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    Starfall. || Social. // Private. || Jiyu & Desirée

    Desirée Blooms

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    Starfall. || Social. // Private. || Jiyu & Desirée

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 1st December 2017, 7:35 pm

    Desirée Blooms

    @Jiyu Kazehime

    As the wind twirled through Desirée's blonde hair, she kicked off her tennis shoes and socks and ran into the soft waves that pushed onto the sand of the beach. "The water feels so warm, Jiyu! I'm so glad we came to the beach." Desirée exclaimed, as she threw her pick book-sack off of her back onto the sand, far away from the waves hitting the coast. They were in Rose Garden, the town of their guild hall, and right across the street of Desirée's white home. Komorebi Street was a beautiful street and was filled with middle to large sized houses, and hers was definitely more in the middle of those settings, but it possessed a large yard that stretched many acres back into the woods. As for the front of the house, it was fairly small and protected with white walls, and lead across the street down a small trail to the beach. The city of Rose Garden was as beautiful as it was versatile, and was definitely an ideal location for Desirée to call her home. It was also perfect that her guild hall was located in this area, making her walk to and from both of her "homes" a fairly easy trail. However, now her and her mentor, Jiyu, were at the beach, looking for a relaxing area to take a break from all the magical battles that they had gone on.

    "Too bad Kiwi, Strawberry, and Pitaya were sleeping, I think they would have had so much fun here with us." Desirée told her mentor as she scooped up some of the water with her hands, throwing it onto her face and causing it to be hydrated. She valued her skin-care routine, and she typically would go to the beach in the mornings in order to do a daily jog and feel the cold water. However, it was now in the evening, as the sun was setting. The sky above was dark, and the sun could be slightly be seen on the horizon that was the calm waters of the Cloud Sea. The area was very clear, including the sky, and the stars could be seen twinkling above. However, the sky was also ranging a beautiful orange and pink swirl of colors, and was slowly developing more and more dark with sun going downwards. The light being produced by small streetlights and lampposts was the only thing causing this beach to be illuminated besides this sunset, causing the water to have a blue glow across the surface. On the exteriors of the beach were white walls similar to that of Desirée's home, followed with sylvan decor of pine and rose bushes. Desirée began to pick up the shells under the surface of the shallow water she was in, inspecting them while also paying attention to the nature around her. After all, it was one of her most favorite things to do, and she was excited to go to the beach with her mentor!
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    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Re: Starfall. || Social. // Private. || Jiyu & Desirée

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 2nd December 2017, 10:17 pm

    Having an apprentice was always quiet the delightful thing to the former runaway, someone she could take under her wing and protect. Having other people to take care of, actually sometimes made her feel really energized considering there was a time where she would have been a horrible person to leave in charge of anyone. Today was another fantastic day of mentoring the super idol Desiree, watching the blonde kick off both shoes and peel the socks from her feet, tossing them somewhere haphazardly in her rush to indulge herself to the luxury of tropically warm waters. Jiyu herself was able to take things slower because the wind user was used to the feel of the warm sun against her entire body, the feeling of sand beneath her always bare feet, and the smell of the salty sea. She had lived with these things for years, they were a third home behind the one she had made in black rose and the one she no longer 'wished' to return to in peace village.

    "I may have reserved it, so don't worry about anyone interrupting our day off~" Jiyu was no where near an Idol like Desiree was, but the wizard was one very well known mage, one that took many missions and was almost always working. Thus, the fact she was actually low key rich in spite of owning almost no possessions? Was not shocking for some people, she didn't do anything with anything she earned expect for food and instances like these. "After the last two weeks I figured we needed this." the mage said as she sat on a log right against where the waves were crashing to the beach, feeling the water wade around her ankles and splashing onto her flesh. "Ever gone skinny dipping before kid?" cause Jiyu had done that one plenty and if Desiree had not done so yet, she was going to have to teach her apprentice that too, because damn was that a hella fine experience.


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