hand over the general populace. As such, when the opposition has a higher resistance over another, Lilium can switch all magic strength buffs to strength buffs or vice versa. She cannot switch if the resistances are equal and if she switches once against an enemy and they buff a different resistance to be higher.

    ⚜ Tempest: Life as a noble is hectic and there is always storms on the path for Lilium as she cannot afford to fail her mission. As her spells end, a flurry of feathers surrounds her in an area of burst rank spells appropriate for her rank. Upon touching enemies, the feathers deal melee damage.

    ⚜ Neutrality: Lilium is meant to always be playing to her strengths and can be found at a disadvantage when fighting specific mages. She can take away the element from her spells and just make them hit with neutral magic power. It takes away any effectiveness of the element but it also takes away the weaknesses.

    ⚜ Materialism: A noble is naturally favoured above all other beings in society, whether it be by the people or even the world itself. Whenever Lilium finds herself assisting someone or something, the Magic Council rewards her a bonus of 100% to her jewel reward for jobs that she is on.

    The Atavism of the Malachai:
    The Atavism of the Malachai

    Wielder: Darcour


    Long ago, before the age of modern gods, there existed the Primal Gods. Beings of massive power, strength, and presence. Chaos reigned supreme as these Primal Gods battled; lands and realms ravaged by the fierce war. It was a time of darkness, destruction, and despair; death and mayhem wrought by the Primal Gods and their creations. Either side wished for total dominance, and with that dominance would come an era of militaristic peace, or total destruction depending on which side won.

    Sephiroth and Malachai. These are the names of the beings created by the Light and Dark Primal Gods respectively; creatures of immense power and strength. On the side of Light stood the Sephirii; fierce, proud and powerful warriors, slaughtering all foes who stood in their way. The Sephirii were unmatched on the battlefield, their presence promising death to all evil that stood before them. However, evil, isn't so easily broken.

    The Malachai. This was the Dark God's answer to the Sephirii. Creatures of absolute darkness; gaining strength and power from the pain, suffering, anger, and fear from every living thing around them. The Malachai decimated the battlefields, the lands and realms painted crimson; the air filled with the chorus of their enemies dying screams; the blood and death fueling their strength all the more.

    Battle raged on for years between the two forces; innumerable lives lost, lands ravaged, and realms destroyed in the war between the Sephirii and the Malachai. Eventually though, a truce was forced upon the opposing forces. The losses during the war were too great for either side to continue enduring, and so as a result, and a condition of the truce, both the Light and Dark Primal Gods were forced to kill off all but the strongest Sephiroth and Malachai. The creatures had grown in such strength, power, and presence; their life forces tied so completely with their creators', that erasing them all would cause an imbalance.

    Eon's later, to the present, the creatures still exist, but only through genetics. Atavism; the rare case of an ancestral trait skipping several generations, until finally manifesting itself in a host capable of possessing the trait. This is how the Malachai is reborn. The genetic traits and abilities of the ultimate demon pass silently through its bloodline, until eventually a host is born possessing the qualities and traits necessary to become the new Malachai.

    The Malachai have a motto: "Conceived in violence, and raised in violence, to beget violence." Everything about the Malachai is twisted, evil, and corrupt; being a creature of ultimate evil created by the ultimate darkness, it would make sense then, that even the way the Malachai is conceived would be vile and cruel as well. This bitter truth however, isn't just some random side-effect of being part of the Malachai bloodline. It in fact has a purpose. For because of how the demon is conceived, the mothers always grow to hate their child; despising them and cursing them everyday as they grow. And because of the Malachai's nature, they simply feed off of the anger and hatred, growing stronger all the time. By the time they reach the age of ten, the Malachai, still disguised as a simple human, has grown up to endure such anger and hatred from everyone around them, that they are then compelled to take their first life. Doing so triggers their transformation, and complete inheritance of the Malachai's name and powers.

    Plot only abilities:

    Glamour: The Malachai possesses a Demon Glamour, making him extremely attractive and seductive to the people around him. (No real use. Just for fun and plot development.)


    Battle Proficiency: The Malachai is known as Conquest. They were created to dominate and decimate the battlefield. As such, even in his normal state, his strength, speed, health points, and spell damage all have a natural 12% buff.

    Darkest Heir: Created as the ultimate weapon by the darkest powers, the Malachai therefore has a natural 20% resistance to Dark and Unholy based magic.

    Darwin's Mark: The Malachai was created to slay any foe that stood before them, regardless of strength or power. They were given the ability to quickly adjust to any opponent. This ability allows him to gain a 35% resistance to any type of magic after receiving damage from it. The only magic immune to this ability is Light or Holy based magic. The resistance lasts for eight posts.


    Overdrive: They were given a drive to fight to the bitter end. To keep pushing on and slaughtering their foes, and to gain strength from their enemies pain. Because of this, each time he inflicts damage to an opponent, he receives back 20% of the inflicted damage as health.

    Malachai's Form: The full Malachai form could possibly be confused for an angel at first glance. But the closer you look, the more you see, this is not a creature of the Light. Their large black feathery wings span seven feet on either side. The black of the wings so deep and dark, that staring into them feels like you're staring into the abyss. Their bodies covered in gleaming metallic-black armor; ancient luminescent black tattoos covering their grayish-black skin beneath the armor. Bright glowing red eyes stare out at you from a towering 6 1/2 foot tall form, promising death.

    While in this form, his strength, speed, health points, and spell damage are each given a 15% increase.

    He can activate this form at will, but typically saves is for moments when he has no other alternative. When he takes on this form, his bloodlust grows substantially and he tends to lose control.

    Astral Projection:

    Astral Projection


    A Daemon, generally speaking, is a being that was usually once alive, but has remained dead and in the afterlife for so long that death became their life. They can be any kind of spirit, typically, but have lived to the point where they begin to consume souls, which then become a part of them. The more souls they consume, the more powerful the spirit becomes, as it starts to take on characteristics in regions such as appearance, powers, and even personality. As such, a being who has begun to eat souls in this manner has become a Daemon, and therefore must 'balance' what they choose to devour. Consume too many demons or tainted souls? Become one. Consume too many angels or holy souls? Become one. The same goes for neutral souls or specific ones.

    What makes the Daemons unique is the fact that their own personality can begin to become blurred the more they devour. They take on characteristics from other souls, though a single strong soul's personality can potentially become the dominant mind of the Daemon. This is why balancing is so important, and is also why weaker Daemons typically leave strong personalities and souls alone.

    Death is their life, but how does one grow stronger? Daemons are beings with little to no influence or touch on the physical realm; most of them hardly care or even think about mortal affairs in their daily lives. As such, any Daemon who somehow touches or appears on the physical world is incredibly weak, and often susceptible to any dangers that could befall them. Daemons live on the Third Astral Plane, a place where spirits originate, and even are weak if they manage to visit the Second Astral Plane of the deceased, and those who have passed on.

    A Daemon's main strength is its nearly limitless potential for growth and gaining power. This is what a Daemon's true desire is- to grow stronger. It is a difficult goal that few Daemons every reach and fulfill, however, as they can easily be killed and eradicated by other spirit beings, destroyed by strong mortals with spiritual powers, or even end their own lives as Daemons by not balancing what they consume.
    Should the latter happen, they will completely become what they have eaten, be it a demon, some holy being, or just a humble former-mortal spirit. Sometimes if this happens, they could still possibly retain their soul-consuming capabilities, but must 'restart'. By this point, the chances of them ever reaching their full potential are low.

    Lucie is the daughter of a Daemon, though despite having been killed, her soul never passed on, and instead wandered in an empty silence, unconsciously consuming what it could as it went along. Eventually the lost soul was discovered by the malevolent spirit, Ren, who wanted revenge on the mother of the young one. Taking her spirit, he placed it in the body of a frail human, and moderated her flow of power. Eventually, she overcame the lost soul and absorbed him and his power over her. With Ren gone, she now has the chance to reclaim her full potential, and act on her impulses as a true Daemon.

    However, a Daemon is a weaker state of being when it comes to the physical realm. As death is their life, descending to the mortal dimension is taxing and often weakens them. It is rare for a Daemon to find the capacity to completely step down to the physical world. Lucie is no different. Her soul cannot linger in Earthland or any physical world, as Ren no longer anchors her soul to a human body. Because of this, an astral projection walks the worlds in her place, connected to her soul, trapped far off in an ethereal plane. The abilities of her lineage are from the channeling of Daemonic power to manifest through the Astral Projection.

    Plot Aesthetics:

    To be written and added later. All are PvE only/OOC permission.
    • Clairvoyance
    • Telepathy
    • Possession
    • Shapeshifting
    • Spirit/Soul-Seeing
    • Dreamwalking

    Combat Abilities:

    Projection Physicality • The Daemon is a being that is pure astral energy and spirit. As such, they have little to assist them of in the way of physical strength. Reaching the physical world itself takes an enormous amount of strength for a Daemon. Being only a projection, Lucie is heavily lacking in any form of strength. In return for having no strength buffs, Lucie is not affected by buff scaling rules for magic damage and other buffs.

    Daemonic Demise
    • Due to being a purely spiritual being, Lucie does not experience death in the same way that mortals or those who tread the physical realm do. Upon her health points reaching zero, the projection of her physicality retreats back to the realm of fire for a split second, before being projected back to an area within user rank burst range (max S rank) from where she ‘died’. Alternatively, Lucie may trigger this attack without her health reaching zero. Up to this ability’s usage, it appears as if Lucie perished.

    Soul-Phasing • Being only a physically manifested astral projection of her soul, Lucie can phase between the physical and the spiritual planes at will. Upon going from the physical plane of Earthland or some planet to the ethereal one, her body becomes ethereal, gaining a durability and strength of her rank in magic. However, she takes 50% more damage from magic or equipment abilities geared towards harming spirits or ghosts.

    Monstrous Materialization • Along with the projection of her appearance, Lucie may materialize other astral projections as well, directly from her mind and soul. These projections are similar to illusions, and the opponents have the choice to see them or not. Regardless of this, they still exist. The user may not read memories or fears for creation of the astral projection without player permission. The projections have a durability and a strength of the user’s rank in magic, but may only be created within user rank burst radius range, which is capped at S rank.

    Astral Anchorage • The main way of crossing the planes is by having an anchor to a specific plane. To get from the ethereal realm to the physical realm, a contract with another being on the mortal world acts as a unique anchor for the Daemon. Whether by force (with OOC permission for plot) or by being called by a soul they are contracted to, Lucie may appear to someone she has a contract with. Usually, if they are in a bind when calling her, Lucie can fight alongside them upon being summoned to their aid. If she is summoned into a job, she may linger with them for up to five turns before her anchor to the realm is cut off. There is a cost to summoning a Daemon to one’s aid, however. They must sacrifice either 10% mana or health. Lucie must pay another 20% mana or health. She may make up to five contracts. Utilizing her magic and abilities when utilizing an achor to move between realms costs double mana. If summoned into a job, she gains 50% EXP for equal or lower rank jobs, 20% for 10Y, and 10% for 100Y.


    Former Custom Lineages Johannsiggies

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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Johann on February 6th 2019, 7:41 pm

    The Horsemen of Pestilence:
    Lineage Name: The Horsemen of Pestilence
    Wielder: Lord Godfrey of Ushill, Count of Ushill and Crachto
    Purchase Proof: 693

    Godfrey was the blame for the Black Death in the fiefs of his lord father. But the plague didn’t except him from its deadly grasp, Godfrey got sick and died. He was revived as a Draugar, he pledged himself to Samael, the Fallen Star also known as Lucifer. Whom anointed him the Horsemen of Pestilence, hence he received the Victor’s crown and the bow of Pestilence. He was given a mighty steed and control over all forms of diseases and plagues.


    The Mark of the Horsemen:
    The bearer of this mark becomes the avatar of the Horsemen of Pestilence. The bearer of the lineage gains 1 spell of each rank up to S as they rank up that can be used to create spells around the Horsemen of Pestilence. The Spells need to be made and reviewed like any other spell. They have durations and cooldowns like any other spell. The spells are up to the user, and the spells are made in addition to the type of spells that their magic already has.

    The Victor’s Crown and Bow of Pestilence:

    The user can call upon the Victor’s Crown and the Bow of Pestilence. These are an armour and a bow, they must follow the Requip rules and levels with the player up to S rank. These too be made as spells and reviewed like any other spell.

    The White Horse:

    The user received a white stallion, with red eyes and a bad temperament. This pet follows the rules of pets but has three abilities instead of the two. One ability of the user’s rank, one ability below the user’s rank and one ability two ranks down. The pet is immortal, yet it can die in a thread, it will be revived after the thread is completed. The pet is of Ethereal(+) rank/grade. The pet must be approved just like any other.

    The user is an undead, reanimated as a Draugar with eerie blue eyes. His strength has greatly improved.
    Passive 65% strength boost

    The user has died and is reanimated as a Draugar. His pain senses have dulled and he can take a beating more easily.
    passive 30% health boost

    Parasite Frenzy:
    Upon activating this ability, unleashes parasites that live inside the user to assault the user’s enemies. This deals the users rank in melee damage (caps at S-rank) per post over the course of 4 posts within the user's burst range (caps at S-rank). Cooldown 6 posts.

    Aesthetic/noncombat abilities:

    The Victor's Crown:
    The user gains a fourth faceclaim that the user can use for the Victor's Crown.

    Eyes of the Dead:
    The user can see in the dark.

    Stomage of the Dead:
    The user doesn't have to eat.

    Mind of the Dead:
    The user doesn't have to sleep.

    Drynedi's Efflorescence:

    Drynedi’s Efflorescence

    Wielder ;; Lester Drynedi
    Purchase Proof ;; Traded from That Adopted Kid here
    Description ;; Appearing across all cultures there is consistently a family name that reigns supreme, clans, tribes or smaller groups variations of the name ‘Drynedi’ have always been associated with the cultivation of flora. Florists for a kings birth, marriage or death, great scientists and developers of botany, humble people who started revolutions supporting those around them with petals and leaves of kindness. Flora could be used for many things, flowers had uses from healing, to protecting, harming and bringing light to the eyes of children. Each ancestral root has slowly grown together, pollinating the next generation until those petals have come together to bloom and form the bud Lester Drynedi. A condensed form of every botanical and floral pathway in life his knowledge stretches the boundaries of human limits when it comes to the photosynthesising blooms.

    ❀ Abilities ❀

    Variation ;; From the different religions, cultures, and histories of the family members which flow through the florists dna, this has given him the ability to multitask, every spell cast gives 40% magical damage buff to a single ally within burst range, healing spells give 70% magical damage buff however these buffs fade after one post. Can be used once per post
    Persevere ;; From those that worked with flowers among them were healers, and protectors. These were not those with soft hands, they worked in the front lines Spells and abilities that affect Mp or Hp such as heals or defenses are increased by 50%. (not buffs, percents, offensive abilities or effects)
    Profitability ;; 100% jewel increase Each post recovers 5% mp, every second post 5% hp. He can change mp to hp, and hp to mp, 50% per post. Once per post also has the ability to give 50% of his mp or hp to people within burst range
    Barterer ;; Traders and barterers is common within the circles of those who care for flowers, inbreeding of stock can often lead to negative affects so through these florists of old Lester has the ability to transfer buffs and debuffs between him and allies within burst range of his rank
    Linguist ;; Plants speak, not many people know it but their language is different to that of humans, while being able to communicate with the nature around him Lester has the ability to Sense the location and movement of matter and substance within burst range of his rank as well as hiding all traces of himself to those of lower rank.
    Enhancement ;; Nature is part of him, over time the plants which are intertwined with his dna have sprouted forth, aided by his own hobbies a creature has been attracted to the person who is so plant like. This ability gives him a passive ranking summon which caps at S rank. This is to be made with the rest of his magic and does not count towards the summon cap.

    ❀ Plot Abilities ❀

    Dreamwalking ;; The seductive scents of flowers are often used to help others sleep. Through Ancestral knowledge of this Lester can dreamwalk
    Increased memory function ;; After the hundreds of people who have lived their lives learning, crafting and using flowers the information of every generation has been crammed into Lesters head, to help with this he is able to keep a mental diary of sorts.
    Shapeshifting ;; Spending so much time in his head and in the world with them he is able to shapeshift into any plant or natural being that photosynthesises
    Communication ;; Speaking with bees, butterflies, small birds and other creatures that partake in the pollinating and floral world as well as the plants themselves.

    Black Mamba:

    Monster Huntress

    Wielder: Savannah D'amore (Black Mamba)

    Description: The D'amore. A family once known for their grand skills at monster hunting. For years they hunted these beasts, for both their own gain and to protect those around them. However, as time went on the family struggled. With guilds and mages popping up left and right, they were starting to go out of business due to their high prices and unwillingness to hunt anything with low rewards. Due to them starting to lose money and the threat of them going out of business for good the family started taking on other requests. "Monster" Hunters. Monster is a word that could be used to describe many things. And boy, did these guys stretch it. Illegal acts, bounty hunting, hit men. "Monsters" to them became anything or anyone who stood in the way of them getting their pay. Soon enough killing actual beasts became more of a side job. These mages were out for money, and the more shady side of Earthland is where they preferred to get it.
    Of course, the magic council soon found out, and they weren't too pleased that the once favored family had fallen so low. So they were executed... Well, almost all of them. Savannah was spared from death simply due to her age, as well as her older brother, on one simple condition. In order to wipe her family's record completely clean and start anew, she would work for the magic council until all of their "debt" was resolved. To do this, she would have to do some of the more... Dirty work for them. Basically, becoming their tool. With no other option she accepted their deal. Although, sometimes she wonders if it was the right decision to make.

    Combat Abilities:
    From The Shadows: One of Savannah's specialties is sniping from a great distance. To do this, she has to go unnoticed to all those who may be looking, being forced to lower her presence. When she's hiding, her breath is almost inaudible, and her movements are extremely quiet. With this ability, it is next to impossible to sense Savannah by normal means. The only people who have a chance of sensing her would be higher ranked mages through sensing her magical presence. Everyone else, will be none the wiser.

    With Pain Comes Gain: Savannah's family business had been thriving for years upon years before their grisly demise. During this time, in order to stay afloat in the tough world of monster hunting they resorted to some rather... Questionable tactics to get more money. Out of either fear, or prehaps knowledge of what is to come if they don't cough up the right amount of jewels, this slippery snake gets a 100% increase to all jewel rewards in order to appease her.

    Sharpened Fangs: With years of intense training and strict teachings under he belt, Savannah gains a 50% increase to both her speed and magical power. However, being physically weak this comes at the cost of not being able to have any protection. She will not be affected by magical and physical damage resistance, and therefore cannot gain their benefits.

    Strike Quickly, Strike Deadly: Although not as tough as she is with guns, Savannah is more than capable of using melee weapons too. While holding a melee weapon, her melee damage is increased by 40%. Also having less restrictions than running with guns, her speed is increased by 20%.

    Hunter's Mark: Once per post, Savannah can mark a target off in the max single target range of her rank. What this means, is that she "marks" the target, and becomes connected to them magically. No matter where they go in this range, her eye will always be on them. Through walls, buildings, trees. It will not matter. She will know exactly where they are at all times. Anyone who has this mark upon them will gain 60% more damage from her attacks. Can only target one thing at a time, once they go out of her range the mark will not longer be in effect.

    Quick Reload: Unlike with real guns, the guns Savannah shoots with her magic are not filled with bullets. Rather, they're small orbs of magical energy. Since they are not real bullets, it means she doesn't have to reload, only using her magical energy to keep her ammo full. To keep it at max volume at all times, she receives a 30% increase to her MP pool, as well as a 5% regen every post.

    Plot Abilities:
    ** Savannah is an excellent tracker. She is more than capable of tracking her target down, may it be reading their footprints, smell, eye sight, or even taste. She always finds her target.

    ** Being a prodigy when it comes to sniping, The Mamba has a rather keen eye, and her attacks almost never miss. She has a hit rate of about 99.9%.

    Priest of the Plague:
    Lineage Name: Priest of the Plague
    Wielder: Epidemius, The Plague Father


    There is a line of worship, a religion to a deity, that calls out to a great and happy god that gives the gift of disease and pestilence to all without asking for anything in return. This god is a jovial god, and this feeling is also shared by those that follow under him in certain instances. Those truly blessed by this god hold all of the mixtures that this god of plague creates. and Epidemius is one such person. His real name is lost, even to himself, and he is simply known by his new name and his title as 'The Plague Father.' His goal is to spread the gifts of his god to all in the universe, for as long as he remains alive. No poison can truly hurt him, nor can his body ever fully decay, and thus with the great gifts he travels as if preparing the universe for the greatest holiday that they could hope for.

    Jovial Gift-Giving and Receiving: The magic inside Epidemius allows them to dole out poisons and disease without halt, while also empowering them when doing so. Even as he gives them the gift of some noxious virus, he also burns through a portion of magic power equal to a quarter of all damage they take from all attacks the user does. This includes physical attacks, magic spells, and any kind of ability that stems from them or their equipment. The Plague Father heals for half of the damage dealt but does not receive any of the magic power burned through this ability.

    Defensive Bacterium: The owner of this lineage has a batch of powerful bacteria that is made for the specific reason of protecting them from harm by any means necessary. This grants them a shield, which shows up at the very start of their post, that can block two user rank spells of damage before failing. It also causes any attack that strikes them to cause a burst of bacteria around them that deals a quarter rank of spell damage equal to the users rank at the range and speed equal to the users rank. These bursts of disease and viruses cannot be buffed in any way.

    Unfeeling Body: Because of how their body is, The Plague Father takes 25% reduced damage and heals 5% of their health every other round as the bacteria inside of them replaces the structure of their 'dead' body so that he can continue to do his god's work.

    Viral Outbreak: The dead-seeming male is able to use bacteria to attack at a range equal to his rank in burst range. These attack count as physical, with an added quarter rank of user rank spell damage attached to them. These attacks are not affected by weapon bonus increases as they are treated like using a weapon already, nor can they be buffed in any way if he attacks this way. Attacks made this way move at standard user ranked burst spell speeds.

    Plot Abilities
    Body of Decay: The user's body is decayed to the point where there is more of the poisons gifted by his god than a functioning body. For all intents and purposes, he registers as a dead being, neither alive nor undead, and as thus cannot be sensed by normal means of sensing them. The only odd thing is that they smell of death and decay, which is the only way they can be sensed without the use of eyes.

    Infectious Motivation: Epidemius seems to drive forward with sure steps no matter what he does, no matter the cost of what he has to do, and no matter for whom he is working as he does such. This jovial happiness seems to be infectious, as those around him are sometimes easier to remain in good spirits or to cheer up.

    Unseen Damage: Epidemius never shows any outer signs of pain or fatigue, the nerves for such no longer work even though he is able to know if he has lost a limb or a part of himself. As such he has no fear of any attacks and is never one to flinch away from an attack that he sees coming. He remains calm and happy in the face of those more powerful than him as well as any type of situation.


    Lineage: Dreamweaver
    Wielder: Veronika Oneiro

    Once upon a time, there were abstract shapes and concepts that were the raw materials for the creation of the world. Everything in existence had to be dreamed by something, so one could say that dreams were the first in existence.
    Separate from Reality is Surreality, a place that reflects the real world and lives symbiotically with it. It is the realm of imagination, but does not have a physical grasp on its counterpart. The formal name given to a part of this realm is ‘Dreamland’, which is ruled over by the Dream King. Those who dwell within surreality are concepts-- colors, numbers, ideas, dreams, and their counterparts-- nightmares.

    Veronika is a unique being known as a Dreamweaver. Though she is a dream and a nightmare herself in a way, she is of a kind that can produce and create more and more. Dreamweavers feed on the fruit of what they weave. Sweet dreams hardly produce anything, but nightmares produce a healthy amount of fear, anger, sadness, despair, and negative emotions to be devoured.
    The Dreamweaver is the bane of the Dream King, always undoing his orderly work and replacing it with chaos and inconsistency. Veronika seeks to break the fabric dividing Surreality and Reality, and wishes to allow the weird and scary world of all imagination to leak into the real world. Being able to control and direct Surreality, as well as give it a solid grasp of the physical and spiritual realms, Veronika wishes to take full dominion of the new combined world, and her personal abilities will be the stepping stones to do so.

    NIGHTMARES | Combat Abilities:
    There is always someone better than someone else, wherever one goes. However, the Dreamweaver is quick to ensure that nobody surpasses her and her desires. The highest buffs within a user rank burst radius are taken into consideration, and are copied by the user. This ability only copies the highest buff in the radius, and does not combine buffs from multiple people to be copied. After they have been copied to be utilized, the dream adds a small 10% to her buffs, just for extra measure. However, the user may no longer use their own buffs when using this ability.

    Dreams never die. Upon being “killed” in reality, the Dreamweaver regenerates herself in surreality, and hops back through a tear between the fabric of the two realms.

    The Dreamweaver can see all that exists in the world of abstract concepts. She may see things clairvoyantly from very far away, and can read anything written for her to see, such as registered apps, posts, etc. To do this, however, she must make direct physical contact with them. If she does not, their minds are completely closed off to her.

    Due to being nothing more than a dream, an abstract concept, the user has no ability to deal melee damage. Because of this, the base melee damage she would have at a given rank is tacked to her base magic damage. Naturally, she may not give or have strength buffs either.

    Optionally, the user may make her attacks in bold, red impact font. For added emphasis, this can also be in all capital letters. Additionally, the user’s attacks may ignore magic resistance and damage resistance, as they are all but a dream to her and will be a vanishing dream to her opponent. However, in exchange for this, the Dreamweaver has no defense capabilities at all when it comes to magical and physical resistance, nor can she have or receive HP regen.

    Being a denizen of surreality, the Dreamweaver may hop anywhere in space once per post that she likes. Out of combat, this can be any distance to get from one place to another for travel. In combat, she may vanish where she stands and reappear somewhere within user rank burst range.

    DAYDREAMS | Plot Abilities:
    With OOC permission, the Dreamweaver may directly enter the mind of someone. She may gain access to their memories and thoughts, and can control their mind or actions. With enough effort, she may completely possess them, taking full control of their body or spirit.

    As expected of a dream, the user may pass through Dreamland and the real world, surreality and reality, at will. She may also cross into other planes, such as heavens and hells and astral regions with little difficulty.The Dreamweaver may also put NPCs to sleep, or PCs with OOC permission. Naturally, she is a sovereign over dreams and nightmares, and can craft the world of their REM as she likes.

    The Dreamweaver has the ability to directly speak to the minds of others, in any voice she chooses. This is only one way, and their response to her via the mind is permission for her to hear it.

    Due to being a dream and nightmare, the user has no soul or mind to be manipulated, destroyed, peered into, or not. Should one try to use a soul or mind based power, they will be met with dizzying confusion and disorder where the target should be.

    Imagination gains power from words spoken to it. With how absolute the power of words can be, anything spoken to the Dreamweaver can be used for her to grow her power, strength, and knowledge. Additionally, she may bring anything spoken to reality. If she has access to someone’s thoughts, she may bring their mindscape, dreams, or fears, to reality.

    Roaring Rage of the Resurrected :
    ★ Roaring Rage Of The Resurrected ★
    Wielder: Nyx Chaotica
    Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t32837p25-the-trading-hub#321353

    Resurrection is one of those terms that can have many meanings depending on the context of its use. In some cases, it means an actual rebirth of an existence, in another instance, the word could just as easily be a metaphor for some transformation undergone by someone. In the case of Nyx Chaotica, almost every context makes the phrase resurrected accurate! She’s been religiously lost once believing that every religion was some junkies excuse to forgive themselves. Nyx has died spiritually unable to feel alive because she went against her very soul. Of course, that wasn’t enough, soon enough emotional death assaulted her as well untrue to her own emotions or excusing how she felt. The physical death that Nyx faced, the ghostly state she once existed in was nothing compared to the other deaths she had experienced. Only once she had shed life and the confines that had been placed on her with it was she able to climb up unto finally being able to find new life in every part of her that had once been dead. Under the guidance of her god. Now Nyx is resurrected in every way, with full knowledge of how and where to direct to her ferocious bloodlust to keep herself sated.


    ★ Binded Rite ★
    Teleporting away is basically the same as running away, a cowardly act and cowards have to die. How does one solve the problem of catching some coward that would teleport to dodge every blow and escape an honorable fight with cheap tricks? Well, Nyx solves the problem with a lockdown aura of sorts. When a teleport is used within burst range of Nyx or lands within burst range of her, she is ‘taken with it’ which causes her to be enabled to teleport whatever the distance of the teleport was when it entered her range. While able to control her own movement or simply ‘follow’ the teleportation that triggered it, this ability can actually become a bit of a pain as it also activates from allying teleports which can sometimes make fighting more difficult.

    ★ Burning Gift ★
    After Nyx’s flame magic makes contact with someone they are afflicted with a basic DoT burn equal to her rank. No more than one burn can be applied to the same person at a time and if a burn just wore off another one from this ability won’t stick for another two posts afterwards. These burns deal 50% damage until 2.5 her rank damage has been dealt like normal burns. Unlike normal DoT’s no buff’s apply to this ability.

    ★ Combative Protection ★
    Fighting within close quarters where she is very prone to be hit physically is one of this girl's favorite things to do. Luckily she has very thick skin so the damage she takes from being struck within her arms range is reduced by 25%.

    ★ Close Combat Mistress ★
    Once Nyx sustained numerous injuries while fighting in close combat. As time has gone on? The frequency of her injuries grew much less as her ability to simply take attacks increased. Resulting from her hatred of using shields/inability to use them magically, her body has developed to be much more capable of protecting her. Due to this Nyx needs to take damage equal to 30% of her health before attacks actually affect her HP, this protection regenerates itself quickly making it usable once every post. Mostly this is used for cool things like grabbing a swung blade without being cut or punching out a fireball sent at her without getting burned, etc.

    ★ Inferno Strength ★
    Between the life she’s lived, her current lifestyle and the god she worships? Nyx is incredibly powerful physical causing her physical attacks to deal 55% more damage, increasing to 60% at S rank, and 65% at H rank.

    ★ Bite Back ★
    Several features of Nyx’s new body are strictly made for combat. If an enemy comes into contact with her wings, horns or claws? They are dealt melee damage matching as if they had been struck by a weapon, requip values used. This is due to all of these things being sharp enough to cut someone from even an innocent touch.

    Technological Oracle:

    Technological Oracle

    Wielder: Evan Viy
    Purchase Proof:

    Evan has a history with electronics due to how he grew up in an isolated environment. This caused him to gain an affinity for hacking and researching in places that he probably shouldn't have. The information that he gained was nigh useless unless he planned on using it. So, he did. Using the information and dirt that he gathered about people, he used this to sell himself into a more comfortable living space for himself. He was unnoticed by those who tried to figure out who he was from the system. Until he was captured by the Magic Council. They made sure that he was aware that he was on the wrong side and used their methods to get him on a side that he was never against in the first place. Due to being a shy child, Evan stayed completely neutral, had information about both sides and waited for people who approached him. The Magic Council made sure that he was certain upon being completely dedicated to him. He had a talent that could be used extremely well in the hands of the Council.

    While his reconditioning, he was reduced to being extremely shy and self conscious, being compared to lesser beings for all the 'atrocities' that he committed. He had technology installed into his body however, this one was by choice. He stated that if he was doing this under force, he deserved the best possible equipment that he could possibly get. However, while doing this, they installed a magical chip into his brain that can emit dimensional energy that can completely destroy his brain. He is unaware of this at this moment in time, but is able to completely use the abilities that his techware upgrades got in combat or just when meeting new people. Knowing is half the battle but with this, information becomes power.


    Ad Revenue: Evan records all meetings, jobs, and interactions with contacts that he meets since it's a requirement of the Council. However, he uploads most of his videos onto an online streaming website where he acquired quite a large following. Because of this, the ad revenue on the videos provides a 100% increase to the jewels he earns from doing jobs.

    Ties That Bind: Evan can make holographic screens appear and display or project anything that he wishes. This screens are as half as durable and strong as his rank. The screens can be linked to a person with a red string and with OOC permission, Evan can see information about the character that they probably would prefer not sharing. The information transfer can also be applied through physical contact, skin on skin, with Evan.

    Cybernetic Upgrades: Evan's magic is able to be channeled through his upgrades, providing a 65% buff to his spell damage as well as giving him the ability to become a hologram that can completely avoid physical attacks but still be harmed by magical attacks.

    Coding: Evan can make threads of coding with his spells all having a technological essence to them. This coding is created within burst radius and each separate line of coding deals 50% of rank damage.

    Malware: Evan can place an unactivated teleporter within burst radius of himself that can stay active for however long he needs. Only he can use it as it turns him into data and teleports him back to that spot once before it goes on cooldown for however many posts it was out plus one. However, he can travel as far away as he likes from it within this duration. In non-combat, this is a lot more lenient with how far away he can go from it.

    Virtual Reality: Thanks to his training with guns, should he have a gun within his hands or at his disposal, it will deal 45% more damage over it's abilities. In addition to this, he is faster because of his proper maneuvering with guns resulting in a 20% speed boost.

    Zombie Girl:

    Dead Girl Walking

    Wielder: Inari Kurotsuki

    Description: Inari Kurotsuki was a prodigy in the magic world a couple years ago. Birthed into the prosperous Kurotsuki family she was naturally gifted in storm magic, as well as intelligence. There was nothing she couldn't seem to master, as was natural with such a well known family. Sent off to a private magic school during her teens Inari was quickly dubbed 'Zombie Girl', as the students came to realize why she was so gifted. The girl was emotionless, almost like a machine. She conquered tasks left and right, but never once seemed to show emotions or trip up. Therefore she was given the 'loving' nickname.
    However one day, the young wizard just seemed to vanish. No one knew where she went, and no one really questioned it since there weren't many people that were too attached to her. There was one boy who was questioned, since he seemed to be rather close to her, but he denied knowing anything about this sudden disappearance.
    But recently, there have been reports of this girl reappearing about in Fiore. Which is strange, given that this event happened over 80 years ago. Even stranger, she looks exactly how she did back then...

    Combat Abilities:
    No Soul: Since she was brought back to life using supernatural ways Inari no longer has a soul. Because of this sensing her is almost impossible. Her presence doesn't even really seem to be there. She could be standing right in front of you and you wouldn't even notice.
    With this ability she cannot be sensed by normal or magical means. Inari also does not generate smell or sweat, or even produce sound, therefore using normal physical senses is also useless. She can however be seen using sight.

    No Feeling: Being undead Inari isn't effected by a lot now. Because of this she has gained a 50% increase to magical and physical defense, as well as a heightened resistance to pain. She will still take damage, but she is able to bite through it and force her way through attacks with little to no feeling.

    No Life: Placing her hand on something that is living Inari is able to consume their life force and pull it into her own. Once every 3 posts she will be able to regain 1x user rank (up to S) in HP. This will then reduce the target's defenses by 25% for 3 posts before it goes on a 4 post cooldown. This can also be used to regrow limbs, organs and completely heal wounds or heavy bleeding.
    In non pvp this will instead suck out the enemies health and begin to decay them.

    No Limbs: Inari is able to detach any part of her body and use it as a weapon. With this anything she uses counts as an artifact weapon, and deals damage accordingly. These limbs also have the same duration as an artifact weapon, and will break once it is up.

    No Mercy: Boosted by magical dark power Inari's strength and speed is increased by 50%.

    Plot Abilities:
    ** Inari is able to sense death within her rank's max range, and can tell if or when someone is about to die or when they did if they already passed.

    ** Inari is naturally immortal and ageless unless someone destroys her brain.

    The Winged Beast:


    WIELDER: Seth Augusta

    DESCRIPTION: This time, Icarus has flown to Nirvana. Predestined by fate, Seth broke from the original cycle of reincarnation made by the first mage who tied her spirit to the mortal plane. After doing so by releasing himself from the bounds of his previous body, Seth exists as a volatile and ever-changing mass of spiritual energy. Each of his previous incarnations have converged with his being into a single, magical soul who is able to morph into any of his previous body’s appearance and aesthetics. Most prominently, the soul of a mystical demi-deity, a winged unicorn who bathed in the blessing of the moon.

    He has two large, snow white dove wings that extend from his upper back. He has a total wingspan of thirty feet, with each wing being roughly fifteen feet long each. Also has hollow bones. Can be hidden with magic. But they’re a great party trick, so why would he?
    He can polymorph into any of his previous incarnations, most notably a snow-white alicorn, and the body of a female sage (at any age, young or old).
    Most parts of his body can emit light, most notably his horn and forehead gemstone.
    Can project tangible holograms. No combat use, but can make solid objects made of light that can be interacted with.
    Can masterfully disguise his magical aura and presence at will. Can also make his magical presence seem much weaker than it actually is: appearing many ranks lower than he actually is. Can be toggled on and off.
    Can telepathically communicate with anyone within eyesight. Anyone he communicates can talk back to him as well.
    Seth disappears in a bright flash of light if he reaches 0 HP and 0 MP instead of dying. Then, on the next full moon, he reappears fully healed in the same location he died. Occurs on the next full moon if he dies on a full moon.
    One of his previous incarnations was a powerful sage and the first human gifted with magic. She was able to do miraculous deeds: moving continents, control the weather, conjure the aspects of astral objects, and crunch and manipulate the dimensions. She amazed all with her kindness and by spreading the words of the ancient gods. Like all humans, she was not immortal, but she chained her spirit to physical plane to create a limitless chain of reincarnations that she lives through. By conversing with the gods themselves, she was able to create and channel limitless magics as well as identify the true nature and elemental properties of anyone or thing’s magic. While Seth cannot create magics or use more than two main magics, he still retains the ability to identify an enemy’s magic as well as sense its elemental affiliation. Will still be able to sense magics through disguise or suppression if he is of the same rank or above of another character. Increases player’s mana pool by 25% as well as their spell damage by 25%.
    His skin is unique and different than that of normal humans. It’s incredibly beautiful and flawless, and can be described as prismatic or reflective. His skin is that of an old fae, one of his previous incarnations, and is incredibly holy and extremely magically charged. It naturally deflects magic as well as light. Character receives 50% buff to their magical resistance.
    The horn he bears is the most magically charged part of his body. It’s easiest for him to manifest and cast spells through it and it can glow a beautiful rainbow light. While having many magical properties, one of its most useful is its power to act as a dowsing rod: where it can lead his towards water or minerals; however most usefully, jewels. He receives a 100% boost to any jewels he earns or finds. His horn also naturally collects magic and life energy from the nearby environment. He regenerates 5% MP every post and 5% HP every other post.
    His entire being is blessed by the gods of the two major light-making celestial objects, the sun and moon. His body are extra perceptive to light and still get a pretty good mental image of his surroundings, even when his eyes are closed, allowing for a form of pseudo vision even if his eyes are blinded. This form of vision also allows him to see in a 360 degree radius around him. He can read and observe this way but the vision is nowhere near good enough to detect someone sneaking up on him. Also works better with his skin exposed. He receives an 25% to character’s light-elemental damage, 12.5% to both light-elemental and dark/demonic-elemental magical defenses.
    His destiny is to break the reign of darkness and light. The souls and deities of old lend their power to him. When using magic, his eyes and sometimes other parts of his body will glow a holy, bright white. He is not scared of the undead and otherwise spectral beings, rather, they fear him. Any undead he meets will be visible scared or wary of him. Permission required when affecting other players. When dealing any friendly spirit, he can freely talk and interact with them (which looks like he’s talking to thin air if another character cannot also see the spirit). He receives a 50% reduction to all of his MP costs.

    Avatar of Bishamonten:

    Lineage Name:Avatar of Bishamonten
    Wielder: Haruyuki
    Purchase Proof: 737

    Haruyuki believes himself to be the Avatar of Bishamonten, the god of war. He is the worldly incarnation of the god. Bishamonten had spoken to Haruyuki about it in his dreams and he is convinced that it is true. In reality, Haruyuki is not the avatar, his god Bishamonten is not even real. However, he can bring forth the amazing power of Bishamonten, he is under his own spell of illusion and in his delusion, he is able to manifest the imaginary Bishamonten unto the real world. Haruyuki can claim the skin of Bishamonten as his own and usurp its powers and properties.

    •Bishamonten’s Aspects:
    The bearer of the lineage gains 1 spell of each rank up to S as they rank up that can be used to create spells around the Avatar of Bishamonten. The Spells need to be made and reviewed like any other spell. They have durations and cooldowns like any other spell. The spells are up to the user, and the spells are made in addition to the type of spells that their magic already has.

    •Bishamonten’s Arsenal:
    Bishamonten has three divine equips. Hageshī kishō, Raimei no kyōfu and Wani Kaigara. Hageshī kishō is a Nodachi, a two-handed sword, whose blade is engulfed in demonic flames. Raimei no kyōfu is a Kanabo, a mace, whose sweeps summon thunder. Wani Kaigara is an armour made from the scales of an ancient sea monster.
    The user gains three additional requip spells for the armour and two weapons. They must follow the Requip rules and levels with the player up to S rank with the exception for the armour which ranks up to A rank. These too be made as spells and reviewed like any other spell.

    •Bishamonten’s Pagoda:
    Bishamonten holds a miniature pagoda, wrought from silver and gold, in one of his hands. A symbol of wealth that he guards yet also gives freely. The user is blessed with an additional 30% to both his mana and health pools. Besides this the user can choose one passive at the start of a thread from the following passives:
    The user and other participants of the same thread receive 50% more jewels from jobs.
    The user receives 100% more jewels from a job.

    •Bishamonten’s Furry:
    The user can toggle this passive on and off. The user gets enveloped in a purple aura. The user’s magical and melee damage are increased by 32.5%.

    •Bishamonten’s Banner:
    Upon activating this ability, two intertwined centipedes will appear in the sky, one is made of lighting and one of fire. All allies that fight underneath this sign (user’s AoE rank) will receive increased spell damage and melee damage, each aspect gains a 32.5% boost. The user can toggle this passive on and off at will.

    •Bishamonten’s Might:
    The user inherits a fraction of Bishamonten’s amazing strength. He also receives an additional passive that increases his magical and physical strength by 32.5%. This passive can be toggled on and off and when active the user is surrounded by a blue aura.

    •Bishamonten’s Mount:
    The user received a giant centipede. This pet follows the rules of pets but has three abilities instead of the two. One ability of the user’s rank, one ability below the user’s rank and one ability two ranks down. The pet is immortal, yet it can die in a thread, it will be revived after the thread is completed. The pet is of Ethereal(+) rank/grade. The pet must be approved just like any other.

    Aesthetic/noncombat abilities:
    •Bishamonten’s Manifestation:
    The user gains a fourth faceclaim that the user can use for the looks of Bishamonten. The bishamonten faceclaim is an illusion of a different kind and can even be worn around areas without magic or areas that nullify magic. Haruyuki doesn’t limp when he is in Bishamonten’s form.

    •Bishamonten’s Messenger:
    The user has access to Bishamonten's Messengers, they are centipedes. The user can use them to communicate with others through them in the same or a different thread. The user can also pray to Bishamonten for a specific weapon or item and a centipede will bring it in the next post. The user can summon his approved weapons/item to himself during a thread at will.

    •Bishamonten’s Vision:
    The user has been given the partial gift of Bishamonten’s sight. The user can see further and is great adjusting distances and speed.

    Lineage Name: Witchfire
    Wielder: Elvira Arcade
    Purchase Proof: Scroll Purchase

    Witchfire, or Inherited Ethernano Instability Syndrome (IEIS; sometimes called Eyes), is an incurable disease which first appeared in Minstrel over a thousand years ago. The disease, which is passed from parent to child at an extremely high rate, causes the bodily processes that draw in and regulate the flow of one's ethernanos to mistakenly continue to draw in more, even when the body is incapable of storing them. This process causes the ethernanos to excite and behave erratically, rendering them virtually uncontrollable by even the most practiced of wizards.

    The archaic name "Witchfire" was coined either in Minstrel or Pergrande depending on which historical text is being consulted. In Minstrel, it was believed the condition required a pact with an otherworldly being, such as a Demon, to allow the wizard to control their condition. In Pergrande the legend was that those born with the disease were Changelings of Demonic origin, placed in Earthland to act as energy sources for an apocalyptic spell. Pergrande had a relatively high population of those with the disease after a scandal where a group of Inquisitors deliberately trained courtesans to introduce it into communities with suspected wizards. However, after a series of gruesome deaths the inquisitors were themselves executed and no known cases of Witchfire remain in the country. Minstrel on the other hand, has always supported a small community of infected individuals in the form of a select group of noble houses where the disease is believed to have originated. While heavily shunned, these nobles did manage to secure their lineage in perpetuity thanks to the unique ailment, which the monarchy recognizes as a sign of legitimate birth for the family's heirs. Still, the number of cases is dwindling thanks to the justified fear that anyone who marries into such a family will have children unable to achieve the level of magical mastery expected of Minstrel nobility.

    Those with the disease have very little fine control over their magic; typically they can only release bursts of raw energy or direct their ethernanos into another vessel. Most wizards who have been successful with the condition rely on holder magic to focus their power for them.

    When an afflicted individual is unable to release their stored power, their bodies will begin to deteriorate until the ethernanos release on their own; this typically kills the wizard and anyone else nearby.

    Plot Effects:

    • Release:
      Elvira must periodically purge her body of excess magic, which she may do through normal spellcasting or an slow release of unstable ethernanos into the air. The latter method often has strange, localized, effects on the environment; gusts of wind and levitation are common.

    • Witch Burning:
      If Elvira becomes comatose or unable to purge herself then, after roughly three days, her body will begin to disintegrate and, eventually, release an uncontrolled witchfire; killing her and anyone nearby.


    • Endless Draw:
      Witchfire causes Elvira's body to constantly replenish ethernanos.
      (5% MP Regeneration per post)

    • Overflowing Vessel:
      Elvira may transfer her ethernanos through physical contact, allowing her to empower other wizards and charge magical objects.
      (Up to 50% MP transfer per post)

    • Out of Control:
      The highly unstable nature of her natural magic makes her spells extremely dangerous when unleashed fully.
      (User Rank Active Spell Damage Buff)
      (5% HP loss every other post)

    • Witchfire:
      Elvira may voluntarily release her stored, unstable, ethernanos, causing a magical explosion centered around her.
      (Declare an amount of MP and roll 10 normal dice. The rolls are added to the total amount of MP spent)
      (The final number is expended and converted to damage in burst range centered around Elvira)
      (Elvira cannot commit more MP than she currently has available)
      (If this ability causes the Elvira's MP to fall below 0 she takes the negative amount as damage)
      (This ability may only be used once per thread)

    Lineage Name: Shade
    Wielder: Pandora
    Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t6448p500-vip-shop#284966

    Pandora is from a species of dragons commonly known as Shades, originating from mix breed's of ancient dragons the species they are believed to be exceedingly rare hybrids who only happen once in a while. However, within certain locations like The Hidden Grotto, they can no longer be classified as such in such locations there have been shade parents producing shade offspring for generations. This dragoness is lucky enough to be pure blooded instead of first generation Shade, which means while she lacks the horrid size of most first generation shades, her powers are far more potent than the larger shades. Typically? The smaller the shade, compared to other dragons, the more afraid one should be of them as the more shades breed together the more powerful they become as their abilities mix becoming their own instead of simple things they inherited from other species.

    If one listens to the storytellers of Dragon culture around the world? One of the first lessons taught by them is never to attack shades. Anyone not bothering to listen in on stories would assume the reason many other species of dragons do not attack shades is that the species is incredibly powerful, but other dragon species have an entirely different reason to be kind. Since the species hailed from hybrids of many dragons, Shades have a unique knowledge into other kinds of dragons. Instead of using what they knew violently? The species as a whole used what they knew to become the guardians of sick, injured, distressed or just very old dragons. Depending on the land a pureblooded Shade hails from? Their abilities differ to certain extents. As a Hidden Grotto Shade, the abilities Pandora possesses from her species are the following.

    Combat Abilities:
    ☂ Shade Blast ☂
    Shades boast quickly rechargeable firepower in the form of multiple small blasts, these attacks deal the shades typical multi-hit damage per strike, D-rank 30hp, C-rank 45hp, B-rank 60hp, A-rank 75hp, and lastly at S-rank 90hp per impact, in an area and speed matching their rank. While seemingly not very powerful on a per strike basis, shades can fire many of these blasts before growing exhausted and they can quickly stack up to become problematic for enemies. Not affected by magic/strength buffs, nor magic/strength resistance since it's not a magical strike nor is it her physically hitting something, it's just an ability of her species.

    ☂ Dragons Hoard ☂
    Shades have a merit for collecting things like most dragon species, giving these creatures the power to draw 100% greater jewel rewards from the jobs they complete. Due to this they also seem to always conveniently have the right tool for the job, something that someone needs, or just generally anything that's gone missing recently. No one is quite sure if this is because of a natural knack for finding and hoarding things, or because they may be secret kleptomaniacs.

    ☂ Dragon Skin ☂
    Shades are notoriously hard to find even when they leave their hidden lands, most assume this is because they fly during the night using their black scales as a disguise. However, that is only half the truth, a shades scales are indeed it's best defense against attack, but not because they're black. These dragons can change the color of their scales at will, even having multiple colors on one scale, allowing them to blend into their surroundings, even in flight. This ability is obviously prone to its own weaknesses, for example, if someone knocks some scales out then the scales cannot do their job. Shades also require a few seconds to change their colors so if they are constantly being struck by attacks, it can be nearly impossible for them to go invisible. Due to the thickness of her scales, she also has 25% more health, 30% when she reaches A rank.

    ☂ Dragon Senses ☂
    Shades have their own set of specialized senses that differ from humans like any species, the first of which being specialized echolocation originally used to navigate the often difficult paths into their native lands. These dragons are experts in sensory abilities, having most any sensory ability one can think of. However, it takes shades time to flicker from one to another and they can only typically have two sensory abilities from this active at a time in pvp, though they can use them much more freely in normal story. Due to the blessing of their senses, they can be much more conservative with their magic, thus shades spend 40% less on their spells than normal creatures, increasing to 50% less at B rank.

    ☂ Flight Effects ☂
    Shades have special magical properties embedded within the veins of their wings, ones that change dependant on how the shade moves their wings and their body temperature. The effect of charged magic in their wings? Results in a snow like substance falling from their wings, this material comes in a variety of colors and can have many different elements but only one main effect, shades often pick at least one of their magic's by what element they can produce most often. For Pandora no matter the elemental nature (freeze/paralyze/etc) of her flap, it's effect is immobilizing those struck for a single post, this is effective within her ranks burst range and can only be used every other post if the targets are still the same. If the target is different? It can be used again. Shades can produce this effect on varying levels, so she can use this for things like numbing pain, freezing injuries, and other such things, but the main combat application is immobilizing enemies so she can rescue those who need help. Due to these magic channels they have 40% more mana, increasing to 50% at B rank and 60% more at S rank.

    Style Abilities
    ☂ Guardian Dragon ☂
    Due to their status as guardians of most dragon species in need? Almost every dragon a shade encounters will refuse to fight it without first being attacked by the shade. This refusal is not simply due to their status but also because they emit a very calming presence for other dragons, often making them perceived as no threat, making another dragon more likely to ignore or aid them before it fights them. The only exceptions to this are those who do not know what the shade is, dragons with a deep connection to someone who wishes to fight the shade, player controlled dragons or event dragons, that sort of thing.

    ☂ Mutt Privileges ☂
    Originating from a multitude of hybrids and living lives as guardians, most shades can identify almost every other species of dragon and the most important facts about those dragons from the time they are very young. Shades use this information to aid their duties as guardians, knowing what to feed an injured dragon who can't feed itself, knowing if there is a quick way to subdue a protective injured dragon and many other things. However, should they ever use this knowledge to harm another dragon short of self-defense, it is very likely other shades will hunt them down.

    ☂ Dragonic Tongue ☂
    Almost everyone knows the rumor, that dragons can understand and speak any language they desire. Well, for shades this is half true, they can understand all languages innately without any trouble. However, due to their vocal cords being inherited from so many species they can not speak the language of any humanoids in their dragon forms, to speak a humanoid language they must be in their humanoid form. Oddly, for some reason, their humanoid forms are capable of speaking any language.


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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Johann on February 6th 2019, 7:45 pm

    Legacy of Chaos:

    Legacy of Chaos

    Wielder: Oras Auro

    Atia, the Goddess of Happiness, took joy and pride in her work.  Among all the gods in existence, she was perhaps the most optimistic and uplifting.  She spent most of her time guiding and aiding humans who sought out happiness, whether it be through altering events, showing them signs, or speaking to them, whether it be directly or indirectly.  Anything she could do to aid humans in finding happiness.  However she was naive and young, unaware of the evil nature of humans that corrupted everything, even happiness.  Some found happiness in worshiping her so she allowed them to create a sort of religion, with seven priests/priestess and a single head priest/priestess.

    Eventually, humans had discovered a way to take advantage of Atia.  They called for her aid in what seemed like harmless requests, that inevitably led to more crime, tyrants, greed, and corrupt individuals gaining influence and power.  At first Atia didn’t understand the connection and simply tried to help everyone.  In her blindness, she only made things worse, the corruption and evil nature of man growing and spreading like a virus infecting a defenseless host.  Soon she had discovered the truth and confronted her head priest, asking why she wasn’t informed of this, before discovering that he was possibly the most corrupt of them all.

    Her fellow deities had noticed this and cursed their relative for having caused such a disaster.  They reproached her, breaking her emotionally with their harsh and accusing words, making her believe that the entire corruption of mankind was her fault.  They forced her to watch as the gods of destruction and death were given permission to cull much of the human life in the land, their souls moving into the afterlife.  The event scarred her for life, breaking her emotionally.  She remained silent and still in that same spot for many years, different deities speaking down to her from time to time.

    One day she recovered after thinking for all those years.  Her essence of happiness was all but gone entirely.  The entire time she watched she saw that everything she knew was a lie.  And she also saw that there was only one thing that remained the same:  The world changed.  Not just from what she did, but on a microscopic level there were changes in everything.  Some insignificant but some that would inevitably change the world itself.  There were changes in the spiritual and ethereal realm as well.  She had discovered the one and only truth.  And from that truth she had made herself anew.

    She left her place of solitude and depression and reshaped her powers by sheer will, and became the goddess of Chaos and disorder.  Others believed that she was stealing their title and attempted to stop or end her.  However her power and ability’s were unique.  When she spoke to them they found they could not kill her and out of frustration went away to leave her alone.  She began to make the tiny changes in the world bigger, more amplified and stronger than before.  Anything she could to disrupt the other deities works.

    One day she decided to mess with the greatest deity of them all:  The God of Creation.  She knew that daily tasks such as giving life to humans in the womb were so natural that he paid them no mind, and thus she approached one such incident and tapped into the process of his.  Once inside she began to rip and tear out huge chunks of his creation, leaving gaping holes in the life he was making while taking other parts and shifting them around.  What she failed to realize was that she left behind a part of herself as well.  That part of her was replaced over time but what happened would change the child’s future as well as hers.

    By the time Atia realized her mistake she began to track the child, watching the misfortune that fell upon him.  She watched the mentor who took him in and recognized him:  A descendent of one of the only true and loyal priests of hers, who told her story to his children.  Her identity soon became nothing, but her truth.  The truth she now knew as Chaos lived on.  This mentor taught Oras this and he absorbed it.  Why shouldn’t he?  This very truth was a part of him now.  As she watched him grow into a man she began to feel she had a soft spot for the boy.

    RP Abilities:
    Most people when they die they go to some afterlife.  Or get trapped in soul gems.  Or something to those natures.  Oras can’t.  When his body ceases to function it triggers a chain reaction.  The first event is a detonation.  His soul creates a massive explosion that reaches out to a one hundred meter radius.  Anything caught in the blast is immediately and utterly destroyed.  Transformed into an unknown type of energy and consumed by Oras’ soul.  It is possible to survive the blast, but at the cost of all one’s mana, using it as a sort of sacrifice and substitute of one’s life.  Immediately after the detonation, the blast gets sucked back into the center, becoming a very unique singularity.  Oras’ soul hovers in the center, a black mess of energy constantly shifting and moving.  It absorbs anything within a fifty meter radius, sucking anything within that reach in and consuming it.  The more it consumes the faster the reconstruction process goes.  

    Over time the soul shifts from black, to purple, to blue, to the typical light blue everyone sees spirits as.  Eventually the soul will take the energy it’s gathered and reconstruct Oras’ body around itself.  Exactly as he and his equipment was just before he was killed.  While his physical body and mana may have been completely restored however, the process of restoring his body causes insane and torturous pain to Oras, thus he’s left weak and vulnerable.

    Oras is not a god or deity.  However his soul is related to one, and thus it is possible to summon him.  Whether by accident or on purpose.  Oras could be summoned by accident if one is attempting to summon a chaotic deity, god or other powerful being, and they do the process wrong.  This usually occurs when the summoning is being done via ritual circle or runes, chanting and such.  It is extremely rare for someone with summoning magic to accidentally summon Oras as most summoners link themselves with their summons.  The second method of summoning Oras is, of course, through contracts.  Oras learned of this through a wizard named Ruvel, and also he learned of the Yokai version of contracts from Izayuki.  Needless to say Oras wasn’t particularly interested in either version and thus made his own combination of their methods.

    Similar to the Yokai contracts, Oras had selected a type of object in which he could make contracts out of.  Unlike Yokai contracts that are essentially leaves however, Oras’ contract comes in the shape of a silver coin.  There is a symbol that resides on both sides of the coin.  The same one on his mask and outfit:  a symbol that means chaos.  Unlike the Yokai contracts however, they cannot be given to anyone else.  If Oras gave someone a contract, only they could hold it.  It would phase through anyone else’s hands as if it didn’t exist.  This is where his contracts become similar to most summoner contracts:  It is directly bound between Oras and the person he had made it with.  If Oras wishes he can break any contract he wishes, but people can still accidentally summon him..  Which usually pisses him off.

    Fractured Sight
    The five senses of the world (or six if your a wizard), are so simplistic yet allow beings to view the world around them.  Oras however, does not necessarily have to rely on these senses.  He does, in fact, have a seventh.  It essentially allows him to look at the world through his soul, which is already vastly different than any other soul in existence.  Instead of seeing the world through a physical sense, he can look at the different essences, auras, signals, etc.  Shapes, colors, shades, and movements tell him many different things.  When he’s looking at an entity (mortal or immortal beings, spirits or physical bodies, etc.) he can see them in three parts:  The body.  The spirit.  And their Aura.  Their body color will depend on just what it is they are.  Their race and gender essentially.  The color of their soul depends on their personality and morality.  The more corrupt or immoral they are, the darker they appear.  The more just and moral they are the brighter they appear.  Finally their aura, which can tell Oras what type of power or abilities they have.  Magic is by default blue.  Holy is gold like, with demonic being red.  There are many many different types of powers as well, so Oras must learn them over time.  He can tell how powerful or controlled/uncontrolled their magic is by the aura’s size and how stable it appears.

    In addition to all of this however he also has the ability to see other aspects, such as signals (technology/magic devices connecting such as phones, computers, linked artifacts, telepathic connections), waves such as sound waves, radio waves.  He can see remnants of anything marked by magic.  Typically if it’s not a powerful spell he can see through invisibility.  Anything done via technology is colored red.  Anything done via magic is colored blue.  Anything done by nature itself is colored green.  The downside to this is that he can’t keep it active for long.  At max he can only let it last five minutes.  With each minute he uses it, he requires two minutes to recover  (so five minute use would mean a ten minute wait).

    Integrated Reality
    Everyone likes to think the world has some sort of fixed structure.  The world is round.  The sun keeps shining.  And we all live happily knowing none of this will change in our lifetime…  Oras knows better.  By understanding how fragile the world, the universe, the multiverse and all dimensions truly are, he’s able to shatter the border between them.  He’s able to cross over between dimensions yes, but it’s not an easy feat, far from it.  It’s very taxing on him.  Not from breaking a hole in dimension to travel between them no.  It’s from keeping the hole from collapsing in on itself and creating a permanent tear in reality.  It is easier for him to keep holes from collapsing in on themselves when traveling between the physical and spiritual realm, but it’s still a bit draining.  When traveling between realms he cannot take anyone who doesn’t have a changeable soul like he does.  Otherwise their body and quite possibly their soul would shred into pure energy and be lost forever between dimensions.  Have you tried to keep your physical body when stepping into the spiritual realm?  No?  Thought not.  Don’t try it, it’s painful either way.

    While Oras does have a soul that can fit his needs by reshaping his body into…  Well anything, be it physical, spiritual, life force, pure energy, pure mana, pure..  Whatever you call the energy his soul generates.  It is still very painful to do.  This is why Oras doesn’t exactly enjoy crossing dimensions using this method, and will only do so if it’s of the utmost emergencies.

    Oras has inherited much from his, ‘mother’.  The being of Chaos may not have realized that she was creating something new, unique, something that was hers, but when she did she had poured her heart into it.  Granted most of that heart was the searing rage and bloodlust towards her fellow deities and gods, but a part of who she was before all that was mixed in with it.  The desire to see people smile.  To see people happy.  To see joy and prosperity.  For she was, in the beginning, a goddess of emotions, compassion and generosity.  While Oras doesn’t often feel these effects, he has gained some of Atia’s old powers because of this part of her.  Oras has the ability to see and feel the emotions of others.  By reaching out with his mind he can feel what others around him feel.  He can target one individual with this effect, or an entire crowd.  Even when he’s not purposefully feeling for emotions however, if someone nearby is having very strong and potent emotions in that moment, they brush against him and he feels it.

    The only way Oras can see emotions is if he uses Fractured Sight.  When he does, in addition to a person’s aura they have a certain ‘glow’.  The color of this glow depends on their current emotions, and many times there are several rows of colors.  The downside to this is that Oras cannot turn it off, and massive amounts of heightened emotions can disorientate him if he can’t control it.

    Most souls are similar, despite being different races.  They may have a different feeling or color to them, depending on their race, whether they’re a demon, mortal or god.  In the end however, it doesn’t really mean anything.  They are similar enough.  Oras however, is an entirely different case.  His soul is in a constant state of flux.  Unstabilized and uncontrolled.  Because of these constant shifts and changes, Oras’ soul changes from one type of being to another.  One could say it was a true shapeshifter, if it weren’t for the fact that it doesn’t even register as that.  It’s just..  Everything and nothing at the same time.  Because of this flux like state and changing, he can be felt and sensed by anyone able to sense or see aura’s and souls as anything at all.  Sometimes he appears to be a human, yokai, elf, Dwarf, Dragon, Animal, Demon, God, Half breed, angel, etc.  He can also be felt as different power levels.  Ranging from rank D to rank Z and even beyond.

    Oras cannot control how he’s sensed, and regardless of what it feels like his strength is or race is, his power does not change.  He can reshape his body to any appearance he pleases, though it takes a while to do so.  He isn’t, after all, an actual shapeshifter.  The downside to this is that if anyone has sensed him once, it’s usually impossible to keep his real identity hidden from them.

    Atia’s Malediction
    Upon speaking with Atia, learning more about her and what her intentions are, she gives him a unique ability.  Something that, while takes a massive amount of his spiritual energy and mana, could prove to be quite useful to him.  Oras can channel his chaotic energy to separate from him and latch onto another.  The result of this occurring is:..  Bad luck.  Literally.  Depending on how much of Oras’ soul energy he disperses, the bad luck can be minor nuisances, or lethal events.  The effect, or curse, is called “Atia’s Malediction”.  While under this effect, it seems as if the world itself is out to get the victim.  Minor nuisances would include things like getting hit by water from nowhere, tripping over yourself despite being perfectly balanced, knocking into something you didn’t see, or something knocking into you, stubbing your toe on accident, stepping on an ant pile, etc.  They aren’t lethal but can be annoying really quickly.  Moderate bad luck would be things that could harm you but aren’t lethal.  Such as catching sickness, getting a cut somehow, stepping on a nail, door slamming your fingers, falling into a hole or ditch, getting mugged, etc.  Then there is the lethal bad luck.  Any form of bad luck that would kill you, be it deadly plagues, structures collapsing around you, losing balance focus or strength in the middle of a fight, encountering a very powerful dark mage.  Anything that could prove lethal.

    At the same time however, the curse can’t last forever.  Depending on how much mana and soul energy is spent, it can last between a week, to a year.  If the victim’s life is in disarray, chaos or confusion (mental wise) then the length of time can be extended by an additional day.  If the curse is non lethal and just a nuisance then Oras doesn’t show any weariness.  If it’s deadly, lethal and lasts a long time, Oras could very well fall unconscious for an hour or two after applying it.

    Additional Note:  Requires OOC Permission to apply.

    Distortion of Nature (Gravity)
    There are five natural forces in the known universe.  Within reality at least.  Gravity.  Nuclear Power.  Electromagnetism.  Space.  And Time.  By utilizing his soul’s ability to create chaos and distort anything, Oras can control each of these to some degree, at the cost of fatigue, recharge or some other downside.  Gravity is the easiest of the five for Oras to control.  Despite what everyone leads themselves to believe, Gravity is in fact the weakest of the five forces.  This however, is an advantage for Oras.  Gravity can slip through time, making it easy for him to utilize that aspect.  Despite gravity being the easiest to manipulate however, it does require concentration.  The slightest mistake could cause too much pressure, applying changes to the wrong area, or (at worst case scenario) creating a black hole he didn’t mean to make.  Thus when he has distractions, manipulating gravity can become rather dangerous..  This is why he usually doesn’t do many incredible feats with gravity in the middle of combat, other than maybe making himself or someone else fly, or something else like that.

    While Oras can control gravity in general, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to alter gravity that is under magical influence.  Whether it’s an enchantment, magical artifact, or someone else’s magic being used.  He would need to dispel the magic before he could do so.

    Distortion of Nature (Electromagnetism)
    Of the five natural forces of the universe, Electromagnetism is probably the second easiest to control.  It doesn’t take too much effort to create a magnetic field if you know what you’re doing, and creating electricity is easy as well.  And when you have a soul that distorts the very laws of physics itself, controlling electromagnetism and bending it to your will doesn’t seem too difficult.  Like Gravity, it doesn’t apply much fatigue on Oras at all, but it does require a bit of concentration.  By distorting the natural flow of electromagnetism, and by creating his own waves of it, it does give him the ability to perform a type of telekinesis, as well as transmute objects.  By generating, altering and moving the electromagnetism of objects and their surroundings, he can move anything and anyone he likes without touching them.  Doing this requires the least amount of concentration but he still needs to focus.  Or else they vanish and whatever he’s moving stops or drops.  He can also use it to move the molecules in the air and in an object around, transforming any object or structure into any shape he likes, or into something else entirely.  Such as turning coal into gold, etc.  This however takes more concentration as it’s change on a molecular level, and thus the tiniest mistake could prove to be a problem.

    While Oras can control the electromagnetism of objects and people, including the surrounding area.  He cannot create it on enchanted objects or places.  If something is under magical influence then he cannot control them.  The same goes for any being who can use magic.

    Distortion of Nature (Nuclear)
    While Gravity and Electromagnetism may be rather easy for Oras to control, if not requiring concentration at least, Nuclear control is more straining on Oras than it requires concentration.  Nuclear power, namely the power of the atoms, is something that is extremely delicate, yet simple to understand.  There isn’t much one can do with nuclear power other than charge something up, create radiation or cause an nuclear blast.  However Oras can in fact find uses sometime in the future.  Charging anything up would be easy for him to do, and isn’t a danger to him either.  Radiation isn’t a threat to Oras, not only because of his ability to control it, but also because his body and soul are already in a flux like state, and thus Radiation passes right through him unhindered.  He can also force Radiation to thin out and vanish quickly, without dealing too much damage to the environment or people.  And while he can create nuclear explosions he’s, well…  Just, not going to do that under just about every circumstance.  The devastation would far outweigh the usefulness.

    As usual of course, while he can control nuclear forces, he cannot control nuclear power that’s under magical influence or being controlled by another.

    Distortion of Nature (Space)
    The last two natural forces of the universe are the most straining to control, but manageable if Oras isn’t under a lot of stress, weary or pain.  Space requires concentration while also applies stress to him.  He can consume mana to ease the stress on him but this makes it very hard to use in combat.  By controlling and manipulating space, Oras can create portals, wormholes.  He can bend space and twist it however way he wants.  By doing so he can make landscapes curve.  He could take a city block and fold it on itself.  Over time Oras can learn how to use this power and not be strained, but there is always a breaking point.  The larger, longer and more frequent he distorts space, the more stress he puts on his body and mind.  However space is also intertwined with dimensions.  Because of this, he can bend the world around him regardless of what dimension he is in.  If he entered a world where space didn’t exist however, then this ability would be pointless.  He cannot control, alter or break space that is controlled by someone’s magic.

    Distortion of Nature (Time)
    The most difficult force of nature to control, ever.  Time puts a great strain on Oras as well as requires much concentration.  Opening up windows in time is the easiest for him to do, which still puts a strain on him.  These ‘windows’ allow him to see into the past, or into the future.  The further he looks, the more it strains him.  If he tries looking further than six months he’ll pass out.  If he tries looking further than a year he dies and his revive ability activates.  He can also bring time to a halt, but can only freeze time for a limited amount of time.  Namely one minute if he isn’t already tired or weakened.  Usually however it’s thirty seconds.  He can also create a small bubble for others to be unaffected by this ability.  Finally he can leap into the future or past, but only a few seconds or minutes at a time.  Doing so greatly weakens him and gives him a minor headache.  Over time his powers over nature may grow, but unlike Atia he isn’t a pure chaos being.  His soul is partial human and partial chaos, thus the difficulty using it’s more potent powers.  As always, he cannot effect areas that are under magial influence.

    Combat Abilities:
    Name:  Ancestral Hatred
    Passive Ability: Always Active
    Description:  Not only did Oras inherit a chaotic soul from Atia, the being of Chaos, but he also inherited her feelings as well.  While most are subtle, what remains strong is her hatred against the Gods and Deities.  She hates them with such a passion, that her hatred manifested into raw power, giving her a very deadly advantage over her counterparts.  While Oras is not nearly as powerful as Atia, he is still very powerful indeed, and has a bonus in magical damage equal to his rank in percentage.

    Name:  Surging Power
    Passive Ability: Always Active
    Description:  Oras’ soul isn’t of this world.  Nor is it ove the world of deities.  Atia exists as a completely different being in a completely different state.  One that is unknown to anyone, even Oras.  His soul generates a unique form of energy that none can duplicate..  However at the same time, his soul can transform that energy into just about anything.  Therefore his mana comes from his chaotic soul.  In addition to this, his soul flows energy through his body and magic, amplifying his magic power, increasing magic damage by his rank in percentage.

    Name:  Font of Power
    Passive Ability: Just as Oras’ soul generates energy that can be transformed into any other form.  So too can his soul steal said energy.  This can be done passively or forcefully, and most of the time it’s done passively.  Just pulling the energy from the air and objects around him.  Not enough to be noticeable but still enough to gather power.  This not only aids his Glacier God Slaying Magic, but it also gives him access to more mana than the average wizard does.  Oras has additional maximum mana equal to his rank in percentage.

    Name:  Dimensional Distortion
    Toggle Ability: Can be turned on/off
    Description:  Having a chaotic soul is difficult to handle, but once in control he can use his chaotic soul to distort the world around him.  One of the ways he does this is by distorting space and the dimensions around him.  Regardless of what most people say about their ‘special’ teleporting spells or abilities, all teleportation works the same way in this world of reality:  Traveling through space.  By distorting and disrupting space and dimensional area, he prevents any and all forms of teleporting from working.  However, this also affects allies, and thus he’s learned how to turn this ability on and off.  Unfortunately it has a limited range equal to Oras' rank in burst distance.

    Name:  Phantom’s Bane
    Active Spell: Always Active
    Description:  Distorting the space and dimensions around Oras is an incredible feat, but Oras goes even further.  While his power is naturally drawn to chaos and destruction, he can also pull objects and people into order.  Whether it’s mortals vibrating their body or weapon fast enough to phase through objects or spells.  Whether it’s a spirit, phantom, angel, demon or god.  Regardless of what it is, Oras can stabilize them in the physical sense, preventing them from being able to phase.  They cannot phase to escape Oras’ blows and they cannot phase to get through Oras’ defenses.

    Curse of Sacramentum:

    Lineage Name: Curse of Sacramentum
    Wielder: Raven / Inglisse Carroll

    Caroline Vanessa Baskerville grew up in a homely little village of western architecture and humble cobblestone roads. The rhythm of magic was the trend among the locals, who studied not just how to use magic, but the many secrets behind why magic existed. Caroline was an apprentice to a small organization of these scientific mages, who spent their days collecting research and performing experiments to scribble down and add to their grand knowledge. Life was fairly simple and the young girl loved her family, friends, and mentors that lived in the village. Unfortunately, the simplistic and happy days would be short lived when tragedy struck the village.

    The mages had been investigating and exploring the first element on their list, Sacramentum, or Mystery. Components of the element included the void or abyss, dark matter and energy, and anything that did not line up with what was real, unreal, spiritual, physical, magical, or of the mind. The research labs of the mages where Caroline worked were invaded by people who wished to gather the information and sell it off at a high price. Mid-experiment, however, the situations turned awry. An abyssal explosion occurred, weaving dangerous dark energy mixed with other component through the village, causing all to instantly fall ill and meet their demise. Caroline, however, had been fortunate enough to be out searching for resources and materials needed for their scientific research. Upon returning, she was met with a warped and grim reality with fallen loved ones. Her entire life’s goals were gone and her friends and family massacred at the hands of an unknown phenomenon.

    Impulsively, Caroline scrapped together the archives and data she needed, combined with her own expertise, and attempted to undo the damage caused by the Sacramentum experimentation. Tying the souls, or psyche, of the dead bodies, back to the physical plane and village, Caroline attempted to infuse life into them once again, along with preservation of their minds, animus, and magic, sorcery, while free of the Sacramentum element. The process was projected to not fail, but the result Caroline was met with was too horrible for words. Sacramentum being a key element to the phenomenon of such life, the life she tried to recreate clustered towards the source of the magical use and manipulation. Still standing within the regions of her experiment, Caroline became a part of it, every body, soul, mind, and magic of the massacred villagers fused to her own essence. She maintained her individuality, but her own being was fused and threatened with the lives of many others, who she now carries with her.

    In desperation, Caroline began to refine her research and seek ways to separate the new monster from herself and into individual humans once again, without fully losing herself. She dove headfirst into her craft, learning all she could about her craft and about the five elements. With time, she managed to separate the bulk of the monster she created from herself, but not without consequences from the experimental process on her own mind, body, and soul. From the toll it took on her, the being known exclusively as ‘Caroline’ was warped and misshapen into a mindset from the withdrawal and trauma. Her mind essentially almost split and as a result, she took on a new name-- Inglisse Carroll.

    With so many new aspects of her animus, psyche, and alchemy changed from how they used to be, Inglisse can barely even be labelled a human any longer. The most fitting label for her new ‘kind’ is simply the designation of a monster or abomination. Despite this fact, Inglisse stands in full denial and considers herself a human and scientist mage who wishes to still save her village and progress civilization with her talents and research. The tolls on her existence manifest in a unique set of capabilities and abilities separate from her magic-- a phenomenon she labels as the ‘Curse of Sacramentum’, or ‘Curse of the Unknown’.

    :spades: From her experimentation and research to save her village, Inglisse has created a number of accidental 'abominations'. These monstrous creatures are hers to summon and sit at her beck and call. The user gains an extra spell per rank, up to S, that is designated for an abomination summoning.

    :spades: With enough experimentation on her body and soul, Inglisse has consumed enough power to essentially cheat death. She has infused her body with the essence and life forces of a long list of other beings, most of which are highly durable or immortal, and has woven the threads of other souls into her own. As a result, her body is unable to be fully destroyed without coming back together, and her soul may not be moved past a burst range radius. This also gives her manipulation over her body to a decent degree when it comes to changing forms or shapes. Her body maintains a strength and durability of her rank, as a result.

    :spades: From the toll her body has taken, Inglisse has 50% melee damage resistance and has 5% HP regen per post.

    :spades: When desired, Inglisse can tear apart the edges of the physical realm to expose the fullness of Sacramentum elements. In doing so, she has full control of the void/abyss, dark matter, dark energy, mysterious components, etc. Utilizing and materializing these, each component is given a durability and strength of her rank in magic. Additionally, Inglisse regenerates 5% mana per post and is granted 50% magic damage resistance.

    :spades: Using the many individuals stored within her being, Inglisse may clone herself as needed, each clone having a strength and durability of her rank. Additionally, Inglisse may clone other beings, living and nonliving, with a similar durability. She may not clone any registered app without OOC permission. Even if she does, its properties will not be replicated. Additionally, Inglisse has a passive user rank magic damage boost.

    :spades: Always taking careful notes and selling her research and findings consistently, Inglisse gains 100% more jewels when she goes on a job.

    Draconic Ascension:
    Dragonic Ascension
    User: Sol

    From what had been told throughout Earthland, it had been a long time coming the young dragon prince was tired of being the servant of Acnologia but still he knew that he would have to wait in the shadows biding his time until he could take the Dragonic throne for himself. Patiently he played the obedient pawn until his time came, and that was so much sooner than he thought, the dragon known as Acnologia was thought to be the biggest threat within Fiore what no one expected was the greater threat that took him down. Dragonic Ascension is the name of the power that helped Sol take down the dragon of Apocalypse with some ease, solidifying not only his ascension to the Dragonic throne but to be named the number one threat to any whom opposed him or what he wanted; if you where useful enough he may call you an ally or even take you into his service, but that depended on how much he liked you. The young Drag0nic king isn't known for being patient so it's advised for even his allies and servants not to make him ask something more than twice.

    Now the question is how could someone so young take down such an old powerful dragon, well the answer to that is simple and it wasn't through training or smarts alone. Rumour had it there was an ancient scroll hidden within Shadow Island that held lost techniques to the Dragonic court, this was nothing more than lore as the exact location wasn't known and the current ruler had forbidden any dragon from going onto Shadow Island to look for it. It was unknown the reason why but the young prince believed it to be fear and decided that if he was going to defeat the one in his way he would have to risk it, so went to the island and had a look coming across an ancient graveyard within poisoned fields at the centre laid a small shrine and within that laid the treasure he had been searching for all this time. Paying proper homage to those who passed and even proving his strength against them, they allowed their secret knowledge to fall upon the boy so he could gain what he wanted.

    Remaining within the safety of the graveyard knowing that none of his kind would ever come unless they where intending to die, the young prince began to train in the arts he found within. As with everything some abilities came to him easier that others, but that just made him that much more determined to get them correct; especially since he had been warned that these abilities where just as deadly to the wielder if not properly executed. This was made all that much more apparent when he had used one ability before he was ready releasing a deadly venom into his own body that almost killed him, but strangely it mutated making him stronger leaving him to wonder... where they deadly to an unskilled wielder or was it that this power was waiting for the right owner, either way it was his now and he wouldn't share what he had learned with anyone, destroying the graveyard as he left.

    Loexvi Sekeolath:

    Loexvi Sekeolath also known in common tongue as deadly shade isn't exactly what one would expect given it's name, namely as it isn't anything to do with shadow, but it is indeed deadly if you are on the other end of Sol's fist. Now if you listen to the story behind how the young dragon king ascended to his throne it is said that he released a poison into his blood stream that mutated, this is no tall tale as it in fact happened. Due to this fortunate event for five rounds Sol gets a 50% boost to his speed, magical potency and physical strength; he also is able to ignore 25% of the damage coming towards him. This has a ten round cooldown before it can be used again, requiring Sol to give up 10% of his over all health and mana once the duration has come to an end.

    Weyoga Sjach:

    Weyoga Sjach also known in common tongue as Poisoned Shadow is as deadly as it sounds. The caster remains doing whatever they are doing even if it isn't anything threatening, all they need is the want that the ones around them suffer an extremely agonising death. Sol's shadow slowly begins to darken over a matter of five rounds giving anyone he deems as an enemy an uneasy feeling, this isn't meant to cause fear merely to throw people off. As it gets darker it also gives off a sickly looking aura that poisons anyone with a shadow or in a shadow of any kind for 50% Sol's current rank damage per round, plus whatever damage is stored up within the shadow. (maxs at 2.5x rank damage, capping at S rank) He may decide to release the shadowed poison at any point however. It is able to go up to 120 meters gaining an additional 20m as he ranks up. There is only a few ways to prevent this ability going off fully. Restraining Sol, knocking him out, covering the entire area in shadow or creating a light stronger light source than the shadow itself. The cooldown for this ability is ten rounds.

    Sjach Katimai

    Sjach Katimai also known in common tongue Shadow Servants allows Sol to call up to eight identical clones of himself, this not only makes it harder for his opponents to land hits on him but allows him to channel his magic through one of the clones to add to the deception. These clones have the stats of an A Rank summon spread throughout them. (This means they have 25 health each and hit for 3hp if the maximum numbers are called upon.) It's when they are destroyed their true strength is shown as they do 50% splash damage up to 30m away from themselves, the summoned shadows can move up to 90m away from Sol himself an additional 10m every rank (capping at S Rank). The summon clones last for seven rounds and requires a twelve round cooldown.

    Mitne Sjach

    Mitne Sjach also known in common tongue as Light Shadow is a unique ability indeed. The reason for this is that any light within the affected area instantly starts to darken into a deep purple eventually turning to black. When this transformation of light to shadow is complete it is then drawn towards Sol almost as if he was a magnet for the non magical shadow. Where this ability deals no damage in itself, it does make sure that the dragonic king always has things around him to eat to regain mana and help him towards force. This is a passive ability however it takes three rounds per ten meters of light he wants to convert to the maximum of 70m. (Only natural light sources can be altered to shadow if being used towards force, magically created light that is altered can only be used to regain mana.)

    Rekiwrir Bakmada

    Rekiwrir Bakmada also known in common tongue as Creeping Mist is one of the more deadly abilities that Sol learned from the scroll he found within the dragonic graveyard. The mist like substance is released from Sol's mouth, this can go up to 90m from him. This mist effects only enemies in a negative manner, (for the most part anyway.) first making them pause in fear due to the dense mist like fog that has came out of nowhere, the secondary effect of this mist is that it creates illusions based on whatever Sol wishes bending to its masters will at a moments notice shrouding Sol and his allies by 50% making it harder for them to be hit. The third effect of this ability is that while within the shadow enemies and allies alike take 25% rank (Capping at S Rank) damage per round (capping at 1.75x.), the fourth and final effect of this ability is that while enemies breath in the deadly mist there is a chance for one spell per round to backfire on the original caster and their allies (A normal dice should be rolled to see if the spell backfires, if the dice is even nothing changes, Sol and his allies are still hit by the designated spell, if the dice lands on odd then the targeted spell backfires. In the case of healing spells they do the equivalent in damage instead, in the case of buff spells they become debuffs instead and non damaging spells targeted are nulled.) If used in a long thread permission will be asked from all parties taking before activating this part of the ability due to dice rolls. This ability is active for 7 rounds and requires a 20 round cooldown, to activate this ability Sol must be willing to sacrifice mana equal to 1.5x that of an S Rank spell.

    Scholar's Spirit:

    Name: Scholar's Spirit

    Wielder: Aven Alveron.

    Description: In every world, there are countless drives and ambitions that move the hearts of sentient beings. Over the course of history, conquerors have sectioned the land, and visionaries have shaped society. All the while, in the background, scholars have advanced the world's knowledge, pursued the inner secrets of the universe and it's workings. Inheritors of the Scholar's collective spirit are intuitive, innovative, and curious beyond imagination, and cannot be tied down to simply one magic, and thrive by incorporating all of their knowledge into their craft. The major semblance of indication that someone is a Scholar is the ability to manipulate Magical information in Magic Circles using Glyphs. This craft, though naturally discovered by most inheritors of the Scholar's collective spirit, is as old as magic itself, though it holds no supreme power nor dominance to show for its long history. Instead, it offers the same, captivating promise to each reincarnation of the First Scholar: endless possibility.

    Minor Abilities:

    - Studious: Aven is able to read and comprehend text much faster than a normal person.

    - Quick Thinker: Aven's mind processes and exports information much quicker than a normal person, allowing him to devise clever strategies and counter-strategies even in the midst of combat.

    - Scholar's of Old: Aven is a reincarnation of the First Scholar, just as all inheritors before him. In times of great need, or grave importance, the knowledge, wisdom, or even memories of his predecessors may be recalled to his mind.

    - Grace of the First Scholar: Once every month, if Aven is unconscious and about to perish from his wounds, his subconscious can invoke the Grace of the First Scholar, causing a golden, spiritual visage of a previous Scholar to appear, returning his body to the minimum sustainable condition, and transporting him to a safe location. Afterward, he will be unable to use magic for an entire week.

    Major Abilities:

    - Absorption Glyph, Su: Aven's Magic Circles passively draw in the natural surrounding magic energy, storing 2.5% of Aven's maximum per post that they persist, up to a maximum of 10%. When they are successfully triggered, that energy is immediately transferred to Aven. (Applies at the end of each post. Circles that are triggered the same post they were created do not restore any mana.)

    - Rotation Glyph, Vec: Aven's Magic Circles gain a 20% User rank damage Shield made of residual magic each time he casts different type of magic than his previous cast, which drops off either after two consecutive posts of not casting magic or when he casts the same Magic Type twice.

    - Repetition Glyph, Lae: Aven's Magic Circles automatically reappear when they are triggered at their maximum duration.

    Usage: MP Recouperation, Shield, and Output Increase when used strategically.

    Elven Birthright:

    Lineage Name: Elven Birthright
    Wielder: Vanita Narcista
    Purchase Proof: Here

    Elves have always been synonymous with magic and despite the fact that the race has now dwindled to just a mere few, those lucky enough to be blessed have a great advantage when it comes to magical aptitude. They are gifted not only with great magical power in terms of damage but also have an increased effectiveness when it comes to healing and supporting others too. Vanita herself is unaware of her own heritage and is still looking for answers but aware or not, she gets to enjoy the benefits of being a descendant of that highly respected race.

    • Blessing Of Damage: Vanita gains a 110% boost to her magical damage. (Maxing out at 120% at S rank) - 2 Effects

    • Blessing Of Healing: Vanita gains a 110% boost to her healing spells. (Maxing out at 120% at S rank) - 2 Effects

    • Blessing Of Durability: Vanita gains a 110% boost to her shielding spells. (Maxing out at 120% at S rank) - 2 Effects

    • Blessing Of Resistance: Vanita gains a 50% boost to both her physical and magical resistance. - 2 Effects

    • Blessing Of Efficiency - Vanita gains 50% spell cost reduction. - 1 Effect

    • Blessing Of Wealth - Vanita gains 100% bonus jewels from every job she does. - 1 Effect

    Plot Abilities:

    Animal Communication: Elves have always been people of nature and because of this, Vanita is able to speak with animals as easily as she can with humans.

    Elven Lifespan: Elves are known for their long lifespans and as such, Vanita ages far slower than normal.

    Stealthy Hunter: Due in part to her magic as well as birthright, Vanita is able to blend into her surroundings, giving her a type of invisibility. Using any form of spell will also instantly reveal her.

    Kumiho Descendancy, the Vulpine Siren:

    Wielder: Itori
    Description: Born over seven thousand of years ago the Triplets belonged to a race of people known as the Kumiho. A race that had physical traits of a fox. The triplets are the only remain survivors of said race. But because of the one of the sister being genetically perfect the Kumiho race is not considered dead. This comes from the fact that the perfect genes the one sister possesses can override all genetic traits of another race. Meaning anyone she chooses to mate with will only produce pure Kumiho. The remaining two sister’s jobs are to protect this one individual at all cost, which is something that is harder to do considering their personalities.

    Itori is in some ways both the most fortune and the most unlucky of the three sisters. Whether through luck or skill, she avoided all disasters in her millennia long travels. However all her attempts at reuniting with her sisters have been fruitless up until now, and where both her sisters developed fearsome abilities she only showed promise with the more basic techniques all Kumiho learn before they begin to find their own talent. However lack of talent does not halt her, as she shows a frightening determination to once again be with her sisters and help them. Neither heaven nor hell could make this silent Kumiho falter.

    Three as One: Each sister is naturally stronger and healthier than normal humans, this comes in the form of a 10% increase in hp and a 1% HP regen per post. If other sisters are present in the thread then they gain an additional 10% increase in HP and 1% increase in HP regen per post. This ability may stack with others of its kind.

    Alter Forms: Like all Kumiho Itori has two forms that she can use, switching from one to another without effort and nearly instantly.

    Fox Form: Itori's offensive spells return magic power if they hit a target which also possesses magic power, depending on the Rank of the spell. D-Rank spells return 1% magic power, each Rank above that adding another 1% (so D=1%, C=2%, etc). If the target is a living being, but either have lost all their magic or had no magic power to begin with, their life force is instead taken. The target loses the same amount of magic/life as Itori receives, although for each Rank that they are below Itori the amount is doubled and for each Rank that they are above Itori the amount is halved.
    Human Form: Itori's spells become 50% more effective/powerful. Illusions and manipulation based spells act as if they are from the next rank, capped at S-Rank.

    Unbreakable Bonds: When Itori is standing within one yard of her sisters she can enhance their powers, in the process receiving some bonuses in return.

    Iniki: Every post Itori can drain 5% strain from Iniki, allowing her sister to cast more spells before her body can no longer handle the feedback. Itori herself gains 5% magic power whenever she does this.
    Izayoi: Itori can reduce the amount of Vital Force required for Izayoi to summon her Legions, reducing the cost by 1 Vital Force for each soul used. When Izayoi summons a Legion while making use of this effect Itori also receives the passive bonuses granted by that Legion.

    Immortal Death:

    Lineage Name: Immortal Death
    Wielder: Sol
    Purchase Proof: 26, Post n°646

    Not a lot is known about the void or those who dwell within it, many believe that there is nothing here but that can't be farther from the truth. The void itself has many pocket realms, these realms live separate from one another rarely mingling with one another. One such race that lives within the void is only known as 'Deathless', there isn't much known about this recluse race and this is how they like to keep it. Very few are given the gift of what this race offers, those that do however are damned as they will never truly know the peace of true death. Sol was one such person who was spared the bl0w of death by a reaper name Demiari as she had to tend to something else. Due to the fact Sol should have died at that moment and had someone interfere with it Demiari decided to change him making him like her but there are of course differences between a naturally born Deathless and one that is created in such a manner.


    Ilimari is a unfortunate bi product of the transformation of what Sol himself was into what he now is. Sol's physical strength can never be buffed in any way shape or form. (This includes by lineage abilities/spells/passives/ua's/equipment.) Due to this he does gain additional flat damage to his spells starting off at 12 at D rank gaining an additional 7 damage every rank there after capping at 40 additional damage at S rank.

    Note: Flat rate damage is added before any buffs towards magical damage are administered.

    Aelaie is something strange within Sol's body itself from when he changed, it was like his body started to understand magic on another level, as if it understood a new magic of sorts. This ability allows Sol one additional spell per rank that stand different to his magic and so doesn't go towards the spell cap. These additional spells are classed as Lost magic and must be themed as death magic. He also gains one additional signature spell per magic that caps at A rank.

    Naiiare is a unique trait found in people that have been turned into the race known as Deathless, they have found due to being out of the natural cycle that they are able to use their magic even in areas where magic is usually void. An additional side effect of this is that they are able to hide their true identities in all aspects if they feel the need to do so. This includes blood type to an element, their smell, their voice, the aesthetics to their magic, their appearance and the type of magic they use comes off as a different type though they gain no benefits of that type. (Example: Sol is a Poison God slayer, he can come off seeming like a Light Demon Slayer.)

    Iaialeh is a rarity amongst true born Deathless as they don't see the need for wealth, however, the same can not be said for those who are born through the means of interference of their death. This ability allows Sol double jewel for each job that he completes.

    Unarithu is a means of defence that all deathless have as they are more resilient than most races out there thanks to not living within the natural cycle of things. This gives them 50% damage reduction to magic and melee damage.

    Myiunth is something is something normally only naturally born reapers get, this allows them to use their abilities at a fraction of the cost allowing them to last longer without needing to return back to their home realm. Due to this Sol's abilities and spells cost 50% less to use, in addition to this he has found that his spell speed and spell range have both increased by 50% each.


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    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on March 5th 2020, 5:15 pm

    Reality's Displacement:

    Name: Reality's Displacement
    Wielder: Chili Thompson
    His existence and physcion are affected on an atomic level by his displacement from both time and reality along with the slight alterations that the god made to his mind, body, and magic. Causing his body to harness magic a different way than the other inhabitants of Earthland causing his form to be made out of a mix of human and pure energy. He is a paradox among existence and his body is constantly healing itself just as fast as it is ripping itself apart on a molecular level though there is no other sign on the surface of this problem other than the occasional vomiting of blood. The way his body regenerates full limbs and organs in a matter of minutes is remarkable, the energy particles expanding, multiply and turning into new cells replacing the missing ones. On top of this, the over-consumption of magical power changed the density of his bones to make them as hard as concrete. His intelligence was slightly enhanced from a young age allowing him to advance quickly in his studies and training. All his senses have been sharpened by the small energy enhancement. His body has so much within it that it lets a steady flow of magic energy release as it takes in more in the form of a medium sized flame in front Chili's forehead. As for his mind, the god locked the previous memories of multiple versions of Chili from other realities and times some of which resisted and failed and some who caved instantly. These memories are able to come to life through Chili’s ability.

    Side Effects:

    - Energetic Replacement: Passively regenerates 5% health every other post. (Cosmetically regrows dismembered limbs and organs.)

    - Overload: His mana capacity is increased by 50% due to his increased magic intake while also being slightly imbued with cosmic power.

    - Reality Sickness: Every 10 posts Chili will vomit blood taking 10% damage in total health. His magic is tainted by the energy particles that his atoms are made of and thus becomes poisonous to any slayer type mage or mage in general that consumes his magic at any time, causing them to get sick and take 10% damage in total health for 2 posts.

    - Enhanced Senses, Body, and Awareness: Chili is able to see twice the distance of normal humans, sniff out any enemies within a twenty-meter radius, his skin is slightly more sensitive, normal fabric feeling like sandpaper against it, and he could usually taste all the ingredients used in  a meal along with what was used to enhance their natural flavor. His enhanced metabolism purges poison from his system a full post faster than it would normally take.  His bones are able to take harder hits, which allows him to receive less broken bones and more bruises. Chili takes 15% less damage from all attacks that are physical in nature. He is strong enough to easily lift four hundred pounds though his limit is unknown. Due to his brain being energized his mental prowess his situational awareness is top notch allowing him to react faster than a normal person would be able to though you can only move so fast and mindcontrol to be less effect on him by 1 post.

    Primary Ability:

    Paradox Shift

    Chili concentrates for a post remaining still if he can, shutting off the outlet of his power as his flame goes out and his magical energy builds to nuclear levels. When at its peak Chili will attempt to release the energy in a large wave that will ripple the fabric of reality itself using the memories of his other selves to try and change his reality in a small way, however, doing this will cause one of four things to happen.  Once this ability is used it takes 15 posts to recharge (Roll a single six-sided dice)  

    - Calamity Quadruplets (1 or 3 rolled)  
    Unlike the void clone these three separate versions of Chili all have their own personalities and memories which they keep in between being brought back to reality for 6 posts after which they will disappear though they will sometimes talk to Chili mentally as they are now a conscious rebirth of Chili’s erased from other realities when the god came for them. They each give one passive ability however these do not affect Chili only allies. Making the three extra him appear costs Chili 20 HP each while each memory clone has 20 HP and each having only 30 Mana of their own to use. Each of these Chili’s just nicknamed by either a color, personality trait, or accessory choice though they do have names. Depending on how many Chili summonses determines the how strong the erased versions are. If 1 is summoned he will do equal to Chili’s total damage, if 2 each will do half Chili’s total damage, and if all 3 are summoned each will do one-third Chili’s total damage. These clones are able to be on the battlefield at the same time as Chili. They all would share cooldowns if they all didnt share separate modes though they do share cooldowns on abilities.

    Red: Dressed in a worn out black button-up jacket, paired with a scarf and baggy black jeans with orange tennis shoes his reddish-orange hair the same color as the blazing fire that rages in his eyes even if they are each a different color , Red is from a reality where robots had taken over and demolished humanity with nuclear weapons sending parts of the planet into a second ice age, where he had been a resistance fighter. He can only use Hellfire mode and he has a temper although don’t let that fool ya, he is quite gentle though he’d stab you for saying so. Likes chili dogs and naps. Hates machines and motor vehicles. He also has an obsession with seeing things burn which is great when its monsters and not a house. He has a passive ability that grants all nearby allies 10% extra damage.

    Doc: Appearing dressed in a purple trench coat that had a fur collar along with a black undershirt and same colored dress pants paired with a weird casual gentlemen shoe. His hair is unlike Red’s or Chili’s being longer than both and a purple color. He is a nerd with a thing for order though he generally does it to keep people safe. From a reality where humans left the soil of Earth and flew to the stars, finding signs of sentient life that helped them only for a higher race to wipe out all life in the universe later on. He can only use void magic and he passively gives a 5% health regen every other post to allies (3 posts of regen total).

    Hyde: Appearing in an old dark blue hoodless snow jacket, a dark blue t-shirt paired with gray shorts and slip on green slippers, his light white hair fades to blue at the tips. From a reality where the god tortured him by trapping him in a single day that would always end with his reality disappearing from existence Hyde is a stereotypical loner/joker/lazy type though he has a soft spot for those Chili trusts being a part memory of a person erased from reality and part Chili. Having a gruff exterior he is quick to defend allies his passive also giving them a 15% increase in resistance to damage of any kind. He can only use ice mode.

    - Painted on Grin (4 or 6 rolled) - Chili accidentally through rage and hate taps into the memory or reality of a version of himself that harnessed the power of the god and used it for mass pandemonium and destruction. When the wave is released Chili is the only one affected by his mind and body are slightly altered for 8 posts. Now wearing just a worn out smoke gray hoodie, worn dark black jeans, and gray tennis shoes all slightly stained with red. His skin becomes even paler as his fingernails turn black. His hair now slightly longer and no longer spiked becomes charcoal black with a few streaks of fire red in it as a smile comes to his face. The natural smile slightly enlarged since it is carved into his moon-pale face, its red curves adding to it. His eyes turn to a normal light red color close to that of a blood moon. Though if their abilities are activated they will change. The white of his left eye becoming pure silver while the iris turns a chemically almost a sickly green color. The white of his right eye turns chemical orange while the iris turns dark red and the pupil becomes a star-shaped fluorescent white light mark in his eye. The left one is able to see the dead and trap a single mage one if pvp or npc in a nightmare illusion within their own mind for one post, while his right eye can see magical pressure and if stared into this eye will  weaken at most 3 enemy mages giving them a debuff of 10% more damage taken for two posts however these abilities can only be used once every 4 posts (One mage if pvp, three max if npc magic user). Chili is consumed by his need to deal of vengeance his thirst for destruction and chaos taking on a path headed to make his enemies and their empires crumble though he can easily lose it to any unfortunate ally that stands in his path. While in this mode the effects of Mix-Matched are halved while Chili gains a 20% boost to all damage, 20% boost to defense, and a 10% boost to speed (Raises by half the total percentage per rank up) while he takes 40% more damage from light attacks. His regeneration drops to 2.5 per every other post, He has 25 less health (Goes up by 75 HP each rank up) while in this state, and his Mana is now capped at 100. Out of combat Chili is restless, slightly insane, and will be harsh almost animalistic if provoked though he can be calmed by people he trusts. Inside battle Chili is nothing short of an emissary of death now, moving about the battlefield with deadly accuracy like some sort of reaper. Lashing at mostly anyone who even challenges him Chili is now just a grumbling sarcastic ass of a madman who may want to slit your throat in your sleep though his actual personality remains mostly in control and he'll mostly stick to bleeding his enemies. Bladed weapons do 25% more total damage.

    If pushed to the brink Chili will summon an aura unlike the ones in his modes though he has to be outside of any given mode to do this. The aura take on the form of a black wave that is comprised mostly of waving and dancing hell fire imbued with void energy that takes the shape of a demon Once consumed by this Chili is no longer really human while his strength and speed increase again with another 10% ( this boost goes up by a total 10% each rank) boost to them. No longer able to use magic now besides void and hellfire his melee attacks now do magic damage equal to half Chili’s rank scaling to S instead of base. While consumed he loses 5 HP every post. Becoming immune to the feeling of pain he can push himself to and past his limits. When his health hits 20 if he is in the aura it will shield him for a post being able to negate up to two spells of Chili’s rank or lower then it will extinguish itself giving him 25% total health back once the post is over.

    - Reality Bubble (2 or 5 rolled) - Releasing a black heat wave dome of energy that is 80-meters in diameter and 60-meters high at the center, this bubble will do four things for the 6 posts it is spawned. First, it will turn the surroundings within it photo negative though npcs and mages will remain regular. All enemies will lose 3% total health and 5% total mana every 3 posts within the dome and that will be given to a random ally. Second, about 5-8 tears in reality and time will open up allowing 3-5 dinosaurs mainly the carnivorous ones to come through along with 1-2 reality reapers. The dinosaurs do C ranked damage to anyone including Chili and only have 60-100Hp. The reality reapers are kinda similar to an actual reaper except for the skeleton and hood you get a decaying champion (a warrior of some kind and type) from another realm who will act like nothing but a savage beast. They all do B rank damage to everyone however they target Chili the most and they have 250-350 HP. Anyone but Chili who takes down a reaper in the alotted post time will gain a 25% buff to damage for 3 posts as well as regain 15% their total HP in the post they killed the reaper, however, this can only happen once per dome. The third Chili is altered himself, becoming only able to use void magic while dealing 25% less damage total (rises by half the total percent each rank). He is now slightly photoed negative, his skin turning black as night, his hair going greenish, while his eyes turn a turquoise, his lips now an ice blue, his flame either a dark blue against black or a pure white flame with a black center. His speed and defense are both increased by 20% (Rises by half the total percent each rank.)  The fourth is Chili gains a giant steak knife looking sword that is a pure ghostly white with light blue energy radiating through it. This blade is the only other thing he has besides Void mode, it deals half his rank in spell damage up til S while also giving whoever he cuts energy poisoning if which will deal 10% damage based on enemies total health for 2 posts.

    The Hero Spirit; Athos:

    Lineage Name: The Hero Spirit; Athos
    Wielder: Sojiro Sakura
    Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14655p350-the-general-store?nid=9#371277

    Lost to the land of Fiore for centuries are stories of a Legendary Hero who fought to protect those that could not defend themselves. It is said that this hero had a burning passion to defend the weak no matter the cost of himself, putting himself through hell itself to make sure he could be there to protect the land. Of course, along these lost stories are rumors that in his pursuit to defend the land the Hero made a series of deals that were far from befitting of his title. In the end, it was said that the Hero was eventually consumed by his power and disappeared from the face of land without a trace.
    Since then, there were stories that told of Heroes rising up throughout the years, claiming their strength came from a great Hero. Some of these heroes claimed to come from other worlds, having signed a contract to become a hero before being brought here to fulfill their destiny. Rumors say that through every hero the Spirit kept a part of them inside, preserving some of their skills to impart of the next generation’s hero. Sadly, it has been at least 100 years since one of these cases has last arose, until Sojiro Sakura was summoned into the land of Fiore.
    In his world, Sojiro unknowingly signed the Hero Spirit Contract and was forcefully brought here to the land of Fiore. Upon signing the contract Sojiro’s spirit has become bound with that of the Hero Spirit, known as Athos. Although the cost of using his magic comes at the physical harm of Sojiro, Athos promises the youth that through it all he shall become one of the strongest Heroes the land has ever seen. Through the sacrifice of his vitality Sojiro gains access to the Hero’s Spirit’s unique set of skills, as well as his protection. To tap into Athos’ power Sojiro has been granted the ability to flow his energy into any blade he is using, so that he can drive it through his own chest and release the power of the Hero Spirit. When he does this, the Hero Spirit consumes Sojiro’s physical form and encases him within his infamous Incursio Armor. While inside of this armor Sojiro gains access to the amassed abilities that the Hero Spirit has collected over the years, though it will take time before Sojiro can handle the full power of Athos.

    Incursio Armor:

    Former Custom Lineages Goblin-slayer-ubiitsa-goblinov-rytsar-shlem

    Active Abilities:

    Hero's Rebuke:
    Hero’s Rebuke: With Athos’ ability to increase Sojiro’s physical durability, he has been given access to a unique technique. When Sojiro takes on a magical attack full force, he can reflect the damage done to him back to the original caster. This ability can only be used once per post, limited to the single target range of Sojiro’s rank. His ability to deflect spells caps at his rank or once he reaches S-rank. If Sojiro takes full damage from an incoming attack, he can reflect it by paying only the amount of Mana cost to cast the spell. Otherwise it acts like a normal reflection spell.

    Strength through Bloodshed:
    Strength through Bloodshed: Athos allows Sojiro to cast his spells at the cost of his own life force while increasing the strength of his spells. Sojiro can forgo the Mana cost of a spell in exchange for HP, increasing the damage of a spell by 50%. Half of the HP lost this way cannot be regained for the rest of the thread(Spend 20 HP on a spell, 10 HP cannot be regained). This is only an option once Sojiro has no mana left to use.

    Hero's Strike:
    Hero’s Strike: Channeling Athos’ energy through his body allows him to add magical damage to each of his physical strikes, the duration maximum matching a spell of his user rank, range is self, while casting speed is instant. The damage done by each strike is the same as a user rank multi-target spell, following normal upkeep rules for spells of the same rank. He can cast this at lower levels, once he gets stronger.

    Hero Spirit's Shield:
    Hero Spirit’s Shield: Through Athos’ power, as an extension of his armor, Sojiro is able to summon a shield to defend himself against an incoming attack. The shield that Sojiro creates is strong enough to take 3x user-rank damage, maxing out at S-rank. Sojiro can summon the shield burst distance of his rank away from him, allowing him to use it to protect others instead of himself. The shield is cast instantly(burst speed) and has a duration of 2 turns maximum. Athos can only have one protective shield out at a time.

    Hero's Makeshift Shield:
    Hero’s Makeshift Shield: Sojiro can flow the Hero Spirit’s energy out of his body and into a normal item so that he can wield it as a shield(i.e. a pot lid, trashcan lid, cutting board, ect). He can also use this on larger items to protect himself, even if he can’t move them(i.e. A portion of wall, a desk, ect). The item acts like a piece of requip armor of Sojiro’s rank, following the same guidelines, and allowing him to defend himself in seemingly hopeless situations.

    Hero's Makeshift Weapon:
    Hero’s Makeshift Weapon: Similar to the way that he can insert the Hero Spirit’s energy into items to create makeshifts shields, he can do the same to create weapons. Any type of item that Sojiro can hold in his hand can be made into a makeshift weapon, allowing it to act as a tool to save the young man’s life. Any item used in this way acts like a requip weapon of Sojiro’s rank, following the same guidelines.

    Passive Abilities:

    Hero's Vitality:
    Hero’s Boundless Energy: Passive. Athos’ power keeps Sojiro alive and does its best to do so, rejuvenating his body as it uses up its energy. Athos has endless energy to offer Sojiro but the youth’s body wouldn’t be able to handle it all. Because of this the Spirit can only replenish 5% of Sojiro's Mana per post.

    Hero's Might:
    Hero’s Might: Passive. Through the constant power of the Hero Spirit, Sojiro has found that his body has become physically stronger since being summoned to the land of Fiore. All of Sojiro’s physical strikes do 50% more damage, including strikes with weapons(only physical damage, not magical.)

    Hero's Movement:
    Hero’s Movement: Passive. With the Hero Spirit being bound to Sojiro’s soul and body, it increases the man’s physical capabilities. This increases Sojiro’s speed by 50% of his user rank.

    Hero's Fame:
    Hero’s Fame: Passive. The feeling that comes from Sojiro’s magic can sometimes feel inspiring to others, leaving them in awe. Gives Sojiro double jewel rewards from missions.

    RP Abilities:

    Hero Summoning:
    Hero Summoning: The pact between Sojiro and Athos requires a hero’s sacrifice of his ‘life’ to tap into his energy. When summoning Athos’ armor, Sojiro drives the blade through his chest to tap into his magical into, causing what seems to be a fatal wound each time. But even so, it does not actually kill Sojiro in the process.

    Quick Regeneration:
    Quick Regeneration: Sojiro can suffer fatal blows and serious wounds seemingly without death. This does not actual heal his HP in any way, even when wounds heal and he continues fighting. This ability does not work for dismemberment, hitting 0 HP, or actual death.

    Great Leaps:
    Great Leaps: The Hero Spirit grants Sojiro great strength, allowing him to imitate low level flight with great jumps. At best the man hovers only a few moments at the apex of his jumps before plummeting down to the ground again, sometimes breaking his legs in the process.

    Iron Maiden:
    Iron Maiden: When the Incursio armor encloses itself around Sojiro’s body, it usually pierces his body with countless spikes from the inside so that the man can have a constant source of blood for several of his spells.

    Hero's Flight:
    Hero’s Flight: With Athos granting him the ability to manipulate his blood through magical means, Sojiro is able to create a pair of crimson wings that allow him to move equal to his movement speed.

    Defender of the Heavenly Gardens:
    Lineage Name: Defender of the Heavenly Gardens
    Wielder: Rina Everglades
    Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t32886p50-the-trading-hub#335354

    Description: Rina, was given at a young age, the powers of the Heavenly Garden. Although she did not know about its true nature until she was 19, she still used it with strength. She used the requip magic it bestowed onto her, to defend those who could not defend themselves. She was able to make a small name for herself through what she had at the time, with the flower like weapons that filled her hands. She was able to destroy large beasts, and make friends. Through her valiant ideals, and need for the magic to survive, she was given the full strength of this magic. She was given the Heavenly Gardens God Slayer magic. This magic allowed her to defend others, and even become an ace. She has been able to keep up this by helping her allies in battle, and showing them the ways to climb the ranks, with her by their side. She has been able to use the magic well, well enough to where the goddess has notified her. Now, the goddess has put onto her a challenge that could might as well destroy the power of Rina's magic power. It is the need for Rina to defeat the brother of the goddess. He will try to take over the gardens, but Rina will have to try and fend him off, with her and her alone. She will need to pass this challenge to be the strongest she can be. That was why the goddess had blessed upon her the full rights of being the Defender of the Heavenly Gardens. This is a very big position that was held by the goddess herself. The fact that she is allowing Rina to hold this title is a very great deal. There had only been 2 humans that have ever held this title before Rina. One was a girl that became to corrupted to withhold the power, and one that Rina may not even know yet. That other person was her Great grandmother.

    Riches of the Heavenly Gardens: Those who are bound with the title of the Defender, have the ability to gain more riches. Their involvement with the gardens proves worthy for extra jewels. Whenever one comes into contact with jobs, from doing something the garden believes is good, it multiples them in a flash. At the end of every job, Rina gets 100% more jewels than given. It is not known how this happens, but it is most likely multiplied by the strength of the light cast upon them.

    Rights of the Defender: With the title of the Defender, come 1 extra magical spell for each rank up to S. This is due to the fact that the user needs a way to defend the gardens besides what is normally seen in the magic. The defensive and supportive nature given from the God Slayer magic, means that more spells are needed from the title to be better able to fight off enemies as well as being able to help allies. All of these magics have to be offensive, and nothing else.

    Defender's Glow: The Defender seems to have a light that envelops them. It is known for being a light that has its uses for its purposes in defense, but allows for advantages in combat as well. This is very important, especially when it comes to melee type enemies. This light reaches out for user rank max burst range. This means that she can light up an entire area very well. When enemies are 10 meters from Rina, they have to adjust to their light, which means they are blinded for 1 posts. Allies within the light, feel the rejuvenating energy from it. Each post, all allies within the light are healed for 25% of user rank damage. When it reaches 2.5x heal for a target they have a cooldown of 2 posts. Cooldown is seperate for each mage.

    Division of the Defender: Due to the fact, that the defender has needed the ability to find on their own for multiple times, they have been able to split themselves into light illusions. They can form up to a max of 2 at D rank(+1 each rank above) of these within max burst range at max burst speed. She is able to pick half of these illusions to heal an ally within max burst range with a beam that travels at max burst speed for 25% of user rank damage once every post. The other half, can damage enemies within max burst range with a beam that travels at max burst speed for 25% of user rank damage once every post. Each illusion takes two hits of any attack before evaporating. Once all illusions disappear, this ability goes on cooldown for 3 posts.

    Weapon of the Defender: The spear has become more attuned to the power of the holder. If the wielder of the Heavenly Spear, gains the title of defender, it becomes upgraded into a Artifact(+) weapon from a Legendary weapon(+). The spear puts itself more into the favor of the title holder. It gives them strength they had never felt before. Whenever the defender holds this weapon, they gain a strength buff of 50%.

    Ensō Catalyst:

    LINEAGE NAME: Ensō Catalyst
    USER: Terith Blair/Torian Pace
    Former Custom Lineages B6cbhI7

    The Gate of the Revenant, while serving the vessel a great deal, came not without a timely cost. To have lifted its seal prematurely before the designated time befell a misfortune not only for Terith, but towards the lesser imprints as well. After having consulted the proclaimed sage Matildis, the swordsman eventually felt the full gravity of their situation - so long as the Origin Spirit persisted within the Chronicle, both his earlier memories and the other imprints shall remain suppressed, pushed back by virtue of necessity because truthfully, the Origin did not choose this sort of outcome. There are no possible means of closing a previously unsealed gate, and if not for the spirit's efforts to bury the other 'essences' in the Chronicle, the vessel's physical and spiritual body might not have withstood the energy influx.

    For the Origin, death was the least painful of all the possible consequences.

    Nevertheless, the swordsman had been adamant on the subject of retrieving the things that which he'd lost - and with the Sage's bidding there certainly was an alternative. Though the vessel was nowhere near escaping the sacrificial cycle that afflicted him so, and as customary, whatever Matildis is to do begets a hefty sum. And for what his simple humanity was worth, Terith paid his price with a third of his entire life span - an already benign trade for the sage to spearhead the recovery ritual. Only by offering a part of himself of his own accord was the vessel able to realize the full success of the process; an early grave was the lesser thought when his previously fragmented self ebbs back into wholesomeness. The voices of the incarcerated spirits that flooded his brain, however jarring at first, wailed out in happiness for having been released. His memories alongside didn't go unnoticed either, of course, reducing the adult blonde to a grieving mess.

    And yet, of the things the vessel expected to occur all through out the ritual, the Origin gaining a bearing on the physical world (apart from being moved into the 'space' inside his Etherblade) felt sourly off-tangent. While the recovery had been agreed upon by both parties, the vessel withheld a resentment for the spirit for having devoid him the truth of the other imprints for ever so long. Whatever reasoning to this would largely go unheard; though the reality was that, now that the spirit acquired himself a slightly more tangible body, their interactions were in-bound to persist still, no matter how much Terith desired to avoid any manner of conversation with the Origin until forgiveness became a inevitability.

    Matildis later informed her guests of this unforeseen event, speaking of an interfering energy as she tried to seal the Origin into Kushinda. Comically, whatever entity that currently bound itself to the etherblade did not appreciate sharing their 'housing' with another being, and henceforth exerted a greater force to implant the spirit into a body for everyone's convenience. The sage described the ordeal to be all but laudable, considering the other entity valiantly took back a portion of the vessel's stolen life energy to piece together a safe space for Terith's problem. Effectively, this gave the vessel a few more years worth, and a strong ally that, with Matildis' evaluation, seemingly opened a entirely different plane of power at their disposal.

    While the Origin's body wasn't entirely humane, it was nevertheless durable. Some experimental dabbling made them aware that he could dissolve in and out of existence by completely returning to Terith's person (a very disturbing process, or so the blonde thinks of it). Apparently the two aren't as separated as they'd been once before, perhaps even bound together at a more intimate level (this, again, brought the vessel much disgust), proving at least some usefulness. Matildis compared the two to an example of a symbiotic relationship known as  mutualism, pointing out that their collective strength were to be shared and therefor creating benefit that should not be ignored.

    A sage's wisdom would've been hard to discredit in their time of apprehension (to be frank) and thusly, the pair agree on a stalemate for their differences in order to harness and polish this greater power that Matildis oh-so thrust upon them.

    Come a few weeks, the pair realize abilities previously beyond their comprehension - opportunities such as fighting in tandem, elemental enhancements, and better survivability all working in greater effort to change the vessel for the better. Of course, Terith likely suspects that the Origin is yet to disclose the entire story of the events leading up to this, but he'd let the questions fester until much later, in due time.

    TL;DR: emo boi got his memories back thanks to an old lady, then some dead dude who's been messing with him for a good while became his slave summon and the two worked hard to get past their differences and achieve common goals since this spirit did some dickish things in the past. Emo boi still resents him to this day.



    KEIHATSU | Once per post:
    Much like Matildis, the Origin appears to be equipped with some form of wisdom that can be consulted every now and then. The simpler inquiries such as the proper direction or the location of a non-magical object needs little effort to be answered, conversely however, the more intricate a question becomes, the accuracy runs a risk of decreasing. Nevertheless, the spirit remains a very good consultant for the vessel in the event of any worldly problems at the most convenient times. When used to ask questions related to a player character (and anything related to them therefor), OOC permission would be highly required, and cannot be used while the Origin is engaged in combat. Queries directly involving time itself (events within the past, present, and future) are currently restricted, and may only be asked every three posts outside of battle.

    The spirit, however tangible he currently is, isn't wholesomely integrated into humanity as one would wish. For a lack of a better word, the Origin unsteadily balances atop the edge of both reality and something else - effectively heightening his bodily senses to levels far more intense than normal. He perceives things relatively different; every sight is multi-faceted, every sound is clear even if it's barely above a whisper, every touch an overwhelming experience. Even something as vapid as someone else's thoughts and emotions gravitate towards the spirit as if they were directly spoken to him. Should Terith desire to do so, he may also partake in these heightened senses through sheer will. OOC permission must be granted when used on player characters.

    Past the menacing appearance of the spirit's weapon (dubbed the Sculpting Blade), the sword will actually adapt the likeness of a paint brush when idle. Drawing anything remotely resembling a coherent image would render it with a short breath of sentience, allowing the scribbles to act as their real-life counterparts...albeit in a cartoonish, two-dimensional form. Words, in contrast, could be written without a surface for them to latch unto and may float around unbidden. This ability is more or less used for amusement purposes, as expected due to lack of damage properties.

    Upon being cornered by a life-threatening situation (when his HP reaches 0), the Origin may extend his divinity to consume the vessel's body, literally ripping his existence from his current location so that it may safely reside inside the Gate of the Revenant. Here, Terith would undergo heavy reconstruction so that his body's 'time' could be reversed to a point before the battle. In his place, the Origin would temporarily take the charge of filling the hole in reality left by Terith's absence up until the vessel has completely recovered the next day (rp-wise, the next thread). Whilst taking his place, the Origin will remain imperceptible to the public, unable to influence and/or communicate with other people and his environment.



    As it is currently, the spirit's existence is on par with that of a summon, further being integrated into the Etherblade's magic through this ability that allows the vessel one extra rank-up signature spell and one normal spell splot for every rank in his primary magic. The new signature spell slot is bound to the Origin and cannot be used for anything but for the sole process of summoning the spirit. Much unlike other signature summons, the Origin, in return for having no active or passive ability as per the spell slot, will remain on the battlefield until his maximum HP hits zero. In this case, the Origin's stats comply to an Immaculate Summon, whose rank is dependent on Terith's current rank up to S.

    Extracting the spirit from Chronicle consequently didn't just resume the functions of the lesser imprints and his memories, but it also effectively fortified the Gate of the Revenant's influence over both. The current known extent of the increase is seen in their durabilities against particular attacks, with both parties receiving a 50% increased durability against magic damage alongside a shared 10% HP regenaration trait.

    KANSO | Every other post:
    Dubbed the Sculpting Blade for its unorthodox form, the Origin's sword is one that cuts not without direction. Yet the weapon's full capacity cannot be realized at a constant interval, however, and the only other possible way for the weapon to deal magic damage over its usual melee is through this ability. As it was intended, a magically-enhanced strike is 60% more powerful than the damage of a summon of the Origin's rank, though this ability may only be used every other post. Each attack may only comprise of a single strike, and not multiple. Although the Sculpting Blade largely makes up for its ineptitude to make successive magical hits with attack size: one slash measuring over ten meters (this increases by an extra ten meters every time Terith ranks up from B, but maxes out at S) that travels at a speed dependent on typical AoE measurements according to Terith's rank (max S). One strike takes the form of a travelling line of blue light that veers off the sword upon the Origin's prompting.

    Through the use of several oriental runes, the vessel is able to temporarily adapt one element represented by a selected rune. This temporary element wouldn't enable the feats of a wizard specializing in that element by any means, but it'd simply override his melee damage with a replacement 'magical' damage accordingly. This ability may only ever apply to the vessel, and not towards the Origin. Amusingly, the currently active element can be toggled off and back on again depending on Terith's whimsies, but he cannot do so mid-attack.

    Shizen is primarily composed of five elements that find basis in Buddhist beliefs: Earth (地), Water (水), Fire (火), Wind (風) and Void/Aether (空). All the elements (sans the last one which is currently locked until further notice) will turn the Etherblade's melee attacks into magical ones, each hit being slightly akin to fighting with a weapon of that element. Damage-wise, the elements follow the usual spell schematic with their ranks relying on Terith's personal rank up to S. Finally, the ability to switch between elements is disabled mid-combat, and may only be done once per post.

    SEIJAKU | Once per post:
    In the event that the vessel becomes troubled with any manner of ability/spell effect of equal or lower rank, the Origin need only brandish the Sculpting Blade against him, where the action of stabbing Terith (or any damage infliction really) effectively 'cuts' all present afflictions, dispersing them completely. The process could also be applied if the case had the Origin caught the afflictions in his stead. Amusingly, converse to cutting afflictions, the Seijaku is also known to temporarily increase the vessel's innate luck - should he decide to thrust his entire blade down his chest in whatever fashion best suits him at the end of a job, then his fortunes are said to be magnified ten-fold. Inevitably, this raises all jewel rewards from these jobs by 100%. *Note: While it may appear painful, neither the Etherblade nor the Sculpting Blade could deal harm to both their masters even if either party wanted to.

    Spiritual Light:

    Lineage Name:
    Spiritual Light


    Purchase Proof:
    Ancient Scroll - Page 33, Post n°821

    Ruvel's existence was doomed from the moment his late barren mother tried to play god and created him in an unusual way. She didn't use the genetics of herself and her husband believing the child would be flawed, instead she used something she believed pure; to this end she decided use pure captured sunlight, moonlight and starlight. Due to not wishing to wait and see if there would be any flaws within her future child, she had herself impregnated with her creation as she was afraid her husband's gaze would wander due to being unable to give him an heir. Months had passed and eventually she gave birth to a son, to both her and husband's surprise he was smaller, weighed little, was far paler than was normal, seemingly sickly and weak. When the child was checked over by a doctor it was then they found out another issue the boy would have as he grew, he didn't bleed like anyone else the doctor knew of; his blood was pure light which meant if he became deathly sick or needed a transfusion there was no way for it to happen and he would die. They also found out from the doctor that his blood was likely the reason behind his complexion and why he seemed so sickly and weak; warning them that he wasn't longed for the world and to brace themselves for his eventual death.

    Hearing the doctor's words the father was mortified wondering how such a wonderful, long desired blessing could go so wrong, all the while the mother felt guilty at what she had done but also angry that she had created a flawed being. The father scared of his son dying had given orders that only a small amount of people would ever interact with his child and that he was never to go outside the palace he would call home. This was the way of things as Ruvel grew, he was happy and was cared for by his parents, nanny and future tutors, who for now played the part of vendors for the market created inside his palace home so there was some kind of normality to his upbringing. As he grew the youth showed not one ounce of selfishness or other kind of negativity, which had his father starting to wonder the reason behind such purity.

    At the age of four however things took a turn for the worst as the youth's happy bubble was burst, he watched as the eighteen people that made up his entire world be killed in front of him. He to was about to meet the same fate that was until the one in charge noticed his odd blood and spared him. He was taken to the place he would come to know only as 'home', this place where he would be badly abused mentally and physically by those who ran the place. One such time ran for eighteen days straight and within that time he was forced to remain awake, dying close to twenty-four times as they tried to figure out what made him tick, injecting him with this and that to see what happened. There was a side effect to such an experiment and that was the creation of another life within the innocent youth; later it would be found out it was an arch demon. Now due to Ruvel's own life's essence the arch demon turned out to also be of the light element, were they are known within the demonic realm as spiritual leaders nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the one lurking and bound within Ruvel.

    Where Ruvel is fragile, weak and will try not to fight this arch demon is cold, calculating and cunning, loving the thrill of the chase. Unlike his passive counter part shows expertise in all forms of melee fighting, this being said however the arch demon has to be guided out or when he returns to his bindings he leaves a side effect on the pure Ruvel. This is in the form of an insane demon who wishes to do nothing more but see the world burn around him. For now luckily the arch demon has made no move to fight his bindings but that will not always be the case, for now his counter part remembers there is kindness in the world but he will do what is needed to protect their existence.


    Continual Bonds:
    Ruvel was once a youth that relied on his summons to his very day to day existence to continue, and within reason this is would still be true due to his weaknesses. When he lost his magic he had to find new ways to go forward without them, now his magic has returned but in a new way but has found that he still has connection to several of them. Continual bonds allows Ruvel to have one additional spell per rank (up to S rank) these additional spells must be summons. Ruvel has also found that he is able to have one additional signature spell per magic that caps at A rank.

    Reaping Rewards:
    Ruvel is the farthest someone anyone could be from a fighter and is more a diplomat, that being said he is able to hold his own in a fight if it has to come to that and refuses to remain down until any job he agrees to has reached it's completion. This ability gives him an additional 30% to his mana pool but also him to receive double jewel on the jobs he goes on.

    Secrets Beneath:
    Where Ruvel is a pure spirit that wants to try and bring good to the world, there is something lurking beneath the surface that doesn't see the world in the same light. Ruvel is fully unaware of this secondary spirit within himself or what it does if it breaks free of its bindings by itself. This secondary spirit was born from the pain and sorrow of a four year old wanting nothing more than to be safe at home with his parents. When this second spirit comes forward Ruvel's appearance completely changes, what many don't know is that Ruvel during this time goes into a slumber allowing this being complete control of their joint form, so when he wakes he has no idea what has happened, if he breaks free he leaves a negative imprint on the youth making Ruvel act against his normal personality, again this insane version of him has his own appearance.

    The unforgiving spirit and the insane spirit can never be active at the same time as the insane spirit has the requirements of the unforgiving spirit breaking free on their own and then going back into slumber. Each form lasts ten rounds and can only be used once per thread due to the strain they place on their weak hosts body. In socials and threads for plot the forms last for two weeks before going dormant.

    Spirit Forms:

    Unforgiving Spirit:
    The unforgiving spirit is a warrior through and through, though he gains 30% resistance to any damage aimed at him wither it be physical or magical, he is also gains a 50% added to his speed.

    Insane Spirit:
    The insane spirit pretty much wants to see the world burning and be enveloped in eternal darkness. Because of this the insane spirit does an additional 30% damage regardless if it's magical or physical and emits a 20 meter aura of darkness allowing him to take 50% less damage from light, life or spirit based spells. The down side to this is healing spells are 50% less effective on him and shields instantly vanish the moment he does any damage.

    Additional Spiritual Strength:
    When the unforgiving spirit or insane spirit is out they are able to tap into the dormant potential of their sleeping host. Ruvel's normal form is far to weak do deal damage and so he relies on his magic to get him through what he needs. This allows this the spirits to deal 30% additional damage to any melee or magical attack they do.

    Unmatched Speed:
    It is clear by his physical appearance that Ruvel was never built for the tides of battle but more as a scout, due to this his speed is unrivalled by those around him. No matter in which state he is in or what form he takes not only matches the speed of the fastest person within burst range but gains 10% of his natural speed on top to give him an added edge.  In addition if he is the fastest person around then he gains a buff of 60% on top of his natural speed.

    Magical Suppression:
    Due to the way he was created, the experiments he went though and the way his magic works Ruvel's magic's are automatically suppressed to the point that he gives off next to no magical aura. To keep his magic hidden while casting a spell he would have to be willing to pay 75% of that spells in addition to how much the spell actually costs, if he wishes to keep a unique ability hidden he would have to be willing to sacrifice 50% of the cost a spell his rank would. Passives are unaffected. In a pve setting this ability cost nothing to use as it is a plot ability.

    Spirit of the Seas:

    Lineage Name: Spirit of the Seas
    Wielder: Aoi
    Purchase Proof: Proof~

    The Spirit of the Seas is a spirit from the Celestial world whom is known to be a watcher for the seas, among other bodies of water. Their innate knowledge of nature reflects anything within the sight of the seas and branching bodies of water leading to and from them. Aquatic life is another of their expertise in innate knowledge. Anything from nature of certain animal locations to habits and eating preferences. Still, as a Celestial Spirit, they try to do what they can wherever it's needed in order to protect the seas they were born from and do anything it takes to do so.

    •Aquatic Force: The Spirit channels the seas through their every movement in combat. Their physical hand-to-hand strikes are able to inflict 50% of their rank in spell damage, however in doing so they are unable to use any offensive spells in the same post.

    •Ebb & Flow: Water of all forms unless created by a god or demon slayer of the users rank or lower (max of S rank) are able to infused within their own body to recover 40/60/80/100/120 hp once every 2/3/4/5/6 posts.

    •Embodiment of the Sea: Spell and physical damage are each reduced by 25%. If anything involving lightning elements are involved, they'll deal an additional 25% damage instead with no reduction involved.

    •Celestial Recall: The user when defeated in combat does not simply die. Their spirit is returned to the Celestial World where they are able to recover. However, they are unable to re-enter the same thread again.

    •Pact Summoning: This ability is more of an ability that affects a specific other person. A single person pacted to the Spirit is able to be summoned into a thread (excluding jobs) with OOC permission from all in said thread.


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    Former Custom Lineages Empty Re: Former Custom Lineages

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on March 5th 2020, 5:40 pm

    Blood Pact:

    Lineage Name: Blood Pact
    Wielder: Malva Kasai
    Purchase Proof: Link To Purchase
    Description: Malva Kasai, knowing that her time comes from the grace of a demon once asked him what her future held. To her surprise a demon in control of death itself gave freely the answer, "You will become something you both hate and aspire to." an answer that fit his nature. Seeking this truth of herself and her future Malva spent some time searching the world for someone who could help her reach this state that the demon spoke of. Eventually after two years of searching she reached the one who was spoken to be able to help her, and it was the demon once more this time however her tactics had changed. Taking up her sword she slit her own throat, offering her life to the demon to learn the truth. Impressed by her resolve the demon did not take her life in full, taking away instead six years in exchange for the knowledge.

    Finally as Malva stood in front of herself a mirror image but older and much stronger she understood what the demon had said all those years ago. The woman in front of her bore the mark of many dark guilds, her flames echoed with the souls of many and her expression was darker and more muted than before. Malva knew that in the end her goals would lead her here, but she also knew that it was what she only could do, taking her first step forwards Malva asked herself a single question, will you teach me? Joining hands with her younger self the older Malva stared down on her with a wicked smile as her eyes glowed and grew bloodshot, "You have already started to learn."

    Cosmetic/Plot Abilities:
    Precious Blood: Malva through the pact with herself has learned how to control blood in it's own form, and as such has learned to stop herself from bleeding. This does not affect magically induced bleeding, but if she is cut by a sword even if magic (So long as it does not cause bleeding as a magic effect.) she can prevent it.

    Demonic Heritage: Malva of the future made a pact with the demon who helped her, taking him into herself in exchange for more power, as such this affects Malva even now, causing her to gain a black mass over her own arms that takes a blood red tinge near the finger tips when she goes into her magma form.

    Extreme Heat: With blood fueling her magic now, Malva has a much higher core temperature than usual, water that is non-magic will instantly evaporate while around her, glass melts and stone warps at her footstep. She can turn this heat off at will removing the need for her tattoo though she does still have it.

    Corrupted Blood: After the pact was formed Malva gained the powers of her future self, this includes some of the downsides as well. Her blood even while she is in her human form is now black in color, having been corrupted by demonic influence. While in her magma form it is still the same color as proper magma should be though her body takes on a more noted demonic form, horns blood red in color sprouting from her head while her nails turn into a more clawed shape, as well as her teeth sharpening. Anyone that can detect demons, can also detect Malva because of this corruption. This effect continues to grow even if Malva is not in the magma form as she ranks up, with her normal appearance becoming more and more demonic as time goes on.

    Blood Siphon: Malva has learned the ways to take what she needs from those who have it. If she is below 50% of her maximum HP value she can take the blood from those she kills into herself using their life and soul to fuel her own rampage. What this means for those who fight her is that if Malva is weak and she kills a foe, she gains health equal to the rank of the entity killed up to S-Rank once per post. (40/60/80/100/120)

    Injection: Malva may inject her own blood into her magic, forcing it to become stronger. Once per post, she may use 5% of max HP and inject her blood into her next spell, causing it to deal 50% more damage. This effect may not be used if she is below 25% max HP and the amount of blood needed goes up based on the spell rank increasing by 5% for each rank up she goes though the strength of the buff follows the same rule.

    Superior Flame: Both as a Kasai and due to the effects of her pact Malva's flames are stronger than those of your regular person. Malva's fire magic has a natural 40% boost to their damage at all times thanks to this though it also does have a black outline from the demonic corruption at all times, with a blood red tinge to the actual flame.

    Corrupted Dialysis: With demonic energies flowing through the blood of Malva her speed increasing over time as a result. Starting from D-Rank her speed is boosted by 40% though as time goes on this boost gains strength with the demonic energies. As she ranks up the buff increases by 5% until S-Rank.

    Crimson Vein: While Malva is below 50% of her maximum health her blood begins to rampage seeking to kill something, hunting in the name of survival as the demonic forces now tied to her body refuse to die. While she is at the threshold Malva gains a boost of 40% to her strength with this increasing by 5% each rank she is above D-Rank up to S-Rank. She gains half this boost rounded down while above 50% health.

    Blood Pact: As Malva now has a pact with herself from the future she can also tap into this pact naturally. On the middle of Malva's chest a new rune has appeared, this rune is the symbol of her pact and bleeds demonic energies. Because of this rune Malva can pull magic power from her future self and gains a bonus 40% to her max MP with a bonus 5% every rank above D-Rank she is up to S-Rank as the pact grows stronger.

    Corrupted Skin: While Malva functions best using her own blood to fuel herself, the demonic forces inside her now refuse death. As such they have taken to reinforcing her body, increasing her maximum HP pool by 40% with this effect growing by 5% each rank above D-Rank she is until S-Rank.

    Karmic Soul:

    Lineage Name: Karmic Soul
    Wielder: Alma
    Purchase Proof: General Store: Page 14, Post n°328

    Alma comes from one of the most wealthiest families in the whole of Ishgar, he was given the very best of everything and wanted for nothing, well almost nothing. The one thing he was never really given was freedom to go out and experience things on his own, he was always with his parents, a guard or a chaperone. To this day he has no real idea why but it has made him come to the conclusion that there is something more to his life, something that his parents don't want him to learn or afraid that he himself might do. Alma is insanely smart though to look at him and how he acts you would believe that he is on the other side of the spectrum. It is unknown to all if he really is a lazy goofball or if it is all an act, whatever the circumstances may be he seems to have been blessed with some unique gifts.


    Balancing Act:
    It is said that to gain power you eventually have to give something up, Alma has absolutely no issue in this type of math as it makes complete sense on a cosmic scale. This ability means that Alma may never be able to get damage reduction in any sense be it via spells, magic or equipment. That being said he gains flat damage to his magical damage and healing magic both start at 12 damage at D rank and increases by 7 damage per rank there after capping at 40 at S rank.

    Book Smarts:
    Alma wasn't much of a bookworm growing up that would mean that he would have had to have placed effort into things, that being said he has knowledge that people wouldn't expect him to have at his age. This lineage ability gives Alma five additional spells. (One spell per rank capping at S), these are not classed as being attached to any of his magic but innate abilities he was born with thus don't count towards the spell cap of his magic. These spells must either be defensive or support based. He also gains two additional signature spells for a single magic that rank with him that cap at S rank.

    Untold Strength:
    Alma knows he has been gifted in many ways from the moment he was born, he has been praised as such though came under scrutiny due to his carefree attitude, not that he cares in the least. Alma has a reluctance to use his magic due to the destruction he has seen it do when he was younger. This doesn't mean that he won't use his magic just that he's more reserved when he does. This ability gives Alma two additional advance spells one capping at S and the other Capping at H.

    Soul Locked:
    Alma has always had a connection to one specific item his entire life, he has been known to completely change if someone dares get to close to it. This unusual ability allows Alma to gain a 4th item with a third ability that caps at the equipment level below it. (Example Artifact (+) the item would have an S+, S and an A ability.)

    Soul Song:
    Alma has never been quite right or so it would seem, the reason for this is has never actually been known, but for some reason he has always seemed to have speed and distance that most people would class as impossible for a regular person. This ability allows Alma's spells to become faster and gain more range than spells of the same rank would be, this starts at 40% at D rank and gaining 5% every rank there after capping at 60% each at S rank.

    Plot Only:

    Concealment of the Soul:
    Every now and then being forgetful or not noticed is the best way to go, this blessing grants the ability to hide ones true self. This means that they will have an illusion on that will give them a new appearance, mask their magic and spiritual signatures and even give them a different blood type. This ability is toggled and as it is not classed as magic can be used in areas that magic is normally not allowed.

    Estrie prætulit:

    Former Custom Lineages Tumblr_phj0ql471R1xl3euso3_500

    Lineage Name
    Estrie prætulit
    Purchase Proof:


    Lucifer showed Atarah the way to find the Caudex ex Mortem, the ledger of Death, a powerfull tome of the dark arts. It became a source of knowledge and power to Atarah and from it, she learned a spell to transform herself. She would sacrifice her humanity as well as a relative to become a new being, far superior than men in Atarah's mind. She became an Estrie, a vampiric being. Estries do not age nor die of age, they can use blood magic to alter their appearance and use it for magic. Like all vampiric races, they feed on blood.

    Estrie Seduction
    Estries are seductive beings and can persuade people to get their way. Atarah receives 100% more jewels from a job. [1 effect]

    Estries have a lust for blood, this fluid of life greatly improves their magical strength. It's also the source of their power as they mostly use blood magic.

    Atarah gains a blood pool, which has the same size as her mana pool, but it's empty at the start of a thread. The blood pool can be filled by killing NPCs and opponents, each kill adds 50 blood points to the blood pool. Another way of gaining blood points to cast spells is to sacrifice health points from Atarah herself or someone else (with ooc permission or for plot). In this case, the same amount of HP is removed as the magic cost.
    The blood pool exists next to the mana pool and is only used for blood magic. To cast a blood spell the user requires mana just like any other regular spell but with the addition of the same amount of blood. Signature spells still require blood and costs similarly as a D rank spell.

    Atarah's magic strength and mana pool is increased by 40% with an extra 5% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank) [2 effects - 1 downside = 1 effect]

    Estrie Reflexes
    Estries are fast beings. Atarah's speed is increased by 80% with an extra 10% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank). [effects 2]

    Plot Abilities:

    Estries can easily manipulate others with their sudecutive powers. (requires ooc permission if used upon pc).

    Estries can transform their appearnce to their liking.

    Estries can form batwings and use them to fly.

    Night Vision
    Estries can see easily in the dark.

    Estries are immortal and can regenerate lost limbs and even organs over time.

    Template by ivyleaf33

    Vessel of the Morning Star:

    Vessel of the Morning Star

    Wielder: Isaak Alvah
    Purchase Proof: Link

    Those of the Alvah family are descended from the blood of a divine being. One of their progenitors, having fallen in love with a fallen angel, bore a nephilim into the world. The Fallen, having planned the birth of his child for no other purpose than to use its power to breach the gates of heaven and return to his home, manipulated the child and the mother for the entirety of its life. However, moments before the Fallen's triumphant return to grace, his deception was realized. Angered by their parent, the Nephilim bound the angel to two blades and renounced it and its kind, vowing to erase all those like it from existence.

    Thus was the legacy of the Alvah family, their blood bearing the touch of twisted divine power that allowed them to take on a form not dissimilar to that of the demons they hunt. That is, until the birth of Isaak Alvah. Unbeknownst to him or any of his kin, his power was different. Rather than falling farther from grace over the centuries, the single-minded servitude towards the light the family had adopted served to slowly purify the power within them, raising them higher and higher to the most holy as they went. This reached its apex with Isaak, the boy existing not as a true nephilim, but as an angel born in human form. The older he grows, the closer he comes to divinity, but soon will come the day where he ascends fully into the realm of the divine.


    Higher Being:
    The Vessel is capable of distilling the purest form of his power, leaking into his body and changing it into what it truly is: an angel. With the activation of this ability, he gains wings at his back, a bright halo of holy energy above his head, while his flesh and eyes take on an ethereal glow. In this form, he gains an increase to his speed (+75%) and strength (+50%). This has a 4 post duration with a 6 post cooldown. As a byproduct of this ability, the Vessel is more equipped to take on angelic forms, allowing him to maintain an additional angel-based Partial Take-Over, for a total of five, while also granting him a passive +50% to MP.

    Heavenly Power:
    The Vessel is an angelic being, meant to spread the word of the divine and purge the world of all darkness that may inhabit it. Because of this, they have a larger pool of power to draw from. This grants Isaak 5 spell slots and 2 signature spells that rank up to S-Rank for one magic. Not only this, but any magic they utilize is imbued with holy power, dealing 50% increased damage to those aligned to Darkness, Demonic or Undead-type enemies. However, that which is pure is more susceptible to being stained and tainted, causing such enemies to also deal 50% increased damage to the Vessel.

    Divine Fortune:
    The Vessel is favored by the highest authorities of heaven, and while this offers a great deal of protection from darker powers, it also has...monetary benefits. Even a vessel of heaven has bills and expenses, after all. With this ability, the Vessel gains a 100% increase to the Jewels they receive from Jobs.

    Deific Form:
    The Vessel's body is permeated by holy energy, and they are changed because of it. Their body is stronger and sturdier, and their skin appears to be smooth like porcelain. In fact, their body doesn't register damage like that of a human. Rather than showing cuts or bruises, their skin chips, cracks and shatters like porcelain or a statue, while only damage from a spell equal to their rank causes them to bleed. Their blood is a luminescent while color when it is drawn. The unique composition of their body causes the Vessel to be much more durable, giving a 50% increase to HP.

    Plot Abilities:

    Untouched Visage:
    The Vessel is a being of heavenly power, and that touched by the light of the divine is often untouched by the passage of time. The light has stopped their aging, keeping their body in their physical prime, and by extension rendering them semi-immortal, permanently. The light of heaven, like all light, fluctuates, which allows the Vessel to control their physical appearance as well as the age which they appear as.

    Sanctified Mind:
    The Vessel is an angel, sharing many attributes with them. One such attribute is their mind. Angels are beings formed of ideals, things that are unsubstantial and highly symbolic. Because of this, their thoughts are not only in a holy tongue but also center around the idea from which they were molded. This makes it impossible for anyone to read their mind forcibly, causing pain to those who attempt to do so in any fashion.

    Divine Eyes:
    The Vessel is gifted not only with divine power, but with the ability to sense those with it in them. This ability allows the Vessel to sense the level of taint present within a target, this taint registering as a glow of varying colors around their person though centered in their eyes. This also allows them to sense the presence of divine beings or divine power within others, should the being or power deem it fit to show itself to them (OOC Permission required)
    Taint Levels:
    Eye Glow - Taint Level - Meaning
    White - N/A - Righteous
    Blue - None - Innocent
    Yellow - Slight - Tainted/Blasphemers (Worshipers of Evil Deities)
    Orange - Moderate - Sinners (One of the Seven)
    Red - High - Corrupted (Murderers of the Innocent &/or Righteous)
    Purple - Very High - Maleficar (Dark Mages, Necromancers, Unwilling Undead & Possessed Victims)
    Black - Utterly Tainted - Embodiment of Evil (God Slayers, Willing Undead, Demons & Possessors)

    Blessed Essence:
    The Vessel's very essence is blessed, thus those who are tainted in the eyes of the divine is incapable of coming into contact with them without being harmed. Those who are Corrupted, or possess a High amount of Taint or greater (see above), are incapable of touching, looking at or even hearing the Vessel's voice. Touching their flesh causes painful burns, looking at them causes one's eyes to bleed and hearing their voice causes bleeding from the ears as their vileness is rejected by every facet of the Vessel's being. (OOC Permission required)

    Chaotic Blessing:

    Lineage Name:
    Chaotic Blessing


    Purchase Proof:
    General Store: Page 9, Post n°201

    Yuiisai was born the daughter of a noble family within the Tolgalen province of Myazhe, she wasn't quite like the rest of her family in many ways though the physically seen reasons she didn't know. She had known that she was born mute so unable to speak to those around her, blind so unable to see the world around her or walk so having to rely on the others to do some of the most basic tasks for her. Physically she was born with hair as white as fresh snow and milky jade eyes which was unheard of within the culture she was born into, everyone had black hair and brown eyes. No one knew the reason for this, but it was agreed that she was blessed by the gods and so had to be protected as such. Little did the family or even the young Yuiisai know was that she was the reincarnation of another person with the same name. Like the former Yuiisai, she holds the same gifts of being genderfluidic and with that the personality changes that come with the change in gender. To make things worse she still holds the divine blood of a life goddess and a crazed death god which effect her and her magic even now.


    Life's Blessing:
    Yuiisai normally stays in her female form and so has the same instincts to aid over destroy, because of this Yuiisai's healing spells are 120% stronger than what they should be. (2 effects)

    Death's Curse:
    Yuiisai can also change to be a male and so can become more aggressive without much warning, because of this Yuiisai's offensive spells are 120% stronger than what they should be. (2 effects)

    Yuiisai was raised within a noble and loving family, it is because of this she has been able to balance her two sides unknowingly. Due to her way of life Yuiisai gains double jewel for any job that she does. (This excludes site based job events unless they state otherwise.) (1 effect)

    Guarded Life:
    Yuiisai was protected her entire life one way or another, be it from her siblings, parents or even her handmaiden or yojimbo. It is due to her sheltered life Yuiisai has no damage reduction at all and can not gain it via any means (Example: Equipment, magic, lineages, abilities) It is because of this she can not only have an additional pet but they are able to have a third ability that is of the grade lower. (example: Ethereal pet would have S, A+ and a B ability), this additional pet is also granted one additional piece of equipment (item) and like the pet themselves can have an additional ability of the rank below (Example: Artifact item: S+, S, A) (4 effects – 2 effects for draw back = 2 effects)

    Unknown Potential:
    Yuiisai was born with her own problems, she was unable to speak, see or even walk anywhere. In addition to this due to her disabilities her parents didn't allow her to learn magic even though she had the potential of doing so. Her disabilities made her weaker thus she has 100 health less than someone her own rank, the fact she was also not allowed to learn magic not only gives her 100 less mana than someone of her rank but as she wasn't trained is unable to gain any mana reduction for her spells by any means. (Example: Equipment, magic, lineages, abilities.) However, when she did finally wake to her potential she found she had strength not many actually had, access to stronger spells. Yuiisai gains 5 additional advanced spells for a single one of his magic's (These follow an independent spell maximum from the regular one up to S and are to distributed according to regular advanced spell maximums, 2 B+, 2 A+, 1 S+), she also finds she has not only 2 additional signature spells for one of her magics but an additional H+ spell for one of her magics (6 effects – 3 effects for drawbacks = 3 effects)


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