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    Onyx Moon/West Fiore Trading Company Guild Information

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    Important Onyx Moon/West Fiore Trading Company Guild Information

    Post by Onyx Moon on Sun 10 Dec 2017 - 21:50

    Onyx Moon/West Fiore Trading Company Guild Information Yl0GK1G

    Onyx Moon is a truly neutral guild and isn't exactly what one would expect as they run as a compartmentalised double sided coin. The better known side of their coin is known as The West Fiore Trading Company and is considered by many as an unregistered legal guild that deals with the shipping and receiving of products and parcels, they also help those who are in need with little questions being asked.

    On the other darker side of the coin and not know by everyone even within the trading company is Onyx Moon, the members of this side of the guild are deemed as less than savoury by those outside the guild as pirates, thieves and mercenaries where this is true it isn't entire truth on them. They see the darkness of the world through the jobs they receive and accept from often very desperate clients who know their jobs would never be touched by legal guilds, they have their own way of dealing such matters and outside of the light.

    Because this guild is two sided it has two different guild marks, the one everyone sees which is the West Fiore Trading Companies mark; this changes however when they don their masks, the guild mark changes to be that of their darker side to protect not only their own identities, but their legal counter part as not everyone who is on one side knows about the other. When entering into the darkness of the guild you are taking your life into your hands as betrayal of the secret of who they truly are will never be forgiven and you will most likely be hunted down.

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