Anhew Port - Divide Islands Port City


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    Anhew Port - Divide Islands Port City

    Post by Johann on 11th December 2017, 2:05 pm

    Anhew Port - Divide Islands Port City

    Whatever business one may have with the West Fiore Trading Company, should they decide to visit the Headquarters or Divide Island itself they will find themselves at the middle docks of Divide Island. These docks are surrounded by the Company's port city known as Anhew Port. All civilian shipping, civilian trade as well as transportation and tourism is processed here, and anyone who is not part of the West Fiore Trading Company or its other side, Black Sails, will find that this port is the only official way onto and off Divide Island. When first arriving at Anhew, be it by airship or by regular ship, the first thing that one will notice from afar is the breathtaking architecture as well as the unusual colours of the city. Each building is made out of clean white stone, the city covering the land like a layer of snow. The city itself is under the direct administration of the West Fiore Trading Company.

    Upon seeing Anhew for the first time, one building in particular is going to catch the eye: the large, white lighthouse at the edge of the docks, an enormous lacrima sitting on top, shining in a bright yellow light, providing both incoming airships as well as regular ships with a means to orientate themselves in particularly dark nights.

    The next thing one will see is the clean stone middle docks, stretching out from the city into the ocean to provide incoming ships and airships of all sizes with a place to dock and load or offload their ships. There are a total of ten docks, each one with the capability to comfortably dock 10 large air or seaborne vessels as well as their own storage hall of great proportions to store the wares of merchants that trade directly with the company or others ... for a small fee, of course.

    Behind the docks is the main road, at it's side covered with palm trees and lacrima posts, leading to the West Fiore Trading Company's Headquarters Building in the one direction, to the Anhew town center in the other. Should one decide to head to the town center, they will find themselves at an enormous plaza, a single large fountain in the middle, a circle of several large palm trees around it. The plaza servers as the town's market place and trading hub, with merchants and traders of all kinds selling their wares all over, from basic necessities to exotic luxury goods. People rumor that one can find pretty much anything around here, depending on how many jewels you're willing to spend ... hearsay ... surely.

    All around the town center are residential and commercial buildings, reaching from small apartments to large buildings and shops of up to 10 ,or sometimes even more, stories. The people that live here are mostly merchants and their families that have settled here to trade with the WFTC directly and have easy access to wares, people who provide all kinds of services anyone could possibly need for both the Guild as well as the locals, mages who deal in various matters and, of course, tourists who have come for the beautiful beaches and tropical climate of Divide Island.

    A little away from the city, on the coast of Anhew, the large Anhew fort along with its garrison can be found. The fort serves two major purposes: To house the cities garrison, many of them experienced mages, which doubles as it's police force, and guard against invasions by bandits or other criminals. The fort itself can be defended by just a few handful of men for extended periods of time and is equipped with state-of-the-art defenses such as heavy artillery, anti-aircraft weaponry and large defensive elemental lacrimas. The fort can comfortably house a large company of soldiers (around 150 men), officers and townspeople in case of attack. In addition to that, the fort has a nigh impenetrable dungeon that's been build into the rock and sealed by anti-magic runes as well as a courthouse where the CEO of the West Fiore Trading Company, his VP's or a representative will judge criminals according to Tolgalens laws.

    Behind the city of Anhew lie the vast and largely unexplored wild jungles of Divide Island, with some settlements here and there as well as the Company's headquarters closer to the divide splitting the island, and even more secrets to be discovered.

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