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    Date Night with Darius


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    Date Night with Darius Empty Date Night with Darius

    Post by Sith 12th December 2017, 12:27 am


    Darius sighed, muttering under his breath, " Well...this is going to be interesting."

    There were many thoughts occurring to Darius' head, the primary one being, Congratulations Darius, you signed up for Black Sails just to be a glorified male escort. Excellent. Hell, Darius wasn't even being paid for this job, providing even less incentive for him to do the dreadful task of going out with some angsty teen. However, in a swell of bad luck, Darius broke quite a few valuable objects after being thrown out of a bar for...reasons (drunkenly hitting on a man's wife in front of said man). The valuable objects equated to a heftier sum than Darius had on his person, also for reasons (spending money on alcohol, then gambling all the money away because of ingesting too much alcohol). So, the vendor proposed that Darius go out with his daughter in exchange for breaking said objects. Apparently, his daughter was so deperate that she posted an entire job offer to go on a date with her. Seemed easy enough, Darius loved desperate women.

    And then Darius learned that the girl was 15.

    So, here Darius was: from the dunes of Desierto to the door of a teenager to make her feel like a woman again. He knocked on the door, calling out, "Hello? Is Samantha here?"

    "Coming, coming." A voice behind the door yelled, before the door swung open.

    Darius' eyes beset upon an average looking young woman who was roughly 17 or 18, around 5'4, and jet black hair tied up in a pony tail, and wore a simple black tank top and a shorts.  "You're who dad set me up with, right? You're Darion?"

    Darius let out a dry chuckle, grimacing and correcting, "Darius, and yes. He told me that I'd take you out and treat you to some brunch."

    The mage offered his arm to her, Samantha looking at the young man and sighed, reluctantly taking his arm before they set off to their dinner date.

    The place that Darius chose to take Samantha to was a quaint cafe, and as the two took their seats, the pirate decided to chat her up, "So...Samantha," He began, putting on a smirk before asking, "your father told me that you were having some problems?"

    Samantha groaned, "Ugh. Yeah, so basically my two friends are being total bitches to me and I don't deserve it!"

    Darius raised his eyebrow, and was about to attempt to change the subject, but she continued on, "My life is unbelievably difficult right now. No boys will like me, and I don't know why? Is there like, anything wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough? Ugh, boys are so vain."

    "Samantha, my dear, we're on a date, not a therapy session."
    Darius interjected.

    "Right. So, anyways, tell me about yourself, Darius." She said before continuing, "Do you work for a guild? You're a mage right?"

    "Of sorts, I work for the West Fiore Trading Company."
    He responded, ready to tell her some interesting stories of work before she began speaking again.

    "My friend's dad worked with the Trading Company. Well, ex-friend, he doesn't talk to me anymore because he thinks I'm annoying. He said that to my face, and that really hurt me." She yammered, before launching into a tangent about how literally everyone she knows hates her.

    Oh  god, she really doesn't know how to stop speaking...I mean, I'd wait this out if I'd end up sleeping with her but she's sixteen and I'm not into that. I'm a pirate, not a sex offender. He thought in his head, ignoring whatever drivel that Samantha insisted on speaking about. Darius simply nodded and smiled his way through the date, sincerely hoping that there was an endpoint to whatever she was speaking about. There was none.

    As the date neared it's end, this newfound form of psychological torture on Darius seemed to have found it's end as Samantha stated, "Wow, I got a lot off my chest, thanks for listening."

    "No...problem...Samantha." Darius said through his teeth, forcing a smile, despite the fact that he wished nothing more than to off himself out of sheer mercy.

    "Well, since we're done, want to walk me home?" She asked.

    "Nope, sorry, got some stuff to take care of in the city. You take care now." Darius lied, before getting up from his seat and leaving, leaving Samantha astounded and slightly offended. However, after essentially 2 hours of rambling about hormonal teenage problems, Darius' ability to be courteous had run out.

    I definitely...definitely should have just paid for the damages. Darius thought in his head.

    Word Count: 772/500


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