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    Interception Sabotage [Solo]


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    Interception Sabotage [Solo]  Empty Interception Sabotage [Solo]

    Post by Arianna on December 10th 2017, 9:53 pm

    Arianna stood atop the canyon, eyes closed as she listened to the wind blowing. She simply waited in her position, it had been hours at this point, not a single trace of life to be seen. So why was she even there?

    Her connection to Grim Heresy gave her access to many sources of information, including that of a caravan schedule from that of the government. All she knew was that the caravan would be by this very position at some point, and that the information aboard it was tied to foreign diplomacy. As for what the message was, Arianna hardly cared. All she knew is that the destruction of this caravan would raise questions. Some would most likely pass off her attack as a random attack from bandits. Others… Others would possibly point to a planned attack. Whatever the case, any spread of chaos was all she sought.

    The sun had set long ago, the darkness enveloping the canyon as the creatures of the night began to stur. Bats swirled about overhead, feasting on any small bugs they could find. Smaller reptiles that had hid between the rocks to avoid the heat had crawled out from their shelters. The noise of the night grew with time, but soon, it had all feel silent. A small light had appeared towards the west, flickering against the walls of the canyon. The time had come.

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