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    Talking with my Self.


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    Talking with my Self. Empty Talking with my Self.

    Post by Lilim on 3rd December 2017, 2:49 am

    It had been a strange day, for certain. I had been in semi-control over Mz. Hyde, thanks to the mysterious runes that the spirit bound Hero gave to me as a way to control the bloodlust and insanity from years under spell-bound curse items, and future seeing, for nearly 4 months. We used to have an accord between the both of us, but underneath the bounty of Savage Skull's guild and their trap, I've been unable to let Mz. Hyde out, as to avoid suspicion of my ties to my guild, the Black Sail. We hide underneath the guise of our trading company for the time being, and so, I went back to my wandering ways. Villages too small to name fell ill and vanished under my being, an almost innumerable amount of people from these villages now rot under my control, as my corpse puppets. I spent the fair amount of a month or so travelling to the Serene Cliffs, and stood there, gazing with wonder that only befitted this land, though laced with apathy that became palpable. Before the oddity that happened that day, I noticed three things: First was that the air was warm, and it stirred, without seeming like there was a cause to it, as there were no clouds, and the trees were never moved by the wind itself. Second, the Seven glyphs on my arms and chest glowed unusually, cloudy and crimson wisps floating off me and onto the gentle breeze. Last, I felt a pair of eyes on me, before blinding white enveloped my being. I opened my eyes to serene grass stretching around me, crimson flowers blooming far across the fields to which I cast my eyes upon. These flowers stretched to great lengths, far beyond they should, and the field grew crowded the farther you looked. In the middle of these flowers were me, and a shimmering reflection, one plucking at them and throwing them far away from themselves. I walked through the flowers, those crimson flowers, and put my hand on their shoulder, their shimmering shoulder to which all I felt was tense muscle, and a raging animal nature, hiding deep beneath the surface, but noticeable to me. I had those glyphs burning and raging upon my flesh, the seven, and as they reached her, those burning wisps, she turned and lashed out with raking claws, hands contorted beyond the norm. These tendrils of blood, lengthened to 5 feet, whipped through my skin, and for the first time since my descent into my madness, I felt... no bloodlust. I felt free, able to control myself without Mz. Hyde trying to take my form. I danced back as her claw ran across my skin, leaving marks where the familiar glowing blood flowed out, then back in, in some sort of flowing current, changing the way I looked at it. She growled aloud, and shouted ferally, straight at me: "YOU WILL NOT IMPRISON ME HERE AS WELL. WE BOTH KNOW YOU'D DO IT. DON'T EVEN THINK THAT YOU WOULDN'T. I AM MY OWN BEING, NOT SOME ABOMINATION OF YOUR SOUL. I BECAME A PART OF YOU, AND YOU ME. IF YOU TOUCH ME AGAIN, I DIE INSIDE AND OUT, LOSE CONSCIOUSNESS AND SELF. I wouldn't even wish that on you, despite the fact that you wish it on me. My guess is that you lost your compassion to me, alongside any semblance of personality that made you you, when you gained this power. If you're going to be here, sit over where you woke. Otherwise, fuck off and go back to control the body, as usual." She turned away, and

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