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    Fluffy C-rank Exam.


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    Fluffy C-rank Exam. Empty Fluffy C-rank Exam.

    Post by Fluffy on 2nd December 2017, 1:04 am

    3414 words.

    It had taken some time for the feline to fully realize she was going to enjoy the luxury of a full four course meal in the company of Chaoris, who had stated he would make sure no one interrupted her feeding. Sure the Kasha had very much heard every word spoken by the god and anyone else in the flame surrounded arena of death. Yet, for some reason it was only coming back to her in pieces, likely because she lost her head for a little while defending the corpses now being carried on her broad back. Fluffy would never loose herself for that long again over something like this, especially since someone had given her reason to believe it was alright to slaughter anything she deemed a threat to her food without threatening them. The feline really liked that considering any threat to her food source was also threatening her very life, not that she cared much for her own life, but it was the concept of having the strength to protect herself for once in her life. Nyx had been so strongly against slaughtering other humans, even if they were possessed by demons, the girl she had once been was kind hearted enough she wished to do anything possible in order to attempt saving the afflicted. She had been the weakest of the entire group, most of the time they had to save her from some sort of possession or spiritual abduction, she was so incapable, all she could do was watch them fight and sometimes watch them almost die. Until one day she finally watched one of them really die, she should have died beside him that day, every part of her should have died, instead her old companion turned into the first meal of her new life as something entirely taboo, an entity she would have easily killed when she was human, if given the chance.

    Nyx lost everything she had once known, pretty much every ideal she held in her human life made existing in the world an every day death sentence. Yet, being this atrocious monstrosity also gave her strength the likes of which she had never felt or even dreamed of feeling during her mortal life. She had been the weakest in the group no matter where she was, but now she had strength that felt like it simply kept growing every time she used it, grew stronger, made her more capable. Anyone who had known Nyx would warn the female that the power she was using likely came with sharp consequences, that humanity could not withstand wielding an element from the birthplace of almost anything evil in the world. However, she was not human anymore so Fluffy would not ever listen even if someone told her she may be running head first down a path that slowly was stripping her humanity away, she was dead anyways she had no use of humanity. When she started going by Fluffy instead of Nyx it was simply a matter of not yet knowing who she was after her transformation, being unsure if she was still the same expect for the species change. Now, the situation was far different, she didn't want to be Nyx, after-all Nyx was the weakest person she had ever met! The human had not even possessed the strength to remain dead, and she certainly never had the strength to protect those close to her heart, she hadn't even the power to protect herself! Fluffy, being the Kasha no matter how much that she shouldn't exist, Fluffy had earned her right to exist more than Nyx ever had. Unlike the human she had been, Fluffy was powerful, Chaoris had killed around her, but he never once had to murder someone to protect her, no one had needed to protect her since she transformed, she could protect herself. She was certain Fluffy was stronger than Nyx had ever dreamed of trying to be, even with how much Nyx had wished to saved those she loved or be able to protect them, it was not Nyx who had the strength to do so, it was Fluffy who had the power.

    Kasha's were spawned of the underworld, sent souls there, drew their power from it, they danced with the dead, the entire species should be dead. Yet, the one she wanted alive wasn't the human girl Nyx who should have the right to live, it was Fluffy who made her own skin crawl.  She didn't want to be herself, and she didn't have to because Izayuki had killed who she was. That horrible monster was worse than she would ever be, and that gave the Kasha comfort, she was nowhere near bad compared to the legal guild master who had ruined her life. Even if she was stronger now, she shouldn't exist and it was agony because who she wanted to be should never have gotten the chance to be alive. It was fine, completely fine, she was a monster now, she could forget about who she had been as a human, there was no need to remember Nyx who in spite of being weak power wise and rather plain, was strong of will and capable of control. Why in the world she want to be in control? That made no sense, it was better when her head was static like this, almost like screaming voices but no where near close to the actual sound of screeching ghosts from the past. Fluffy was beyond thinking, if the youkai had been capable of any solid personal thought right now, she would realize it was not her own wish to be entirely out of control. The entity known as Fluffy was undefined, she had no defenses against thing's like ghosts or possession, she had mental barriers but they were left over from when she had been Nyx, everything even emotions around her could take root in Fluffy whereas Nyx was capable of fighting them off and retaining herself.

    She had let go, but she still had a long way to fall and there was no real way to notice she was free falling unless someone forcefully looked past the mental barriers within her and heard the static of an increasing number of foreign voices invading her head. There was not a reason one for someone to dig that deeply into her brain, so the ghosts, specters, feelings, demons and energies were left to swirl within her and take root to grow like parasitic tree's. "I told them, I don't know if they'll do it though, looked as if they had doubts about the validity of my information." it was the bride, she had since torn her wedding gown until it came to her knee's making it easier to move around, which Fluffy thought was a good choice. The grown woman seemed concerned about the lives possibility in danger from the inferno that had begun during the wedding ceremony slaughter, but the fire setter could care less, if people burned than it was all the better for her, she liked when things burned. Of course she would eventually set a back burn if nothing was done, she wouldn't let the flames overtake the world or something like that, but she was in no rush to put out what was now an event with a mind of its own. Even if that mind only had the consumption of the living in plan. "Its not our problem if they don't, not until I've eaten at least." the feline did not actually like the way she had to get food, what she had to eat in order to stay alive sometimes made her feel vile and disgusting, but the truly disturbing part was the more she consumed the sinful of her prior species, the less it bothered her, the more she looked forward to her next meal or the next time she met up with Chaoris and inevitability became involved in a blood bath once more. "You really are heartless, Fluffy. The fire you set is way more dangerous than any normal wildfire, and yet you don't care who gets hurt within it." anyone who was not smart enough to get out of dodge while it was burning, was entirely dim witted, especially since her flames often liked to kill whatever they latched onto before spreading to the next thing. The park contained plenty of foliage to occupy her inferno while she chowed down on some tasty sin drenched meat. "I'm not arguing with you, if you have a problem with me, attack me than I'll just kill you." Chaoris wouldn't have a problem with that right? 'Followers' could kill each other under the right conditions with warning if it was done honorably. Right? Oh she hoped so, this other chick was getting on her nerves. However, her statement seemed to straight up cause the bride to back off her entirely, apparently the woman did not doubt that she would resort to murder. Being Fluffy ruled sometimes, no one pushed her around!

    The spa still seemed like a very attractive place to dine upon her prizes. Although her true motive for picking the Spa as her restaurant of choice, was not the most logical. Just like most normal cats, Fluffy despised being filthy and she had gotten quiet the dosage of dirt during the slaughter. At the moment? Layers of thick syrupy blood, copious amounts of nearly annihilated viscera and other meaty gory substances stuck to her once cream pelt making her about the equivalent to a meat freezer horror side show. One could not be in the presence of Chaoris when he went into battle and not end up with liberal amounts of blood or organs ending up on their person, after all the man claimed to be the god of blood, skulls and war! The first time she ended up being painted by the natural messy state of his method of battle? It had haunted her for nights, made sleeping almost impossible for this brief period of time, and tonight when she laid down and got the second to think once more, she would likely realize how horrid this was once more. However being around something like this for an extended time? Had this way of making you lose the person who existed inside, all that existed was the carnage and that became a part of someone, drove them slowly towards madness. Was there a god for that too, nah. Anyway's, she did not enjoy filth weighing her down, even if during the moment, in the heat of battle the splash back of someones bloody death made her feel something indescribable. After combat was over? The mess out lived its novelty quickly and she wanted it gone, Spa's had baths and such which she could use in order to clean her pelt of the organic material stuck to it. Hopefully wanting to get the blood of her body before it caked was not something the god considered heresy, she would hate to upset him that way. Of course, he did not always have a blood covered appearance so if he complained he could bite her large fluffy ass. Though, she should likely be nice as he offered to 'protect' her food while she ate it, and even mentioned relaxing which was something the two of them did not get to do often.

    Oh gosh, did she actually want to relax and talk about stupid trivial unimportant things with the god the same way she may with a human friend? Maybe his presence really was maddening. Nope there was no way, everything was just weird that was all. Plus who could fault her for appreciating someone who always lead her to a readily available source of sin soaked cadavers. No one, that was who. So what did it really matter if she happened to find herself enjoying the presence of something she once deemed entirely non existing? Who was going to judge her for being unforgivable these days, she had done things that if she had been human she would have turned herself into the authorities for, within that chapel weeks ago. She did not have to hold herself to normal human standards, she was a monster now after-all, there was nothing to worry about, nothing at all. Anyway's, she had to pick which of the many spa's they were going into, it would be briefly entertaining if someone was within as they would likely scream about her gruesome appearance. "You two local's have any Spa recommendations?" she rumbled out, glancing at the pink haired girl who seemed to be much more fond of her than her elder 'widowed' sibling. "Well there is a really good one that caters to multiple species a few streets over if you wanted service alongside your place to, uh do what your going to do with-" clearly, neither girl was comfortable with the fact she would be eating the body's of their cowardly sinful parents, but she wasn't about to turn down her best meal of the night because of two whimpy girls feelings. Plus she'd eaten someone she once considered a friend, even if she would feel sick days after, she really did not care very much for the morality of a meal when she had the chance to indulge in it.

    "This is the one right?" the feline made her comment, padding forward slowly towards the large white painted door of the building the youngest in their small awkward group had lead them to. Rearing up she pushed the door open and meandered in casually in spite of the blood marks left on the door by her soaked pelt. As the feline had expected, the reaction to her arrival was screeching, humans instantly startled and frightened by her appearance and the bodies she carried with her. Taking no heed of the terrified employees cowering against the wall she walked up to the front desk, tall enough to look over it to the woman cowering behind it. "Service for two sets of two." she really didn't like the idea of the sisters being around her while she dined, she was a private eater after all, heck the only living thing that had ever truly seen her devour another once living being was Chaoris. Trembling the woman she had spoken towards stood up, pressing herself back against a wall, signaling for some more of the employee's to venture forward and take the two girls away, before trying to figure out who was brave enough to take care of a large predator like herself. "I'm not going to eat you people, I brought my own food. Don't try to take it and you'll be fine." the Kasha rolled her eyes, didn't they know that her kind preferred the dead, oh yeah, of course they didn't. Most humans did not prefer to be informed on things that could murder them, the solution was to let braver more capable humans take care of the problem and risk their lives all the time. Cowards.

    Luckily her statement gave some of the employees enough shaky confidence to direct Chaoris and herself to one of the more back rooms, mopping up her bloody paw prints the whole way and she saw someone was already trying to clean the blood of the door when she turned the corner into the actual spa part leaving the waiting room. In a smart business move, the two of them were lead into a room which was fully decked out for anything they may ask for, so that there was no reason she really had to leave the room and startle other guests. "Leave us alone for like half an hour so I can eat." she let the bodies slide off her back and instantly turned to them, she really did not want to wait for her meal, she had went days without eating already, she was starving. Fluffy was quick to burn through two of the bodies she secured within about ten minutes, devouring in such a way that was sure to likely give her an upset stomach later, but for now it did the job and gave her ten minutes each for the two corpses she saved for last, as they would be much tastier. Now that she had a partially filled stomach, it seemed the Kasha calmed down significantly, laying down as she chewed on her current meal, taking her time and seeming less rabid than she had at the end of the fight. "Sorry for the threats back there Chaoris, I don't know what exactly came over me, best guess is that I'm food aggressive and lost some of my intelligence when I thought my meal was threatened. Though I will certainly just kill them in the future." after all he said that was the thing that would not upset him, if she just straight up murdered anyone who touched her food instead of threatening them like she had. Which made sense, anyone should have the intelligence to not try taking a meal from an animal.

    Eventually as she cleaned the third corpse and moved onto the forth course of her extensive meal, Fluffy became to realize things had been said while he was fighting that coward who caused everything today. Slowly her brain became to process everything else that had not been related to her meal, and remembered the name 'sharp' and the weakling trying to redirect Chaoris into looking for 'her' instead of murdering him. In all their past interactions, Fluffy had been given no real reason to believe the god had any connections that deep that someone would actually believe he'd go looking for just them instead of assuming they abandoned him. Chaoris was according to himself a god, and she had not known proclaimed gods to have allies they considered that close, rather it was to keep themselves alive or because they couldn't die and thus it hurt more when someone they grew attached to expired, she just did not consider gods the kind to have that deep of a connection to someone. Finishing off the final corpse a few minutes ahead of time, she glanced up at the male with her large bloody red eyes, wondering, wracking her brain over who the person had been spoken of was and how someone had gotten that close to a god. If it was not just some cheap shot to extent a life that was never worth its existence. At the moment, she was not sure if she wanted to know who 'Sharp' was, so the female did not ask anything, just stared for a few moments longer before glancing down at her paws and yawning slightly. Fluffy decided she would definitely wait to let him know she had heard all of that during the fight, that she had simply taken time to process it due to the distraction of her food. Chaoris had not really 'hid' things from her even if she was still trying to decide if she believed him or not on the god thing, she knew he would have mentioned Sharp already if he didn't have a very good reason for not bringing her up.

    The employee's came in and the first thing they did was start the process of leading her to a warm 'bath' or 'springs' within the room, something they could use to clean off her messy pelt and than hopefully drain so they would never have to see such gore again. Fluffy didn't argue as she laid in the pool, allowing them to wash her pelt down, glancing up at Chaoris once more. "Really though, Chaoris? How do you end up clean as a whistle after these things." the beginning of her 'question' seemed so deathly serious but than she grinned and asked him about how he seemed to never get super bloody, seemed to walk around normally right after they finished, even though he was the one making the biggest mess. "Does it just all poof to your realm or something?" that seemed the most logical explanation to her if he really was a god, which she still had the book out on, even if she could easily be considered one of his followers without second question by anyone else, including Chaoris. Though, it was still in the back of her mind to ask him about sharp and whatever a champion was eventually.


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