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    Fiore' s Next Top Model (Solo Job)

    Caelestis Icarus Zephyr
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    Fiore' s Next Top Model (Solo Job) Empty Fiore' s Next Top Model (Solo Job)

    Post by Caelestis Icarus Zephyr 10th December 2017, 9:35 pm

    Job Info:

    Week 1- Monday

    The blind man nervously walked to the building, where he was to do a modelling job. He hoped he would be able to accomplish this, he needed some experience with crowds. He was accompanied by Tora, who had been assigned to help him for the shopping and photo shoots, since he couldn't see in order to pick the clothes. He was guided to a room where the other competitors were, and sat down next to another male who he could feel glaring at him. Clearly these people weren't happy about their blind competitor. Tora, his beautiful loyal spirit, just massaged his shoulders wordlessly and sent glares at the other competitors until they left him alone. Inaris was fine with that, and soon enough they were shopping for clothes to wear at the shoot and on the runway. Tora helped him pick a few nice outfits, and soon they had amassed a decent amount of nice clothes for the week.

    Some Outfits:


    The photo shoot wasn't much fun, even for Inaris. He absolutely hated It, being pushed and prodded, poked and told to hold awkward positions for long amounts of time. It was altogether awkward and just plain annoying, he found. He did as instructed however, and was rewarded with being told his pictures had come out the best of all of them at the shoot that day. The other competitors were absolutely furious, not that the man noticed. Inaris couldn't care less what a few asshole humans thought of him, he just wanted the jewels and the experience that came with modelling.


    The catwalk wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. At least, not at the start. He had to walk up and down an elevated path, pose and smile, and he was done. Not hard, right? He managed to get down the walk without incident the first time, but the second time one of the other competitors tried to cover him in paint, effectively trying to knock him from the competition. Luckily, Tora caught them, and the guy was automatically kicked from the competition. He deserved It, anyhow. He had tried to cheat to win, and that wasn't excusable.

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