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    The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika]


    The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Guest on 19th March 2018, 7:03 pm

    While she tried her best to drag the woman along the hallway so they would have some kind of chance of saving the scientist, Erika didn't seem to be in the same rush as the elf. She talked about how there were many other people on the planet and losing a few wouldn't hurt. But well, her reputation was on the line here. What if they found out she are a pickle scientist?... Actually maybe they would eventually find out if they did keep the scientist alive... Maybe it was a good idea after all... Wait, no. Why was she thinking that way? That was terrible!
    Halfway through trying to drag her off of the ship and onto the planet the thread mage teleported out of her grasp and a few inches away from her. Little over the top. If she wanted her to let go she could have always asked. The elf stopped a second after Erika warped. She said she was going to get changed... Well, Astrid wouldn't blame her. She has been in those clothes forever now, for however long the impostor had taken her place. They were probably too dirty, and now that she stopped and took a minute to sense the area around her... It did kinda smell.
    Astrid crinkled her nose in disgust, holding a hand over it to block out the sour stench. There was no use fighting in smell clothes... Though... Maybe that would actually help? The enemies would be so caught up in the smell that they would die instantly.
    ... No... No that was dumb. All it would do was make her sick. "Okay then, i'll be waiting in the airlock." She was already ready herself, so there was no use getting ready. So instead, she would wait for the dragon near the exit. Watching Erika leave Astrid would take a step forward, before realizing something. Stopping in her tracks once more she would turn on her heels and look back to the thread mage, cupping her hands over her mouth to intensify the sound. "Oh, and don't forget to change your bra!" Girls always forgot to change those. It was a piece of clothing that could stay on their body for weeks without being removed. So just in case Erika was one of those types that barely ever did, Astrid thought she would remind her. Astrid needed reminding of it. Constantly. To the point where she didn't think anything weird of it.
    Pretty content with the fact she probably just helped the dragon immensely the elf smiled to herself, before taking off for the airlock with a spring in her step.

    minutes passed by the time she waited at the airlock, her back pressed against the door as she waited for Erika. Lost in her thoughts as always, Astrid gazed up at the ceiling. At least, until screams and and large crashing sounds coming from deeper within the ship caught her attention. Unprepared, she jumped slightly at the noises, red eyes turning wide as she looked down the hallway to try and spot where the noises were coming from. But she couldn't see anything. Whatever was happening, was happening further within. Something about... Seahorse porn.
    Seahorse. Porn.
    Just at the sound of the situation alone, she knew she wanted to know none of it. Erika would be fine without her.
    A slim silver eyebrow twitched with irritation, before she slowly slinked back to the wall.
    She was going to have to wait a bit longer before they could go down to the planet and actually help out.

    However, eventually after a few more minutes an irritated and angry Erika slinked down the hallway. She actually looked, genuinely angry. Like, more angry than she was usually. She had never seen seahorse porn before, but she understood the pain that it could cause with the aftermath. It was sure to never leave her mind, a permanent scar, never to be forgotten no matter how much brain bleach was applied.
    With an understand and caring gaze, she would pat Erika on the head with a simple soft "it will be okay."
    But now that was out of the way with, it was time to beat down this impostor. She knew Erika would just be dying to give him a piece of her mind. And after forcing her to watch them... Doing that... Thing? Astrid was all for it also, despite her usually pacifistic nature.
    Thankfully, the planet was filled with oxygen, so there was no extra procedures to go through in order to exit. All it took, was a push of a button.
    Locating the big red exit button near the edge of the door, the silvernette walked over to it and pressed it, opening the airlock with a large swoosh noise. However, as the elf now stood there, and looked into the dim abyss of the planet... Fear struck into her. She could not find it in herself to move forward. There was no light beyond the ship's dim artificial glow of the hallway. So stepping past the line? Would mean they would be consumed by the darkness.
    So instead of walking forward, like they should be doing, the slayer found herself hesitating, hovering back a bit and unmoving, like a frozen statue.

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    The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Special Snowflake on 28th March 2018, 2:52 am

    "Nothing will ever make seeing that OKAY."

    Erika was visibly upset at seeing what she had just seen on her own laptop. Even with purging it in holy fire she was satisfied, only the complete destruction of her enemies would bring some form of comfort to the angry dragon, that or if Astrid said forget the mission they take the ship and just give each other a special hug, but she knew Astrid didn't want a special hug at all or really knew what a special hug meant. Instead, Erika knew that Astrid would just be obvious to everything and light their path in front of them to help Erika out...

    Or not, she looked scared, but Astrid was a light mage shouldn't she just light their path instead of being afraid of the dark? Was she really so dumb as to not light up the darkness with her magic... how could she be that dumb! Seriously was Astrid not going to try and use her magic, which she had used for a good portion of her life, to light the way forward? Erika was about to say something to get Astrid to realize what she was doing, but then a different idea popped into Erika's brain, an idea which was both sinister and sweet at the same time. Taking advantage of the girl right now seemed horrible but Erika also wanted revenge against whoever had tied her up and then made her burn her eyeballs with the image of two seahorses having whammy time on the screen. Seriously who in the word looked at seahorses and thought, yes that is very attractive. Anyway, Erika now had a plan, a cunning ruse that she could pull over on Astrid, a plan so devious that Erika would be crowned the queen of all plans after this incident.

    Attempting to grab Astrid's hand Erika would try and lead her through the darkness of the planet, though her vision wasn't too good in the darkness without using her own abilities to manipulate reality she could make due. There wouldn't be any tripping over rocks on this little adventure now, and instead, Erika wanted to focus on what was important getting her revenge, and being closer to Astrid so as to temper the anger towards her true target. The trip if Astrid let Erika hold her hand would be somewhat calming if she didn't then Erika would just rush ahead and Astrid would probably get horrifically lost or maybe she wouldn't get lost and realize she could just create light out of thin air and it would work out just fine.

    Regardless eventually the two of them, with or without a small sweet moment before the storm, would arrive at the destination not too far from the ship, with some dim light around a glowing obelisk of power and someone who looked like Erika laughing around it as it grasped the scientists within its cosmic power. The sight was grisly as most of the scientists were sucked into the crystal and it seemed to glow brightly with their life energies. Laughing the being that looked like Erika turned towards the pair and smiled.

    "Well, well, well, it is fortuitous to see the two of you here once more. I could have killed both of you, you know but instead, I decided to let you witness my greatest accomplishment. You see before you a crystal, this planet is host to dark energy and with the right sacrifices, I shall be able to spread this new plague across the galaxy! Soon I shall take my revenge upon you and this world!"

    Laughing the who disguised as Erika viewed that their plan was complete, but Erika was confused.

    "Take revenge?"

    "Yes for what you two did to me! The agony I felt as I was thrown about the different realms."

    "Uh... what?"

    "It's me..." Transforming into an older gentleman with black hair, red eyes, and pale skin his voice shifted to dark and menacing "Sombra!"


    "Are you kidding me!? My mansion, you threw me into different dimensions with a roar, I tried to eat both of you..."

    Erika just stared blankly at him.

    "You really don't remember me?"

    "I don't bother to remember one off thread villains cause I don't think I'll ever see them again."

    "One off what?"

    "Nevermind... Astrid, you want to just kick his ass and go home?"

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    The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Guest on 29th March 2018, 12:37 am

    Astrid was not the brightest bulb in the box, irony and jokes all aside. Even now, despite having been a light slayer for years on end, her fears overwhelmed her to the point of not being able to think straight.
    Why was she afraid of the dark, to such a large degree? Honestly, even Astrid herself would not be able to pinpoint the exact reason. But when it all came down to it, to some extent, most people were afraid of the dark. Why was this though? Maybe it was because the dark was a natural enemy for most, at least those without night vision. Elves were natural hunters, blessed with night vision from the start. But as a half elf, her night vision was not quite as developed as fulled elves. It lingered more into the human side of things, and that combined with being a child brought up with fairy tales about evil lingering in the darkness, and you pretty much had your answer right there. It also didn't help that Astrid was more sensitive to fear than most, as a being so immersed in not only other's emotions but her own as well. When she felt something, it was usually amplified greatly. So fear? Was no exception. It literally froze the elf in place, not allowing her to move an inch, afraid that if she stepped any closer whatever monstrosity that was down there would grab her and drag her down to gobble her up. Maybe a but childish with her way of thinking, but anyone who had met the slayer knew that her imagination was quite vivid, and she could freak herself out over nothing. Even if she used her soul sense, she would not be able to sense anything down there. But still, the thought that something could...
    Staring down into the dark abyss, Astrid had no intention of moving forward. Maybe they could just... Say they had to go back to Earth because the scientists were gone? But then the magic council would launch a full investigation, and they would find out she ate one of them. Yeah no, that wouldn't work. Okay, maybe she could just run out there super fast that whatever monsters were in fact down there wouldn't even have time before they could-
    Amidst her thoughts, something grabbed onto her hand. Having started picturing the potential monsters down there in the darkness, feeling the sudden grasp spiked her nerves through the roof. She flinched back, by pure instinct alone, ready to fend off any foul beast that dare try and touch her. But looking to the side, the slayer was quick to realize it was just Erika. Wide crimson optics scared at the thread mage in fear for a split seconds, before they settled into confusion. "... Erika?" She questioned softly, like a timid kitten, the adrenaline rush still settling down within her system. What... Was she doing? Why was she holding her hand like this? Perhaps, she could feel her fear. Maybe she knew she was scared of setting foot on the planet. Was it that obvious? The elf tried so hard to keep that hidden too. It was embarrassing, to admit you still had a fear of darkness at the age of nineteen. A light mage, scared of the dark? She was sure Erika would laugh at her. But instead, the dragon held her hand, assuring her that she was right there beside her. Comfort. Astrid had never really received comfort with her fears before. Most of the time, she had to suffer through them on her own. Like when she was a kid and she tried to sleep with Lucius when she thought she heard creepy noises in her closet, only to get kicked out of the bed and told to stop being a baby. Granted, her brother was better with comfort now. Such as when the two suffered nightmares at the hands of Lilith. Lucius had been a great comfort to her there, much more than when they were kids. But her fear of darkness was deeply rooted because no one was willing to help her when she was younger. But now? Erika of call people, was comforting her. The first person to comfort her, was Erika...
    Despite being slightly embarrassed that the woman knew of her deepest fears, the elf blushed slightly, turning a pouting gaze towards the wall. "Y-You tell no one about this." She didn't want this getting out after all, that the white dragon slayer was afraid of something silly like darkness. So she had to make Erika aware she wasn't okay with it. Now that it would fully stop Erika. Astrid knew there was no guarantee. But, there was nothing she could really do about it... Still, it was actually really nice, being comforted like this. She had almost forgotten what it felt like. Her pout turned into a nervous smile, grasping the girl's hand back and allowing her slowly but surely to lead her down into the planet.

    Astrid was unsure of how their adventure there was. She had spent most of it with her eyes closed, gripping more and more tightly onto the thread mage's hand with every weird growl or murmur in the distance. She knew as long as Erika had her, she was safe. And her constant contact only solidified it.
    Soon enough, they were there. Astrid only knew this, because Erika had let go and she felt the fake Erika's soul within the area. Though a bit hesitant at first, Astrid slowly opened her eyes, only to gaze upon the fake Erika upon some strange structure, throwing the scientists crystal with her power. But the details of the situation did not matter. As soon as the elf connect her gaze to the fake Erika's a fuming rage within her began to build. The conversation between the real and the fake Erika didn't matter, not even when the fake reveled himself as this Sombra or whatever dude. Apparently they knew him from somewhere, but that didn't matter to her. None of it mattered. Glaring at him with crimson orbs of fire Astrid balled her hands up into fists, feeling the anger build up dangerously so within her. This... This was the man that did this to her. This was the man that made her witness... That certain event that shall not be named. This was the man that took away her innocence.
    The dark pressure would whip up around the elf, not visibly, but anyone near could feel a heavy pressure within the air. One that was unnatural. One that was dark.
    "You..." she began, bitterness soaked in her voice. "YOU'RE THE ONE THAT MADE ME WITNESS SUCH A HORRIFIC SCENE! YOU'LL PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD!" With a thirst with revenge Astrid would lunge forward without hesitation towards Sombra, igniting her fist in a silver light in a plan to go straight in for the kill. She would try and finish this quickly, and in the most painful way she could. Anyone who was into such a terrifying kink... Was surely not human.
    Closing in on the vampire her fist was about to connect right towards his face, but before there was any connection a sudden chill came over the girl. Blazing optics widened in surprise, as from behind the vampire a beast shot out from the pulsating crystal. So fast was it, that it completely blindsided the slayer. Unable to react quickly enough she was not prepared when this strange purple figure flew right towards her and straight through her body, like a sort of mist. It traveled like smoke, seeming to completely go right through her figure, the only indication that it had actually touched her being that purple whips of smoke would now lick off her exposed skin. It stopped the slayer right in her tracks. She froze and stumbled to a halt, eyes wide as suddenly the breath was taken right out of her chest and she could no longer find it in herself to move. She tried to inhale, but nothing would come either in or out of her mouth. Then, the pain began. As if she had just been set of fire her skin burned greatly, every inch of her being riving with intense pain. But being unable to move, she was not able to do anything about it but let out weak gasps of pain. Weakened, she instead fell to the floor on her side, gasping for air as if her lungs could no longer provide oxygen to the rest of her body, shivering and shaking. The purple smoke continued to emanate from her, and the wise would be able to tell it was a poisonous substance, given to her by the smokey creature that had come from the crystal. A poison so powerful, it was currently eating away at her, both in body and soul. And with her soul in such a bad state? At this point, she was basically out of commission.

    Becoming physical, the purple blob with many mouths would float above Sombra, rolling it's tongue over one set of its many teeth, almost like it was grinning at the thread mage with a malicious smile.

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    The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Special Snowflake on 2nd April 2018, 12:23 am

    "No Astrid we will take him together!"

    Erika shouted as Astrid ran forward towards Sombra, it was easy... too easy. Sombra wasn't a fool or at least he had planned this out for a very long time, and he probably had something powerful with him. Out of the dim light of the crystal came a beast that was made of a substance utterly alien to this dimension. It's very presence disturbed the fabric of reality and made Erika shutter, how could such a thing be allowed to exist in this plain, was it because of a crystal, the sacrifices, what in the world allowed it to be here in this world. This creature was the stuff of nightmares and it took Erika all her will not to just throw up where she stood upon seeing it. For most, it was simply terrifying, but for one who could change the natural law to their whim, it was the anathema. She felt an internal hatred towards this creature, and that is probably why Sombra had brought it here to fight against her, and now the two of them were trapped against it on a planet in the middle of nowhere. This was bad, perhaps the worst thing that could have happened to them, or at least one of them. They were in his court right now, and he had a weapon which had the potential to destroy everything that Erika could do in an instant, AND Astrid ran ahead like an idiot and was attacked.

    For the first time, Erika stood paralyzed by fear as she looked on in horror as Astrid was grabbed by the beast and infected with some form of poison. Seeing it leaking out of her was sickening to the young dragon more than anything previously witnessed in her entire life, and she had seen some pretty sick experiments carried out during her lifetime. She saw Astrid writhe in pain on the ground but she couldn't force her body to move a muscle. She wanted to go and help her but the sight of such a creature made Erika unable to move. Was this what others felt against her when she had made them afraid? It was an alien feeling to Erika and one which disturbed her to the core. She didn't have much time to feel the fear for much longer as the beast returned to its master and seemed to mock Erika.

    "Will you remember me now? I found this little creature in the nether to where I retreated to reform myself. He doesn't follow the natural laws at all, and by making myself of that dimension I can control him, but I suspect he is your worst nightmare."

    "I'm not afraid of him."

    "Don't lie to me, my magic makes it so your true feelings are amplified, or did you forget about that? How wonderful to see the two of you so easily defeated, perhaps everyone you care about back home will be easily defeated as well."

    "Empty threats coming from someone who won't make it out of here alive!"

    "Oh? Then come on..." Stretching his arms out to the side Sombra smiled, "Attack me, I'm wide open."

    Erika tried to move closer to him, but she couldn't do it, her body was heavy and resisted, she felt fear and hesitation the likes of which she had never known before in her entire life. Erika looked down towards the struggling Astrid and even that couldn't get her to move closer to try and fight against him. He had Erika dead to rights, she couldn't move closer at all, that beast was so sickening and disgusting that it shook her to her very core. Leaping backward Erika launched a barrage of meteors towards Sombra with a loud cry that wasn't filled with pompous anger or attitude, but one filled with fear, fear of what would happen to her. Though the spell was powerful and could easily destroy the environment Erika only watched in horror as Sombra snapped his fingers and the creature's mouth extended to eat every single last meteor hurled. Erika's eyes widened at the spectacle, that spell wasn't just some little trick she had made, it was one of the more powerful spells she had on hand that came from her mothers magic, the magic which had learned in order to understand how to defeat her later on down the road... but now it was just nothing. She shuttered to think what would happen if she attacked the creature with her threads, probably just eat it all up and then leave Erika vulnerable to the same thing that happened to Astrid.

    "That it? I expected better, a roar or something, trying to throw me into another dimension... pity you disappointed me. Poison the blue haired one, I wish to see her suffer and beg for my forgiveness."

    With incredible speed the many mouthed beast rushed towards Erika, each one hungry for her flesh.

    "STAY BACK!"

    Screaming in fear Erika launched a massive wave of threads from her body towards the beast in an attack to destroy it with all her strength. The massive tide of threads pointed inwards as they engaged the creature, but as they made contact with the surface they merely were absorbed into it, and were dissolved with little resistance. Feeling her threads being destroyed caused Erika to spit up a bit onto the ground as it felt like her entire body was being violated by something alien, something corrupt to the core. Erika had always thought she was pure evil, beyond redemption, without a chance to fix the wrongs she had done, but upon feeling this creature with her magic she knew none of that true compared to it. The malice she had felt within her life was nothing compared to it, this thing wasn't just a beast, it was a poison itself, something with went against all beings of this world and corrupted them from the inside out. She HAD to help Astrid, but Erika didn't know what to do, her magic was only slowing the beast down, it wasn't hurting it. Retreating backward Erika launched wave after wave of attack, and with each new thread that made contact with the demon, Erika felt herself die on the inside. Tears flew from her face as she felt the beasts entire being start to affect her mind and body all in one fell swoop. It was unkillable, there was nothing she could do!

    Leading it far enough away from Astrid and Sombra Erika turned the entire environment in the blink of an eye into threads, all of which moved to impale the beast. Screaming as she poured all of her energy into this blow the beast screamed out, but not in agony but bliss. Unleashing a torrent of energy all of the threads were destroyed in but an instant corroded away and changed to dust as it's many mouths chuckled with a sinister victory. Turning to face towards Erika, the one who felt all out of options the beast only laughed as she teleported away to try and survive. Erika had two options, to run away and escape this place leaving Astrid behind, to flee to the ship and live, and for the briefest of moments she considered it, this thing was her mortal enemy, she couldn't defeat it, but if she left then it would mean that Astrid would befall a fate worse than death. Was Astrid worth her own life? Was she worth dying for? Erika was torn on the decision, the only thing that had mattered before was her own life, and right now she felt it was the only thing she could preserve...

    Then Erika remembered the face of the old man in the woods who had saved from near death... and her eyes glared at nothing but herself. "Damn it old man." Erika mumbled with a shaken voice. "You just have to show up in my mind right now..."

    What would he do? He would risk his life to save a complete stranger who he knew nothing about, a person was a murderer and crook, one who had killed hundreds of people easily, and tried to dominate the entire world. Yet here Erika was trying to run away when someone she had feelings for was going to be killed all because she couldn't defeat a monster that was chasing her. Falling to the ground Erika began to cry and she didn't know why was it the fact she was a coward when it really mattered? Was it because she remembered kindness at the worst possible moment? Was it because she lov- shaking her head Erika focused forward and took a tentative but definitive step forward towards where she could sense Sombra and the demon were.

    "I can't run, damn it, Eustace, you owe me something big when I get back!" Though despite her bravado Erika knew deep down she owed him more than he would ever owe her.

    Moving the environment around her Erika quickly descended upon the area where Astrid was still in pain on the ground, and looking a lot worse for wear. Looking at her Erika could only feel her own fear rise, and with a weak attempt, she tried to silence it. It was then that Sombra manifested out of the dark light of the crystal behind Astrid and faced towards Erika.

    "I would have sworn you would take the ship and run. Is it because of her that you stayed? Don't tell me you have a thing for this creature underneath me, she's so beneath you. Then again both of you are beneath me so I suppose it works out just fine. Actually, tell you what if aren't a very big challenge right now, how about you just run and I'll let you escape."

    "Let me escape? You have to be kidding why... why would I turn and run against you!"

    "Well... if I take away the very thing you are trying to save, why wouldn't you run?" Leaning over Sombra would grab Astrid's weak body and threw a smile towards Erika. "Don't worry my child." He started whispering into Astrid's ear. "Being my servant won't be so bad..." leaning in to try and bite Astrid's neck with his fangs, Erika would point her fingers like a gun towards him and fire out a small pair of panties. Without warning the demon manifested in front of the shot and easily blocked it.

    Laughing Sombra pulled back if only to mock Erika as the creature moved to no longer obstruct the view to Sombra. "What a sad attempt, now watch as I take what you love." Leaning down Erika's eyes welled up with tears as his fangs lowered till they almost touched the surface of Astrid's kin. Reaching her hand out Erika screamed with all of her might, "NO!" and as his fangs were about to pierce Astrid, and Erika saw her failure almost completely unfold, tears filling her eyes and for the first time in her life experiencing powerlessness the entire scene faded from her view.

    In an instant, Erika blinked and saw that she wasn't on the planet anymore, and she couldn't sense the demon, Sombra, or Astrid. Instead, she was on a slight slope at the dead of night, with the gentle breeze flowing over her skin and chilling her a bit. There were a few trees but otherwise, it was a barren landscape of grasses, and it looked very familiar...

    "Oh... well this is a surprise."

    Eyes widening, Erika flipped herself around to look towards the source of the voice and with baited breath, Erika could hardly believe what she was seeing right now.


    "Shocker to see you appear out of nowhere kiddo, what are you doing out so late shouldn't you be sleeping after a day of training?"

    "Day of training? I haven't trained in years, I was just on another planet and... Astrid... no, I have to get back and save her, I don't have time to be here I have to come up with a plan I need to somehow get past that demon and-"

    A loud smack could be heard as Erika was bonked on the head by the other person. Wincing in pain Erika rubbed the top of her head with both hands and looked up towards her.

    "Just what are you blabbering about? Stop worrying so much."

    "But you just don't understand!-" Smack, "STOP THAT!"

    "NO YOU STOP THAT! How can you help whoever you need to help with that kind of attitude! How is being scared shitless going to help you win any situation!"

    "But it's a creature not of this reality!"

    "Uh huh."

    "Its poison to the dimension!"


    "Are you even paying attention to me Erika!"

    "The ONLY thing I'm paying attention to are excuses for why something CAN'T be done, not how something CAN be done."

    "But there is nothing that can BE DONE!"

    Sighing the brown and pink haired girl went over to the top of the hill and sat back down on the smoothed rock. "Then I have failed." Reaching into her purse the pink and brown haired girl called Erika opened up a small bottle and started to drink it.

    "How have you failed? I have mastered everything you have taught me, I'm basically unstoppable!"

    "Yet you can't kill this thing?"

    "Nothing can!"

    "Yep I failed."

    "No, didn't you just hear I mastered everything you taught me!"

    chugging the entire bottle the girl grew an annoyed looked on her face and threw the empty bottle directly into Erika's. Taking the blow Erika rubbed her forehead only to see her teacher standing over her.

    "What happened to the young woman who I healed and had a fire in her eyes that couldn't be put out."

    "She-" Smack.

    "Shut the fuck up, I'm not done yet. She appeared before me and wanted nothing more than to learn and grow, to become stronger to take revenge to conquer, to learn about the entire world, and NOW THAT SHE LOSES ONE FIGHT SHE JUST GIVES UP!"

    Smack, "STOP!" Smack, "SAYING!" Smack, "YOU!" Smack, "CAN'T!" Smack, "AND!" Smack, "START!" Smack, "FIGHTING!" Smack, "BACK!" Sma-

    Stopping the chop to her head with her right hand Erika looked up towards the girl with anger in her eyes. "THAT, RIGHT THERE!" Shaking her hand free the girl turned around and looked up towards the stars in the sky.

    "That is why I taught you what I know, well almost all of it."

    "Almost all of it?"

    Turning around the girl smiled, "Well, of course, I can only teach you what I can perform myself."

    "But you mastered this magic, you were the best thief in the entire world right? Nothing stopped you?"

    "Kid, I've been stopped plenty of times in my life, and I'm not the most durable or strong anymore, in fact, I'm more of a has-been."

    "But you went to steal stuff all the time, you stole all of those treasures!"

    "I had already stolen them, I suffered an injury on the last job I took that made me lose a good portion of my strength, honestly I probably can't fight very well anymore."

    "But that means all of it..."

    "Was a big fat lie! How does it feel to know your teacher fooled you?"

    "Pretty shitty actually."

    "Well congratulations the same thing happened to me when I learned the magic."

    "So let me get this straight, you tell me to relax because you are a big fat liar who didn't teach me everything!? How does that help me?"

    "For someone who is so damn smart you can really be stupid. Isn't it good news that there is something that could help you, in fact you already can feel the power within you right?"

    "I don't feel anything..."

    "You don't? Focus Erika... you feel it."

    About to yell at her Erika instead played along with it and tried to focus on what magical power she had left after her massive assault upon the beast a few minutes ago. Nothing appeared within her mind or feelings.

    "Not on yourself but where you are, what is around you..."

    Focusing on the environment Erika felt nothing, nothing... nothing... wait she didn't feel anything she didn't belong here! None of this was where she was supposed to be! She couldn't feel it because she wasn't real... Like a light switch in her head, Erika felt a surge of energy within herself and started to faintly glow white as she started to view where exactly she was. Faster and faster her mind filled with the different possibilities of where she was located, where... where... where... she found it, she was on the hill by the house where she had been trained and it was...

    Suddenly her eyes widened as she looked her teacher in the eyes and Erika began to cry. "This is the night you went to go and fight those thugs isn't it..."

    "Was my plan."

    "But that means I'm actually on the night when."

    "I die? Yeah, I've seen it in the future too."


    "Its not about me."


    "Really? Am I a fool for going out and dying? That's odd I view it as the best decision I could make in my life."

    "How could it be the best decision... I needed you..." Erika stated the tears freely flowing. Leaning in the girl wiped some of them away with her finger.

    "Do you really? What are you?"


    "What have you accomplished?"

    "Well I infiltrated several guilds, learned the weaknesses of countless people, killed hundreds so I could get what I wanted, and become the leader of my own company as a front to try and use my money to fund my other research, oh and I stole my fathers inventions and perfected them for myself, and I also reconciled with him somewhat and..."

    "All wrong, what have you finally experienced?"

    "I've..." Thinking for a brief moment Erika's gazed got determined, "Love... I've experienced love!"

    "The student surpasses the teacher. I have never experienced such an emotion for another that wasn't related to me, I couldn't connect into the time of others, it's why I never mastered the magic, but you... you can. Focus on it not yourself but others, what is around you, see without thinking, experience without moving. Take what you can be not what you are, and make it who are you."

    "I will... I have to, it's the only way I can save her..."

    "Oh my a little lesbo are we?"

    Erika blushed, "You know I can change into anything! It's not like that, just cause she has a female body doesn't-" Smack.

    "Take a damn joke, and get out here kid, and save everything. Make what I am about to do worth it alright?"

    Both of them smiled at the same time as Erika focused and started to fade away "I will Erika, and thank you for this last lesson."

    "Of course, oh and be sure you put a ring on it before you fu--"

    "Lalalalalalal can't hear you!" Fading away Erika couldn't stop laughing on the inside as she felt the sorrow of what would happen but the comfort of her teacher's word in her mind, renewing her spirit and casting out her fear. As she started to fade back to where she had been on the dark planet Erika could feel the threads of time all around her, every single one being cut off in various ways and ending in her death... all but one a thread that kept going one which never ended, a thread which Erika had never detected before, one which flowed with the power that she warmly felt within her body at this moment. As she took hold of the thread her entire body glowed as she felt her form fade away, cast off in exchange for a form which felt natural. With a thought, she saw in the past what she had looked like when she was born and what her dad and done to her to keep her alive. That weak body that felt nothing but pain now washed over her and only felt a surge of strength.

    "Thank you, father... I can handle it from here." Taking on the form Erika's potential was unleashed, her full power was at her beck and call and unlike when she was a baby now she could control it rather than it controlling her.

    Immediately before the fangs sank into Astrid's neck Erika shot another pair of panties towards Sombra and he laughed again, but this time it faded faster as he saw the faint glow around Erika's body as it seemed to be washed away into a new form by the said glow.

    "Interesting, you attempt to trick me, very well kill her I grow tired of this charade."

    Rushing towards her the beast howled from all of its mouths and caused the ground to shake, but Erika stood firm, her twin tails now a pearl white in color waved backward not from the roar but from Erika's own power, which Sombra didn't sense at all. Erika couldn't conceive it the man would surely panic from such an upsurge in power, but rather he didn't sense anything? How could he not sense anything, unless...

    As the beast came down upon her Erika's only motion was moving her right hand to her side and manifesting the holy sword Excalibur within it. with a deep breath, Erika focused on all the potential outcomes that could happen and grasping the handle of the sword in both hands she raised it over it her head. When the beast came down to eat her, Erika swung downward as tie beast almost touched her with its teeth and with a single blow the entire serpent light beast let out a scream of agony that ripped at the fabric of dimensions. Instead of biting into Erika the beast was thrown to both sides of her and with its forward momentum crashed far behind Erika into the ground, and continued its unending wailing of torment. Sombra's face turned to pure horror as he watched his creature be bested by one who previously couldn't touch it at all. Blinking her saw the glowing figure of Erika before him vanish, and teleporting next to the crystal Sombra watched as Erika's blade swung exactly where his neck has been, and a cold sweat developed on his brow. This girl wasn't this strong a moment ago, what happened he couldn't sense her at all, it didn't make any sense he was powerful and she was... no...


    Grabbing Astrid as she fell Erika looked down towards the pained girl and a small tear once again flowed from her eyes. "This may hurt but I think I can counteract what's in you." Piercing her skin with some threads Erika had them swim around Astrid's body towards the major concentrations of the poison and with some agony on Erika's own part had the thread attempt to lock down the poison. It wasn't perfect by any means but by using the blade Excaliburs holy energies she could at least delay it until the beast could be slain. Gently lowering Astrid to the ground Erika smiled towards her.

    "Rest for a bit alright, don't worry... I'll make sure he doesn't get back up this time."

    Turning to face towards Sombra Erika lowered Excalibur to her side and grasped the handle with both hands again and slowly started to walk forward. To Sombra it looked as if Erika was taking her time, but in Erika's mind she had already killed him a hundred times over, and she was merely trying to pick the outcome that would be most pleasing to her mood.

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    The young elf wanted to scream out in pain, but the noise would not leave her throat. Actually, she couldn't really find it in her to do anything but shiver, writhing in pain as the poison slowly corroded away not only her skin, but the soul itself. It was agony enough to feel something slowly and painfully burn away at your skin, and for Astrid normally it would not be too much of a deal. If it was just the body itself, she knew once it died that she would just be able to get a new one, courtesy of Erika. The thread mage was basically her go to for every time it happened, after all. By now Erika was the only one she could trust with something so important and delicate as her soul and finding it a new host before its natural instincts kicked in. Without her, Astrid would have taken another poor person's life by now. She couldn't control it, it's just what she was. An unborn soul, always searching for its proper host, never to truly find one good enough, at least not as well fitting as their original bodies. It was a cursed existence, to never truly feel comfortable your satisfied in your own skin. But Erika and Astrid seemed to have this silent agreement between them, for the thread mage to help her soul get a new host whenever she needed it. The dragon would create bodies for her, so she would not have to kill another person's soul for their already existing body. But if her soul was destroyed, she was done for. From the time she found out to what she really was, to just a few moments ago there had always been a strange thought in her mind. The thought that, she would never really die. She had died so many times, only to come back each and every instance. Death was no longer something she feared, but rather a constant companion. An old friend. Even with the threat of her family's cursed bloodline, it was fear that slowly subsided with each gun to the forehead or claws to her intestines. She couldn't die, even if she wanted to.
    ... Of course, that was only as long as her soul was not destroyed. If it was, it was the only thing that would permanently keep her dead. Forever. But with Erika, there had never been an instance where she thought she would ever permanently die. She knew the thread mage had her back. And even if she didn't, she knew despite her will to never claim another life, her soul would find a host on its own.
    However, as she laid there, gasping for air as the poison burned and cut through her system, for the first time in a very long while, she thought she was going to die. Actually, in all honesty at this point, she would probably prefer it instead of laying here in agony. The pain was so extreme, she could not even begin to comprehend it. It hurt so much that eventually, she started to not feel anything. The pain was so great it had quite literally made her numb to it. At least, the sensation. It still very well was eating away at her. Her skin, where it was not turning red, began to splotch with black circles, the places where the poison was attacking and corroding the most. Her soul gained a sickly black aura around it, growing smaller and smaller with each passing second as it was consumed by the beast's poison. She could feel it, a pressure within her. The pressure of her soul slowly dying, crying out weakly for someone to stop the pain. But the elf could not do anything, to save her body or her soul. The damned creature had sucked her mana pool dry, and she was suffering from the effects. Even if she didn't have the poison slowly shutting down her system, she wouldn't be able to move due to not having any mana left in her body. She, was stuck. And she was powerless to do anything.
    Tears rolled down the slayer's cheeks, watching helplessly as Erika fought against the monster, but failed.
    The threat of death, was finally something she feared again. If not from the monster, then from the venom it felt in her system. There was no way out of this. If Erika, the most powerful being she knew, couldn't win against this thing? Then what chance did either of them have of getting out of this alive? Trick question, they had none.
    The slayer grabbed at the dry, grainy earth around her in frustration. She never thought she would die on some strange planet, defeated by some villainous vampire character she didn't even remember. But then again, death was not something she had really ever thought about.
    The elf closed her eyes, only to feel the vampire teleport over and pick up her limp body. It disgusted her, to be picked up by the very person that was trying to kill them. To be so weak that she couldn't even kick or scream in protest. It was a feeling she had never wished to feel again, and she hated that she was not able to keep her own promise. Upon being picked up the silvernette winced back slightly. Being touched disrupted the numbness the savage poison had given her. Like a wildfire she found the pain returning, inching its way back in. She let out small whimpers, hearing his words whisper into her ears. His servant? No. Why couldn't he just let her die? She would rather that than have to serve this sorry excuse of a Castlevania villain for all of eternity. It was a sad thing to think, that one would rather die than live, even as a servant. But would living as some man's plaything be really counted as living? Having no free will of her own? That was a fate worst than death. In all honesty, Erika was getting the better deal out of both of them.
    ... Erika...
    She reopened her eyes, only to stare at the thread mage so struck with grief and fear. She could feel it even, all the way over here. It was merged with so many other energies, but the elf could very much feel the sadness overtaken by the dragon. It was such a foreign expression for the blue haired woman, that Astrid couldn't help but mirror the emotions. If the elf could have one final wish, it would have been to hug her. But she wouldn't even get to do that.
    "Erika... I'm so sorry..." Closing her eyes as the vampire's fangs inched closer to her neck Astrid was fully prepared for the bite...

    Only, it didn't come. Instead, actually, nothing really came. Other than a slight shift in tone. The elf reopened her eyes, one right before the other. That was, before she felt herself begin to fall. Darting her gaze upwards she would see Sombra vanish before her, which meant she was about to fall to the ground. Letting out a gasp she squeezed her eyes shut, preparing herself to fall to the ground. But, she did not do that either. She instead felt another person grab her before she could. A person, that felt familiar. The silvernette opened one eye, staring up towards... Erika. Well, she only knew it was Erika because of her soul essence. But the look, was completely different. Instead of blue hair she now hailed pearl white, tied up in two neat pigtails. This, was maybe another body. But she wasn't sure. They didn't feel like anything the thread mage had made before. This was different. Not even Astrid could feel the dragon's newfound power, but she was able to tell this was somehow a special event just by the mage's new emotions alone. Astrid could no longer feel the fear of sadness. Now, it was just pure confidence and hope. What had changed? The elf was not sure, and it worried her slightly. But, Erika didn't seem worried. Not in the slightest, so neither would the elf. This new body filled her too with confidence. Erika was ready to beat the vampire up, and she knew that she could, at least now.
    But first, Erika would help her. Wincing back at first as she could feel the threads pierce her skin eventually she relaxed when she felt the poison die down a bit. It wasn't fully gone, not by any means. But the thread in her body were at least locking down the venom so it wouldn't deal anymore damage to her.
    She was lowered to the ground, resting on her side. It was only then that she noticed the thread mage had managed to slice the monstrosity in half, its corpse split cleanly in two a little bit away from them. Normally? Erika's attacks were not that clean. Mostly, they exploded. A lot. Did this have something to do with this new body? Astrid's gaze traveled from the beast to Erika, noticing she held a sword in her hand. Ah, yes that would explain the clean cut. But, where did she manage to get that thing from? The elf could not remember her ever having it before. It held such high magical power...
    ... Did she forget, Erika was just full of surprises. That, never changed.
    The slayer smiled softly, watching the white haired mage walk towards the shocked vampire. Unlike before, Astrid was now hopefully of their escape. She was saddened, that she would not get to prove herself to the thread mage, or help her out in anyway. But, she could at least give her some encouragement. Extending her soul out just a little, she would transmit her words into Erika's very being- her soul. "I believe in you. Kick his butt enough for the two of us, okay?" she would speak softly. Would be a shame if she got to miss out on destroying this dude. If she wouldn't be able to do it herself, she at least wanted Erika to do it for her. In spirit, and in soul.

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    The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Special Snowflake on 19th April 2018, 5:04 pm

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of him."

    Was all Erika could say back to Astrid, mostly because Erika was finding it a bit hard to concentrate on much else than her current objective. Erika wasn't used to seeing so many paths crossing each other at one time, at most she had previously looked into the past or future and that took great concentration, but now she could effortlessly see what might happen before her. This new ability was trial by fire, and even though she had plunged the great beast behind her into disarray she hadn't killed it, she still couldn't truly kill it, not here at least it would have to be back in its place of origin, but she could prevent it from causing any further harm till she dealt with Sombra. Speaking of Sombra the man made a mad dash towards the crystal, and while Erika should just rush in on him and cut him down right now, she wanted him to waste all of his powers on her because that way he wouldn't have any tricks left to pull if he desired to revive. It meant Erika would have to run a gauntlet, but with Astrid being her crippled, and the conversation with her teacher still fresh in her mind Erika had all the motivation she needed to stand her ground against whatever horrors he wanted to unleash.

    Sombra upon arriving at the crystal placed his hand upon the dark construct and poured his mana into it. "Rise my underlings! Take revenge for your fallen comrade!"

    "That's your big evil speech? No wonder you are losing."

    "Shut up... it's fine, it's dark and evil! It shows your doom!"

    "Uh huh, sure it does."

    "Look you bitch, I don't care how glowing you are, I'm going to kill you!"

    In a mocking tone, Erika mimicked Sombra's words and his face grew red with frustration. Unleashing at least a dozen of the beasts from the crystal, Erika took a step back and placed Excalibur firmly between both of her hands in front of her. Concentrating on the various threads of time in which she both succeeded and failed Erika saw her opportunity and grabbed it. Dashing forwards she sliced one from the left side, one from the right side, one right down the middle, and then continued to warped next to them one at a time and either slice them in half or run them through. In an instant, all of the monsters fell to the ground in pain. Flicking Excalibur to the side the gunk from the monsters flew off, and Erika gave Sombra a smirk.

    "Impossible, HOW!? Those creatures are immune everything of this reality!?"

    "I denied their reality and substituted my own."

    "You what?"

    "The reality that Erika always wins."

    "That reality sucks."

    "YOU SUCK!"

    With that Erika appeared in front of Sombra and with an overhead swing sliced him right down the center. Turning into a puddle of blood Sombra's torn body suddenly snapped out at Erika to try and attack her, but vanishing and reappearing back towards Astrid she dodged the blow.

    "I'm not going to go down, without a fight."

    Reforming his body Sombra glared towards Erika and the crystal pulsed with a dark light. The energy from the crystal flew into Sombra and in a scream of pain, his body jerked into the air and then crashed down into the ground. Picking himself up from the ground Sombra stood his entire being pulsing with the corruption of the crystal. Smiling he unleashed an aura of the energy into the air as he flexed his new power. The wailing of the beasts was drowned out by silence from the sheer pressure of the magical energy in the air.

    "This should be enough to kill you."

    Laughing Sombra held his arms to his side and a tidal wave of blood manifested itself behind him. Pointing towards Erika he unleashed the torrent of blood towards her to drown both her and Astrid in its foul energies and kill them. Taking a defensive stance Erika focused and raised a wall of threads to block the incoming attack. As the two forces clashed the threads buckled only slightly as the blood smashed into them. Suddenly Sombra teleported to the left side of Erika and with a backhand flung her far into the forest. As the threads faded away from the blood that remained entered Sombra and he laughed.

    "Such power, know it well, for it is what killed you!"

    As he laughed, Sombra's smiled faded slightly... the atmosphere turned quiet as he looked in the direction he had sent Erika. Nothing was there, but he could hear her moving through the forest slowly towards him.


    Manifesting thousands of spikes from blood he unleashed a torrent of needles towards the forest. wave after wave crashed into the overgrowth and reduced the forest to nothing but cut bark and leaves. Smiling as he saw nothing but the destruction he wrought Sombra almost screamed out in victory if it wasn't for the small glimmer that appeared. Rapidly approaching small the source of light quickly became apparent that it was Erika charging directly at Sombra. Manifesting more of his needles he unleashed in waves towards Erika's position, but in an instant, she vanished and reappeared to the side of where they were thrown. As she got closer to him the desperation in his attacks became apparent, and as she gathered a massive number behind him to absolutely devastate the area Erika appeared to the right of Sombra and covering Excalibur in her phoenix flames sliced his right arm clean off. Screaming in pain Sombra felt Erika kick him in the stomach and send him flying this time, a large burn mark where she made impact remained. As he was sent flying all of the blood fell onto the ground and Erika, recomposed herself.

    Attempting to stand up Sombra found it difficult, but he knew if he just regrew his arm he could hit her this time. His expression turned to shock when he looked towards his arm and noticed he couldn't grow it back.

    "What is this? My arm, what did you do to me!?"

    Erika didn't answer instead she merely pointed Excalibur towards the crystal and his eyes grew wide.


    Vanishing Erika appeared in front of the crystal and raised her arms to slice at the crystal.


    Sombra screamed as she made the impact with the dark portal, and pouring all her might into the swing Erika inflicted a small crack upon the crystal. Turning to look towards Sombra Erika sheathed Excalibur on her back. Laughing as he saw there was no damage he didn't get much of a chuckle before the entire crystal shattered and the crystals dark energy formed a rift that began to suck all of its energy back towards it. Feeling his power leaving him Sombra's body got weak and he fell to his knees as all of the beasts were thrown back to the dark dimension that they had come from. Appearing between him and Astrid Erika looked down on Sombra and crossed her arms.

    "Anymore tricks?"

    "I'll return, one day I shall be back and on that day I'll crush you, both of you!"

    "I'm sorry, but you won't be back."

    Unsheathing Excalibur Erika covered it in her flames and pointed the sword right at his heart.

    "Rest well."

    Stabbing his heart her fire overcame his body. disappearing in cinders Erika let out a sigh of relief as she fell backward onto the ground, the blood he had created thankfully also vanishing before she fell back into it. Trying to calm down from the recent battle Erika could only think how it was finally over, and now Astrid and Erika could just head back, oh and gather the samples she supposed. Suddenly the brush became alive and Erika looked with a worried expression over towards the source of the noise, but what she saw was a man who looked incredibly relieved and yet still worried.

    "So uh, hi, good show... I'm glad I decided to give the one orbiting scientist a burial instead of going to the site... cause everyone died just like my family in that factory. Anyway, I uh... I can go and get the samples, the engines are primed so we can just head back home."

    With a smile, Erika let out a small chuckle. "Home sounds nice..."

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    The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Other Side Of Paradise • Private, Job [Erika]

    Post by Guest on 20th April 2018, 9:58 am

    The following events that transpired, were a little hard for the silvernette to fully grasp. Mostly because she was concentrating more on nulling out the pain of the poison within her system. Thanks to her dragon slaying magic, it came with an ability specified in reducing effects such as poisons, as well as debuffs and other status effects. It was useless just a little bit ago, however, as the monster's venom was so powerful that the ability didn't even have enough power to help her out with the pain let alone it's damage. But with some help from Erika's special threads, her immune system ability was finally able to consume the sickly poison and slowly but surely it began to fade away. The red and black splotches, while still marked into her skin, lessened so, only leaving what appeared to be simple blemishes to other people imprinted over her body. They would leave entirely over time, returning to her naturally pale complexion. But with how the toxin irritated and had even managed to destroy some of the tissue on her skin, for a while she would have to suffer with some numbness and unusually colored marks. Nothing that some make up couldn't cover, but as for someone who cared greatly for how she looked and presented herself, it was going to be a while before she would allow herself to be seen outside without worrying constantly.

    Despite the numbness shrouding her body, locking her muscles and joints so she wasn't able to move, the elf still watched the battle unfold the best she could. Though it was a little hard to do, even if her movement was fully functional. Erika seemed to be able to handle her own, and she had confidence the dragon could beat the vampire. But there were a few hits and attacks where the slayer found herself wincing back, as if she could feel the impacts herself. The fact that he could also just summon a seemingly endless amount of the monstrosities from the crystals installed a sense of fear into the wizard saint. Not that it did the same for Erika, as she just hacked and slashed away until she was killing faster than they could come. It was an amazing thing to witness, Erika killing all of these beasts. The same beasts that not even a few minutes ago the two of them considered to be untouchable, the beasts that almost killed them. But now they were falling faster than moths flying into a blazing flamethrower. With each cut the dead creatures fell, leaving gross blobs of flesh and toxic bodily fluids across the dusty planet ground, creating small holes where the acidic blood was collecting together into pools of dark liquid. And eventually, they stopped coming. The only real threat left, was Sombra himself. He seemed infuriated by her actions. But of course he was. Erika's transformation was so sudden, it would catch anyone off guard. It certainly did to her. He matched this with his own transformation, his aura growing even more darker from before. Just judging from his magical aura alone, he had absorbed some of the magic for himself. His power grew, almost matching that now of Erika's. Which showed, as when Erika blocked the sea of blood from both herself and the elf, the thread mage was thrown backwards by a sudden teleportation attack. Astrid watched, feeling her heart sink when the dragon was hit so roughly and sent back into the forest. For a split moment, she was scared once more, fearful for both her and the girl's life. But her soul energy didn't flicker, not in the slightest, allowing the elf all the more ease in knowing everything was still going to be okay.
    The slayer watched with batted breath as the thread mage dashed out of the canopy of the forest. Sombra fought back, sending wave after wave of bloody needles, but it was no use as the dragon pushed forward and cleanly sliced his arm off. A bit gruesome, as she watched the detached limb land just a bit away from her. Seeing it laying there, the dark blood slowly oozing out and pooling around it, the elf could only hold back the involuntary reaction to vomit. While she had gotten over her complexion about blood near the beginning of her journey, seeing an entirely separated limb was a whole different animal. So Astrid tried to not knowledge it too much and simply focused her gaze onto the battle at hand...
    ... Haha hand. Get it? Because, his arm? That was probably a little insensitive, but the elf couldn't help but let out a slight chuckle from her own stupid joke.

    The flame covered blade managed to weaken him, with his arm now gone, and even more so when the dragon raised her sword and shattered the crystal. The power he once had was gone, and he was easily sucked dry of any of the power he even held before. The thread mage then stabbed him through the heart. Though despite being a place where if you were stabbed through, you would die, instead Astrid felt the strangest flicker of life within Erika's flames. A strange effect, coming from the dragon. Normally? There would be nothing but death. But Erika almost seemed to experience mercy, an action the elf didn't see the mage experience a lot. But it wasn't bad, it was actually good. Very good.
    She watched with a smile as the vampire's body blew away in cinders, fizzling and disappearing into the air. Something told her they weren't going to be see him again. At least, not in that form.
    Silence washed into the area, a calming silence that would ease the nerves and tension of the battle that had just taken place. They were done. The whole point of this mission was getting samples of the planet, right? That's all they needed to do? That simplistic objective sounded nice right about now. But neither of them could really move, at least not for a while. While the poison within her system was mostly gone that damned creature had managed to suck her mana pool dry, and she was still suffering from it. While Erika on the other end, just used most of her magic in that fight. She was exhausted, and Astrid couldn't blame her. If anything, she was the one who deserved the rest right about now. Thankfully, the last remaining scientist they left behind on the ship volunteered to gather the samples. So, they both could just lay here for a minute and cooperate from their journey.
    The slayer let out a breath, leaning onto her back so she could stare up at the sky. The sky here reminded her of Terasu. The planet was dim, which allowed the starry night sky to seem to melt into the ground. If one were to try and distinguish them, they would have a hard time telling which one was which. It was actually pretty beautiful. The sky on Earthland could never compare.
    Crimson eyes shimmered against the starlight, still trying to wrap her head over the events that had just unfolded.
    "... Not the most relaxing vacation. But the view is nice." Yes, the beginning of this had been for the sake of having a vacation. Or, at least that's what Erika tried to tell her. Of course, not even Astrid was that dumb. But still, the thread mage had tried to make it relaxing as possible. At least, the most relaxing it could be when it came to the both of them. And honestly? Compared to most situations they found themselves in, it was probably the least crazy. But at least they now got to relax and take a breather here for a while...
    At least that's what the elf thought, before she felt a drop of water hit her forehead. She closed her eyes when she felt the cold droplet hit her, and then another one, and another one across her body. Before she knew it, it started to rain. Not harshly, just a light sprinkle. Still, the sudden weather did put a bit of a damper on the mood.
    ... Haha, damper. Like, damp. Because rain. The elf let out another chuckle, mentally patting herself on the back for noticing her unintentional puns.
    The rain's light falling chorus filled the silence. Which wasn't entierly unwelcomed. It was actually rather cooling. But they shouldn't just lay here and get soaked. At least not if they valued their health. The elf turned her head to look over at Erika, a sheepish smile on her lips.
    "Don't suppose you have enough energy for a teleport or two? I'd hate to end this with a cold."

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    Erika wanted to just fall asleep right in the middle of this forest, and she almost did just that until a little raindrop hit her forehead. Was it raining after she broke that crystal? Was the crystal stopping the normal cycle of life on this planet, and why was this planet so much like earthland anyway? Well, maybe this was the first venture for a colonization effort or something, because some people just didn't want to live on earthland anymore, and frankly Erika couldn't blame them for it. As the scientist moved to retrieve the samples Erika thought about it for a moment, was it a good idea to retrieve the samples from that thing and bring it back home? Some secrets should probably just be left on this planet and not be brought back to a planet that Erika lived on. As strong as she had become and felt she didn't want to fight off wave after wave of those creatures on home turf.

    "Say, scientist man? Can we just grab a fake sample and bring it back? You know, various plant life and such that isn't contaminated by that crystal?"

    The man sighed a bit and looked towards the location of the crystal, his mind calculating the risk of not taking back such a prize to his employers and how he would certainly suffer.

    "I can't just return without getting the substance I'll be punished by my employer and that'll end horrifically."

    "Well I can you horrifically right now, even if I am tired. So either you leave it or you don't come back."

    Glancing at the man looked towards the area the crystal resided in, and back towards Erika only to change his expression from confusion to a glare.

    "If it means killing you, I'll take revenge for my family."

    Pressing a button on his hip magical energy was drained from the area or at least the specific residue of the crystal that barely floated about, and in an instant, the man vanished into a beam of light heading back home. Erika attempted to teleport towards him the location and slash at the man, but even with her newly enhanced reflexes, Erika was too late to cut him down as the technology seemed to work at an incredible speed. With frustration, Erika held herself up by planting Excalibur into the ground.

    "Well that's not good, whoever his employer is, I'll probably have to kill them later... wonderful."

    Erika sighed in frustration as she looked back towards Astrid, and attempted to summon up the strength to move both Astrid and herself magically. It took a bit of strength but she was able to lift Astrid off the ground and herself and make several warps back to the ship, landing in the main hallway, and closing the door behind them. Falling to the ground Erika lay on her back.

    "I'm going to take a small nap and then we can head back to the ship. I'm guessing that guy had a one way get out of jail free card, though he didn't seem like the scientist type, so whoever hired him is pretty dangerous technology wise. Anyway... at least we can head... home... now... zzzz"

    Erika said drifting into a slumber till one could only hear her faint breathing, she didn't care that it was the cold floor of a spaceship, Erika was just glad to finally enjoy her vacation, since there were at least three months to go before they got back, though that meant there were three months the newfound enemy would have upon them in terms of research... oh well Erika could just kill all of them anyway... right? Sometime told her this was just the beginning of another plague upon her life, little did she know her guess was a bit closer to home.

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    While the thought of getting out of the rain and back to the ship as quickly as possible was something she wanted greatly, the elf did also understand that gathering soil, eater, and air samples from the planet was their top priority. Thankfully, the last remaining scientist that hadn't been either eaten, thrown into space, or sucked into the dark crystal, went about and gathered the needed requirements to mark this mission as a success. Over all, a tiring, yet complete end to this mission. They got here all in one piece, were now getting what they needed, and in three months they would be back on Earthland. It had not been the most relaxing vacation, or hell really a vacation at all and was just an excuse Erika made to get her out of the office. But, if she had not come along, then she would not have gotten to see such a beautiful night sky. The scene of inky blackness against the shining orbs of light above, laying down next to an exhausted Erika, the person who over these last couple of months, now considered to be one if not her best friend... This would never have happened if she hadn't come along. So for that? She was thankful the thread mage had forced her to come on this adventure. Though, next time... She would prefer for her to not instantly shoot her in the head when she told her she didn't feel like doing something. No, she was still not over that, and she never really planned to be.

    Upon detaching herself from her thoughts and hearing the two's conversation, the silvernette tore away her gaze from the night sky, turning it over towards the scientist that continued to take sample after sample from the area effected by the dark crystal. Erika was right, they certainly didn't want to take back any samples that may have been corrupted by the dark crystal's energy. Who knows what that thing even was, and what it's purpose was. If Sombra could obtain so much power from it, nothing good would come from bringing back anything that may hold some of its remnants on it. But of course, as it may turn out, it may have been something their client wanted after all. After collecting the samples and basically giving the middle finger to them, the man used a device on his belt and seemingly poofed completely off the planet altogether. Seriously, it was completely off the planet. Astrid extended her soul energy out a bit after it happened, trying to find any trace of him. But he was either out of her reach, or somewhere else by now. That was a bit convenient of him. If he had that all along, why did he need a spaceship and an entire crew to get what he wanted? Something told her this wasn't going to be the last time they saw him, or heard about their client. Much like Sombra, they would be back. If they wanted such power and they were willing to just let two well known mages rot on a planet, they weren't going to stay hidden for too long. A deep sigh caused the elf's chest to rise and fall. As if they needed more chaos in their life. This mission left them with more questions than answers, to both themselves and the people of Fiore.

    Thankfully, before the rain came down too hard Erika found it in herself to teleport them back into the ship. Or at least, the hallway leading outside of the ship. Still, it was much cleaner and dry in here than being outside, so it was something. Still, it didn't mean the two of them had been completely safe. Astrid still found herself to be a bit wet, her hair specifically since it had always been quite the retainer of water due to it being quite thick. Usually, it would take hours to air dry. She didn't know about Erika, but she certainly was in no position to wander about the ship in place of a hair dryer. No. Instead, the elf found her body giving in as soon as she was teleported, leaning against the cold metallic walls and slumping to the ground on her behind. Water droplets dripped off the now darkened locks, falling to the floor in dull thuds. Her magically energy, while stirring inside her body, was still not enough so she could move to get up. She would have to wait a while longer before she could do that. But now that the adrenaline from the battle had worn off, a more prominent issues now occurred to her. She hurt. A lot. The scabs from the poison, the wounds from the fight, the sore joints. Her body felt broken, ragged, like she had just been put through the wash. Erika didn't look any better. She was beaten and bruised, probably even worse than she was. And yet, as the dragon laid there, sleeping peacefully, she didn't really let that show.
    Astrid let a small smile grow onto her lips. Dragons were pretty tough, she supposed. They probably didn't like to show they were hurting. That, or Erika really was just so exhausted that it didn't even matter to her how badly she had gotten mauled. Either way, the elf should probably at least try to help a little bit. It was the least she could do for practically saving both of them with that cool new power or whatever that thing was.
    "Whoever he is, he's gone. For now, we should just focus on getting better and heading home. We've got a long journey ahead of us." She assured the woman, mustering enough energy to lean over and grab one of her hands. Closing her eyes, she would concentrate, allowing her hand to glow a small silver light. The light would engulf Erika's hand too, pushing a warm and calming sensation into her body. In other words, a healing spell. It would take a bit for everything to heal up, especially with the amount of damage they took. But for now at least, it would help calm their tensed muscles and minds, and allow them to relax. The wounds spread across their body would tingle as the magic worked away at healing them, resealing cuts and cleaning bruises or blood stains. With them being the last ones on the ship, it was up to them to heal themselves. And while Erika was probably more than capable of healing herself, it was the only thing the silvernette could think of doing to help repay her kindness. That, and the warmth from the healing spell would also help dry them off a bit. So really, it was a double win for them, so there was no real reason to not use it to their advantage.
    The elf relaxed her hand a bit, feeling a wave of sleep wash over her as the magic ran its course. She let out a yawn, opening her reddened gaze to take a peek at the sleeping dragon. Staring for a second, she couldn't help but let a little laugh escape from her throat. "You know, you're a lot easier to deal with when you're asleep... Perhaps a bit cuter too, like a puppy." She wasn't really sure what she was saying now. She found it a bit hard to think straight with her weary mind. She was just babbling at this point, saying whatever thought popped up into her head. But in some ways, she was right. Erika was like a puppy. A bit annoying at times. She chewed everything she came across. She was loud, bossy, and could use to learn some manners. But at the end of the day, she was loyal, loving, and merely trying to look out for both herself and the ones she held dear. She was only doing what came to her naturally. She didn't know any other way to live. But with some training? Perhaps one day she would shed that tough persona and finally be able to live happily as her true self.
    It was the last thought that ran through the elf's mind, before she closed her eyes and fell asleep also.
    The magic, though she was asleep, would continue to warm the two girls and heal their battle scarred bodies for quite some time.

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