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    Herbs? Really? Why am I being asked to do this? {Solo}


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    Harbinger of Death

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    Herbs? Really? Why am I being asked to do this? {Solo} Empty Herbs? Really? Why am I being asked to do this? {Solo}

    Post by Vlad on Tue 12 Dec - 22:40

    between what is good and what is evil
    I will tiptoe down that line but I will feel unstable

    The sun shone ever so brightly on the town of Hosenka. This town, like many of those in Fiore, is a place where the residents simply go about their day without any sort of care in the world. They seemed to simply disregard what terrors went on around them and lived in this absent minded state; this state was one in which they simply nodded their heads and allowed the world to move as it wish. It was because of people like this that Vladimir was simply able to move as he pleased; it was an amazing time to live!

    With a slight sigh, and the wiping of his brow, Vladimir simply looked around the town. Oh how the times had changed! He had not been in the land of Fiore, or was it the land of the living, in quite some time. "Well, I suppose not much has changed, but how much time has passed?" He chuckled, walking by the job board and casually pulling one loose. "Huh, it's been just over a year! How fantastic! I suppose it's time for the world to remember who truly rules dominant." It was with this that he simply laughed once more. The land of men, the land of those who thought themselves so high and mighty.

    It was with this that he glanced the job over once more and simply rolled his eyes. "Why not? It'll be a nice little excursion to loosen up the muscles." It was with this that he simply smiled and went on his way. "Well, it doesn't say I have to be there with the man, now does it?" It was with this that he felt the need to return to his usual antics.

    A few hours have passed, Vladimir had simply chose to walk around town until he had found his perfect target. There was nothing better than a woman who felt no tension walking alone in the dark. It was with this that he tailed the women back to her house. It was as she unlocked her door that Vladimir approached her from behind, covered her mouth, smiled and pushed them inside, closing the door with his foot. "Well, I must say that your luck must be rather low. Who would have expected to run into the man, the myth, the legend! Vladimir, the man who was once a sinner of Fiore!" It was with this that her struggle escalated, and her pupils dilated. Her panic was rather clear, and it was something which truly made him a tad excited.

    "Oh how long it has been! Well, lets not keep you in suspense. It's time to prepare for our little experiment!" It was with this that he would drag the women forward, in which she would bite his hand. "Why you little..." It was with this that he slammed the women's head against the wall. Thud.

    Blood ran down the wall, it seemed he had hit a stud. "Well then, that's rather unlucky!" He chuckled, caressing the women's cheek as he pulled her body to the center of the room; it was with this that he lay her on the table, "I'll be right back dear! Don't fret, it'll only be a minute." It was with this that he winked at the unconscious body and stepped into the kitchen. Opening the draws he had finally found what he had wanted, a blade. "Ah, how long has it been?" He chuckled, grabbing one final piece of equipment; this being a glass of water. Pulling the small herbs he had pocketed earlier in the day he simply walked into the foyer. Looking down on the women he simply let out a small smile, "Please, do enjoy this as much as I do!" With this he dug the knife into the women's neck, tearing the flesh asunder.

    It was with this that he would simply crush the herbs and mix it, along with the blood, into the cup. With this the potion was complete, but could Vlad simply leave it like this? Hell no. It was with this that he impaled the women, running the blade straight down; tearing this women open from naval to breast. With this he removed the women's intestines and simply ran it up the banister; it was as though he was preparing for Christmas! It was with this that he believed he should leave some form of calling card! With this he decapitated the women, placing her head atop the radio. With this he simply left a message on the wall, "Guess who's back~." With this he cleaned himself up, went to the option maker and received his reward. "Easy money~."

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    Herbs? Really? Why am I being asked to do this? {Solo} Tumblr10
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