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    Post by Shen Hakuhei on 4th December 2017, 1:45 pm

    Job Title:
    Rank: 100Y
    Player Requirements: Shen Hakuhei must participate along side any Lamia Scale Member(s).  The mission will require the participants to travel to three separate locations to face off against the Dragons.  There is no minimum or maximum word count required per thread, however the combined totals of all threads must add up to at least 17,000 per participant.  Lamia Scale members are not required to be S-Rank to participate, but must meet the minimum word count to receive any rewards.
    Job Requirements: Assist Shen Hakuhei in defeating Three of the Eight Heavenly Dragons.  
    Job Location: Calm Sea, Mountain Village & Phoenix Mountains

    Job Description: Shen Hakuhei has begun to have nightmares of a great calamity coming to Fiore.  A white Shadow sweeping over the land and all the forces of nature rising against humanity.  These nightmares are a prophecy coming to pass.  Sapharadon, the King of White Dragons intends to resurrect the Eight Heavenly Dragons, a band of incredibly powerful dragons that once wreaked havoc in the land of Midi, and brought the nation to its knees.  Sapharadon intends to use their power to once again wreak havoc, and plunge humanity in to a world where Dragons once again reign Supreme.  Shen Hakuhei, the reincarnated Hero of Midi who in lifetimes past thwarted the Eight Dragons will rise to the challenge and once again bring about an end to the Eight.



    Anshen is the terror that lurks beneath calm waters.  A cunning hunter that would lure humans to the water by glowing beneath its surface like Gold.  Anshen is a cruel trickster, finding the misfortune of human adventurers absolutely amusing and takes pleasure in terrorizing his meals, milking every scream of terror and torment out of them before permitting them to die in the most horrifying ways possible.  Anshen is the first Dragon to be resurrected by Sapharadon and he lurks within the Calm Sea, terrorizing and devouring unsuspecting sailors until the time for War comes.


    • The Flood Dragon: Anshen possesses control over the body of water that he currently occupies.  If he willed it, he could force the ocean over land and flood the world, but that wouldn't be any fun for the dastardly Dragon.  Whatever waters Ashen occupies remains perfectly calm and reflective, an ideal hunting ground for the terror beneath the surface.
    • Mirror's insight: Anshen can see in to the hearts of humans through their reflections in calm water.  With this knowledge he torments his prey with cunning words, and lures them in to a tormented state of mind.


    Yanxing is the most angered of the Eight.  He is a living Calamity that knows nothing other than destruction and mayhem.  Even among the Eight Yanxing was considered to be a threat that had to be contained.  It was never the intention of the Eight to wipe out all of human civilization, they desired to rule them as they saw fit, but Yanxing could not be reasoned with.  It was only by the words of Guangziran the Holy that Yanxing's wrath was settled and humanity was spared its extinction.  Upon Anshen's defeat Sapharadon resurrected Yanxing ahead of schedule and set him loose upon the world.  Now his wrath cannot be contained.    


    • The Burst Dragon: Yanxing's body is capable of producing powerful explosions that can lay waste to entire villages and is in a constant smoldering state which makes touching him without some form of heat protection impossible.  The smoke from his smoldering body rises in to the air blanketing the sky and rains Ash upon the land.  
    • Yanxing's fire: Yanxing's roar generates a flame that is all consuming.  There are no defenses strong enough to protect against it.  All flames generated by Yanxing's Roar will remain permanently burning and spreading until Yanxing himself is defeated.


    Haojiaolong, often referred to as the Laughing Dragon due to his tendency to laugh hysterically. He is regarded as the embodiment of insanity due to his twisted sense of Logic. Like most of the Eight, he takes pleasure in not simply killing his victims, but to twist and torment their minds. Haojiaolong likes to literally play games with his victims. Games in which he offers a chance at survival and sometimes even gifts. However his games are designed so that he always wins and in the unlikely event that he doesn't win, he makes up rules to make him the winner anyway. The point of it all is not to actually give his victims a fighting chance, but to make them believe that there is a way out of their horrible fate, and then suddenly crush their hope.


    • 155k Jewels
    • Participants who are not S-Rank will receive 2X their Ranks worth of EXP.


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